Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick update!

I just wanted to say that I am STILL here and I have not quit ALREADY!!!!! LOL

My weekend was not good and my weight is still up but I am not discouraged! I have had a great day so far and I am hoping to see a drop tomorrow!

I also had a few random things to say.......

I made choco/coconut pudding and choco/peanut butter pudding. They are both EXCELLENT! They are not AS FPish as the original recipes but still pretty much!

For the coconut I added a scoop of coconut cream and a spoonful of coconut oil to the mix..Oh and a scoop of protein powder!

To the peanut butter I just added a small amount of peanut butter.....


For a few months now my children have been drinking stevia sweetened lemonade. I haven't really tried it much because sweet drinks are not my thing (until it gets HOT outside!) for the most part. Well,the other day it was hot and it sounded good....Let me tell you that this stuff is WAY better than the LIfe/zero water you can get and it is JUST as good as Fair lemonade! LOL Fair lemonade is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite! It does not have the delicious sugar crystals that I love but the flavor is JUST as good! It is one of those things that stevia truly does taste just like sugar with!!!! You have to try it! (Lemon juice,water,stevia.....Make it to your own taste.....Don't ask me for a recipe!!!! LOL)

Well,that is all for now. I hope to have a regular update tomorrow!

Friday, April 26, 2013

VERY irritated!

19 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight -190
Today's weight- 192!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday's food journal

Breakfast- (E)My regular oats but with Lucky Charms instead of oats.
Lunch-Tuna,veggies and cottage cheese (FP)
SNACK- (CHEAT) A bowlful of jello/Cool-Whip/cottage cheese salad
Supper-Out to eat and NOT THM! Deep fried mushrooms,fish,fries...A burger,you get the idea. I even had a ROOT BEER!
Snack- When I got home I had a few drinks of my dh's milkshake and 2 spoonfulls of PB w/ chocolate chips on them.

So yes,I did cheat yesterday but 2 pounds worth!!!!!!!!???????

Not to mention the fact that I was hoping that the 2 lbs jump from the day before would be gone! But not only was it NOT gone,the scales were up two MORE pounds!

I am REALLY hoping that this is not true weight gain. I mean,it really CAN'T be. 4 lbs in 2 days?

I didn't exercise yesterday. I am taking an exercise break until Monday. A PLANNED break,so I don't feel bad.

I didn't get all of my water down yesterday either. So yesterday wasn't really that great of a day.

NOR did I do my body brushing. I am going to just shoot for doing that 3-4 times a week instead of 7.

I am not UNmotivated. The going out to eat last night was planned. That is why I ate a FP lunch. The Jello dessert was NOT planned.

I am making myself some THM puddings today for the weekend and other than date night,I am going to do REALLY great this weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back again!

I am impressed with myself :). Three days in a row!

19 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy starting weight 187
Yesterday's weight 188
Today's weight 190 !

Yesterday's food

Breakfast- (E)Small amount of shredded wheat with yogurt/protein powder etc.
Lunch-  (S)SMALL quesadilla made with low carb tortilla. A bunch of sauteed veggies (peppers/tomatoes/squash) with a sprinkling of pepperoni and some cheese. 1/3 cup cottage cheese. A few bites of peanut butter with a few pieces of DARK chocolate in it.(60%) THis meal was FANTASTIC.
Supper- Sauteed cabbage with lots of coconut oil/butter,almonds,peanut butter,sesame seed.I had a THM style SMALL amount of a peanut butter/cream cheese mixture that tastes JUST like peanut butter pie, right after supper.

I drank my tea and water.

I did my body brushing routine.

Yesterday's exercise

10 minute arm workout with weights
10 minute ab workout
10 minute whole body workout.

(All youtube videos)

Then I did WATP (Walk away the pounds) for an hour. I jogged for part of the time. About 15 min.

My calves are KILLING me today! My abs and back are also sore from the ab workout.

I have NO idea why my weight is up!!! The only think I can think of is maybe muscle gain? Or water retention from sore muscles? I sure hope that is what it is!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good morning!

I decided that I would update what I ate the day AFTER because sometimes plans DO change!

19 weeks pregnant TODAY
Pregnancy starting weight 187
Today's weight was 188

Food journal from yesterday

Breakfast- (S) Salad and leftover cheeseburger pie. A few pieces of HM Reeses (THM STYLE!)
Lunch-(E) Banana oats (Chia,oats,protein powder,vanilla,salt and 1/2 banana)
Supper- (S) Chicken fajita salad
Dessert- 1 1/2 inch piece of a frozen Hersheys pie. It was my ds's and he wanted me to have a piece so I did! :)

I got my 2 quarts of water in but not my tea........I need to start drinking my tea FIRST in the day. It is brewing now. I am usually trying to get it brewed and drank at the end of the day.

Yesterday's exercise was:

Long and Lean floor work (30 min)
Has Fit pregnancy workout (15 min)
WATP 45 min. I jogged the first 15 minutes.

I did my body brushing/bath and oil rub down. I alternate everyday between coconut oil and olive oil. I know that this is going to be great for my skin!!

Well I think that is all for today!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello everyone!

It has been another LONG break again! Sorry! Maybe one of these days I will be a consistent blogger!

I REALLY want to do a better job in this second half of my pregnancy. I want to document CLOSELY what I eat as this is like an experiment for me. I can't wait to see how much I can actually control my weight gain by eating right and exercising!

I have FINALLY been doing GREAT again. I have had nearly 2 perfect weeks and really feel like I am on a roll now. Sooooooooo I say this very hesitantly...........I want to start blogging everyday (or most days) what I eat and how much I exercise. I know,I know........None of you believe me and that is understandable!!! LOL I am atleast going to TRY though! :)

Food journal for today!

Breakfast- (S) Salad and cheeseburger pie (Leftover from last night)
Lunch- (E) Strawberry oats (Chia,oats,yogurt,protein powder,vanilla,salt and a FEW nuts)
Supper- (S) Chicken fajita salad

My weight this morning was 188. (It is up one pound from my pre-pregnancy weight of 187 but I don't think it is true gain. We will see what the scales say this week!)

I will be drinking my 2 quarts of water and 1 quart of herb tea.

I will be exercising 1.5 hours. Today will be 30 minutes WATP (fast),30 minutes Billy Blanks  and 30 minutes of my Long and Lean pregnancy workout.