Monday, December 31, 2012

Trim Healthy Mama

A different twist........That is what I am taking.

Trim Healthy Mama

If you have not heard of the book,check it out at the link above.

It is a WEALTH of information.

I don't have time to explain the *plan* but I will be posting recipes,tracking my success and just anything to do with this book,here on my blog.Hopefully I will have a large group of Mammas doing this with me!!

That's all for now but I hope to post more tomorrow!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cheating too much.......

I have to tighten up again!!!! I am cheating WAY to much!

My weight last week was..................

187.4 !

I was very happy! :)

I have been snacking here and there and just cheating. It has to STOP. I do NOT want  to get discouraged again or feel like I have gone backwards. I really want to be DOWN again next Thursday.

So,I am remembering/refreshing my PLAN and determining to stick with it!

NO eating outside of the planned eating times!!


I am going to try cutting out snacks so I can have better meals/dessert. We will see how it goes.

I REALLY want to fit in a cardio workout on Saturday but so far,it just isn't happening! Saturdays are so busy here,but I want to keep trying.

I have to do better at water. I just don't get down as much as I should.

I am doing really good at exercising! I am very happy about that. In the last 2 months,out of my goal of exercising 45 min-5 X a week I have only missed 5 times.My goal was to miss no more than 5 X of exercise for 12 weeks.Well,only 8 weeks are up but I am hoping to not miss anymore.

Today I did Billy Blanks "This is TaeBO" and was very hapy to find that the killer arm part that I could not even DO at first? It wasn't even that hard!! I love seeing the strength I have gained!

Now how many times have I talked about wanting to start body brushing? I feel like a fool even SAYING that I am going to start body brushing because I have said it SO many times lol BUT.......

I am GOING to start body brushing! lol

5 X a week is my goal. MON-FRI I just don't see it happening on the weekends so I am not going to even try it.

Here is a WONDERFUL arm workout! 10 minutes. It calls for 3 and 5 lb weights but we use 5lb weights the entire time. This KILLED my arms the first time and it still gets them good,although it IS getting easier! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

189.8 !

It was close but I *did* see it!!!!!! lol

I am so thrilled! :):)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Will I see the 180's this Thursday or not?

I am very excited and hopeful!

Last Monday (after the weekend) I weighed in at 193.6. I was thrilled. That was the lowest I had ever ended a weekend.It ended up that I was 2 lbs down on Thursday.

This week (today) I was at 91.6! So I KNOW I will be down again on Thursday! I SO hope it is a total of 2 lbs for the week. That will put me at 188.2.

I ordered some new skirts and received them this weekend. I am THRILLED to be wearing 12's! They feel SO good.To have waist bands that fit? I just can't get over it! lol I feel like a new woman! I can't imagine how I am going to feel when I have lost all of my weight. I still have 60-65 lbs to lose. WOW. If  I carry my 40 lb child on my back when I exercise for a little bit (How much I have lost) I am shocked at how hard it is on my joints and just everything.60-65 more pounds off of my frame?????????? I am going to feel SO good. I am so excited!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

40 lbs GONE!

The scales said 190.2  this morning. I am FINALLY down 40 lbs. ALMOST in the 180's and I can't wait!

It feels SO good.

I ordered new skirts. They will be here tomorrow. They are size 12's! Still a long way from the size I want to be but I am still excited! My other skirts are all hanging off of me.

I am not complaining one bit!!!

In the last 6 weeks I have only missed exercise 3 times.

A few tips that have made a HUGE difference it my weight loss lately (I think).

1.I do not eat out of the designated times. (Breakfast/Lunch/Snack/Supper/Dessert) PERIOD! No BLT's (Bites/licks/tastes)

2. I have been eating VERY light during the day and saving about 800 of my calories for the evening. That allows me to have a nice supper and a small dessert.

3.When I eat,I get my portion,sit down and eat slowly.

Well,time to run! Thanksgiving dinner is waiting!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have reached my next goal!!!!

I was thrilled to step on the scales this morning and see 191 ! Horray!!! I can't WAIT to be in the 180's !!!!!!

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) 
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) 
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) 
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) 
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) 
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!) 

Friday, November 9, 2012

I am doing great!

Keeping up with the 1500 calorie thing :).

I am amazed at how many extra calories people eat just by a bite here and there.

I have been working out hard every day. Tomorrow is my break but as much as I like working out,I may just fit an extra one in! lol

YES,I do love to work out. (Most days)  My attitude is totally different than what it used to be.

ONE more pound and I will have reached my next goal!

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) 
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) 
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) 
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) 
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) 
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!) 

That is going to feel GREAT! :):):)

It is coming off slowly,but it IS coming off. I also have HIGH hopes that it will come off faster now with the lower calories. I am so anxious for next weigh in! lol (Thursday)

Here is a great arm workout!

We do way more than this on our upper body day but this is a REALLY good workout for 10 minutes!

Well, I am off to bed! Good night!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Down 1.6 lbs this morning !!!!!!

It has been rough to eat only 1,500 calories per day but I love the results! I am definitely sticking with it!!!

Hopefully next week will have me at an even bigger loss!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I am here!

And really kicking it into high gear! I have finally decided to FOR SURE count calories for a while and be strict about it. 1500 a day and one cheat day (Saturday). I am not eating the extra calories that I burn working out either. I am using those to "bank" so that my cheat day doesn't take much away from my weekly deficit.

I am drinking 3 quarts of water +1 quart of green tea a day.

Exercise is still pretty much the same as always. Cardio 3x a week and resistant training 2x a week.

I have never eaten this few of calories and kept it up for very long. I am doing it this time though because this weight needs to come off faster! I am excited for Thursday!

Is a new site I found! I am loving it! Lots of good info and from a Mom of 3 who had 3 sections. Check it out! She has some really tough workouts. I want to order some of her dvd's. She has some on you tube.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weigh in day!

I had a WEE loss lol. Not enough to record but hey.....I am going DOWN again! I am really hoping for a bigger loss next week!!!! I am determined to work really hard this week!

I did my upper body workout today. Biggest Loser "Last Chance" and then her upper body kickboxing.After that we did a dance workout for 30 min! It was great! It feels soooooooo good to do a hard workout!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ok,I posted the picture. I have only lost 9 lbs since the LAST picture I posted but there is *some* difference. I can see it in my back.

This weight has NOT come off as fast as I thought it would! I am down 36 lbs but it has taken me approx 10 months to lose it. That is not even a lb a week. I would love to lose 2 lbs a week!

I am still happy though. I have worked out a LOT so I know that not only am I losing but I am gaining lots of muscle and toning as I go.

Most importantly? I have not ONCE *quit*. This truly is a life style change and that is how I KNOW that I *will* lose the weight and be in the shape I want to be in. It may take me a while but I am getting closer and closer to my goal every day!

Ok,hopefully I am *REALLY* back!

I had to reformat my computer and then I bought some GOOD virus protection!! After all of that hassle I am SO glad to be back! I have been doing great with eating/exercising and I even took a new picture today to post! (Sidebar) I am loading it now......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Keeping at it! I don't know if I will have a loss tomorrow as I didn't do good this week until Monday.We will see though!

Today I am doing THIS workout.......

I have the dvd.......It is a super excellent workout lol.

I am sore today from doing THIS workout yesterday!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi !

I thought I would post a little bit about the plan I am going to be sticking with during the next 12 weeks. It is pretty much the same as before but with a few new ideas.

1. Aprox 1800 calories a day but I won't be counting. I am pretty good at knowing how many calories are in my food and how to balance everything. I am aiming for 6 meals a day. Breakfast (400),Snack (200),Lunch(400),Snack(200),Supper(400),Snack(200).......I am still nursing AND I will be working out 5x a week for about an hour each time so I think this is a good amount.

2.WATER.....I am REALLY and TRULY going to POUR the water down this time lol. I LOVE water and it is pretty much ALL I drink but I still just don't get enough.

