Saturday, May 25, 2013



Yeah!!!!! It was wonderful to see it going down today! But tonight is DATE NIGHT LOL. I SO want it to NOT go up again! I am planning to be EXCELLENT today and not cheat too much tonight.I hope it stays down!

That's all!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Another great yesterday AND today!

I am updating my food for yesterday AND today cause today is over and I just got done eating my last thing! LOL Plus,I won't have to fit in updating tomorrow...Except for my weight. I will hop on to post my weight.......And maybe a bellly picture if I have time!

Pre-pregnancy weight-187
Yesterday's weight- 196.4
Today's weight- 196.4

Not down but not up!

Yesterday's food!

Breakfast- (S)Egg wrap with cheese/racnch on a low carb tortilla.
Lunch- (S) Chicken peanut salad
Snack- 1 TB peanutbutter and 1 lemon muffin w/cream cheese frosting
Supper- Mashed cauliflower with butter/cheese/bacon bits and one low carb quesadilla (cheese)
Dessert- Tiny bit of chocolate mousse........It was ok. I ended up having 2 small drinks of dh's milk shake LOL. It was so delicious! LOL

Did a killer 10 minute full body exercise and I am sore today!!! :)

I did NOT repeat the circuit at the end 2-3 times like she said! LOL Not with being pregnant. I definitley will though after this baby is born! (CAN you believe I will be 24 weeks on WED?)

Today's food!
Breakfast- Egg wrap like the day before!
Snack while visiting dh at work and taking him lunch- 1.5 servings of cashews,1/8 of a Glazer doughnut (dh forced me), a couple drinks of cappuccino.1 cheese stick.
Lunch -(3:30) 1.5 recipes of Cottage Berry Whip
Supper-FP meat wrap w/ Laughing Cow Wedge.......1 portobella mushroom stuffed with cream cheese/cheese/bacon bits etc. I did have 2-3 Sun chips and about 1 tsp of regular honey mustard on my wrap.

Dessert- Cottage Berry Fluff! LOL

Cottage Berry Fluff

1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
stevia to taste

Blend all together until fluffy.

That is the recipe out of the THM book but I always add vanilla to mine and top with a little Fat Free Redi-Whip! This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!! AND it is a FUEL PULL!!!!!


My meal plan for the next few days!

Tomorrow (SAT and DATE NIGHT)-

Breakfast- Cottage Berry Whip

Lunch-Loaded Fotato Soup
Snack-Smoothie with lots of coconut oil (not sure what kind yet).
Supper- (NOT THM LOL) Nachos (loaded),Chocolate mousse pie,NORMAL sugar coffee and some other yummy snack....Not sure what yet.


Breakfast-FP Lemon Meringue Greek yogurt
Lunch-Cheesy asparagus (on my timeline) and 3-4 oz grilled chicken
Snack-Peanut butter skinny chocolate with nuts
Supper-FP salad
Dessert- I am leaving this open but it WILL be on plan!


Breakfast- E pancakes with strawberries/greek yogurt/Redi-Whip
Lunch-Cabbage/grilled chicken/teeny bit of p butter and braggs/cayenne

Snack- Leaving it open but ON PLAN
Supper- Ground beef alfredo over broccoli
Dessert- Whatever I am in the mood for this FP!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Excellent day yesterday!

Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight-197.6
Today's weight- 196.4

Food journal from yesterday

Breakfast- (S)Eggs,cheese,bacon bits and ranch bacon mayo on a low carb wrap.
Lunch- (S)Sauteed cauliflower,peppers,grilled chicken,bacon bits and cheese.
Supper-(S) Smoked sausage,saur kraut,cheese and ranch bacon mayo on a low carb wrap.
Snack- 1 TB peanut butter
Dessert- Coffee with cream and Redi-Whip and peanut butter pudding (with Redi-Whip!)

It feels like SUCH an acccomplishment to go to bed at night KNOWING that I had a perfect day!

I am aiming for another one today!

I did not exercise yesterday which wasn't good but I will be doing a GOOD workout today for sure! We tore into our basement yesterday and organized ALL of the clothes! That is SUCH a relief to have that done! Today we will be doing a lot of planting in the garden,that will give me some extra exercise!

Have a great day today!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Slight set back.........

