Friday, June 29, 2012

Exciting day!!!!

Well,weigh in yesterday found me at NO weight loss.

Well actually,my weight HAD been UP the week before and it was down again the 3 lbs that it had went up so that is good but that wasn't real weight gain either so it isn't like I lost 3 lbs.

BUT........TODAY I am down to 204!!!!!!

I have reached my 2nd goal!!!

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE)
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE)
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!)
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!)
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!)
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!)

I can't BELIEVE it!!!!

I didn't even exercise yesterday.I was kind of in a depressing funk after not being a little lower on the scales lol.I didn't track my food at MFP either but I *did* eat really great! And last night when dh and I stayed up for our "pre-date" night and he was eating a gigantic Symphony bar I only had one and a half squares instead of 6-8.I had a small handful of almonds to go with it.We also got to bed at a fairly decent time for once.This isn't the first time I have had a loss after actually getting some decent sleep.I KNOW that getting more sleep would help me in my weight loss.It is just about imossible to do though it seems! lol

Anyhow,that puts me at 26 lbs down.I am determined to have another excellent week this next week.....I will be starting with my weight NOT up this time so hopefully next Thursday weigh in I will have a LOSS for once to report! lol

I am going to skip exercise today.I am planning meals (so I have exactly what I need to eat next week) and then I am going shopping.Tonight is family night and I am only going to have a SMALL amount of dessert.I might do some dancing today too actually but I am NOT doing the 30 Day Shred lol.I have gardening and a bunch of fun cleaning to do today and I am just going to have an enjoyable day!

How is everyone else? Or should I say......How are you Nataly?????? roflol

Come on ladies! I would love to see some blog updates!!!!! lol

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good day........

At eating BUT I did not exercise!

I was able to go with dh in the truck this morning for a couple of hours which totally messed up my entire schedule! lol

THEN we are preparing to go to the movies tonight and you MOMS of MANY know that that alone takes some extra work! lol

So no exercise.........

We will see what the scales say tomorrow.........I am excited but nervous.I could have done better.......

I RESOLVE TO NEVER EAT SPAGHETTI AGAIN! I ate one piddly cup and that was 46 carbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't eaten that many carbs all DAY!!!!!! WOW! The noodles are NOT worth it! I will have sauce over cucumbers or something! lol

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My workout today.....

AM TaeBo EXPRESS -Fast foot work

20 minutes boxing Peak-8

Jump-roping for 3-4 minutes

Wii Zumba-52 minutes

I had a few small sweets but managed to still do wonderful!!!!

Now to get through the night! lol

Don't worry,I will NOT be messing anything up! I am really working for Thursdays weigh in! lol

I can just TASTE 199!!!

Not that I think I will reach it by Thursday but I HOPE to be closer to it!!!! :)

Tomorrow is WEIGHT lifting and I am looking forward to it! It is also the last day until weigh in! I am going to be hitting it HARD!

Bye for now!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello on this wonderful Monday!

I have never ended a weekend with so low of a weight as I did this weekend! Horray! And to think that it was even my dh's 40th birthday party! I am so proud of myself!

Then I had an excellent breakfast and already did my Insane Abs workout!

I am on a roll and I can't WAIT to see what those scales say on Thursday! lol

If you haven'e already,you NEED to check out "Cocoa almonds" by Emerald.They are SOOOOO fantastic!! High protein and low carb AND they satisfy my sweet tooth! PERFECT!

HERE is a motivating story!!!!! This is what I am going to look like when I am done! There are LOTS of good weight loss stories on this site......

Well,I am off.......Lots to do!! I hope everyone is doing good!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I did GREAT.........

Over my dh's birthday!!!!!

I am so proud of myself......I did SO good.I didn't keep track because it was my free day but I did EXCELLENT!

Then this morning we obviously have SOOOOO much cheesecake leftover and I wanted some SO BAD and I didn't have ANY.I had a little bit of cottage cheese,bacon and 1 eggs instead.Lots of water today too and a little exercise! (WATER fight with dh and children.)

It has been a great day and tonight we are having a date night so I am saving my treat for then.For now I am going to go clean up......

I am SO hoping for a good weigh in on Thursday! I am hitting the working out HARD starting tomorrow.......Low carb too,lots of water and not eating late! I cant wait to see what the scales say on Thursday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guess what number I saw on the scales this morning?


205 FINALLY!!!!!!!

That puts me at 25 lbs down!

ONE more pound and I will have reached my 2nd goal.....

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE)
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE)

Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!)
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!)
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!)
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!)

I am beyond thrilled......