3.I want to stick with the aerobics 3x a week and weight/resistance training 2x a week.About an hour each time. In our challenge I have 5 passes. That means I can skip 5 workouts for any reason I want in the next 12 weeks. That's IT unless something truly comes up that prevents me from exercising.

4. Treats......I am going to drink water,drink chia seed,brush my teeth and wait 5 minutes before I eat ANYTHING that is sweet and not planned. I want to REALLY be careful that I cut back on sweets and really THINK before I eat something.

5.SLEEP....I NEED to do better on sleep.

6. Weigh ONCE a week! Yes......Once a week on Thursday AM. This is going to be hard for me but I want to try it these 12 weeks and see if it makes a difference. I may change my mind on this one though.......:)

I just did an hour or Core Rythms.dancing. It felt GREAT!

Well,that's all for now!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I really hope that I am back to blogging here for a while!!

I am starting a Biggest Loser Challenge with some friends for the 3rd time. I did NOT do as good in the last challenge as I should have/could have. In 12 weeks I only lost 9 lbs and 7 inches. Better than nothing? Yes.I could have done so much better though.

BUT I am thankful!! I am in BETTER shape than I was 12 weeks ago.

I am also happy because I never QUIT during the last 12 weeks or at ALL since I started this in January. It is taking a lot longer than I wanted to but this is a LIFE change and dh also said that he likes it that I am losing it slowly and working out/toning up as I go rather than losing really fast.

So here we go!!!!!

Thursday I weighed in at 194.8. I will be working hard to hopefully be DOWN some by next weigh in!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

MONDAY (Menu plan #1)

Wow it has been a couple of weeks since I have written here!

I was doing GREAT and then this last 2 weeks I have been doing a mixture of great and not so great. I am officially done with that and ready to hit it hard again!

I decided to make myself up a 7 day menu. I will KNOW what I am going to eat before the day even starts! I am also going to keep track of what I actually EAT and try to eat LESS than what I have on the menu so I can bank some calories for NIGHT TIME. I am doing really bad at not eating at night. That is when I usually blow it!


Breakfast- 2 eggs-1 toast-1 TB butter
(Calories-384 Carbs-19 Protein-17)

Snack- 1 scoop protein powder- 8 oz whole milk
(Calories- 230 Carbs-14 Protein-23)

Lunch- 3 cups salad-1 TB olive oil-Braggs aminos-4 oz chicken-1 oz cheese
(Calories-446 Carbs-35 Protein-27)

Snack- 7 almonds+1 fun size candybar
(Calories-145 Carbs-12 Protein- 4)

Supper- 2 cups steamed brocolli-1 sausage patty-1 TB butter-1 oz cheese)
(Calories-423 Carbs- 25 Protein- 23)

Evening snack- 100 calories treat


Calories- 1,678
Carbs- 128
Protein- 97

The meals I will serve my family........

Milk+P.butter cookies
Beans and sausage
Baked potato bar with brocolli/sausage/cheese etc.

DH's lunch

Sausage patties and oatmeal cookies
Peaches and cottage cheese
Chicken salad
Cheese curds and cucumbers

I am trying to feed ALL the family Breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/supper/snack.

So in dh's lunch I send him breakfast/snack/lunch/snack.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Has it really been this long?

It just hit me as I was catching up on some things......

MY BLOG! lol

Sorry that I have not updated!

Today is weigh in day and I am 197. Last week I was 198 on weigh in but I was 197 the next day. After that my weight spiked and then started going down again, putting me at 197 again today. I am happy!

I am doing great on exercise! I got a little slack when we had company these last 2 weeks but I did GREAT overall!

I had one of my discouraging "It is going to take FOREVER to reach my goal weight." moments yesterday but I am out of that!

We are exercising 2 hours- 4 times a week. I THOUGHT the challenge I was in was a 10 week challenge and my goal was 10 hours a week for 10 weeks but THEN I realized that it was a 12 week challenge. We WERE going to take 2 different weeks completely OFF from exercise 2x throughout the challenge but we decided to take another day off per WEEK instead. Two hours of exercise a day gets OLD so in addition to taking SAT/SUN off we are taking WED off too. That gives us a nice break between exercise which will make us much more motivated when it is TIME to exercise.

Today we did Tae Bo EXPRESS for an hour and then did WATP for almost 5 miles. I feel great!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We did a crazy challenge yesterday.

My girls/sister and I did:



That is,500 lunges on EACH leg!

I am so sore today.


We did a crazy challenge yesterday.

My girls/sister and I did:



That is,500 lunges on EACH leg!

I am so sore today.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NEW Biggest Loser Challenge!

I am SO excited/motivated. I plan on doing MUCH better in this next 12 week challenge than I did in the last 20 week challenge! I only lost 15 lbs in the last 20 weeks! My goal is to lose 30 lbs in the next 12.

I am kicking it up a notch *again*! lol the more I learn the more I change and the faster I lose. SO I am very excited to see what happens in the next 12 weeks!

Here are my plans! You will notice a lot of the stuff that I have already been doing but also some new stuff!

Lots of water. I want to make SURE that I get plenty of water.I LOVE water and drinking it is not a challenge for me but sometimes I DO get busy and forget.

Green tea. I want to drink a couple of cups a day.

Chia seed. I plan on putting 1 TB in my water bottle every night after supper to help keep those evening CRAVINGS at bay! Chia *really* makes you feel full and is so good for you too!

I am hitting the exercise HARD.My goal is 10 hours per week.It will be a mixture of cardio/weight training etc. Of course I would never keep up that amount of exercise for life but for now, while I am GETTING in shape, it is going to be FUN! The challenge is for 12 weeks but I will be taking 2 different weeks completely off from exercise during that time giving me a total of 100 hours of exercise by the time the challenge is over.I want to do 2 hours a day MON-FRI taking weekends totally off.

Low carb- My goal is to be under 75 carbs a day except for Sundays. Sundays will be lower carb because my FREE day is Saturday and that will kind of make up for it.

High protein- I want my protein to be between 75-100 grams.

Calories- 1500 Per day

Cayenne-I LOVE cayenne and have studied about it for years and years and years. It is one fantastic herb. I like to take capsules/eat it just because of it's health properties BUT I also found that it boosts weight loss! Perfect! lol I will be taking a capsule in the AM and also with supper.Not to mention putting it on my food (which I already do.)

Saturdays are my FREE days. I eat whatever I want and I fully intend to take advatage of that! lol

This is what I am planning......

Snack- High protein/no carbs/50 calories
Breakfast-High carb (30grams) with protein/400 calories
Snack-50 calories/5 carbs
Lunch-Lower carb (20) with veggies/protein/400 calories
Snack-50 calories/5 carb
Supper-Lowest carb (10) with veggies/protein/400 calories
Snack-150 calories/5 carbs

The last snack is where I might have a sweet now and then.

BODY BRUSHING- I really want to try and keep up on this!!!

Hoe-Downs - I want to try to fit in 2 sets of hoe downs each night before bed!

Well........That's IT and I do have to say that I was THRILLED to see my weight this morning but I am NOT telling what it is until THursday at weigh in! I weighed in this last Thursday at 203 sooooooo I am very excited to step on that scale on Thursday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I did it........Or I should say WE did it.My girls and sister exercise with me and it makes it SO much nicer! We make goals and I give everyone rewards.They are very much into health so that helps already but it is fun and motivating to have rewards too. The last one we did I told them that when we reached 100 hours of exercise we would go and get mexican and then go shopping.......We are hopefully doing that next week.We reached 100 hours several weeks ago but have been so busy.

Anyhow,our NEXT goal is to get 10 hours of exercise in a week for the next 10 weeks.If we reach that goal I told them we would go shopping and get a new outfit for everyone. It is fun to have them doing this with me and like I said,it is SO much nicer to have exercise buddies!!!!

SO yesterday we did........

30 Day Shred
Tae BO
Weight lifting

Very little walking though.....Most of the 2 hours was SUPER hard! I was so proud of us!