After doing EXCELLENT all day,my dh calls me and tells me that his boss is ordering pizza and having us over for supper!!!!!!

So......The evening was pretty junky. I had 2 pieces of pizza,3-4 barbeque wings,some caramel corn,a few chips,about 1/2 a root beer (can),2 pop tarts and I think that's it.

It could have been MUCH worse but it could have been SO much better! And of course my weight is up today!

The first part of y day WAS great though! I did have an E meal for breakfast and then a snack of pineapple and strawberries later that might have put me  a TINY bit over the carb limit but then again,maybe not. It was only a SMALL amount of pineapple though. I also had a FP lunch so I bet that helped.

Pregnancy starting weight-187
Yesterday's weight- 195.8
Today's weight- 197.6

Oh well! I am GOING to have those times where I pretty much HAVE to go off plan. There is NO way that I could not eat. They don't have use over very often and there were NO other options like salads etc. So I am not too upset.

I bet the scales will be down again tomorrow!! I am doing great today!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I did GREAT!

Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight- 198.4
Today's weight- 195.8

RELIEF!!!!!!!! It is heading in the right direction!

Breakfast- (S) 2 eggs fried in a small amount of butter with 1 TB bacon bits,3 slices turkey/deli meat and 1/4 cup cheese.

Lunch- (FP) 1 cup cottage cheese and 4 large strawberries w/ 1/2 cup Fat-Free Redi Whip.

Snack- (FP) Fat blasting Frappa (after workout drink)

Snack - (FP) 1 cucumber w/ salt and pepper and 1 Swiss Laughing Cow wedge.

Supper- A DELICIOUS (S) salad! Romaine,3 oz grilled chicken,1 TB bacon bits,1/2 cup cheddar cheese,2 TB parmesean,Bragggs,salt/pepper/garlic,vinegar,2 TB olive oil,fresh guacamole,fresh salsa,sauteed peppers/onions/morel mushrooms. (I could NOT eat the whole salad LOL)

Desssert- (FP) Cottage Berry fluff w/ 1/2 cup Fat-Free Redi-Whip.

I did my Baby Bells kettle belll workout.

I drank an ACV drink and tons of water!!!!!! 

I am SO thrilled with my weight going back down! I was HOPING for about 3 poounds.

I got GREAT sleep last night too!

I am very happy with my first day. I am going to have another excellent day today! I felt WONDERFUL all day yesterday and ate so many delicious foods! If you have not tried the cottage berry fluff yet,you HAVE TO! It is so delicious! My husband had almost a whole QUART of a cookies and cream milk shake that I made him (OH! I did have the last bite out of the blender of THAT! I always do! LOL) and I had my berry fluff. I did not feel deprived at ALL!

I have a lot of outside work to do today so I will be getting even MORE exercise than my workout.

Off to eat breakfast now and start drinking!! I am super excited about the day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

We have had company!

Our friends were here visiting for two weeks. I did really good until the last few days and then did way too much snacking etc. My weight was 193 before those last couple days but this morning??????AFTER those last couple of days?????? Well,I was not going to post what it is but if I want to be completely REAL that wouldn't be right!

Today's weight???????

198 !!

That CAN'T be real weight gain!!!!!!!

I am more determined than ever to quit messing around. I will be

23 weeks

on Wednesday!!!!

I am getting WAY too close to 200 and I never EVER want to see that number again! I am officially (and SERIOUSLY THIS TIME! LOL) going to be super strict and healthy with my eating and see if I can get my weight back down to my starting weight of 187. Maybe I won't. As I have said many times before,I won't starve myself to reach that goal. But I REALLY hope to reach it by exercising/drinking and eating HEALTHY!

I have a midwife appt in a couple of weeks.......I haven't actually MADE the appt yet but it will be ATLEAST 2 weeks. My goal is to be back down to 187 by then! I also want to track everything I eat EVERYDAY until that appointment. That is going to be very hard for me as I am just not good at it LOL but I am going to DO IT! *JUST* until that appointment! It really helps me to watch what is put in my mouth.

I am going to be doing a pregnancy/modified version of their FP 2 week cycle. I am going to be cutting back the calories/fat and adding some more FP's into my diet. Not eating late at night,drinking lots of fluids,getting good sleep and exercising!!

