Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday and I cheated

I want to admit to cheating on family night (Fri night).I had enough calories for 3 oatmeal cookies (no flour cookies).They were pretty nutritious cookies but still.....I ended up eating my 3 cookies and then throughout the rest of the night I ate a few bites of cookies dough and then......................

THREE more cookies..........Yes.That is the first time I have cheated.Next time I am going to mkae sure I have more calories available for family night.Oh well.It is done and atleast it wasn't really THAT bad because they were fairly healthy cookies.

SATURDAY- My free day and I didn't eat NEAR the sweets that I usually do.I mean,I ate alot......:) I completely enjoyed myself :) but I found that I simply couldn't eat as much and didn't have the craving for them as bad as usual.You know the other neat thing? I figured that I was going to have a hard time on Sudays with sugar cravings after eating more sugar on Saturdays..........I don't.I am perfectly FINE and always ready to get back at it on Sundays.The REALLY nice thing about my plan is that I don't feel deprived at all.I know that I can have sweets whenever I want! (As long as I have the calories for it saved) It REALLY helps!

Today is Sunday.......

Breakfast-Salad with a piece of cheese toast and one oatmeal/butterscotch chip muffin
Lunch-Salad with chicken alfredo and pasta
Supper will be soup and corn bread.

I got a 1/2 hour of fresh air in also and that felt really good! :)

My "sugar" plan

So there you see it! :) My fancy little planner lol.Every Sunday morning I get 600 "free" sugar calories to put into the "have" pocket on the left for the whole week.The pocket on the right is to hold the calories that are used up.The ONLY calories that are counted are dessert calories and it does not inclued say,brown sugar on my oats.I am not counting those sugar calories because that is not my problem area.Also,when figuring up the calories in a dessert I do not count the wholesome ingredients.Only the junk ingredients.For example,if I eat a store bought doughnut ALL of the calories are counted but if I eat a homemade oatmeal cookie I would only count the calories from the white flour/sugar and chocolate chips etc.I would not count calories from the oats/butter.

Next :).........I can EARN calories several different ways.The following things will all earn me 50 calories.

1/2 hour exercise

 Drinking all of my water and tea for the day.

Getting outside to breath fresh air for 1/2 hour a day.

I can only earn the water and fresh air calories ONCE per day but I can earn as many as I want from exercising each day.I also get another 50 on FRI evening if I have 6 hours of exercise in AND I get 25 at the end of every day that I don't eat any white flour.

It is working great for me!!!!! It REALLY motivates me to get all of my water/tea in AND get fresh air.My FULL plan is to make sure to provide my body with ALL of the things it needs to be healthy.Not just eating but everything.A body needs to be fed nutritious fuel,plenty of water,it needs exercise,fresh air and sleep.I am concentrating on HEALTH and I know that in turn, I WILL lose weight.Getting those extra sweet calories is very motivating to me to get in my water/exercise etc.The sweet calories that I am consuming in this plan are NOTHING compared to what I usually eat.NOTHING.Oh and I forgot to add that I am completely free on SATURDAYS.I can eat what I want.BUT I still get to bank up free calories for the next week.That helps me stay motivated to still get in my water and exercise on Saturdays which in turn helps me to NOT be discouraged at all about my free day!

This is REALLY working out great for me!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday and digital scales,running......

I got some digital scales..........TOTALLY depressed that they say that I weigh 6 pounds MORE than my other scales said.......Oh well......My new weight?



Another week with no loss.......BUT it is possible that that isn't true because I can't depend on what those other scales are saying. I do know that I am getting stronger! We did a kickboxing workout today that we used to think was so hard and when we were done we looked at each other and said "THAT was not even hard!!!".It was amazing!! PLUS Scott says that he can tell I have lost.He can tell that my skirts fit differently.That was motivating.

I was super discouraged today but the NICE thing was that my discouragment brought NO thoughts of quitting.Only of how I can tweak things to do better.THAT encourages me because my biggest enemy is QUITTING.So I was very encouraged that I was not feeling like giving up.