Today we do 30 Day Shred, boxing (Peak 8) and I don't know what else we will do.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I thought I would give a quick update. Nothing exciting going on but I am plugging away. These next 10 weeks will hopefully see me losing atleast 20 lbs. I am  joining a Biggest Loser challenge with some friends (I think I already said that in a previous post) and it starts Thursday. Well,the one that we are currently doing NOW ends Thursday too.It has been going on for 20 weeks though. I lost almost 20 lbs but not quite. That is NOT fast enough for this weight to come off.

I am going to continue doing everything that I have been doing PLUS cutting calories and a lot more exercise! I hope it does the trick!!

I would love to end this 10 week challenge at 180 ! That will put me at 50 lbs lost which will be HALF way to my goal. Sounds good to me!

Today we will be doing 30 day Shred,Tae BO and I think mayeb some weights. I haven't been doing so swell with weight lifting and that needs to change!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Monday we did one hour of exercise.(Zumba)

Tuesday we did 2 hrs and 45 minutes! (Insane Abs,30 Day Shred-Level 1,walked 4 miles and worked in the gardn for 45 minutes.I am SO sore today.)

Today I did a 10 min Tae Bo express video and worked in my garden for 4 hours pulling weeds,tying up tomatoes,hoeing,watering.....I am exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have done great with eating too.

That's it! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Up And Down

That is my weight lol.......

It was up a few pounds this morning after the weekend.

I was bummed but I snacked WAY more than usual this weekend so I guess it is what I get.I ate more sweets than I have in a while too soooooooo.

I am THRILLED that I am back at it today.I just got done with an hour workout and am feeling back on track again.I know that my weight will go back down easily enough.

I am stepping it up a notch for the next 3 months.......Or actually,a few notches lol. Time to really kick it into high gear.I have done good.....I am almost 30 pounds down,I have lost 25 inches and I am so much stronger.I am very happy BUT........

It needs to come off faster......Baby #8 could come along within the next several months and I want to be in as good of shape as I can possibly be in.I want to go into pregnancy working out hard so I can continue to do that for the rest of the pregnancy.

I am doubling my exercise.2 hours a day.This isn't something I would do for life but for now it fits......:) I am so super busy with gardening and summer stuff but I am just going to MAKE time for this.

I am starting another Biggest Loser challenge with on-line friends on the 19th and I am aiming to WIN this one :):).

Over an hour of exercise done today already and I am feeling great!

Friday, July 6, 2012

It just keeps melting off!

201 today!

I know that it can't continue to come off this fast but this is SOOOOOOO nice for a change!!!!!

MIGHT I see 199 tomorrow or the next day? ATLEAST in the next few days?????

I am very close to having 1/3 of the weight I want  to lose gone....That's pretty nice!!! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weigh In Day

I am down to 202 so that is 4 lbs total loss this week! I am thrilled.......

Just THREE more pounds until I am out of this horrible 200 weight......I have to fight being discouraged at how far I have to go.I have to fight depression that I EVER let myself GAIN this much weight!!!

I am more excited than ever because I KNOW this time that it IS coming off and I KNOW that it is going to stay off.I am excited that I no longer look at people in shape with a sigh while thinking "I wish I could look like that again...." It WILL look like that again.(If I have anything to do with it.) I am on my way and Lord willing........I am gonna look even BETTER than I did before having children! Meaning,not only do I plan on getting to the weight I was but I want to be even more muscular.

Well,that's all.....I hope to hear from some others soon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doing great......

I am down THREE pounds so far since last weigh in on Thursday!!!!!!

203 today! I couldn't be happier! Hopefully it does not go UP for some crazy reason before weigh in on Thursday! lol I am hoping it drops even MORE! It's about time I have a week with 3-4 loss for once instead of 1 lb per week! I HAVE had a few weks where I had a large loss but it is mostly 1 lb MAX a week.That gets old....On the other hand,I don't want to lose too fast so it's all good.

There are so many *little* changes that I have made and it hit me the other day that all of those little changes are adding up and making a huge difference! I am going the opposite direction now! Sure,it isn't going  to happen overnight but it *IS* happening! 3 more lbs until I am 30 lbs down......4 more lbs until I am going to see 199 !!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Exciting day!!!!

Well,weigh in yesterday found me at NO weight loss.

Well actually,my weight HAD been UP the week before and it was down again the 3 lbs that it had went up so that is good but that wasn't real weight gain either so it isn't like I lost 3 lbs.

BUT........TODAY I am down to 204!!!!!!

I have reached my 2nd goal!!!

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE)
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE)
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!)
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!)
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!)
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!)

I can't BELIEVE it!!!!

I didn't even exercise yesterday.I was kind of in a depressing funk after not being a little lower on the scales lol.I didn't track my food at MFP either but I *did* eat really great! And last night when dh and I stayed up for our "pre-date" night and he was eating a gigantic Symphony bar I only had one and a half squares instead of 6-8.I had a small handful of almonds to go with it.We also got to bed at a fairly decent time for once.This isn't the first time I have had a loss after actually getting some decent sleep.I KNOW that getting more sleep would help me in my weight loss.It is just about imossible to do though it seems! lol

Anyhow,that puts me at 26 lbs down.I am determined to have another excellent week this next week.....I will be starting with my weight NOT up this time so hopefully next Thursday weigh in I will have a LOSS for once to report! lol

I am going to skip exercise today.I am planning meals (so I have exactly what I need to eat next week) and then I am going shopping.Tonight is family night and I am only going to have a SMALL amount of dessert.I might do some dancing today too actually but I am NOT doing the 30 Day Shred lol.I have gardening and a bunch of fun cleaning to do today and I am just going to have an enjoyable day!

How is everyone else? Or should I say......How are you Nataly?????? roflol

Come on ladies! I would love to see some blog updates!!!!! lol

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good day........

At eating BUT I did not exercise!

I was able to go with dh in the truck this morning for a couple of hours which totally messed up my entire schedule! lol

THEN we are preparing to go to the movies tonight and you MOMS of MANY know that that alone takes some extra work! lol

So no exercise.........

We will see what the scales say tomorrow.........I am excited but nervous.I could have done better.......

I RESOLVE TO NEVER EAT SPAGHETTI AGAIN! I ate one piddly cup and that was 46 carbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hadn't eaten that many carbs all DAY!!!!!! WOW! The noodles are NOT worth it! I will have sauce over cucumbers or something! lol

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My workout today.....

AM TaeBo EXPRESS -Fast foot work

20 minutes boxing Peak-8

Jump-roping for 3-4 minutes

Wii Zumba-52 minutes

I had a few small sweets but managed to still do wonderful!!!!

Now to get through the night! lol

Don't worry,I will NOT be messing anything up! I am really working for Thursdays weigh in! lol

I can just TASTE 199!!!

Not that I think I will reach it by Thursday but I HOPE to be closer to it!!!! :)

Tomorrow is WEIGHT lifting and I am looking forward to it! It is also the last day until weigh in! I am going to be hitting it HARD!

Bye for now!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello on this wonderful Monday!

I have never ended a weekend with so low of a weight as I did this weekend! Horray! And to think that it was even my dh's 40th birthday party! I am so proud of myself!

Then I had an excellent breakfast and already did my Insane Abs workout!

I am on a roll and I can't WAIT to see what those scales say on Thursday! lol

If you haven'e already,you NEED to check out "Cocoa almonds" by Emerald.They are SOOOOO fantastic!! High protein and low carb AND they satisfy my sweet tooth! PERFECT!

HERE is a motivating story!!!!! This is what I am going to look like when I am done! There are LOTS of good weight loss stories on this site......

Well,I am off.......Lots to do!! I hope everyone is doing good!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I did GREAT.........

Over my dh's birthday!!!!!

I am so proud of myself......I did SO good.I didn't keep track because it was my free day but I did EXCELLENT!

Then this morning we obviously have SOOOOO much cheesecake leftover and I wanted some SO BAD and I didn't have ANY.I had a little bit of cottage cheese,bacon and 1 eggs instead.Lots of water today too and a little exercise! (WATER fight with dh and children.)

It has been a great day and tonight we are having a date night so I am saving my treat for then.For now I am going to go clean up......