I am going to go by how I FEEL. If I feel fantastic,I am going to assume that I am getting enough nutrition. IIf I am feeling weak at all or not good in any way I will up things.

That is the plan! I am EXCITED!

I REALLY hope that tomorrow shows a big drop in that 198 number!!!!!! That is HORRIBLE! That HAS to be water retention from all of the sugar I ate etc. We will see tomorrow!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thrilled !

After reading about proper squatting for the last 30 minutes I did a squat to see if my squatting was proper,if I COULD do a proper one etc.

It was perfect! My shins are vertical and my heels flat on the ground and I can easily do it! A small thing to be happy about but I am! :)


I am looking forward to a very fun weekend with my family and also friends that we have visiting!

Pregnancy starting weight....187

I cheated last night! I had a Hershey's bar,a cup of cappuccino and 2 cups of Fruit Loops. It was delicious and I was happy to not only see that my weight didn't go UP,but it actually went down! :)

I have been doing great with exericise. There has been one day this week that I only did HALF of my planned exercise but other than that,I have done it all!

Yesterday we did "Core Rythmys". It is a very fun dance workout. About 40 minutes. It is NOT modest. Another one that I don't do with my boys around! :) It is a good workout though! Not SUPER intense but good and FUN too!

We are having a cookout tonight with the children for family night. Hot dogs,baked beans,chips and roasted marshmallows. I won't be cheating though! :)

I WILL be cheating on date night though! (Tomorrow night) Actually,you know what? I am not going to call it cheating. Cheating implies that I am going against the "rules" and I am not! :) My "rules" are NOT to have NO sugar etc. but to eat it in moderation. So I am not going to call planned indulging CHEATING :).

I am feeling GREAT! I have absolutely no complaints at this point about anything pregnancy related! I just feel wonderful and it feels great to be eating so healthy and still keeping up with my workouts!

I have really been working hard on squatting MORE in the last year. I do tons of all different kinds of squats in my workouts but I have also been working squatting into my regular everyday life. It really gets me in the garden!!!!!! I get a GREAT workout when I squat to do everything! WOW!

Something I recently read bout squatting is that your heels should be on the ground.

Somehow I had missed that! I can tell that I HAD been getting on my toes when squatting down in regular,everyday life! I am not doing that now and there is quite a bit of difference!

Well,that's all for now!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hi! 21 weeks!

I am still here!

Starting weight 187

My weight this morning?
194.6 !!!!!! ahhhhhhhh LOL

Hoping that it IS baby weight and nothing bad. I have NOT been cheating though so that makes me happy!

I do not want to become obsessive about this weight thing. I don't want to spend the rest of my pregnancy being extremely worried about how much I gain. I mean,I want to worry about it,eat healthy and exercise but beyond that,I want to just let it go.

I am not overeating either and feel good about the amount of E/S meals that I am eating. I have approx 1 E meal a day. The rest are S. I don't at all feel that I am eating too many snacks or THM desserts either. I am drinking plenty of water and getting great exercise. I could use some more sleep! :)

I have been craving sweets much less and craving savory food much more. DON'T get me wrong! I still love my sweets!!!!!!!! LOL But I do crave them less. Last night I had cheese curds and a few strawberries (With a lil bit of Redi-Whip) for a snack instead of eating Lucky Charms like I wanted to! LOL It was delicious and it feels so good to know that I fed my body (and baby!) something HEALTHY instead of JUNK that just satisfied my mouth!

Speaking of baby........I am laying here on my bed,on my belly and the baby is moving all over! The movement is REALLY picking up now and that is so exciting!!!!!

I am going to try and get a belly picture loaded later. It is getting nice and round! :) I love this stage in pregnancy!

Well,off I go. I am hungry!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


My weight is STILL the same today........

Starting pregnancy weight 187
Weight today 193.4

Grrrrrrrr It is my fault though. It is UP because of cheating! If I was doing GREAT and it went up,that would be a different story but that wasn't what happened! Oh well,it is what I get! Here's hoping that tomorrow it will be down!

I changed my exercise since yesterday! I am getting tired of doing one hour at once. It is starting to bore me and when I start to get bored,I need a change! It is SO important for *ME* that I don't get bored!