I forget what I ate yesterday but it was not too much.I did not get all of my water in.....Oh wait.....Yes I did.BUT I only exercised for 1/2 hour.

Today I got ALL my water and tea in and exercised for a full hour! :)

My workout song list so far? lol

Lets hear it from the boy
Can't touch this
Step by Step (YES! lol NKOTB!)
Mony Mony

We have a blast dancing......

I did not keep track of my eating today.......I did not overeat on anything but I didn't have much produce.

I have kept in the limit for my sweets! TOMORROW is my free day AND date night! :)

I am VERY motivated lately by the fact that I can't even run without my shins hurting.I could not run for a long distance with comfort.How disgusting is that? I want to be limber and able to MOVE/RUN and just be in SHAPE!!!!

I have decided to give myself NO extra calories over Christmas:).I have enough already to work with and I am just going to keep it like that.I still need to post about my little SYSTEM!!! :):)

Well ladies......I am thrilled to be doing this with the both of you!!!!!

Love you! Good night!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday and doing great!

Breakfast-Oats/nuts/peanut butter and bronw sugar
Lunch 1.5 sausage/BBQ tortillas

I just exercised for 1 hour.We did a HARD workout  today!!!! Tae BO for almost an hour and then we danced the rest.Billy Blanks is rough lol.It feels SOOOOOO good to have done it though!!!

I have to admit to doing pretty amazing last night lol.

Scott brought me home a Snickers!!!!! Guess what? I had the calories in my folder to be able to eat it!! It was SO wonderful!! BUT it  took all of my calories lol.

Anyhow,after that I had to BAKE! Chocolate fudge cookies with mint filling,butterscotch/chocolate scones and butter pecan fudge!!!!!


THEN.......(drum roll please)........THEN......

This morning, I woke up to pack Scott's lunch and pack up the goodies for his work and I was sooooo SO craving sweets.I could NOT believe that I couldn't eat any!!!!!!!

I didn't though!!!!! :):)

I am very happy with myself.I know........I KNOW that if I keep this up I will lose.I KNOW it.It is such a HUGE difference in what I usually do/eat/drink that I simply HAVE to lose.

I can't wait to get my digital scales (next time I go to town).

I REALLY need to get a picture of my little system up here.I need to put that on my list and just get it done.I want to try to do that today.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday.....Doing better!

I finished last night off great and am doing great this morning.I am DONE weighing myself every day *atleast* until I get some better scales.

Breakfast today-1 egg and cheese tortilla with barbQ sauce
Lunch-Oats with nuts,brown sugar and lots of butter
Supper-Didn't eat yet but it will be sausage/potato soup with hm bread of some sort.I will not over eat :).

Dessert-I will have some sort of dessert but within my calorie limit.Unless I say differently,you can assume that I am always sticking within my limit! I will be SURE to admit it if I fail! lol

1 hour of exercise......DONE:):):).

Doing great on my water and tea today.I did not get all of my water in yesterday because I didn't drink much starting out.I was 1 water bottle shy........62 oz instead of 96.I did get my tea in though.!

Anyhow,my attitude today is much better.I am very happy about that.Not nearly as discouraged! AND the best thing? When I WAS discouraged I did not QUIT or FAIL at ALL!!!! I kept going in spite of how I felt!! I am very glad about that.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Depressing weigh in........

Monday.......My weight after ALL that exercise and excellent eating/drinking last week?



I was very discouraged and then had a BAD first part of the day with so MANY,MANY things to do.It took me until 2:00 to decide to exercise.I wasn't going to.I didn't want to at ALL.It just DID NOT seem like I had "the time" to exercise.I so badly wanted to tell myself and the girls "We just don't have time to exercise today......."

I DID not do it though! I forced myself to just START and we got 1 hour in!

I am feeling more motivated now.More encouraged.I KNOW..............I KNOW that if I keep this up,I WILL lose.I have NO idea why I am not down today in weight.I do need a new set of scales.I can stand on my scale,get a reading,get off,stand back on again and it will be 5 lbs different.I want to get a set of digital scales and SOON.