I am SO hoping for a good weigh in on Thursday! I am hitting the working out HARD starting tomorrow.......Low carb too,lots of water and not eating late! I cant wait to see what the scales say on Thursday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guess what number I saw on the scales this morning?


205 FINALLY!!!!!!!

That puts me at 25 lbs down!

ONE more pound and I will have reached my 2nd goal.....

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE)
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE)

Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!)
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!)
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!)
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!)

I am beyond thrilled......

I already did 10 minutes of cardio this morning which is a FIRST for a weekend!!!! Tonight is my dh's 40th B-DAY and I have made 40 different flavors of cheesecake for I STILL plan on doing good and not blowing it even though today IS my cheat day! lol

I think I figured out how to get this weight off quicker and I am REALLY hoping that these next 25 lbs don't take as long to come off as the first ones did!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Me again!

Thought I would get in one last post before the weekend!

My weight had gone up a few lbs and that was depressing but it is going down again and FAST with me eating so excellent and I am thrilled! I KNOW that I am going to be hitting 205 soon and hopefully drop into the 100's soon too! I am NOT binging over the weekend!SAT is my free day but I still want to eat exellent until the evening.I will be having dh's birthday party then so no more keeping track of what I eat once that starts.

Billy Blanks today for 30 minutes.....(Express) and I have SOOOOOOOOOOO much to do so I will be busy burning calories all day today!!!!

Family night tonight and I will be having a SMALL treat.

My most recent exercise and eating plans/goals.......Yuo know I have to keep changing things cause I get bored.:)

Continue with the low carb/high protein and I want to make sure to add more veggies.
Start every day except for Sunday with a 10 minute Billy Blanks Express session.
Eat supper by 6:00 and get some FUN exercise in after supper.(Boxing/jump-roping whatever)
1 SMALL treat a day.
Lots of water in the evening after supper.
Saturday is cheat day.NO guilt.I do want to try and still do semi-good all day though most Saturdays.

MONDAYS- Insane Abs
TUESDAYS-UPPER body w/ weights (Pushups,dips,tricep kickbacks,lateral arm raises,bicep curls,chest y's,chest presses)
WEDNESDAYS-BOXING peak 8 (I will explain below)
THURSDAYS-LOWER body w/weights (Step-ups,wall squats,lunges,squats)
FRIDAYS-Level 3-30 Day Shred

Peak 8 with boxing........Us 4 girls take turns.30 seconds punching the bag as fast and as hard as you can (only one punch per 30 sec turn meaning.......ALL jabs or ALL uppercuts etc.) and then break for 90 seconds.

We will do 8 sets for arms and then 8 for legs.(Kicking as fast and as hard as you can.)

It is HARD and FUN!!!!!!!!!!

I had the most WONDERFUL thing said to me by my WONDERFUL dh today! :):)

He told me that last night when he put his hands on my waist he couldn't believe how much smaller it was!!!!!! HORRAY!!

Well I am off ! Keep it up ladies!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doing GREAT!

I did great yesterday and today (so far) with eating/drinking! PERFECT days! My weight *had* gone up a few lbs over the last week but it was down 2 lbs again today and hopefully it will be down again tomorrow and just KEEP on dropping! :)

Yesterday I did not do my official exercise and I am not going to today either.I am EXTRA busy because of company coming,tons of gardening and my dh's 40th birthday!

Yesterday I DID do alot of boxing,jumping on the trampoline,jump-roping and cartwheels ! lol It was great!

Several months ago I went outside to show my daughters and sister how to do a cart wheel.I was just assuming that I would do one as perfect as I used to........Guess what? I couldn't even do one.I felt like my arms couldn't hold my weight.

Last night I could do them pretty much perfect and WAY better than the young,fit girls! I was THRILLED!!!!

Well I just wanted to update quickly.....Off to drink some water,clean and wait for dh to get home!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A few pics and my B-DAY present.........

Ok................I just posted a HUGE post and it is GONE.........Only the pictures survived lol.Anyhow,the first picture is from when I first started and the second is today.......20 lbs down.......A little more than 20 actually but not quite 25.I think I can see a difference can you? Not a HUGE difference but still a difference?

I am doing great......The punching bag and gloves are  my late birthday present from dh and I LOVE it! It is a BLAST!!

I don't have time to write more as I already did this once so bye for now!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Lower body


The girls and I have decided to do a 10 minute Billy Blanks workout to start out each day!We LOVE his dvd that has 8-10 minute workouts! FUN FUN FUN!! KILLER though! lol He does one set with a chair and it is REALLY neat....Anyhow,I think that will be a good way to be my metabolism revved up each day!

Wall squats (30 seconds each-3)
Step ups (12)
Squats (12)
Lunges (12)
Calf raises (5 seconds each-12)
Lateral Step ups (12)

I am motivated and ready to get beneath 200 within 2 weeks! That is my GOAL! I am logging every day at MFP,sticking with my exercise,lots of water,good sleep,not eating late,counting carbs..........

I think I can can reach that goal!!! That is only 6-7 lbs in 2 weeks.Doable!!!!

Well,I have tons to do......

BTW Nataly I KNOW that I am pathetic for not logging in for 30 days like I said!!! You amaze me with your faithfulness of logging......I am always trying to do better at STICKING WITH THINGS.

Oh well,I may chance my methods around alot but I AM proud of myself for sticking with getting into shape! I am not quitting......

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blah and good too......

The blah is that I have too many birthdays going on with too much junk around AND I can't just blame it on the birthdays either.I have been eating more junk food than normal.I had no loss this week.It was TOTALLY my fault.I just can't seem to keep those carbs down as far as I need to keep them! I will do FANTASTIC all day and then blow it at night.

The GOOD is that when I do blow it it still doesn't put me super high on my daily carbs because I am doing so well with most food choices.It puts me too high to lose or atleast to lose very much.I want to lose 2lbs a week (average) and I need to cut out more to do that.

I did exercise most days this week and that REALLY keeps me encouraged!

Monday we did Insane Abs
Tuesday Peak 8
WED nothing
Today 1/2 hr Billy Blanks Taebo stuff

I have been SORE most of the week!!!

That means my body *IS* changing!!!! That is GREAT!

Here is to another week and LOSS next Thursday!!!!!!!

Oh and I did get a couple sessions of body brushing in this week too.Or maybe only one.....I forget lol.

Organs in place I only did once.Bad girl.I have a memory problem.I want to make a list of things to remember every day.

I know that you MOMYS of many can for SURE relate to having to remember sooooooooooooooooo many things!!!!!

Well I am off to dig some raspberry plants that my Amish neighbor is giving me.She gave me a bunch of stuff last week and wants to give me more this week.She also wants to take me a tour of her house to see all of her house plants! lol Last week she showed me her entire yard and dug me this and that......Actually,she had ME dig this and that lol.

She is a talker.....Mother of 10.Most of whom are grown.I loved her! (I just met her that day!)

Well,off I go!

Those who are friends with me on MFP I am going to risk making a fool of myself and say my goal out loud lol.


I am actually having a hard time remembering my water lately because I am so busy.

HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!! I NEED to get these carbs down even more!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Go with the flo or go against the flo?

There are SOOOO many things in this life that are considered the "norm".

According to the world/society/general public I should expect.........

The passion to be all but gone out of my marriage after a few babies.
To have very little time with my husband if I have several children.
To be sleep deprived and exhausted if I have a baby.
To be overwhelmed and stressed if I have several children.
The terrible two's.
My children to get angry and tell me they hate me and such at times.
To have rebellious teens who don't listen to a word I say.
To start getting aches and pains in my 30's-40's.
To be overweight with declining health in my 50's-60's.
To be unactive and stiff in my old age.
To be impatient with children in my old age.
To have no sex life by the time I am 50.

Those are just a *few* of the things I have been told to expect in this life.

I have not hesitated in the past to go against the flo and I am going to do it again.

I refuse to believe that I have to be unfit just because I have had lots of babies and hope to continue having babies.