It isn't so much the exercise that bothers me either,it is taking the whole HOUR when there is so much to do. I put it off and put it off!

Not to mention that I think short and intense is the way to go! Soooooo

Eat breakfast (Either an E or an S with coconut oil for energy) and then 1 hour later I will choose from my list of workouts. 10-20 min intense workout. I will drink a protein drink right afterwards (doing that now).

Lunch will be the same routine except I probably won't be eating E, but the S with coconut oil.

Then in the evenings I will do some warm-up ,stretching and deep squats.

I just started yesterday but it was SO nice and I really put my ALL into it KNOWING that instead of working out for an hour,I only have 10-20 minutes.

On the days that I do my Baby Bells workout I will skip the lunch workout because Baby Bells is 35 min long.

I am SORE from yesterday so the amount of exercise I did must have been GOOD! :)

Today I did:

Later today I will be doing:
(This one is not very modest and I don't do it in front of the boys.)


I don't feel like remembering what I ate yesterday but I did EXCELLENT all day except for the 1/2 cup milk shake that I had when I made them for everyone else last night.

I am going to start writing everything down on PAPER from now on so I can just copy it onto here. I am starting that today! It will make the food journal thing much easier!

I think I will go back to posting TODAY'S food TODAY before it is eaten. Then if something changes,I will update that the next day. I like having a plan for the day so writing everything down ahead of time will help!

Breakfast-Yogurt/pineapple/granola/protein powder. (Protein drink after workout)
Lunch- Tuna/green peppers/cottage cheese (Protein drink after lunch)
Snack-1/2 cup gluc pudding with Redi-Whip
Supper- Cheese quesadilla/large salad with ranch dressing (NOT a ton)
Dessert- Skinny chocolate sprinkled with walnuts and stevia sweetened coffee topped with Redi-Whip

We are having a date night tonight so the chocolate and coffee will be perfect! :)

My family will be having lentils for lunch w/ various toppings and Scott will be having quesadillas and salad with my with the addition of some HM garlic cheese french bread that I am going to make today.

I will probably make him some frosted brownies for dessert.

Well,that's all! I am going to have a GREAT day today!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

20 weeks ! Time to crack down!

20 weeks already! I can hardly believe it!

I am very excited........and SCARED too! Scared because I am starting to get into the time in my pregnancy where I GAIN. I have been able to do quite a bit of cheating in these first 20 weeks.Mostly in my morning sickness stage. But now I am getting to the point where I am going to have to be REALLY careful with my cheating or else I KNOW I will gain what I don't want to gain!


Instead planning the rest of my PREGNANCY out I am just going to plan the month of MAY. One month at a time! :)

1.Start taking my cod liver oil,chlorophyll and herb tea more faithfully! I really want to keep this an everyday thing for the rest of this pregnancy. THE MAIN thing with this is to take the cod liver oil in the AM and make my tea right away so it is READY. The chlorophyll won't be so hard because it is easy to pour in a jar with my water and I LIKE it.

2. WATER-I have been doing good with water but I want to keep it up!

3. EXERCISE- 1 hour a day 5X a week. I tried to do it on weekends because it helps to counter SAT night cheating but it is SUCH a pain in the neck to try to fit in with everything else. Plus,I get burnt out. A weekend break helps me to stay motivated during the week. I want to do about 1/2 strength training and half cardio. The other part of this goal is to get it done in the MORNING whenever possible! Putting off exercise is one thing I am really good at and then it doesn't get done.

4. EATING- I want to not cheat PERIOD except for SAT nights or special occasions. Then,to recover from those times I want to do a whole day of FP's the next day. I eat PLENTY of fat and carbs and I am NOT worried at ALL about some FP's now and then in pregnancy so no scolding please! :):) 

So that is it for May..............

I will hopefully be 187 on June 1st! :) Right now my weight is still up but hopefully that will change in the next several days. Today and tomorrow there will be NO cheating but then Fri and Sat there WILL be because it is my birthday and then date night. I am going to do REALLY well during the day though so it hopefully won't do much damage!

I honestly forget what I ate yesterday but it was ALL THM.No cheating. I did not exercise though.

I AM exercising today! It has officially been a WEEK off of exercsie. Time to jump back in!