When I felt like NOT exercising today I realized that I needed to do the exact OPPOSITE of that in order to get results.I am very proud of myself! I sure hope I get some better results next week BUT if I don't,I will not QUIT.I may revamp my plan if I need to but I will not go backwards.

Breakfast today- Crockpot oats with walnuts
Lunch-Not much of anything...Oh I did have a handful of peanuts.
I had a few very small sweet snacks (all within my plan) like 1/4 cup hot chocolate,1 cookie and a HALF of a truffle lol.I guess that was a BIG accomplishment compared to what I would usually eat.....

Supper-Didn't eat yet but I plan on eating venison backstraps,baked potatoes and salad.Maybe a little sweets for dessert but definitely staying in my limit.

Well,bye for now!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend results are in..........


I had my free day on SAT and completely enjoyed myself........:) I did not keep track because that is part of my freedom.....NOt having to keep track.I still ate plenty of healthy foods though and most of the "junk" food that I ate was homemade.

This morning I was VERY eager to get back to my eating healthy with little sugar!!!!!!! I did great today.I did not keep track of my meals but it wasn't because I ate bad.I didn't.I had eggs/salad/beans/rice and a little sweets stuff but ALL within my "allowance" lol.I do want to post about that soon.It sure did work great for me last week and I hope I continue to love it.

I did not exercise on SAT due to business.A trip to town and then getting ready for date night.I also did not get all of my water in.I did today though......Water and tea.

I don't have long tonight as I need to get some sleep.Scott and I stayed up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late last night!!!!! :)

I hope to have a good weigh in tomorrow!!!!! I am kind of nervous!

Friday, December 16, 2011


ANOTHER great day!

Oh and right away I want to answer your question Brandy about if I was sticking to my plan or not......

I am happy to report that YES I am ! 100% I have earned every single sweet I have eaten this week which is not much! I have totally stuck with my plan 100%.I am going to do a post soon with pictures but for now I will just say that it has been great! So far I REALLY love it!!!!


Breakfast-Crockpot apple oats with brown sugar,lots of butter and walnuts.DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Lunch~Salad with 1/2 cup sausage and one piece of leftover pizza.

Snack-Large handful of peanuts

Supper~ I did not eat yet but it will be "Sausage skillet supper".It is sausage with rice,beans,salsa,cheese etc.I will eat just a couple cups with sour cream.

Dessert~Will be 200 calories of SOMETHING lol.Thats what I have to use and I will eat NO more than that!

I have PLENTY of selection! lol We made several dozen pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting and these chocolate things that are cornflakes mixed with peanutbutter and melted chocolate/butterscotch chips.

Tonight we are making "Cherrio bars".

.......and that begins our holiday baking! :)

I have not had ONE bite of it all day!

Tomorrow we will be making all KINDS of candy/sweets and that is my FREE day! I am going to completely enjoy myself without guilt!

Exercise today? 1 hr and 10 min (Kickboxing/dancing/pilates)

Water? I have almost all of my water down.I will have no problem drinking my tea and my last 24 oz of water.(which will put me at 96 oz of water and 32 oz of tea)

I have also been forgetting to say that we have green smoothies almost every night.Atleast several times a week.They have a variety of fruit in them and the green is kale.

Well,Scott is home........Off to have coffee :).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello to my many readers!!!!!

ROFLOL (I should say....."Hi Brandy" !)

I am doing flips here! :) Forget jumping up and down lol,I am doing flips! :) Thats how good I feel! :)


Breakfast-2 eggs,2 (small) pieces of toast w/butter
Lunch-1 tortilla loaded with salad,2 meatballs,2-3 small slices of cheese and 1 cookie
Supper-1 tortilla with 3 eggs/cheese and mayo

I should add that everyone else had a treat for supper......Pancakes.I didn't have even ONE because they were made with all white flour(Not what we usually do but I didn't feel like having Silas grind wheat) and just not enough protein.I decided to pass.:)

Dessert-One small brownie and I can't tell you how much more I wanted to eat! lol Very proud of myself!!

