Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello ladies.........


Lunch-1/2 cup quinoa with butter
Snack-1 small/healthy/hm lemon bar
Snack-2 small pieces hm peanut butter squares
Snack-1 smoothie made with chai/milk/bananas/cranberries/oj concentrate
Supper-3 1"x3" squares of "Stuffed Hero" (see the MOMYS sandwich thread lol)
Dessert-1 cookie ball of dough and 1 cookie

Water-ALL of it
Tea-1 quart
Exercise -Peak 8

The girls and I rode the 4-wheeler out to the road where we could actually run in something that wasn't MUD and it was soooooooooooo fun! We will be doing our peak 8 like that every Tue and Fri! I LOVED getting that fresh air too.........


I am so.............SO excited and motivated ladies.I *know* I will not go back this time.Things are so much different this time for me.I have been sincerely praying to the Lord to HELP me....every day.I want to be disciplined in my life in this area so.much.I want to be a better example to my friends,daughters,sister,parents etc.I have always been passionate about health but always felt guilty for not living the way I *know* is healthy,because of lack of self control.

I don't think it is right to become obsessed with health.I don't think it is right to live out of your budget to eat "organic".I don't think it is right to be so worried about your health that you can't eat supper at a friends house with thanksgiving for whatever they have to offer.

I think it is WRONG to eat/live in a way that you KNOW is harming your body because you can't control yourself.I don't believe it is a godly example.

I am not judging anyone else at all!! I am 100% looking at myself! How could I judge anyone else when I have so failed in the past in this area?

Right now I have my 16yo sister and 2 growing daughters watching me like a hawk.I do NOT want them to think that to be a mother of many children has to mean being overweight and out of shape.

Well,I better go!!! Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday and 2 recipes!!

Hello ladies!! :):)

I am having a fabulous day! I hope the same for all of you!


Breakfast- JUICE :) (My juice will almost always be 80% vegetable 20% fruit)
Lunch-Salad with nuts/sunflower seeds/olive oil.soy sauce and a sprinkling (1/2 tsp) coconut sugar
Snack-Smoothie full of cranberries/flax/chai seed/kale/coconut oil etc.
Supper-1 cup of leftover chicken curry and rice
Dessert- Several pieces of hm,HEALTHY Reese's bars! :)
Tea-1 cup green/peppermint tea
Water-Plenty lol More than 72 oz I think
Exercise-6.5 miles

I did not get all of my 10 miles in......Oh well.......6.5 miles is still great!

Doing GREAT today and feeling great!I won't post my food or exercise as I am going to do that tomorrow.I am doing wonderful though! Here are a few recipes that I have made that are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

Healthy Reese's bars

Peanut butter layer:

1 Cup peanut butter
1 Cup coconut oil
1/2 coconut sugar/maple sugar/sucanat/maple syrup/honey etc.
1 tsp vanilla

Place all ingredients in sauce pan and heat on low,while stirring, JUST until coconut oil is melted.

Pour into pie pan and place in freezer for 20 minutes.

Chocolate layer:

1/2 cup cocoa
3/4 sweetener (same as above)
1 tsp vanilla
1 TB coconut oil
1/4 cup butter

Place all ingredients in a pan and heat on low,while stirring,JUST until fats are melted.

Pour over peanut butter layer and freeze till firm........(Not necessarily frozen,just firm enough to cut.)

These were SUCH a hit! Even Scott LOVED them and asked for more and more! One pie pan was enough for us all to have plenty!! They were soooooo good.You won't believe it!!

Home-made creamer that is just as good as store bought!!

3 cups cream
1 TB butter extract
2 TB vanilla extract
1/4 cup maple syrup

Mix together.......

It is JUST as good as store bought!! SO delicious!!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

My first pre-supper

It is loaded with flax,chai seed,cranberries,kale,apples,a little coconut oil and oj concentrate.......

Not bad at all!

I am off now to walk my next 5 miles!



Oh and I forgot..........

Saturday I did ok...........I ate plenty of junk food but I didn't eat TONS and it is my free day so I am ok with that! I did eat a healthy supper though (Sauteed chicken/cauliflower/ham wraps) and drank lots of water!

I forget everything I ate but I really want to keep track from now on........I just keep forgetting!

Sunday I did good........

Breakfast -1 muffin and side pork.
Snack-1 muffin with Nuttella
Supper-Curried chicken with rice/pineapple/bananas/peanuts (grose)
Dessert-Small milk shake and candy bar

I didn't want the milk shake but Abigail surprised me with it.
Scott wanted me to get something for our date night.I got DARK chocolate though and didn't finish it all!

No tea..........No exercise

That was my weekend!


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That was my breakfast this morning.After watching "Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead" and thinking all weekend I decided to replace every breakfast with vegetable/fruit juice.I may not be able to go on a juice fast (because of breastfeeding) but I can do this.

Everyone talks about how it isn't about weight etc.,but about health. I agree with that *sort of*.For me,it is about health 100% BUT that has part to do with my weight.I am in the middle of my child bearing years and if I do what I usually do,I will go straight from nursing to another pregnancy.Weight DOES matter.This weight needs to be gone and I don't have TIME for it to come off 1 lb a month.I just dont.My baby is 4months old.I have 8 more months until I will probably be pregnant,*if that*.

I have been trying to follow the Schwarzbein Principle which I VERY MUCH believe in! There is one thing about it though.She mentions *alot* how it might take months to start losing and alot of the stories I have read,it did take people months,even years.I don't have that time.

After watching "Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead",I am motivated to make juicing a part of my life to some degree.I would *love* to go on a juice fast but I am not entirely comfortable doing it while breastfeeding.I do not believe that a mother could not fast while breastfeeding.Everyone cautions you about doing it because they say toxins get into breastmilk etc.That may be true, but I am doubtful.The body is *always* detoxing and I don't believe that the Lord designed breastmilk to be a place where those toxins are dumped...........or atleast if they *do* get into the milk,they may not hurt the baby,or *something*! Now these are just my opinions and I am not asking anyone to believe them.*I* don't even have the guts to believe them all the way, but I do know that the Lord has designed certain parts of the body to filter and eliminate toxins.Kidneys,bowels,lungs,liver and skin.......I know that it is *very* important to keep these organs of elimination open and moving freely so that the body CAN get rid of the toxins.The more toxins you are dumping,the more important it is to have them working well.I have a gut feeling that a healthy person like myself could go on a fast,detox and keep my organs of elimination open enough that minimal toxins get into my breastmilk.Now I could see if someone were overloaded with cancer or something.....I could see massive amounts of toxins just spilling into *everything*,including breastmilk etc.but like I said,being as healthy as I am,I am not worried about that.

