Thursday, August 23, 2012

MONDAY (Menu plan #1)

Wow it has been a couple of weeks since I have written here!

I was doing GREAT and then this last 2 weeks I have been doing a mixture of great and not so great. I am officially done with that and ready to hit it hard again!

I decided to make myself up a 7 day menu. I will KNOW what I am going to eat before the day even starts! I am also going to keep track of what I actually EAT and try to eat LESS than what I have on the menu so I can bank some calories for NIGHT TIME. I am doing really bad at not eating at night. That is when I usually blow it!


Breakfast- 2 eggs-1 toast-1 TB butter
(Calories-384 Carbs-19 Protein-17)

Snack- 1 scoop protein powder- 8 oz whole milk
(Calories- 230 Carbs-14 Protein-23)

Lunch- 3 cups salad-1 TB olive oil-Braggs aminos-4 oz chicken-1 oz cheese
(Calories-446 Carbs-35 Protein-27)

Snack- 7 almonds+1 fun size candybar
(Calories-145 Carbs-12 Protein- 4)

Supper- 2 cups steamed brocolli-1 sausage patty-1 TB butter-1 oz cheese)
(Calories-423 Carbs- 25 Protein- 23)

Evening snack- 100 calories treat


Calories- 1,678
Carbs- 128
Protein- 97

The meals I will serve my family........

Milk+P.butter cookies
Beans and sausage
Baked potato bar with brocolli/sausage/cheese etc.

DH's lunch

Sausage patties and oatmeal cookies
Peaches and cottage cheese
Chicken salad
Cheese curds and cucumbers

I am trying to feed ALL the family Breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/supper/snack.

So in dh's lunch I send him breakfast/snack/lunch/snack.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Has it really been this long?

It just hit me as I was catching up on some things......

MY BLOG! lol

Sorry that I have not updated!

Today is weigh in day and I am 197. Last week I was 198 on weigh in but I was 197 the next day. After that my weight spiked and then started going down again, putting me at 197 again today. I am happy!

I am doing great on exercise! I got a little slack when we had company these last 2 weeks but I did GREAT overall!

I had one of my discouraging "It is going to take FOREVER to reach my goal weight." moments yesterday but I am out of that!

We are exercising 2 hours- 4 times a week. I THOUGHT the challenge I was in was a 10 week challenge and my goal was 10 hours a week for 10 weeks but THEN I realized that it was a 12 week challenge. We WERE going to take 2 different weeks completely OFF from exercise 2x throughout the challenge but we decided to take another day off per WEEK instead. Two hours of exercise a day gets OLD so in addition to taking SAT/SUN off we are taking WED off too. That gives us a nice break between exercise which will make us much more motivated when it is TIME to exercise.

Today we did Tae Bo EXPRESS for an hour and then did WATP for almost 5 miles. I feel great!!!!!