I already did 10 minutes of cardio this morning which is a FIRST for a weekend!!!! Tonight is my dh's 40th B-DAY and I have made 40 different flavors of cheesecake for I STILL plan on doing good and not blowing it even though today IS my cheat day! lol

I think I figured out how to get this weight off quicker and I am REALLY hoping that these next 25 lbs don't take as long to come off as the first ones did!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Me again!

Thought I would get in one last post before the weekend!

My weight had gone up a few lbs and that was depressing but it is going down again and FAST with me eating so excellent and I am thrilled! I KNOW that I am going to be hitting 205 soon and hopefully drop into the 100's soon too! I am NOT binging over the weekend!SAT is my free day but I still want to eat exellent until the evening.I will be having dh's birthday party then so no more keeping track of what I eat once that starts.

Billy Blanks today for 30 minutes.....(Express) and I have SOOOOOOOOOOO much to do so I will be busy burning calories all day today!!!!

Family night tonight and I will be having a SMALL treat.

My most recent exercise and eating plans/goals.......Yuo know I have to keep changing things cause I get bored.:)

Continue with the low carb/high protein and I want to make sure to add more veggies.
Start every day except for Sunday with a 10 minute Billy Blanks Express session.
Eat supper by 6:00 and get some FUN exercise in after supper.(Boxing/jump-roping whatever)
1 SMALL treat a day.
Lots of water in the evening after supper.
Saturday is cheat day.NO guilt.I do want to try and still do semi-good all day though most Saturdays.

MONDAYS- Insane Abs
TUESDAYS-UPPER body w/ weights (Pushups,dips,tricep kickbacks,lateral arm raises,bicep curls,chest y's,chest presses)
WEDNESDAYS-BOXING peak 8 (I will explain below)
THURSDAYS-LOWER body w/weights (Step-ups,wall squats,lunges,squats)
FRIDAYS-Level 3-30 Day Shred

Peak 8 with boxing........Us 4 girls take turns.30 seconds punching the bag as fast and as hard as you can (only one punch per 30 sec turn meaning.......ALL jabs or ALL uppercuts etc.) and then break for 90 seconds.

We will do 8 sets for arms and then 8 for legs.(Kicking as fast and as hard as you can.)

It is HARD and FUN!!!!!!!!!!

I had the most WONDERFUL thing said to me by my WONDERFUL dh today! :):)

He told me that last night when he put his hands on my waist he couldn't believe how much smaller it was!!!!!! HORRAY!!

Well I am off ! Keep it up ladies!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doing GREAT!

I did great yesterday and today (so far) with eating/drinking! PERFECT days! My weight *had* gone up a few lbs over the last week but it was down 2 lbs again today and hopefully it will be down again tomorrow and just KEEP on dropping! :)

Yesterday I did not do my official exercise and I am not going to today either.I am EXTRA busy because of company coming,tons of gardening and my dh's 40th birthday!

Yesterday I DID do alot of boxing,jumping on the trampoline,jump-roping and cartwheels ! lol It was great!

Several months ago I went outside to show my daughters and sister how to do a cart wheel.I was just assuming that I would do one as perfect as I used to........Guess what? I couldn't even do one.I felt like my arms couldn't hold my weight.

Last night I could do them pretty much perfect and WAY better than the young,fit girls! I was THRILLED!!!!

Well I just wanted to update quickly.....Off to drink some water,clean and wait for dh to get home!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A few pics and my B-DAY present.........

Ok................I just posted a HUGE post and it is GONE.........Only the pictures survived lol.Anyhow,the first picture is from when I first started and the second is today.......20 lbs down.......A little more than 20 actually but not quite 25.I think I can see a difference can you? Not a HUGE difference but still a difference?

I am doing great......The punching bag and gloves are  my late birthday present from dh and I LOVE it! It is a BLAST!!

I don't have time to write more as I already did this once so bye for now!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Lower body


The girls and I have decided to do a 10 minute Billy Blanks workout to start out each day!We LOVE his dvd that has 8-10 minute workouts! FUN FUN FUN!! KILLER though! lol He does one set with a chair and it is REALLY neat....Anyhow,I think that will be a good way to be my metabolism revved up each day!

Wall squats (30 seconds each-3)
Step ups (12)
Squats (12)
Lunges (12)
Calf raises (5 seconds each-12)
Lateral Step ups (12)

I am motivated and ready to get beneath 200 within 2 weeks! That is my GOAL! I am logging every day at MFP,sticking with my exercise,lots of water,good sleep,not eating late,counting carbs..........

I think I can can reach that goal!!! That is only 6-7 lbs in 2 weeks.Doable!!!!

Well,I have tons to do......