BUT.............I am not positive and I could be wrong so I am not going to be attempting to go on a full juice fast..I am going to be mildly detoxing though, by drinking nothing but vegetable/fruit juice until noon everyday.I am going to see how it goes anyhow.Maybe after 3 days or a week I will come back and say that it is not going to work because of xyz.I will be listening to my body,watching my baby etc. and seeing what happens.

I have heard so many times that you shouldn't make any changes that you won't keep up.........You should not diet etc. but instead,make changes that you can keep for life. and I agree with that.

I also believe that there is a time for detoxing your body.(Especially if you have abused your body) I have *always* believed  in fasting for cleansing, AND for curing diseases.

My plan right now is to cut calories and really concentrate on mild cleansing to get healthy and lose weight.I do not want to lose a drastic amount a week but 1 lb a month is not getting it either.I just don't have TIME to do it the slow way.When I am down to what I want to be, I will go back to eating the way I think is healthy for *long term*.(Alot like the Schwarzbein Principle promotes.)For now I am viewing this as a sort of cleanse/fast.For temporary......

My plan..........

Breakfast is just juice.............
Lunches are going to be lots of salad/some protein/fat.
Supper will be whatever we are having but I will be watching my portions and I will also be drinking a smoothie 1/2 hour before supper that is loaded with flax/chai seed/fruits/vegies.
I may snack if I want too but I will really be concentrating on health.I will also have desserts occasionally and still have my Saturday free day.Exercise will stay the same.I will be drinking lots of herb teas/water etc.

So there you go!

5 miles done today.........5 more to go! Today is my 10 mile day! :):)

Friday, January 27, 2012


I know.......I know........It has been *forever* since I have updated! lol :):)

Yesterday was a *not so good* day for me.

My coffee mug full of oats with butter adn 1 TB dark brown sugar

Brown rice/eggs/vegies with butter and cream cheese

 1.5 pieces of lemon bread with butter

Here is where things went south lol.My dear sweet dh brought me home a Culvers butterburger/cheese-curd meal AND a cappuccino!!!!! lol It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I don't feel bad at ALL about it as I have not eaten fast food in a looooooong time.I shared ALOT of my cappuccino with the children so I don't feel bad about THAT either.


Here is where I didn't do so swell......I had several pieces (small,snack size pieces.....not full pieces) of lemon bread.


I had a dish of ice cream.NOT a huge dish but not a tiny dish either.

AND I didn't even exercise.BUT the reason I did not exercise is NOT because of my laziness so thats good! Abigail had went with Scott in the truck to see what it was all about so we were going to do a Netflix-Kick box bootcamp when she got home.An hour long.BUT :) when they got home I decided not to do it because last night was our PRE date night (dh's name for it) and he wanted to start RIGHT away:).

I did get my 72 oz of water in.

I did NOT get my tea in.

So that was yesterday! Oh well! To tell you the TRUTH I could have done ALOT worse.I still made improvement compared to my *no self control* days.When Vashti made the lemon bread yesterday I could have eaten several pieces.I didn't.I could have had sweets throughout the morning and I didn't.I had a healthy breakfast and a healthy/high protein lunch.I got my water in.I did not eat a ton of ice cream.I did not skip exercise from laziness.So it wasn't ALL bad.I definitely want to make today a BETTER day to sort of make up for it.


I have 2/3 of my water down.I am saving my last water bottle for tonight and I have started my tea!
Breakfast was my regular oats and now I am eating a little more oats........about 1 cup and then I might have a little tamale pie.If I do it will be no more than 1/2 cup.

Tonight is family night.We have decided on boiled eggs and coffee cake for supper.I will eat a little and then have a large green smoothie loaded with fruit/vegies/herbs.

I will probably have a SMALL piece of whatever we have for dessert..Those are my plans and I will update tomorrow if I stuck with those plans.

My dreaded Peak 8 exercise is DONE for today! Horray!


How is everyone? I am off to check all of your blogs after I am done updating here.I have been weighing myself everyday but I am not going to update anything until Monday morning.

I am off to plan my next 2 weeks meals! Very excited about that! I have figured out that if I have the  healthy food around that I LOVE to eat I don't have any problems at ALL not snacking or eating many sweets.I LOVE healthy food.It is no sacrifice for me to eat it.I would actually choose it 95% of the time.

I will also be adding healthy desserts into this next 2 weeks.I will be posting my menu plan and some recipes soon!

Bye for now! See you tonight or atleast by tomorrow!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I just wanted to make SURE you saw my reply to your comment! lol


I have already started your diapers.......Even though my other order is not finished.I will NOT be taking forever to get your diapers sent out......Do you know WHY? Because everytime I turn around Scott is asking me if I got your diapers done yet.He REALLY wants you to have those diapers and SOON.

Anyhow,when I send them,I am going to send your recipes,Georgie and other things lol.

You mark my word!!!!!!! You will NOT be waiting forever for this stuff! OH! and your dvd's too!! :):):)

Good bye junk creamer.

I have always been passionate about using my real cream for my coffee.I LOVED it! I would always look at the fake creamers in the store and remember my online friends raving about them.....I would think "Should I just get some once?" The flavors sounded soooooooooooooo good and inviting! I always said "NO!" though.......

Until one day..........and that led to me using it in my coffee for the last few months.I drink VERY little coffee.Like,one cup a day.I just wasn't feeling the passion that I used to about my real cream,UNTIL the last few weeks!

I am making my own flavored creamer out of my REAL cream.......My good RAW cream.

Anyhow,thats all! :)

Good morning!

I love reading all of the updates on your blogs! You are all such an encouragement to me by being so dedicated!

I did great yesterday.


Breakfast- Coffee mug of peanut butter oats and 1 TB brown sugar
Lunch-3 hm roll halves with peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter
Snack-5 corn chips
Supper-2-3 cups of brown rice and veggies with butter
Dessert-4-5 small bites of brownie batter-The same of the Butterfinger/cream cheese brownie topping.

That was as I was making it :). It is NOTHING compared to what I would normally eat while making brownies!lol

Then I had one small brownie.


