Friday, January 17, 2014

It has been 10 days since I updated but.........

That isn't because I am doing bad! Not at ALL!!!!

I have kept all of my goals COMPLETELY!

In fact, we even added to them. Starting last Sunday, we have been totally sugar free. I mean, COMPLETELY sugar free. Only for the month of January, just to kind of unspoil our taste buds, start the New year off with a bang, and give me a nice weight loss boost.

No Redi-Whip
No dark chocolate
No ANYTHING with sugar in it!

It hasn't even been hard. I hardly ever even think about it.I WILL be excited for FEB 1 to get here but I am doing fine!

We have been exercising perfectly! We were doing 6 days a week but I did change it to 4. I just don't feel like exercising 6 days a week and don't feel it is necessary.

Our new schedule is......

Monday- A mix of easier cardio (dancing) and TaeBo/kickboxing
Wednesday- Upper body
Thursday- Peak 8
Friday- Lower body

My weight was kind of stuck but ever since I have started to get more sleep and not eat after 7:30, it has started dropping! I don't know if I will reach my goal or not but I DO believe that I will be close! I am not going to post my weight until Feb 1.

About the evening eating. Staying up late and eating late was really messing me up I think. So I am tryiing to eat supper by 6:00 and my dessert by or around 7:30. After that I can have one FP snack IF I need it (I willl eat a little more on date night) but mostly I have just started drinking tea. I bought a pretty cup to drink it out of too :).

Well, that's all for now. :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Doing just about PERFECT!

I don't have long but I wanted to say that I kept my goals and did EXCELLENT this week. The best week I have had in I don't know how long!

Surprisingly, my weight is not down. Oh well, I am fairly certain that next week it will be!

That's it for now!