BTW Nataly I KNOW that I am pathetic for not logging in for 30 days like I said!!! You amaze me with your faithfulness of logging......I am always trying to do better at STICKING WITH THINGS.

Oh well,I may chance my methods around alot but I AM proud of myself for sticking with getting into shape! I am not quitting......

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blah and good too......

The blah is that I have too many birthdays going on with too much junk around AND I can't just blame it on the birthdays either.I have been eating more junk food than normal.I had no loss this week.It was TOTALLY my fault.I just can't seem to keep those carbs down as far as I need to keep them! I will do FANTASTIC all day and then blow it at night.

The GOOD is that when I do blow it it still doesn't put me super high on my daily carbs because I am doing so well with most food choices.It puts me too high to lose or atleast to lose very much.I want to lose 2lbs a week (average) and I need to cut out more to do that.

I did exercise most days this week and that REALLY keeps me encouraged!

Monday we did Insane Abs
Tuesday Peak 8
WED nothing
Today 1/2 hr Billy Blanks Taebo stuff

I have been SORE most of the week!!!

That means my body *IS* changing!!!! That is GREAT!

Here is to another week and LOSS next Thursday!!!!!!!

Oh and I did get a couple sessions of body brushing in this week too.Or maybe only one.....I forget lol.

Organs in place I only did once.Bad girl.I have a memory problem.I want to make a list of things to remember every day.

I know that you MOMYS of many can for SURE relate to having to remember sooooooooooooooooo many things!!!!!

Well I am off to dig some raspberry plants that my Amish neighbor is giving me.She gave me a bunch of stuff last week and wants to give me more this week.She also wants to take me a tour of her house to see all of her house plants! lol Last week she showed me her entire yard and dug me this and that......Actually,she had ME dig this and that lol.

She is a talker.....Mother of 10.Most of whom are grown.I loved her! (I just met her that day!)

Well,off I go!

Those who are friends with me on MFP I am going to risk making a fool of myself and say my goal out loud lol.


I am actually having a hard time remembering my water lately because I am so busy.

HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!! I NEED to get these carbs down even more!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Go with the flo or go against the flo?

There are SOOOO many things in this life that are considered the "norm".

According to the world/society/general public I should expect.........

The passion to be all but gone out of my marriage after a few babies.
To have very little time with my husband if I have several children.
To be sleep deprived and exhausted if I have a baby.
To be overwhelmed and stressed if I have several children.
The terrible two's.
My children to get angry and tell me they hate me and such at times.
To have rebellious teens who don't listen to a word I say.
To start getting aches and pains in my 30's-40's.
To be overweight with declining health in my 50's-60's.
To be unactive and stiff in my old age.
To be impatient with children in my old age.
To have no sex life by the time I am 50.

Those are just a *few* of the things I have been told to expect in this life.

I have not hesitated in the past to go against the flo and I am going to do it again.

I refuse to believe that I have to be unfit just because I have had lots of babies and hope to continue having babies.

I refuse to believe that I have to feel as bad physically as I get older as most  people do.

Everyone likes to tell me "You just wait" . That is what they told us when our first was a baby."You just wait until you hit the terrible twos....." Then it was "Well you wait until they get to be teens."

I refuse to expect things like that.Things that I believe DON'T have to happen if you are willing to WORK so that they don't happen!

The article below is about sex drive lol but it is EXCELLENT and  I believe that the same moral applies to ALL areas of life! If you expect it,it will almost ALWAYS happen.

Hey..........If ONE person can do it............:):):):)

Why can't I????????????


I did good over the weekend and I am REALLY hoping to see a loss on Thursday!!!!! We shall see!

I am going to give the "Organs In Place" and the "Half Frogs" from T-Tapp a go and see if I can tell a difference.Everyday for a month? Will that be long enough to see Nataly?

I also have tweaked my schedule a little so that I cna FOR SURE fit my body brushing and shower in in the AM right after exercise.That excites me!!

Well I am going to go for tonight!!! I hope to see some updates from you all soon!

Friday, June 8, 2012


I was down AGAIN to 206.0!!!!!! lol

I WILL see that 205 number SOON!!! Heres hoping for tomorrow! lol

I did not exercise today but I ate WONDERFULLY.I am finding it SOOO much easier to make good health choices and to be more active......I love that!

I am going to have such a party when I hit 199.........You can't even IMAGINE! lol

I am going to do EXCELLENT this weekend!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


My weight was UP today rather than down to 205 like I hoped!

Yesterday it was 206.0 and I just KNEW it would be 205 today........Stepped on the scales...........


Stepped off and on again..............

207.4!!!!!!!! WHAT??????????