Got it all.(72 oz)


None-I really need to get a tea schedule down pat


1/2 hour strength training which was 3-10 minute sessions.We did push-ups,TTapp arm raises,dips,jabs,hooks and uppercuts.We would just hit an exercise as hard and strong as we could until we couldn't do them anymore and then switch to the next.We did 8 min/break for 2 and did that 3 times.

My arms,lats.chest,shoulders and back today are killing me! Hooray! :)

Then we danced for 1/2 an hour.

I hope all of you do wonderful today! Just remember,one decision at a time.Don't put anything into your mouth without thinking about wether it is a good decision or not and if it is NOT......Don't eat it!!!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Very interesting article........

I am not posting this as "fact" but I just thought it was interesting and I agreed with several of the points he made.


Doing flips!

228 this morning!!!!!!!!!!!

My weight has been steadily dropping the last few days and obviously,today was the best!!!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!!

I even had ONE small lemon bar ast night and a few bites of hm butterscotch pudding........

I never got any green tea in either.

I am just SO happy!!

Had to report in and tell you all!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good evening! :)

Just checking in!

I did my peak 8 today and wow........It is SO hard.

20 minutes of torture lol.

Actually it is only FOUR minutes of torture! lol 30 sec on and 90 off.

I am really thinking this is going to make a difference for me though as I would normally NEVER push myself that hard.I am too wimpy lol.You should all try it and tell me how it is for you!!!

Warm up for 3 minutes and then go ALL out for 30 sec.Either on a tred mill,elliptical,sprinting outside,running in place......Anything you can do that is fast cardio.GO ALL OUT for the 30 sec as fast as you can go.Then recover for 90 sec.Repeat 8 times and then cool down.

Your heart rate should reach it's max by the end of the last session and your max is 220-your age.Apparently I am not pushing myself hard enough because I can't get my heart past 160.

I can't wait until I can sprint outside but that will have to wait until I get some good shoes! Any recommendations!? Dh gave me the go ahead! I would love to be able to get them from Zappos because I love their customer service but give me any suggestions that you might have!

Todays food.........

Breakfast-1 coffee mug of oatmeal with 2 TB peanut butter and 1 TB sugar. Snack-1 hm muffin with butter

Lunch-2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast.

Snack-2 TB chocolate/peanut butter

Supper-2 cups of brown rice/vegies/cheese

The peanut butter oats are a favorite of min but I have been refraining because of the sugar.It is definitley going to only be a once in a while thing *although* today I only put 1 TB of dark brown sugar on it.That is HALF of what I usually use!

I would have rather had 3 eggs and 1 piece of toast but we were out of eggs and dd made me 2 pieces of toast so I ate it.It was hm atleast.We have more eggs now! :):)

I am running very low on produce.I won't be getting anymore until the weekend.I am trying to do better at not spending so much $$ on groceries so I am using what I have until Saturday! I am having a blast planning my menu though.......

Does anyone else love planning as much as I do? It actually does wonders for me if I sit down and make a plan.lol I LOVE to plan!!!!!!!!!

I have not gotten all of my water in yet.......I just kept forgetting to drink today AND my green tea also sits over there untouched.It is ready to drink though so I need to get in as much as I can.It is only 7:00......

Well,bye for now!

Yesterday's food log...........

Breakfast-Vegies and 2 eggs with cheese-1 piece of toast
Lunch-3 eggs and 2 toast (I tell you,I was starving for some reason)
Supper-baked potato with bbq pork/cheese/sour cream

Water-I got all of my water in
Exercise-10.5 miles

I was actually down a teeny bit further today in weight.129.4 NOT a big loss by any means but better than nothing.Funny thing is that last night for dessert and Vashti's night I had a DrPepper,A king sized Recess and some cheetos.

I wanted to share an exercise method that I am going to try out! :) I do not agree with everything this guy says but I think this sounds worth a try! I do not have any machines and I can't rub outside so my husband showed me how to run inside like they used to do in wrestling.It is running in place but it is super fast and hard.


My newest exercise plan lol........

Mon-Walk 10 miles (Every Mon night is a different child's night with us so this will help make up for xtra calories.We almost always let them pick out something "store bought".)

Tuesday-Peak 8 (It only takes 20 minutes so even though it is super hard,it atleast has the perk of making my exercise time less on the days I do it.)

Wednesday-30 minutes of dancing (regular or zumba) and 30 min strength training.

Thursday-1 hr of whatever we want to do.(Will usually be some kind of dvd etc.)

Friday-Peak 8

Saturday-30 minutes strength training


We will see how that goes! :):)

I am going to be fitting more coconut oil in our diets again......Amazing stuff for so many things!

I thought this was very interesting.....


Then of course there are these recipes........I have made them many times and they are fantastic!!!!!!!!



I am keeping on..........! :):)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wow! I have no idea what happened! lol

 I can't BELIEVE that I have not updated since Friday! I really love updating *every* day,if not a couple times a day.It just helps keep my mind in the right place........I definitely don't want to make it a habit to not update for so long! Life happens though sometimes so...........

I was SO excited to weigh on Sat morning! I had been doing great and then I walked the 10 miles and everything.Well,I stepped on the scales first thing SAT morning to find that they went UP! I am ashamed to admit that it made me in a super bad mood.....Finally,after being grouchy all morning I said to my dh "I am never going to lose weight" and then broke down into tears! lol He told me that he is sure that I am losing fat but I am just gaining muscle.He said "You mean to tell me that you can look into the mirror and NOT see a difference?" He said he could definitely see a difference........He told me that he really thinks that if I keep it up the scales WILL start to show it.(For those that don't know,my husband is a super fit/wrestled for years/used to be a coach kind of guy)

He made me feel SO much better! lol

So Saturday I did ok.....I ate plenty of junk food but it is my free day.I still ate more than I wanted to though.I had a couple candybars,a little ice cream and I forget what else.I should have reported here! I REALLY don't want to leave anything I eat out!

Sunday was great....I did great all day but I did have a dessert Sun night.A couple small lemon bars and a small dish of ice cream.

Monday.......Weigh in day.TODAY.Last week I was 229.8.........................Are you ready for this??????

This week I was...................
229.6!!!! Horray! lol

I did pretty good at fighting the discouragment.

Then today I walked TEN miles!!!! (again!) Oh wait..........10.5 miles because as soon as I was done with my last mile Scott was on his way home and I raced up to the top gate to meet him and walked down with him too (obviously).