Water-96 oz
Tea-32 oz Green tea + Cammomile ( tea is always unsweetened)

Exercise......1 hour and 20 minutes!!! :):):) Kick boxing/Tae Bo and dancing

TODAY (Thursday)

Breakfast- 2-3 eggs with ketchup and 1 small pancake with a small amount of syrup.I didn't even really WANT the pancake but since it was served to me I ate it :).

Lunch-Nothing.....Busy day trying to get a HUGE grocery list made and then I balanced my check book.I also didn't have anything I wanted to eat or I would have ate.I have PLENTY to eat now lol.Does anyone ever feel guilty for spending so much of your dh's hard earned money on so many groceries? lol I do!

Supper-Kind of junky......FROZEN pizza and chips.Bugels actually.I had 3 pieces of pizza but 2 of them were the really thin crust.BUT I had a large salad with it (Ranch dressing) and only 1 handful of chips.

Everyone else had pop but I didn't have a drop.:)

Also NO dessert! :)

The bad thing is that we didn't exercise a stitch!!!!

Water wasn't the greatest either....When I finish my water bottle tonight I will have 50 oz (and I am almost done).

Tea 32 oz of green tea

Doing great!!!!! I hardly craved sugar at ALL today.A breeze.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My choice

I was talking on the phone to Brandylynn yesterday and I said to her "I so so so SO hope I have an excellent week!"

It hit me after I said those words that what I am SAYING is this "I SO SO SO hope that I have an excellent week but I might not because I can't handle the temptation of sweets/junk food!"

How pathetic is THAT?

I WANT to have an excellent week! Why don't I just say then that I AM going to have one! I AM going to stick with my plan? Should food REALLY have that much control over me?????? Absolutely not.I completely disrespect myself for having such LITTLE will power and that is going to CHANGE!

I WILL follow my plan 100% for the rest of this week unless something MAJOR happens.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Proud of myself!

I have not eaten any sweets all day except for one chocolate chip! lol

AND THE BEST PART? I have 2 cards that I am able to use which equals 100 calories and I am not even going to use them! I just ate some cheese curds instead and am going to have a stick of gum.

Today was really excellent.

Breakfast-Sausage/eggs and 1 piece of toast
Lunch-Large salad with sunflowerseeds, a few cheesecurds,1 piece of toast with butter and ranch dressing.
Supper-Meatballs,small amount of rice and large salad.

I had my coffee with dh and it had sugar/cream but I am not counting that.I will have coffee when I want because I only have very small amounts and it just isn't a problem.

I exercised for an hour! Kickboxing and Taebo.......

I drank all my water and tea!

Very tickled tonight over the good day!


October 10th my measurments were(in black) Today's (Dec 13) measurments are in red.There was so little difference that I almost erased everything.I actually did start erasing but then I decided not to.As I went on there ended up being more loss than I thought.Maybe all of the exercise is doing something even though I have not LOST anything.?

Left arm -13 1/4 ~13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4~35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49!!!!!!~ 47
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52!!!!!!~ 51
Rear- 49~49
Right upper thigh-28~28
Left calf-16!!!!!!! ~15 3/4
Bust- 42 1/2~42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49~45
Left knee-17 3/4~16 3/4


Well,I did excellent yesterday! That was 2 days in a row Brandy!

Breakfast-1/2 a roll with sausage and egg
Lunch-I can't remember what I had for lunch but it wans't bad lol
Supper-small amount of rice,2 meatballs and a BIG salad!

I finally got my salad made!!!! I now have a huge salad for the rest of the week for my lunches (And even suppers if I want).

Dessert......Well,Lets put it this way,I don't have any cards left for the rest of the week!How pathetic is THAT.PLUS......Here is where I did alittle bad,PLUS I went over last night and ate a few cookies.It was Tobias' night and he made his cowboy cookies.What I used most of my cards for were truffles.....I didn't even eat that many.They just have alot of calories.I guess I will have to earn the rest of my sweets this week.:)

I exercised for an hour! Hard,heart pounding,kickboxing/cardio.