I refuse to believe that I have to feel as bad physically as I get older as most  people do.

Everyone likes to tell me "You just wait" . That is what they told us when our first was a baby."You just wait until you hit the terrible twos....." Then it was "Well you wait until they get to be teens."

I refuse to expect things like that.Things that I believe DON'T have to happen if you are willing to WORK so that they don't happen!

The article below is about sex drive lol but it is EXCELLENT and  I believe that the same moral applies to ALL areas of life! If you expect it,it will almost ALWAYS happen.

Hey..........If ONE person can do it............:):):):)

Why can't I????????????


I did good over the weekend and I am REALLY hoping to see a loss on Thursday!!!!! We shall see!

I am going to give the "Organs In Place" and the "Half Frogs" from T-Tapp a go and see if I can tell a difference.Everyday for a month? Will that be long enough to see Nataly?

I also have tweaked my schedule a little so that I cna FOR SURE fit my body brushing and shower in in the AM right after exercise.That excites me!!

Well I am going to go for tonight!!! I hope to see some updates from you all soon!

Friday, June 8, 2012


I was down AGAIN to 206.0!!!!!! lol

I WILL see that 205 number SOON!!! Heres hoping for tomorrow! lol

I did not exercise today but I ate WONDERFULLY.I am finding it SOOO much easier to make good health choices and to be more active......I love that!

I am going to have such a party when I hit 199.........You can't even IMAGINE! lol

I am going to do EXCELLENT this weekend!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


My weight was UP today rather than down to 205 like I hoped!

Yesterday it was 206.0 and I just KNEW it would be 205 today........Stepped on the scales...........


Stepped off and on again..............

207.4!!!!!!!! WHAT??????????

Oh well :)

It will go down I know.......:)

Today is intense cardio day.......Billy Blanks! :):)

Well I hope everyone else is doing great!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great day!!!!

Yesterday I was dreading stepping on the scale because Monday night was my sister's special night up late with Scott and I and we had HM blizzards lol I had a pint jar (loaded with Butterfinger pieces!) and then a few drinks of my husbands.(IT TASTED SOOOOOOOOO good!) I had eaten EXCELLENT all day and did not feel bad at ALL *but* later,I was trying to keep myself awake because my sister wanted to play on the Wii with me for a while and I ate.........Are you ready for this? ANOTHER *KING* size candybar! lol

I was bummed in the morning but thankfully my weight had not gone up! I missed exercise yesterday because of a hectic day but ate great today.........This morning I was at 206.0 !!!! My goal was to see that 205 number tomorrow and I think I might make it!!!!!!!!!! I have done great today and just got done lifting weights too.........Worked a bunch in the garden and will be doing more.

Today I did: (I did the whole routine twice.)

Dumbell rows (15 with 15 lb weights)
Dumbell chest pressses (15 with 15 lb weights)
Tricep kick backs (15 with 15 lb weights)
Dips (15)
Shoulder lifts (15 lifting ONE 15 lb dumbell up front)
Lateral raises (15 using 5 lb weights)

My lower back started hurting with the dumbell rows when I was almost done with the first set.When I got back to them again,I got to 13 and something pulled in my back.I did a few extra chest presses to make up for it and then skipped the tricep kick backs and did dips instead.When I was done at the end with the lateral raises I did ANOTHER 15 dips!!!!!! That is 45 dips total! Wow are those hard! I am good and sore!! lol The thing is....I was still sore from MONDAY'S workout!!!! Just HOLDING those 20 lb dumbells during the leg strengthening KILLS my arms/shoulders.......Just ALL of those muscles including my back between my shoulder blades.I have muscles hurting that I didn't even know existed! lol

It feels GREAT!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Billy Blanks!

Oh and you know that I can't keep my blog one design for too long..........:):):)

If I am at 205 tomorrow...................I will be SOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!! That is only FIVE pounds away from 200!!!!!! I am SO going to celebrate when I reach 199!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might even cry! (GOOD TEARS!) I have had to work so hard to get this weight off but boy does it feel good.

Well,I am off for now!!!!!!!

Oh.........I am NOT doing good at body brushing! I REALLY need to do better at this so I am determined to keep trying to make it a regular part of my routine.I will keep tryingt! Bye for now!

Monday, June 4, 2012


My lower body workout today........

ALL holding 20 lb dumbells! (Except the wall squats)

Lunges (15 each leg)
Squats (15)
Step ups (15 each leg)
Wall squats (3.....25 seconds each)
Step ups (lateral....15 each leg)
Calf raises (15)


I did the whole routine twice.I was going to do it 3x but chickened out! lol Those wall squats are HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep........I got a great workout today!! Done at 10:15 too which is excellent! Now off to work in my garden!

Have a great day ladies!

Update after the weekend!

I am at my LOWEST weight this morning AFTER the weekend (AND a birthday!) !

206.8 !!!!!

I am thrilled!!!!!

1.5 lbs and I will be at 25 lbs lost.

2.5 lbs and I will be at my second goal.

7.5 lbs and I will be OUT of the 200's!!!!!!!!

Getting closer and closer all the time!

I did not do good with weights last week at all.We were off schedule and wow.......It just didn't get done.That is NOT happening this week.I did get alot of exercise in last week but just not the right kind!

So today I am starting with lower body weight training.

I am REALLY hoping to be at 205 by Thursday!!!!!! (Weigh in day) That would be just WONDERFUL!

Looking very forward to hearing from everyone else!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Heading into another weekend! I am going to log into MFP every day this weekend and do my BEST to not have my weight go up!!

Yesterday was cardio and we did 30 min of intense Billy Blanks.

Today is lower body weights. I am looking forward to it!

I am amazed,but not overwhelmed at the amount of weight I have to lose! I was thinking about it yesterday and wow........I still have 80....EIGHTY....pounds to lose! It is so much but on the other hand,I know it is very possible and I *AM* going to do it.

Everytime I see a new number on the scale it makes me want to cry(with JOY of course!).It is such an excellent feeling.One pound at a time......To never return.

Some of my shirts I have just been not liking lately.They just seemed to HANG and it finally hit me! THEY ARE TOO BIG!!!! I had so much fun throwing them away.......

I can squeeze into 2 of my size 14 skirts.......My bigger skirts are all getting loose.

Well,I am off for now.I have so much to do today!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello ladies!!!

Ok I had a BLAST measuring myself this morning!!!!! I lost so many inches since last time I measured and that was only 3 weeks ago! I don't think I have ever had so many inches lost so quick.I know the strength training made a big difference! Check them out.......The BLACK ones are from the VERY beginning.The RED ones are from 3 weeks ago and the BLUE ones are from this morning!!!!

Left arm -13 1/4
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52
Rear- 49
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-16
Bust- 42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49
Left knee-17 3/4

Left arm -13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)-44
Hips-(3 inches below bb)-48
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-15 3/4
Feet together/both upper thighs together-43
Left knee-16 3/4
Chest (under armpits)-40
Bust-43 1/2

Left arm-12 3/4
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)-43
Hips (3 inches below bb)-46
Right upper thigh-27
Left calf-15 1/2
Feet together upper thighs-43
Left knee-16 1/2
Chest (armpits)-39 1/2
Bust-43 1/2

When I hold the tape at the inches I was when I started it is sooooooo huge! I can take the old measurement of my waist and slide in completely down over my hips/rear.

I didn't do my weights Monday.Dh was here and I was going to do them anyway *until* he took me out fencing with him for several hours! lol I was going up and down mini mountains and wow did I get a workout! SO I didn't feel bad.It was excellent lower body too which is what I would have been doing on Monday.

YESTERDAY I did not do my peak 8.I decided to hold off on doing it until school is out because we like to go away from the house and do it and we don't like to take the children out during school hours lest any busybodies think that our children aren't getting schooled.It is too hard to wait until after school hours to do it.It doesn't get done! lol So we will do my new Billy Blanks dvd on cardio days for now.It is KILLER CARDIO so perfect for high intensity.Anyhow,yesterday I didn't do anything except for push mow my lawn for 2-3 hours and work in my garden.Not Peak 8 but not sitting around either!