I am SORE and I have so much more to say but it is going to have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow!

Bye for now......

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm back!!!!!

First I want to start with yesterday...........I did great until I ate SEVERAL cookies last night.They were SMALL cookies and half fresh ground wheat and lots of oats too.No white flour but STILL.

That does NOT put a damper on my enthusiasm though as I made up for it toda by eating GREAT aaaaaaaaaaaaaand......

I walked my 10 miles!!!! I am so proud of myself! My calves are sore and I am sure I will be even more sore tomorrow but thats great! I did not do it all at once....I did 2-1-2-2-3

(I had 1/2 a cookie when packing Scott's lunch too in the early AM)
Brunch today was a small green smoothie and loaded salad.(Plenty of cheese/nuts/vegies and olive oil)
Snack -25 chocolate chips
Supper-Small bowl of sausage soup with hm saurkraut and sour cream/cheese
Snack-3 bites of brownie batter
Dessert-This is the amazing part.I ate 1 small brownie with 1/2 cup ice cream and caramel sauce but guess what?I could barely finish it! It felt so rich and I just couldn't BELIEVE it.I was MORE than satisfied.....It was TOOOO much.My gut felt a little,I wouldn't say SICK at all but just not good.I didn't want ANYMORE and those last few bites were not pleasant.I was SO happy and amazed though!!

I got all of my water in but no tea and I am not drinking tea tonight but I will be drinking lots more water.I am extra thirsty today after all that walking! It took me a total of about 2 hrs and 15 min.Twenty minutes of that was jogging too.I did the fast miles with WATP.Each mile has a 2 minute boost at the end of jogging.

I feel like I am going into the weekend doing so well!!

Another change I am making is to report what I eat on Saturdays.I was going to be free from that but it really isn't that hard.I am used to it now AND I want that accountability.I want to post every.single.thing that goes into my mouth!

Super,super motivated tonight.I have been faithful at praying to the Lord earnestly for strength and to keep my mind ON being healthy.It makes such a huge difference for me.

I wanted to share some info here from Dr.Mercola.He has excellent,excellent stuff.Check out his info here about the Peak 8 program and see what you think! I am going to start doing it to some degree.......




Then there is the all important sleep issue!


Off for now! I need some more water to wash down that rich dessert! lol Honestly,it all fit into a coffee cup and it wasn't packed down!

Skipping away........Talk to you ladies tomorrow!

Can I walk 10 miles today?


Thats my goal! I will report later!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


1/2 cardio kick boxing done! That was rough! Did anyone ever try squat jumps? lol

I also did my 2 miles today plus about 10 min of ab work.

1 more mile tonight and stretching and I am done!

I did eat 2 cookies today (fairly healthy ones) and I did have a small piece of coffee cake TWICE but once I had eggs and veggies with it.The other time I had Nuttella with it lol.(My jar is EMPTY now! :) )

I am going to have a green smoothie for supper.Everyone else is having pancakes.It has been a while since we had pancakes so I am making some tonight.

I will probably have a snack later though after my smoothie and some sort of sweet for our mini date night tonight :).

Feeling wonderful today!!

Ok..........Yesterdays food....

Breakfast-1 banana with peanutbutter
Snack-1 roll with butter (I know....no protein!)
               Lunch-Salad/cottage cheese(sunflower seeds) and roll with butter
Supper-Salad/sunflower seeds/cheese/roll
Dessert-There wasn't supposed to BE any dessert but like I said last night,Scott brought us home a dessert :).I also ate a banana with Nutella (Brandy,it's a hazelnut,chocolate butter that is out of this world lol) because I was trying to stay awake with dh through a movie! Crazy thing was that I couldn't eat very much of it! Then he had ice cream and I didn't even WANT any!

The even crazier thing was that I was down another 1/2 lb today!Yesterdays total exercise was the 2 miles in the morning,1/2 hour of taebo/dancing and crunches in the afternoon and then another mile last night and stretching.

This morning I already did my two miles!I am having a green smoothie for breakfast!!

Below is a picture of me at 177.I am posting it to remind myself that I don't need to be 125 to look pretty good! :):) Also,it is motivating to know that the picture was only two years ago.

Myhair is a frizzy mess in the pic but I am not posting it for the hair! lol

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My favorite HEALTHY recipe place.....

SO many wonderful recipes! Check it out! Click on "recipe index" at the top.There is also lots of other great health info!!!



Hi ladies!! How are all of you?? Nataly I am so bummed.......I simply can't comment on your blog! Every.single.time I have tried recently my computer freezes up and I have tried alot!

I have done great today..........I went all day again without sugar UNTIL my sweetheart brought both of us home a King Size Watchamacallit lol.I don't feel bad about it though :).

My new exercise plan is nothing fancy....I was reading on on CathyG's link about exercising first thing in teh morning.....Doing 20 min cardio right away is supposed to get your metabolism revving.

So my plan is this.......

As soon as Scott walks out the door (6:30) I am going to do 2 fast miles with Leslie lol.

Then sometime during the day I will do 1/2 hr of strength training or atleast more cardio....Depending on what I want to do that day.I don't want to limit myself on what exercise I do.My only goal for exercise is to MOVE.Do SOME kind of exercise!

Then in the evening after Scott gets home I will do another fast mile and stretch.

I did my 2 miles this morning right away and it was great!! 2 miles out of the way by 7:00! Fun and quick!

I drank all of my water today (72 oz) and am getting ready to drink my quart of tea.

I thought I would post the following link for anyone who might be interested in reading some fantastic health info!!!! Another thing I am going to do is start taking coconut oil every morning.I am out right now but will be getting some next time I go to town.


Well,my honey is home and we are eating and taking a shower together......Talk to you ladies tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday still........

I have done it..........Have not eaten any sugar! (Except my coffee which I planned for)

I only got a small amount of exercise in though.15 min dancing and 1 mile.I am working on a new exercise plan though and am excited about that! Maybe I will post tomorrow about it!

Feeling very encouraged tonight!


I did good/bad yesterday.Monday nights are children "date nights" .We have a different child up late with us each Monday night and we always have some sort of treat.

Breakfast-1 slice quiche/1 green smoothie
Snack-1 square of chocolate
Lunch-1.5 cups pinto beans with cheese/sour cream
Snack-coffee with 3 squares of chocolate with my honey
Supper-Large salad with tons of vegies/sunflower seeds/cheese/chicken
Snack-Small/fastbreak milk shake
Snack-Muffin with Nutella
Snack-Spoonful of Nutella

Yeah lol

The good thing is,believe it or not,that is NOTHING for sugar intake compared to what I could eat and probably for most days in my life HAVE eaten!