I drank ALL my water and even some tea!

I am motivated to have a great day today.......

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 3~ Dec 12 - 18

Monday and I am PROUD to announce that I did wonderfully yesterday!I usually do NOT do well on Sundays so it gives me a great boost to do wonderful today.

I am actually excited to do a hard workout today.It makes me feel so good afterwards.

Oh and I actually drank my tea yesterday AND 4 waterbottles of water!

I ate well also and only had a few hm truffles for dessert.I used my cards though and I am super excited about that system for myself.I hope that I continue to like it!

Making a big salad today and we also have plenty of protein for my morning breakfasts as we butchered another hog !

Well,off I go!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I am really excited about my plan.

REALLY excited.

This week,one of my goals is to get skinny pictures of myself posted on the sidebar here on my blog.I also want to find as many OTHER motivating things as I can to put their.I need to be able to see and hear things EVERY day that keep me motivated.If I keep the right mentality NOTHING can tempt me.I have been their lots of times.Sugar is NOTHING for me to resist with the right mentality.

I will post a picture of my little folder sometime........It is really neat:).

My dh is even talking about getting into better shape.He is not overweight at ALL and is still cut and looks fantastic but he says he is not in the shape he used to be when he was wrestling.I am PERFECTLY happy with how he looks but would love to have him as a workout buddy!!!!!!!!!! lol

So........It is the end of week two and I have gotten NO WHERE.Hopefully I won't be saying the same thing at the end of week 4!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I did it......

I made a little folder that I can actually carry in my purse.It is rather neat and pretty too of course:).

Every Monday I get 12-50 calorie cards (for sweets).

I also have a list of ways I can earn more cards and so far I have......

My first hour of exercise every day (I decided to count it for motivation to get it done) = 1 card.

4 water bottles of water and 1 of tea = 1 card at the end of the day.

1/2 hr of a HARD workout = 1 card

45 min of walking = 1 card

Exercising everyday for an entire week = 1 card on Sunday

What is the matter with me?

Well I know what is the matter with me......It is a total lack of will power plain and simple.

THIS is why I can never make any TRUE progress with getting in shape.Well,I can't necessarily say that.I have lost alot of weight at different times in my child bearing years but between the last few babies I have not done well at all because of THIS.

I simply need to say NO to myself.

For more than 1-2 days!!!!!!!!!

I can easily go without sugar.I have done it a multitude of times.I even did it once for an entire month.I just don't WANT to.

I can try to come up with all kinds of plans but the REAL thing that needs done is to JUST SAY NO.

I am going to keep plugging away at trying to have 100 calories per day for a sweet treat and then being free on date night.

Since I love organization, "systems" and "plans" I am going to make myself a little planner thingy.........:)I am going to give myself 12-50 calorie cards per week for sweets.Then I am going to make some extras that I can earn if I want to.At the beginning of each week I will put the 6 cards in the "Have" slot and move them into the "Used" slot as I use them lol.I will be able to earn more "Have" cards by exercising 1 hour for 1 card.That will not count the hour exercise that I do Mon-Sat.I get nothing for those hours.

This will allow flexibility if my dh brings me home a Snickers bar lol.I can eat it without feeling like I got off of my plan.Since a Snickers bar would take 5 cards that would really cut into the sweets for the rest of the week BUT I can earn more back if I want to.

I bought a bunch of salad stuff and also some high protein/fat snacks for myself.I am going to write up some meal ideas/snack ideas.

I NEED to have some kind of system/plan.Otherwise I just don't do well.

Will be back later.

Oh and I am free all day SAT.I will have ZERO guilt for anything anything eaten on SAT and I PLAN on enjoying it.I will have to EARN any extra sweets for family night or Sundays.Thats just the way it is going to have to be.