TODAY I am doing upper body weights.

I KEEP FORGETTING TO DO "ORGANS IN PLACE". I need to get on that!!

I have also not been doing very good at body brushing.It has been SO hectic though and that will be a little better after planting (gardens AND fields) are done.

I DEFINITELY need to do something about my weight going up too much over the weekends and then I have to spend MON/TUE getting it back down.I mean,I am losing but I know I could lose more.My plan is to have my Free time SAT night and then really crack down and have a LOW carb day on Sunday so I am starting out Monday at the same weight I was SAT morning.That's what I am going to shoot for......

Well,I better run! Lots of gardening to do today!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Super excited.......

Only 3 more lbs until I have reached my SECOND goal.....I will have lost Titus' weight AND Isaac's!


Vashti and
Silas to go! roflol

Only 8 more lbs to go until I am OUT OF THE 200's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will jump up and down and cry tears at that day!!!

When I reach that goal I will have lost 30 lbs and that feels like QUITE an accomplishment!

Guess what I did for my dh last night?

Put on a live dance.......I would never have thought I would have the confidence to do that at this weight but I video taped myself to see what I looked like and I was pleasantly surprised.:) I have really toned up and well,I look pretty good for *this* weight!

Dh LOVED it and well it was also quite a workout!!! One that I will be repeating more and more as I lose.......:)

Tomorrow is weight training lower body.I have been doing great this weekend.More liberal with my eating and my weight is always higher on the weekends but that's ok!

Well,off I go!!!

Be encouraged ladies! You can do this!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick update!

Just wanted to let you ladies know that I am here and doing great! I did my weight lifting last night....

Guess what my scales said this morning?????


I am down another pound from my lowest weight!! :):):):) Needless to say,I was THRILLED!

Chicken and eggs for breakfast.....Off to town!!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Strength training done.........

Ouch lol.

Have I said that I am LOVING this?????????????????????

As I was laying on the floor in front of the mirror doing leg raises I looked over and my rear end DOES look and feel smaller.Makes sense cause I measured yesterday and I was down an inch in my rear! Amazing how much of a difference one inch makes!!!

My weight *is* up today to 211.4. I am fine though as I know it won't be there long and my *high* numbers just keep getting lower!!!! :):)

Today I am aiming for a LOW LOW carb day........Check myfitnesspal to see if I succeeded by the end of the day! lol

Esther...........Come on! Jump on in with us!! You WANT and NEED to do this! Don't let yourself get into worse shape!!!!!!!!

Well,I am off to plant about 50 pepper plants.I did 80 tomato plants yesterday.I have lots more to plant too....Including flowers :):).

Bye for now!!!!

I *AM* going to be doing T-TAPP "organs in place" (thank you Nataly) and see if that makes a difference for me.

For part of my workout today I did squats (DEEP SQUATS) with 20 lbs on each dumbell.........Wow lol.You should try it!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wow....My arms are shaking still lol

My first weight session is done.......WOW is all I can say.I KNOW that my body is going to change because my muscles never get THAT kind of work.I am strong.I can work and work hard/lift heavy things.

STILL.....My arms DON'T get that kind of workout lol.


I am drinking my "recovery" drink right now.

Doing fantastic with eating!! Don't forget,I am logging ALL of my food at myfitnesspal.

Losing FAT-Building MUSCLE

I know I am TERRIBLE *BUT* I did not finish the 2 week challenge!

The GOOD news is that it *wasn't* because of laziness but because I was too excited to start my new LONG TERM (hopefully) plan! :)

I have always wanted to do this the healthy way.Well,lately I have been doing alot of researching about loose skin (which I do NOT want if possible!) and while doing that I came across some other valuable information that totally changed my game plan! I don't have time to get into too much detail but here are a few thoughts of mine.

I want to be FIT.I do NOT want to settle for "thin".This is more than just wanting to be lighter/smaller.Just because is skinny does not mean they look good either!

I do NOT want to lose muscle! That is defeating the purpose.What I am trying to do here is reverse the damage I have done to my body.Part of that damage is that I lost muscle and lost my good metabolism.I want to regain that which means I need to gain muscle,not LOSE it through losing weight the WRONG way.

I have never felt more excited about this.I am aiming for toned and strong with just the right amount of fat for my body.

Even if I get pregnant I do not have to quit this! This has been a discouragement to me because I feel that the clock is ticking.Titus is almost 8 months old!!!!! It finally hit me that pregnancy does NOT mean that I have to stop building muscle.No matter what I start out as,I can be in better shape at the end of my pregnancy than at the beginning.More muscle,better metabolism,less fat.........

Here are some of the things I have found.......

Excellent weight loss stories and pictures (some very immodest so be careful who is around when you look) at this link below!!!!!!


I am shooting for 6 meals a day PLUS an evening snack.

I am carb cycling but am going to switch amounts of carbs around.Saturday will be a lowER carb day.The weekdays will be low carb with maybe a slight peak on WED.

I am shooting for 180 grams of protein a day.

Lots of water of course.

I will be making a post workout protein shake using whey protein.

Workouts will be strength training MON/WED/FRI and cardio TUE/THUR

I am not sure yet how long the strength training will take me as I have not done it yet but I plan on basing my workouts on the ideas from the body building site above.(Have I said how much I LOVE that site?)

Cardio will be PEAK 8 on TUESDAYS and a workout dvd on THURSDAYS.I really love my Billy Blanks dvd's.They are great cardio and strength training.I want to be able to do them.Scott says no scheduled exercise on the weekends.That doesn't mean I won't get exercise though......This weekend I baled hay and got a killer workout! lol

I got new running shoes!!! (For Peak 8) and even socks!!

I am going to continue body brushing and rubbing my skin down with olive oil *at least* 3-4 times a week.

I will be working on getting good sleep.

I am logging at Myfitnesspal......Wanna join me? It is really neat how it keeps track of your protein grams and carbs......Ignore my allowed calories because I am not *really* counting calories.I am watching them but not counting them iykwim? I am concentrating on getting the protein in and watching the carbs.

I am Angeladawn32

Well,I think that's it for now!! Off I go.....OH! One more thing!

You know I was stuck at 212 for several weeks......Well,between 212-213.I HAD reached 211 at one point but didn't stay there.

Well,after starting my new plan last week by weight dropped down to 209 by Thursday!! Then 208 by Friday! I knew it would go back up a little over the weekend.I was thrilled to see that even after weekend I was STILL 210!! Thursday is weigh in day in the Biggest Loser challenge on MOMYS and I have HIGH hopes for having a loss this week! I was 209 last week......

Well,I am off for now!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello.......Challenge and measurements!

I am doing a 2 week challenge with BRANDY :). We figured it out while she was here this weekend and I am very excited to be started!!!Actually we started yesterday and here is our plan!

MON-FRI -Billy Blanks Insane Abs
PLUS 1 hour of mild cardio.(Walking,dancing etc.)
(YES,Thats two hours a day!)
Saturdays- 2 hours exercise of any kind.
Sundays- FREE

Raw Apple Cider vinegar 3x daily

Water-3 quarts daily

Nettle tea-1 qt daily

Body brushing everyday followed by olive oil rub down

Breakfast- HM protein shake
Lunch-Salad w/ small protein/fat
Supper-Sm portions of whatever is served
Treat-100 calories

No eating past 7:00 (Except for treat)

Snacks have to be healthy.No white flour/no processed food/no processed sugar

Measure NOW (below) and after the 2 weeks are up.

Weigh everyday!

*I* will be reporting here everyday! I am looking for some serious weight loss!!

MY measurements from LAST time I measured.(End of March I think)

Left arm -13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)-45
Hips-(3 inches below bb)-48 1/2
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-15 3/4
Feet together/both upper thighs together-45
Left knee-16 3/4
Chest (under armpits)-40
Forearm-11 1/2

Left arm -13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)-44
Hips-(3 inches below bb)-48
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-15 3/4
Feet together/both upper thighs together-43
Left knee-16 3/4
Chest (under armpits)-40
Bust-43 1/2

I NEED a boost and that is what this 2 week challenge is all about.Not something to do for life but just to get another boost.