Bad thing is that I ate more sugar calories than I had available in my folder.That is such a bummer to me BUT I am going to eat no sugar today and tomorrow to make up for it.I did have a small bite of Nutella while packing Scott's lunch this morning but thats it.

I did walk 4 miles yesterday and then stretched for 10 minutes and I did get lots of water in.I did not keep track though.I need to get back to doing that.

Do I consider yesterday a failure? No........But I KNOW I can't have many days like that or I will get NOWHERE.

Today I am doing great......

Breakfast was 1 slice of quiche
Snack was 1/4 cup beans with 1 cube cheese
Lunch was steamed cabbage with butter
Supper will be meatloaf/mashed potatoes/salad/green beans/mac and cheese (hm)I will be eating lots of salad/beans-1 piece of meatloaf and a sm amount of mashed potatoes and mc cheese.

I danced 15 min (and fit 100 squats in that time too) and walked 1 mile so far today.I plan on walking 2-3 more miles.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday.....Weigh in day.......Thumbs down.

 I lost a whopping 1/2 of a pound.

I am like a pendulum going back and forth about my weighing in's.Obviously,it is all opinion.Some say that you should NEVER look at a scale,some say once a month,some say once a week and some say every day!

I am not sure I like weighing in RIGHT after a weekend.I think it discourages me.

I think I am simply going to weigh every day.Thats the way I like it.I will also be able to see what makes my weight go up and what makes it down.So there! Heather,you are the one who gave me the final shove when I read that you weighed every day! lol I personally just look So forward to stepping on the scale in the mornings! lol

Truthfully,I WAS discouraged today when I stood on the scale! I WANT TO SEE THE NUMBERS DROP! Will I *EVER* see them drop????? I know I will but I am getting a little bit impatient! lol

I think I am going to tweak a few things.

1.Saturdays..........I am not going to view them as a free DAY anymore although I am going to be a bit more liberal with what I eat if I want to.I mean,if we have something with more sugar in it than usual for breakfast,I will eat a LITTLE but still make sure the day is healthy.Once we start date night I am free completely.I want to keep a food journal for the whole day too until date night starts.

2.I want to fit ONE workout in during the weekend instead of having the whole weekend off.

If I don't have a good loss this week I am going to be cutting back my sugar calories even more.

I did excellent Sunday except for 6 cookies that I ate throughout Sunday night lol.Actually,I do not feel bad about them because they were in my limit.It gives me less for the rest of the week but thats fine.I only regret it because I ate them RIGHT before weigh in day!

Sunday's food

Breakfast-Large green smoothie with a small piece of chicken

Lunch- Small amount of chicken alfredo

Supper-Large salad (3 different kinds of lettuce,purple cabbage,red peppers,cauliflower,brocolli)with some cheese and sunflower seeds.

Dessert-Cookies (no white flour in them though......no flour at all and they are loaded with oats)

Lots of water but I didn't measure.....

I feel like eating chocolate today and pouting.I am not going back to that though.I KNOW that my body benefitted by all of the good choices last week.I did excellent.

I WILL do what it takes to lose this weight!

I have done good today although I have NOT worked out today because I have been talking to Scott alot AND I DON'T feel like it! I have had NO motivation ever since I stepped on the scales this morning......

It has taken me most of the day to write this post lol because I keep talking to Scott! :):) (Welcome interuption to my day!)

I am feeling better now.It is 1:30 and I am going to go walk 5 fast miles with Leslie Sansone! :) Like I said above,I will just keep making whatever changes I need to make until my weight DOES start dropping!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

One more thing.......

I had a few small pieces of chicken with my smoothie this morning to add some protein....

:):) Thats it....

Checking in quick!

We had a great weekend (Or,we are HAVING a great weekend! lol)

Yesterday was my free day and it was great BUT I didn't eat NEAR the sugar I usually do! :):) I couldn't even finish my cream stick! lol I ate a healthy breakfast AND supper :).I am not making a food journal because SAT is my day to be free from EVERYTHING but I will tell you our supper because it was so good! lol We had chicken alfredo (hm REAL STRAIGHT cream alfredo) but we had loads of sauteed mushrooms,green peppers and onions with it and it was so.excellent.!!!!!

Anyhow I did not exercise and I am not exercising today.No formal exercise on the weekends.Weekends are just way to busy with lots of fun stuff around here (AND work) to fit exercise in and I am fine with that .5x a week is great for me! I got ALL of my exercise in this last week which I am very proud of!

I got almost 9 hours of sleep last night! We slept in this morning......

Sunday is going to be kind of my make up day for Sat.Right now I am drinking a green smoothie LOADED with kale,cranberries,strawberries,billberry,hawthorn berries and a little OJ concentrate.I will have a salad with a little alfredo for lunch.Supper will be venison gravy over potatoes with salad.

I probably won't report in again today about the exact things I ate but I will do so tomorrow.

I had 75 spare sweet calories Fri night that I didn't even use!!!!!!! lol THAT was a first! I almost drank a 1/2 glass of Mountain Dew *just* because I could but I took on sip of it and thought "Why would I even DO this?" I am not a pop drinker and especially not a MT Dew drinker.So,I didn't even drink it! lol

I had one square of chocolate this morning with my coffee too.I forgot about that.

I can't wait to WEIGH in tomorrow!!!!!

See you all soon!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday! :)

Time for the weekend! I did excellent today.It feels SO good to be able to actually say I did EXCELLENT for so many days in a row.In times past there were SO many times that I started trying to lose but could never have EXCELLENT days! I was always fighting the sugar or not exercising etc. etc. Then I wouldn't lose and it was very discouraging.(I have lost weight a couple of different times successfully but most of the time I failed because I didn't stick with it.)

So I am very happy to be able to have so many wonderful days.I can honestly say that I am following my plan 100%.I don't have to say "I exercised today and got most of my water in but I ate way too much candy." or "I am doing *alright* but I haven't exercised all week.I did get my water in though!" or "Well,I haven't been doing so hot the last couple days but I am going to crack down Monday!"

That was me in the past.....Never having the will power to do this all the way.

It feels SO good to be in control of this area in my life.ALL the time.I never have moments where I just quit for a while iykwim.