I have no food journal to report.Lets just say that I didn't do terrible but I didn't do well either.I did just the way I NORMALLY do which is what keeps me at this weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

It is plain to see.......

What my biggest downfall is........That SUGAR!!!!!!!

Breakfast-oats with nuts/butter and brown sugar.

Lunch-A couple cheese muffins with butter

Supper-Rice/brocolli/sausage/butter/ sourcream


A whole pack *atleast* of mini Hershey bars,a half of a king sized Snickers and a doughnut.

I have my dh to thank for the Snickers and the doughnut (I tell you that man loves to bring me chocolate lol) but I have only myself to blame for snacking on Hersheys all night.

I did drink a good amount of water and did a hard workout for 1 hour.

Clearly things have got to change as you can see that my weight is not budging.

I need to go shopping and plan meals/snacks and BUCKLE DOWN on the sugar.The sugar part is so hard for me at times.The more I eat,the more I want.

Instead of getting discouraged and upset that all the work I HAVE done is wasted because of SUGAR.I am just going to keep going......I am sure I have built muscle because I have been doing great at exercise.

I already ate to much sugar TODAY.(A doughnut and 2 mini Hersheys) Just being honest! lol Those of you who don't eat much sugar probably think thats CRAZY but those of you who are addicts like me know thats NOTHING lol.

I am NOT going to let it ruin the rest of my day.I am just going to pretend that I didn't eat it and not let it get me down.

Besides,the Hersheys are gone now.......:):):):)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


That this day did not exist!!!!!!

For startes,I got TOTALLY off schedule this morning when my Mom and Dad called.I almost NEVER get to talk to Dad and we talked for probably 1.5 hours about alot of wonderful things....It was an excellent conversation but left me TOTALLY behind which meant that I didn't exercise and I got completely behind on my drinking.

THEN my sweet husband brought me home a KING size Snickers.Can you believe that? I asked him if he wanted me to STAY this size lol.He said yes and then he said he wanted to add more on lol.He was just kidding of course......:)

Besides that I had 2 cookies this morning when I got up and I snacked all day here and there on these peanut bars I made.They don't have any processed sugar so thats one good thing.They have honey and maple syrup.Well,they did have chocolate chips sprinkled on the top.......Anyhow they were packed with oats/flax seed/sesame seed and nuts etc.Not too unhealthy (I got it RIGHT didn't I Brandy????? lol).

THEN I had a chocolate from the co-op after I got my two front teeth fixed today! YES! They are fixed! So that it is one great thing!

THEN :):):) I didn't even food journal today.I will not even try to hide that it was a bad day though! A very bad day afa sugar.I ate rice/brocolli and pork for supper.A very small amount.I am going to try to drink some tea tonight and more water to help a little but.

AND I didn't even exercise!!!!!!!!!

So yes,I am going to pretend this day did not happen! lol

Back at it tomorrow!

I am not discouraged........

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 I am doing great today!

Breakfast- eggs/sausage and 1 piece of toast.

Snack-One cup of hot chocolate

Lunch-Didn't eat....

Supper-HM sausage/potato soup with sour cream,cheese,hm saurkraut and bread with butter.Just one small bowl.

Dessert-1 cookie

Doing excellent on water and 1 hour of exercise DONE!

I was down so 217 this morning so that is GREAT motivation!! I am really hoping to go into the weekend at 215-216 but we will see! I full expect to go UP some then during the weekend but drop down hopefully again by Tue etc. Hopefully I will just keep getting lower and lower!!! :):):)

Very excited right now that I got over the weekend without feeling discouraged or should I say,give into the discouragment:).

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday and Monday

I didn't keep full journals for either day.I will say that they were not GREAT days but not terrible either.Probably the kind of days that I would not lose much weight on though.

Sunday I ate 2-3 pieces of cheesecake...I know.....
Calorie wise I didn't do to bad lol as I didn't eat much else other than an egg/cheese/sausage burrito.
I didn't drink as much as I wanted either.

Oh well.