Oh well :)

It will go down I know.......:)

Today is intense cardio day.......Billy Blanks! :):)

Well I hope everyone else is doing great!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great day!!!!

Yesterday I was dreading stepping on the scale because Monday night was my sister's special night up late with Scott and I and we had HM blizzards lol I had a pint jar (loaded with Butterfinger pieces!) and then a few drinks of my husbands.(IT TASTED SOOOOOOOOO good!) I had eaten EXCELLENT all day and did not feel bad at ALL *but* later,I was trying to keep myself awake because my sister wanted to play on the Wii with me for a while and I ate.........Are you ready for this? ANOTHER *KING* size candybar! lol

I was bummed in the morning but thankfully my weight had not gone up! I missed exercise yesterday because of a hectic day but ate great today.........This morning I was at 206.0 !!!! My goal was to see that 205 number tomorrow and I think I might make it!!!!!!!!!! I have done great today and just got done lifting weights too.........Worked a bunch in the garden and will be doing more.

Today I did: (I did the whole routine twice.)

Dumbell rows (15 with 15 lb weights)
Dumbell chest pressses (15 with 15 lb weights)
Tricep kick backs (15 with 15 lb weights)
Dips (15)
Shoulder lifts (15 lifting ONE 15 lb dumbell up front)
Lateral raises (15 using 5 lb weights)

My lower back started hurting with the dumbell rows when I was almost done with the first set.When I got back to them again,I got to 13 and something pulled in my back.I did a few extra chest presses to make up for it and then skipped the tricep kick backs and did dips instead.When I was done at the end with the lateral raises I did ANOTHER 15 dips!!!!!! That is 45 dips total! Wow are those hard! I am good and sore!! lol The thing is....I was still sore from MONDAY'S workout!!!! Just HOLDING those 20 lb dumbells during the leg strengthening KILLS my arms/shoulders.......Just ALL of those muscles including my back between my shoulder blades.I have muscles hurting that I didn't even know existed! lol

It feels GREAT!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Billy Blanks!

Oh and you know that I can't keep my blog one design for too long..........:):):)

If I am at 205 tomorrow...................I will be SOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!! That is only FIVE pounds away from 200!!!!!! I am SO going to celebrate when I reach 199!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might even cry! (GOOD TEARS!) I have had to work so hard to get this weight off but boy does it feel good.

Well,I am off for now!!!!!!!

Oh.........I am NOT doing good at body brushing! I REALLY need to do better at this so I am determined to keep trying to make it a regular part of my routine.I will keep tryingt! Bye for now!

Monday, June 4, 2012


My lower body workout today........

ALL holding 20 lb dumbells! (Except the wall squats)

Lunges (15 each leg)
Squats (15)
Step ups (15 each leg)
Wall squats (3.....25 seconds each)
Step ups (lateral....15 each leg)
Calf raises (15)


I did the whole routine twice.I was going to do it 3x but chickened out! lol Those wall squats are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep........I got a great workout today!! Done at 10:15 too which is excellent! Now off to work in my garden!

Have a great day ladies!

Update after the weekend!

I am at my LOWEST weight this morning AFTER the weekend (AND a birthday!) !

206.8 !!!!!

I am thrilled!!!!!

1.5 lbs and I will be at 25 lbs lost.

2.5 lbs and I will be at my second goal.

7.5 lbs and I will be OUT of the 200's!!!!!!!!

Getting closer and closer all the time!

I did not do good with weights last week at all.We were off schedule and wow.......It just didn't get done.That is NOT happening this week.I did get alot of exercise in last week but just not the right kind!

So today I am starting with lower body weight training.

I am REALLY hoping to be at 205 by Thursday!!!!!! (Weigh in day) That would be just WONDERFUL!

Looking very forward to hearing from everyone else!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Heading into another weekend! I am going to log into MFP every day this weekend and do my BEST to not have my weight go up!!

Yesterday was cardio and we did 30 min of intense Billy Blanks.

Today is lower body weights. I am looking forward to it!

I am amazed,but not overwhelmed at the amount of weight I have to lose! I was thinking about it yesterday and wow........I still have 80....EIGHTY....pounds to lose! It is so much but on the other hand,I know it is very possible and I *AM* going to do it.

Everytime I see a new number on the scale it makes me want to cry(with JOY of course!).It is such an excellent feeling.One pound at a time......To never return.

Some of my shirts I have just been not liking lately.They just seemed to HANG and it finally hit me! THEY ARE TOO BIG!!!! I had so much fun throwing them away.......

I can squeeze into 2 of my size 14 skirts.......My bigger skirts are all getting loose.

Well,I am off for now.I have so much to do today!!!