It isn't that I won't ever splurge.Tomorrow is my free day ! lol I decided from the beginning that it would be a good decision for me to have a free day.THATS why I am having it.Not because I just can't handle it etc. Thats ALL the difference for me this time.A totally different mentality.I WILL take care of the body the Lord has given me.I WILL be a good example to my children and everyone around me.There is NO stopping this time.Not even if I get pregnant......

Yesterday's total food journal was.....


Breakfast-1 small wedge of breakfast casserole stuff (All healthy,hm stuff lol) 1 sm capp
Lunch-1.5 cups of pork/mashed potatoes/butter
Snack-2 cookies
Supper-1 cup sausage/eggs/cheese
Dessert-2.5 cookies

Now a little about my food......We are running out of a few groceries so that is why I lack some produce etc.(Going shopping tomorrow!).The other part of lunch got burned so I was still hungry.By the time supper came around I was starving.I decided to eat a couple of cookies because I had the calories for them AND they have no flour in them which means no WHITE flour lol.Lots of oats,peanut butter and YES some sugar,but it was really not a whole lot different than eating oats for breakfast etc.I DID think about my decision and I was fine with it.

Then I had a couple more on our "pre" date night lol.(We have a mini date night Thur night to make the weekend start a little earlier! lol Our REAL date night is SAT.)

Anyhow.....I planned on eating more sweets last night so I was perfectly fine with that.I had the calories saved back.

We did stay up late but thats ok because the weekend is here and I can get some extra sleep.

Exercise-5 fast miles!

TODAY so far........

Breakfast-2 cups brocolli,2 eggs with some cheese.DELICIOUS! 2 bites of leftover cookie
Lunch-2 eggs on a hm/wheat roll.....Actually it was HALF of a roll.(With lots of butter)
Snack-1 roll with lots of butter and cinnamon sugar.
Dessert- (Have not had either yet.....)

Water-Doing great!
Exercise......I did NOT feellike exercising but I did it anyhow! 5 FAST MILES! :):)

So thats how I did !

NATALY....Every time I try to post  to your blog my page freezes up.I have NO idea why! Does anyone else have this problem????? You are doing GREAT Nataly......!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday! How is everyone?

Doing wonderfully here!!!!

I just got my hour of exercise in and that feels great! 20 min of cardio/kickboxing,20 min a dance workout dvd on netflix,10 min zumba/dancing and 10 stretching.

Abigail made more lemon bars last night.Scott and I had one last night while we played Super Mario on the wii together lol.We had a blast and that lemon bar tasted so good knowing that it was a good choice.....Knowing that I had hardly any sugar that day.

When I put my skirt on this morning it buttoned much easier! I was tempted to step on the scales but I am not going to until Monday!Monday will be our day then!!!! I am super excited!!

I am not even tempted to eat anything I shouldn't and I thank the Lord for that!

I have more sugar calories available in my little planner than I ever have on a Thursday! The great thing about the way I am doing this sugar thing is that I never feel deprived.Right now I have 325 sugar calories available and if I get all of my water in I will have 50 more tonight.......I could earn more even if I got outside for some fresh air today for 1/2 hour etc.

It feels great to know that if Scott brought me home a Snickers bar I could eat it without guilt!I know that at any given time I can eat sweets if I want.It is fun to see how much I can save back though and it is not a good feeling at ALL to have nothing left in my "HAVE" pocket lol.If none of this makes sense to you,see my "Dessert plan" label.


A great thought I had yesterday.

It may take me months to lose the "evidence" of bad habits (lack of self control) from the past, but I can be a self controlled person TODAY!!!! I can have that satisfaction TODAY! Lord willing,I will never- ever- ever- go back to the way I used to be!

Last night,Scott and I were playing the wii and getting ready to go to bed and I was hungry.It wasn't really TRUE hunger but I was hungry.I said "Lets get to bed before I eat something." Then I realized what I said and I said "Nevermind.......I am NOT eating something."

I am not going to make bad decisions.I am not going to eat something because" I can't resist......".

I have more to say lol but I must stop for now! School needs done and the psewing room needs cleaned!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello fellow weight loss Mammas!!!

Doing fabs today (as my children and husband would say lol)!!!!

My total food from yesterday was......

Breakfast-Sm capp,green smothie and 1 piece of pb toast (hm bread)
Lunch-Large salad with sunflower seeds/cheese with cottage cheese/garlic dressing and 1 SM piece of toast
Snack- One 1" square of lemon bar (this was later in the afternoon.....after both of my lemon bar battles lol)
Supper-Salad,leftover pork roast/potatoes etc.,1 SMALL piece of garlic toast
Dessert-1 very small mini angelfood cake that Vashti made with brown sugar/cream cheese frosting (not much)

Water-Got all of it down! 72 oz plus 16 oz nettle/mint tea.I was drinking 4 water bottles(24 oz each) full of water and one of tea but I changed my mind and decided to cut it back to 3 water bottles.It is just too much water for me.I am big on paying attention to your body and I don't care what "studies" show,I do not believe that the Lord  intended for me to drink so much water that I have to be racing to the bathroom all of the time with my pee completely clear.We will see how I do on this amount of water/tea.

Exercise-1 hour yesterday.Kickboxing,walking,dancing etc.

Sleep-I went to bed BEFORE 10:00 last night! CRAZY lol I had to get up at 5:00.I got SEVEN hours of sleep.The crazy thing was that I woke up absolutely exhausted! Weird for me.......


Breakfast-1 egg/1/2 cup broccoli with a little bit of cheese and 1/2 piece of toast with butter

Lunch- 1 SMALL piece of hm coffee cake with peanutbutter,1/2 cup cottage cheese,1 boiled egg and 2 orange slices.