How is everyone?

Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello to whoever is still reading this! lol (Atleast Brandy I know! )

I did great this week.......

On Wednesday I did the cardio kickboxing workout.....The one that used to just about kill me,heart racing and sweating like mad? The one that we only ever did the first 3-10 minute sessions? And on top of that we took a break between each one?

Well.....We breezed right through the entire thing.......ALL 5 sessions without ANY breaks! It even has weight lifting at the end and I did it with 5 lb weights.I was SO surprised and excited to see my strength difference!I guess after the 30 day Shred and Insane Abs most any workout would seem easy roflol.

It WAS still a great workout though.....

Thursday my Grandpa came over and we had a long talk and I missed exercise so today,instead of Zumba,we did Billy Blanks Insane Abs again! We JUST got done and boy does it feel great.I had to take a few breaks and I can't quite do all of the floor stuff but I can DEFINITELY tell a difference in myself!

I juiced all week until noon UNTIL today lol.I am packing the juicer away.No reason.......Just tired of it.Incase you have not figured it out yet.....I get bored quick! lol I think I will go on a 10 day juice fast sometime this summer when I muster up the courage AND there is alot of fresh produce....:)

I am just going to go back to normal eating.....Being super careful of my diet.My birthday is Thursday.....I would LOVE to be at 209-210 by then......I am going to try SO hard!!! It would be SUCH an excellent present for myself! I just NEED to get in the ONE HUNDREDS!!! I can just TASTE it! lol When I get to 199 I will have lost 31 lbs.....That is such a success if you think about it! Even though I have alot more to lose than that it would still be wonderful!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday and I am back!

After having friends here for a while I am back in business.I did not lose any weight while they were here but I did not gain any either so thats good! Brandy and I did exercise several times too so that was nice.I juiced and ate pretty good for the most part!

Now though I am ready to put even MORE effort into this! I am kind of stuck at 211 and that needs to end! I am ready to get to my 2nd goal and THEN be beneath 200 once and for ALL!!!! Only 7 more lbs until my 2nd goal is reached......

So.......My game plan for the next few weeks.Not that I am changing my plan.......Just tweaking and giving myself some variety.

I am going to continue juicing until 12:00 every day.Lunch will be whatever we are having but I am going to make it my heaviest meal of the day.Supper I will eat a large salad and a small portion of what everyone else is having.I want to keep it light after 5:00 along with lots of water and hopefully lots of activity now that gardening season is here! :):):)

I will have a small portion of dessert most evenings.

Lots of water.......!

Exercise......I got Billy Blanks INSANE ABS and it is a KILLER! I am looking forward to doing it 2x a week.All of the below workouts are aprox 1 hour each.

Monday-WATP 5 fast miles
Tuesday-Insane Abs
Wednesday-10 Minute Solution-Kick boxing
Thursday-Insane Abs

How is everyone????? I am super excited that being underneath 200 seems SO close to me!!! Whats a measly 11 lbs?????

Friday, April 13, 2012

I know....It's been a while!


I am happy to report though that I am still doing great! Definitely NOT slowing down/losing motivation or giving up etc.

Brandy and her family were here and that was a blast.I did eat more treats than usual and my weight did go up a few lbs as it usually does after the weekend BUT it was down again by yesterday and today it is down even lower. I am ALMOST to the next number! lol THAT'S exciting! Especially because I have not been exercising! I took the week off last week because of spring cleaning and this week well,I did the Shred on Monday and that's it.AFTER I did it my upper leg started hurting again.I hadn't posted about it but it has been hurting ever since I started the Shred.When I stopped exercising it finally started going away but when I started again,it came back full throttle.That combined with the shin splints that I had from the jumping etc. I decided to stop the Shred until I lose some more weight and don't have such stress on my joints when I do high impact exercises.

I DID do other exercises this week! I loaded and unloaded (moving big piles) LOTS of firewood with the boys and dh.Like 4 BIG manure spreaders, heaping full of wood.GREAT ab exercise!

I have eaten pretty good this week and I know you won't believe it but I REALLY AM going to juice again for the next 2 weeks lol.

After stopping and starting several times I am finally POSITIVE that Titus does his little noise that he makes when he is tired and *because* he is tired.It is just a Titus thing lol.I want to give my weight loss another kick in the rear and juicing does that in several ways.

1.It cuts calories.

2.It gives me an extra boost of nutrients.

3.It causes me to drink more water because I chase every swallow of juice down with lots of water lol.

4.It majorly decreases my appetite when I DO eat.

5.It allows me to have more treats and still lose weight and since Brandy and her family are going to be here for 10 days I want to be able to be more liberal with my eating and STILL LOSE!

So I will start Sunday.I will be shopping on SAT.I will juice like I did before.Nothing but juice until noon.


Back at it! I am going to be doing alot of walking while Brandy is here.We have lots of WATP DVDs between the 2 of us and we have fun doing them together and with the children.

After she goes home I will get back into some dancing/tae bo and alot of strength stuff.

I am REALLY HOPING TO BE DOWN to 210 within the next couple of days!!!! I am 212 right now.

I just walked 5 miles! It felt great!!!!

So that's my update!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh in!!!

I am THRILLED to report that I am down 3 lbs this week!!!

212.8 this morning!!!!!

When I reach 210 that will be 20 lbs GONE!

Heather,I just wanted you to know that I got your message about the possibly eliminating the special meals we have every week.I have been working on keeping them limited.It is hard around here though! lol

Monday night-Children's special night.They take turns staying up with us and we always have a dessert.
Tuesday-NOTHING believe it or not lol.
Wednesday-Older children's Bibe study with us.Dh always wants them to have something special.
Thursday-Mini date night
Friday-Family night
Saturday-Date night
Sunday- Nothing


Most nights we have a dessert.I just try to eat small portions.So far I have still been able to lose but I will cut back if I need to!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I don't have long.I just want to say that I am here and doing great! I was still at my all time LOW weight yesterday! EVEN after a weekend!! That NEVER happens! Usually I am up a little and it takes until Tue/Wed to be back down but yesterday I was at 214.4!! I am very excited about that! We will see what the scales say on THUR but I would be SO happy if they were at 212-213!

Well,dh will be home soon and I need to get ready to go help him haul some rocks!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

This morning I am feeling.......

Hungry and depressed at how far I have to go! I DO NOT FEEL LIKE DOING THE SHRED EITHER!

What I would like to do is kick back,do no work today,make some hot chocolate and cookies and NOT exercise!

Don't worry,I am not tempted to quit or anything.I am just disgusted at how much fat I have on my body! Taking a bath this morning didn't help much.I had too good of a view of my belly and thighs.*sigh*

Today is cleaning day and tonight is family night.I want to be able to relax when Scott gets home and then be able to have hm pizza and a dessert tonight without feeling guilty about it.

I will go make my juice.(Even though I would love to eat oats with brown sugar and butter.)
I will start cleaning.(Even though I would love to sit around or go back to bed.)
I will do the SHRED.(Even though I DREAD THE THOUGHT.)
I will make sure I drink plenty of water today.(Even though I am not feeling motivated right now.)
I will drink my green tea.(I REALLY want to do better at tea.)
I will try to think positively and think of how far I've come.

How is everyone else?

Thursday, March 29, 2012


30 Day Shred-Level 2-Day 2

I thought I might die.Anyhow,I kept it up and I am so glad! For those of you who know anything about the shred,those things where you get in the plank position and jump forward? I do those one leg at a time.They KILL me.I jump forward SOME but then I switch to one leg.I can't say that I CAN'T do them but I am choosing not to for now.The plank position jumping jacks absolutely kill me too.What is the other one that kills me??? The ones that are kind of like the dumbell rows in level 1? But you pull the weights out instead? KILLER!!!!! It was torture.......The 5 lb weights I am using make it alot harder I am sure.