Today (Monday) I had:

Breakfast-Rolled oats with nuts/butter and brown sugar
Lunch-3 bbQ biscuits with hamburger and cheese
Supper-Several bites of baked potato with home made saurkraut/onions/cheese/sour cream/butter etc.

Dessert-5-6 squares of Symphony bar

THEN I even had 1/2 cup of hot chocolate and a few bites of cherrios.

Oh and I had a couple of bites of cheesecake too......

and the worse thing?


Tomorrow is a new day though and I plan on starting it wonderfully *including* food journaling!! I need to get my measurments posted too.It is kind of embarrassing because this blog is public and there could be some people come to it that I don't want to know my measurments but oh well.I really don't care what anyone else thinks except for my husband and I don't feel like making this blog private.:)

How do I feel? Motivated...........So what if I didn't do EXCELLENT for a couple days in a row? I was just reading one persons success the other day and they took the entire weekend off and still lost tons of weight! So I am sure it won't hurt me.

I do want to try and post to this blog every day if possible.

I also want to post some "skinny" pictures of myself in the side bar to motivate me! :)

Good night!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How I am feeling today (Sunday)

Motivated!! It is nice to not feel discouraged after a weekend.Well,the weekend is not over with yet but the fact that I did SO good all week with eating AND that I got SO much exercise in (ESPECIALLY THAT 2 hours on FRIDAY!) made it so that I don't feel discouraged by eating more sweets this weekend!That is exactly the way that I wanted it.Getting discouraged is one of the biggest reasons I fail!I am going to aim to weigh myself everyday.I like that idea.It helps keep me focused.I don't mind that my weight is higher today.I fully expect it to be up a little on Sun/Mon.

When I put my skirt on FRI night it was definitely looser and that was neat!

I am going to really concentrate on drinking lots of water today and some tea too.I need to do better on the tea.I am also going to make sure that I just stay AWARE.Keeping a food journal really helps me with this.

I decided that I am not going to exercise today to make up for not getting exercise in yesterday.I need to have Sundays off for SURE.Otherwise I will always be "making up" on Sundays.If I don't get my exercise in on SAT I will just miss it.

I am off for now! I am going to drink some water,clean up a little bit and then help my girls with a gift exchange AND address a bunch of Christmas cards! :):)

Dec 3

Breakfast-1 large breakfast bar

Lunch-1 sausage/egg/cheese tortilla


Calzone pizza (hm)
Couple pieces of pecan/cheesecake pie
1 sugar cookie
1 fudge ball cookie

WATER........I somehow forgot to write my water down! I drank atleast 2-3 water bottles full though.
EXERCISE.....I was bummed that I only got 20 minutes.Oh well.We wanted to do 2 hours.We are going to try to make up for it some today (Sunday).

Dec 2

Breakfast- 1 breakfast burrito and one square of a hm breakfast bar.

Lunch-Few bites of breakfast bar and 2 sausage/bbQ/cheese tortillas

Supper-1/2 cup Tamale pie

SWEETS for entire day......

2 sugar cookies
1 fudge ball cookie
1 bite of cookie dough
Peanut M&M's.

It was family night and we went to the movie theatre for the first time as a family so we splurged.......:) Oh and I also had some popcorn......Not much though.

WATER...........4 water bottles full
EXERCISE...................2 HOURS! :):):):)

I was very happy with this day!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Excellent day yesterday!

BREAKFAST- 1 bite each of the following-Cinnamon roll,yogurt,cereal (while I was making Scott's lunch).
1/2 cup cooked oats with cinnamon,butter and brown sugar and 1 TB of walnuts,
1/2 banana with peanutbutter.

SNACK-handful of fiber cereal and 20 chocolate covered peanuts.

LUNCH- 1 cup turkey/noodle leftovers in a tortilla.

SUPPER- Small plate of sausage/eggs/cheese with ONE piece of toast with butter.

SNACK-2 handfulls of fiber cereal and 1/2 of a Twix (Thank you Daddy :) )

I exercised for 1 hour!