Exercise.....I walked five fast miles and stretched for 15 min.

~~~~~~~~ Thoughts~~~~~~~~~

I am super motivated.For some reason,lately I have been thinking ALOT about my health in my old age.I look around me and I do NOT like what I see.I do NOT believe that old age should be bringing the diseases and misery that we see everywhere.What we do NOW ladies is going to make a difference in our health as Grandmas!

I have been thinking about the burden I could be to my children if I don't take care of my health.

I have been thinking along these lines......

What if there were no dentists?
What if there were no hospitals?
What if there were no medications?

I mean imagine if false teeth were not an option and cavities could not be filled? Now,I hope with all of my heart that I do not have to have false teeth someday but let me tell you,we would take a WHOLE lot more care of our teeth if we could not go get the decay drilled out and then eventually a brand new set of teeth etc.

No hospitals or medications?

What about no government help?

Our society is one of no consequence for our actions.We can eat frozen burritos/McDonalds and pop and then when we get diabetes/cancer etc. we can get a disability check......We can still get the medical care that we can't pay for because we can't work (because we are disabled).Then finally,we can go to the nursing home.Even if we can't pay for it.(Nevermind my feelings about nursing homes.)

What if none of that were possible?

I just get so sick of all of the irresponsibility.

I do not want to be a burden to my children OR society because I lacked the self control to take care of myself.Sure,no matter HOW perfect we ate/lived there would still be medical problems/disease but, if I got sick after knowing that I truly did take care of myself ,I would not feel guilty.

If I start having health problems because I lack the self control to not eat to much sugar,white flour,junk food and because I am too lazy to exercise/be active etc. etc. that is MY fault!

I am so serious about this.It churns my stomach to imagine being like the majority of old people I see.Pumped full of medication,inactive,and overweight.

My Grandpa is over 70,is on no government help,still works to take care of himself 100%(no retirement),still cuts his own wood,gardens etc..He has never been on any medications.He looks great and everyone thinks he is my dad.

If the Lord chooses me to have an illness for HIS glory then HIS WILL BE DONE.

BUT it will NOT be because I am choosing NOT to take care of myself.

With HIS help I KNOW I will be successful this time.

~~~~~~~More thoughts.......Different topic lol~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wanna agree on a weigh in day? I was going to weigh every day but I am done with that.It is tooooooo discouraging lol.PLUS I think weigh in day is such a day to look forward to! Especially if we all did it together! I really do not care what day it is as long as it is the same day every week.We could vote? I think it would be so fun! We could even meet up on chat or something for a special meeting every week!?Skype chat? FB? MOMYS? That would be SO fun!!

Also,my new train of thought is this........No matter how much weight I am or am not losing,every day my body is healthier and working better.After being abused for so many years it may take a little bit to really start dropping the weight.I will not let the numbers on the scale discourage me.I will just keep adjusting my plan and being patient until I AM losing.I mean,I can't say it isn't about the weight because it is.The weight HAS to go, lol but I believe 100% that it will if I keep this up.I am changing major habits here.

I think thats it for now.I need to do supper and have a snack.I am hungry.Bye for now!!

Oh and I SOOOO wanted to eat a few pieces of coffee cake at lunch today!!! Instead I ate one very SMALL piece! :):):)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday noon......:):)


This morning I woke up to pack Scott's lunch and there were the delicious lemon bars left over from last night.

What I have always done? Eat a few of them while I pack his lunch.
What I did today? Didn't TOUCH them! It was CRAZY how bad I wanted some.That in itsself made me say "NO" just to practice self control! I had the calories to be able to eat some but I asked myself these questions.

"Is this the right choice?" NO
"Is this the way I want to start my day?" NO
"Do I really want to use my calories NOW?" NO

It would have been a bad decision so I didn't do it.

A few minutes ago I was giving a few of the children who hadn't had any yet a small piece of lemon bar.I was practically drooling.It was like my hand HAD to reach down and eat some! I could taste the flavor,feel the chewy,sugary,texture.......I decide to eat some,then I decided not to,I decided to take just one bite...I had to have just one bite......Then I decided NOT TO *just* because of how hard of a decision it was! I WILL have some self control people! lol

I divided it all up and didn't take one bite.I didn't even want to lick my fingers but I did because I didn't feel like getting up and washing my hands because I just got done working out! lol

So far today my water is great,tea is made,1 hour of workout done,excellent breakfast and I am getting ready to eat a big salad.I will update with my food journal later.

OH! I did have a small cup of cappuccino this morning.Vashti woke up with me at 5:00 all on her own and wanted to have a cup with me.I didn't even want one but we almost never have capp mix and I didn't want to turn down that time with her.

Was it a good decision? YES!
Do I regret it? Not at all!
I didn't drink it because I "just couldn't help myself" but I drank it because I thought it was a good decision...

Oh and Stacy M I am weighing every day.I may not update HERE every day but I am weighing every day.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday evening.....

Did great tonight at only eating the dessert I had planned and cappuccino.....Not so great at getting sleep as it is 12:42 AM but tonight was my sister's night to stay up late with us so.......

Anyhow,toniht while in the hsower with Scott....

Me- "You better enjoy seeing me this size beause you will never see me this size again!" lol
Him-"Laugh....." and then he told me that when he hugs me I feel smaller.
Me-"Do you really believe that I am going to do it this time? Lose all my weight?"
Him without hesitation......- "No."

WHAT???????? lol

Then we both started laughing.He said "Well you asked!" I gave him a hard time about that lol but I don't blame him.I asked him if he thought that I was just going to stay this weight forever and he said no but that he thought I would not lose it until I am done having all of my babies! lol I told him that by then I wouldn't even have any beauty left.I said that with each baby takes some of my beauty lol.

He said my beauty could never fade! :):):):)

He is such a sweetheart but I have news for him.......He is WRONG! lol

OK :) *whew*

Pork roast,gravy,salad,green beans,mashed potaoes,saurkraut and hm dinner roll! All hot and ready for when Scott gets here! I can't wait to eat lol.Of course,I will be loading up on vegies/meat and taking it easy on the rolls/potatoes.


Breakfast-2 morning glory muffins (carrots/apples/oats in them)
Snack- a few jo jo's and couple of pieces of chicken left over from date night
Lunch-1 muffin and hm veg soup with cottage cheese
Supper-1 baked potato with sausage adn large salad
Dessert-Hot chocolate

Water- I didn't get it all in bu I did drink alot
Tea- none
Exercise-none (Sunday is my free from exercise day)


Breakfast-1 sm oatmeal chocolate chip muffin (I wanted to eat sooooo many more they were so good!) 1 piece of sausage

Lunch-popcorn and then when I got home this afternoon I drank the smoothie that was supposed to be for lunch! Cottage cheese/sm amount of oj concentrate/fresh(locally grown!) cranberries/apples(with seeds) and several spinache leaves PLUS :) dried bilberry and hawthorn.

Supper will be excellent!!!! I will not overeat....No problems in that area.It will be no struggle at ALL for me to eat lots of salad/vegies.While I LOVE carbs I also LOVE vegies....LOVE them.