Anyhow.......So glad to be done.Tonight we will be hauling firewood again too so that will be more of a workout.

Weigh in today...........I am DOWN!

215! That is officially 15 lbs lost.I am so happy!!! I sure had to work my tail off for it but it is WORTH IT!! Imagine if I had NOT done the work? I would be 6 months postpartum and still 15 lbs heavier and MUCH MORE out of shape.Most importantly I would be feeling MISERABLE,wanting to get into shape so bad/lose weight etc.

I feel GREAT! I know I am doing a great job.Practicing self control,praying to the Lord for strength.I am getting stronger,more fit and the weight is coming off........Even though it is coming off slowly.

I would rather lose it slower and get FIT while I lose then lose fast and be skinny/frail with saggy skin.

My dh does not like frail women.He likes me FIT and strong.

Well,I am off to check up on all of you!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The SHRED-Day 11-Level 2

Killer killer killer..........It is DONE though!!!!!!!

I've been doing great.I can't wait until tomorrow's weigh in.I have been working out so much though that I am preparing myself to see the scales stay the same.I KNOW I am gaining muscle and getting in shape,even if the scales stay the same now and then.

I am juicing again.I plan on doing it for a couple of weeks.Nothing but juice and water until noon.

hmmmmmmmm I am trying to think of something else to say lol.Maybe the fact that it sounds like a circus in here is what is keeping me from being able to think.10 people in a house is just LOUD.Even if each individual person is talking in a normal voice.

I have a bit of arguing going on between my tow oldest and I think I will stop and go bang some head together.:) Ok,I am teasing.......:):) I joke around with them and tell them that sometimes lol.Just between you and I though........I do feel like doing it now and then :):):).

Well I am off.......I hope everyone is doing just GREAT!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just popping in quick.......

I am doing GREAT! I just had a couple of fun things to report.

Last night dh hugged me and stepped back and said "Wow Mamma,are you sucking it in?" lol I wasn't.He said that he could tell a HUGE difference!! Yippee!!

THEN......Attention TINA!!!

Remember the skirt I bought from you? The purple one? Well,I decided to try it on today.

I GOT IT ON!!! It is a size 14 and I got it zipped up!! It was too tight and I won't be wearing it but STILL!!!! I am SOOO excited!!!

I am back to juicing for the first 1/2 of my days these next 2 weeks.Excited about that.....

Well off for now.I hope to catch up with everyone soon! I hope you are all having a great weekend! I sure am!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Starting numbers~
Weight 230
Left arm -13 1/4
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52
Rear- 49
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-16
Bust- 42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49
Left knee-17 3/4

FEB 16
Left arm -13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4

Waist (belly button)-45
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-48 1/2
Rear-48 1/2
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-15 3/4
Bust- 42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-45
Left knee-16 3/4

Left arm -13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)-45
Hips-(3 inches below bb)-48 1/2
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-15 3/4
Feet together/both upper thighs together-45
Left knee-16 3/4
Chest (under armpits)-40
Under breasts-35
Forearm-11 1/2

There is not a whole lot of difference since the time I last measured which is a bummer.Oh well.My weight is different and that is good.It is only 6 lbs but thats still 6 lbs.There was 1.5 inches in my rear gone and thats always a good thing lol.I am really hoping to be able to report BIG differences next measure time!! (Probably in about a month....I want to measure about 1x a month.)

I also added in some new measuring spots.

From the beginning I have lost:

14 lbs and 9 inches


My food log from yesterday

Breakfast-1 piece of hm cheese
Lunch-1 small bowl of beans w/ pork
Snack-1 healthy pb ball
Supper-1 cup rice with sausage
Dessert-1 Watchamacallit and a couple handfuls of Dorritos.Oh and a couple drinks of pop.

It was Vashti's night last night which is why we got the candybars and chips etc.

I got my exercise in! Did great on water too.......

How is everyone else????? IS there anyone else???????? lol I hope everyone didn't quit!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday off with a bang!

Eating great and I just finished day SIX of the 30 day shred........

That doesn't seem like very much lol but it FEELS like allot! lol

It is HARD!!! It feels SO good to be done with it when I am done! Just the accomplishment!!

I have been doing kegels faithfully and I already tell a difference! I haven't squatted yet lol but I plan on doing some today.I am going to aim for 3x a day......I have no idea how long I will be able to hold the squat position but we shall see! lol

I got my skin brush and I am excited to try it out tonight! I know that I am *supposed* to do it in the AM but that won't work out for me.Dh and I shower together most nights and I am definitely NOT taking 2 showers a day.So evenings it will have to be! :)

I am also changing my weigh in day to Thursday.Not many of my blogging buddies are weighing in on Mondays and I am doing the biggest loser thing with the MOMYS and we weigh in on THURSDAYS.

Two weigh in days are too much lol.SO Thursdays  it is for me at least until July! lol

Sometimes when I look in the mirror or see a good view of myself etc. I feel like I have SOOOO far to go and that can be discouraging BUT if I look on the bright side......Imagine how I could encourage others to go from THIS to the shape I want to be in? It is so encouraging to ME to see someone who has done it.....

Well,bye for now!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello ladies!! (SUNDAY)

How ARE all of you?????

I have been wanting and WANTING to update but I have so much to say that I just don't get it done because I can't do it in 5 minutes..........

Anyhow,I am doing wonderful! I continue to be so motivated.It's funny that even when my weight goes up,it does not discourage me.In times past it would.....Big time! I think it must be that this time I KNOW this is going to take time.I neglected and neglected my body for so long(years and many babies) and it got further and further out of shape.Now I am turning things around and well,it's going to take time.I am not out JUST for thin.I am out for fit,toned and strong.I am out to get rid of my saggy skin.I just want to be in tip top shape!!

The first news that I have is that we are done with the GAPS diet.That didn't last long did it? The good news is that we didn't stop because of self control issues (It was actually really easy!).We stopped because of $$$ lol.With no garden yet and having to buy so many things for the farm we decided to stop and just keep concentrating on eating healthy.Maybe if my dh started having gut issues again (Nothing major,just heartburn stuff that he never had before.) we would do GAPS in the future.For now though,it seems to have stopped.It stopped before we even started GAPS.

I am going to be going back to juicing this week! When I stopped juicing it didn't make any difference it Titus.I had wondered if he was getting belly aches with it because of a grunting type noise he was making when he was tired.Well,it seems that it is just a new noise he figured out lol.He doesn't seem uncomfortable or anything.....So,back to juicing I go again!! :) I am excited about that!

I am also going to start trying to do better at food journaling.It really helps me stay motivated! I enjoy coming here and being able to enter in that I ate really wonderful food etc. I also very much DISLIKE having to report that I ate bad food! lol

This last week I did not get in as much official exercise as I would like.Only 2 days of the 30 day shred.BUT I did do alot more outside stuff....Gathering sap and this weekend (yesterday) I spent 2 hours cutting wood with Scott and the children! It was such a workout! I carried tons of heavy wood/branches etc. and I even used the chainsaw lol.My right bicep is sore today! That chainsaw is heavy! Anyhow,I was exhausted! I drank so much water....It felt wonderful!!

A few things I am adding into my things to remember lol.

1.I want to do better at remembering my 5 minutes of ab work 2x a day.I just don't remember to do it! I think it will really make a difference!

2.I am trying to remember to such my abs in all throughout the day when I think of it.

3.KEGELS and deep squats.After talking to many other MOMYS they have convinced me that this is very important and I am excited to FINALLY stick with keeping myself in shape in this area.

4.SKIN BRUSHING......Google it. Again,my other MOMY friends have done this and KNOW that it WORKS.I am very hopeful that I CAN get this belly flat and firm! I am excited about that goal!!!

5.Incorporate more fermented veggies/kefir and yogurt into our diet!! We have PLENTY of fresh,raw milk!

Of course I am keeping up my 30 day shred.My goal is to actually do it every day this week.That will be it for workout one then.I have done 5 days so far.It is getting easier! I am using 5 lb weights.....

Well,I think that's all. I hope to do better at updating this!!!!