Dessert-It is Abigails night tonight and we will be having cappuccino and lemon bars.I will make sure that I do not go over my sugar calorie limit! 1 cup capp and 1 sm lemon bar.

Water- I will not get it all in today but I got alot in and will continue to do so.
Exercise-3 miles/15 min dancing and 5-10 stretching
Sleep-I got GREAT sleep last night!

Now..............What I have been thinking about.

In the past I never felt the need to make this a spiritual thing.I just didn't.It is hitting me lately that apparently I need some help.I do believe 100% that the Lord will help me with this if I seek his help.Apparently I DO need HIS help as I have not been successful on my own! It isn't just that I want  to be thin to look good either.I want to take care of and be thankful for the health/body that he has given me.I want  to be a good example of self control! I most definitely don't want to be a good example of someone who lacks self control! I hate that !

I have always told Scott that I just want to live the way I KNOW is right.If I were ignorant that would be different.I am not though.I know how to live and eat healthy.It is one of my passions! I am such a bad example though!

I hate that I make so many goals and quit.

If I get cancer I want to know that it isn't because I didn't take care of myself kwim?

I do not want to have regrets over  how I lived my life.I don't mean perfection here.I just mean EFFORT.DO what is right for my family and myself.Grace put it well.....Beautiful disciplines.I want to be disciplined! I want to have self control.

I am really,seriously going to be going to the Lord for help this time.DAILY.

I am very excited!!

Oh and guess what !? The scales said 229.8 this morning! lol Hey,better than 230! I hope to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever see those numbers again!!!!

I am very encouraged tonight!

NOT pregnant!

Atleast the FR was negative at this point:).

I am glad.....I would have never chosen it....
(but am I crazy to admit that I *was* just a wee bit disappointed??)

Atleast for now I can keep siked up about getting SKINNY! lol and I AM going to try to get this little Titey (Titus) to nurse more throughout  the night! lol

I simply have NOT had a chance to update today! I have good reports! I am going to go clean and work on supper and then try to slip back here before Scott gets home! Off to work as hard as I can for 1/2 hour and then hopefully I will be back to update for yesterday and today!!

Bye for now friends!!!

I have not had a chance to update BUT I *am* going to town and....


parts for dh AND

a pregnancy test! lol

I have had to pee an abnormal amount at night.Maybe it is just that I am drinking alot but with the spotting and the one hot ear lol.I HAVE to check.

I would be SO totally shocked.lol

I am not waiting for FMU but I have been holding it in for the last hour and will continue to do so until I can get home and test.....I thought you would all like to know lol.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

If you always do what you've always done.......

You will always get what you have always gotten.

I am thinking of what I have always done and trying to do the opposite.....

I have always:

Snacked on sugary things all throughout the day and had alot of desserts
Quit my exercise plan
Eaten too many carbs
Not gotten enough sleep

Surely if I:

Heavily moderate sweets
Be faithful to my exercise
Cut back on empty carbs and...
Get better sleep

I am GOING to lose!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


In the world did I GET here?????????

I was baffled today when I read Grace's blog on weight loss that she just started.She is 166! (Sorry Grace but....) Whoopeeeeee lol. That SOOOOOOO seems like NOTHING to me right now! I would be THRILLED to be at that weight! HOW did I ever allow myself to weigh this much? It honestly scares me.

Don't get me wrong Grace,I was that weight before conceiving my 4th child and I was so depressed at how much I weighed.JUST as depressed as I am now.I was SO embarrassed by my weight! Well,I was absolutley embarrassed of my weight when I was 158 and 149!!!!! Sickening!

I just want to cry when I think about it.

Then..........Titus is TOOOOOOO good of  a sleeper.He does't wake at night like the others to nurse! I had some spotting and last night my left ear was hot and my right one was NOT lol.That has been a sign of pregnancy for me.


What in the world would I do if I got pregnant??????? I have been assuming that I would have a year like I always do.

Of course I would welcome another baby ANYTIME 100% but I can tell you that if I got pregnant right now I would be SO immaculate about my eating/health/fitness.NO MESSING AROUND.It would scare me to death.

I will be back to posting my food log tomorrow!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feeling better after reading and looking at motivating things......

Check out the new pink and blue picture on my sidebar! Isn't that an amazing and motivating picture! I have always considered my extra weight a sort of prison.I am picturing the REAL me trapped inside of this extra padding.I just need to shed the weight to SEE ME lol.

Anyhow I am writing out a goal plan because:

1.I like(no, LOVE) planning.There is just something about getting everything planned and written down that is SO encouraging!!!

2.I think that getting small goals written down will make my task not seem so HUGE.

3.I want to plan certain rewards for myself when I reach my goals.

SO,here is how I am going to do it.......I am going to divide the weight I have to lose up between all of my children lol.I know the weight I was before conceiving all of them lol.I will start from 230 since I gained a few pounds (SUCH A BUMMER).

My GOAL weight is 140 and that means I need to lose 90 pounds!!!!! (CRY) Can that REALLY be true?

That is pretty much 13 lbs per child that I put on.

SO I will work backwards and lose the weight from Titus first and eventually work up to losing Silas'! lol (Now that is some old weight! lol)

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) By Feb 12
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) By Mar 18
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) By April 22
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) By May 27
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) By July 1
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!) By Aug 5
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!) By Sept 25

I would love to have the weight gone by Titus's first birthday.That is over 8 months or aprox 37 weeks and I need to lose 2.5 lbs a week from here on out to do it.I think it is possible and a healthy rate if I am SERIOUS about it.

So,this is my plan........!

Downright DISCOURAGED!!!!

I am getting that old sinking feeling that I have undone everything over the last week.....I HATE THAT! I HAVE to just keep going........I will get past this......

Good morning!

I usually don't get on during weekday mornings because I  don't; turn my computer on until afternoon but this morning I needed to have it on for something so thought I would update and say that........

I am REALLY having a hard time getting back on it when I am in the middle of the week!!!!I told you that I like to start things on MONDAYS! lol AND I feel that I DID lose ground by having some time off.I didn't go all the way OFF but I still feel like I went BACK a few steps.I did not weight myself.....

Ok.....I just did and it is just what I thought.I am up a few pounds.SO DEPRESSING.Oh well......This is usually where I get discouraged and just quit but I can't do that.I am just going to go back at it TODAY.It is a new day,even if it is not a new week.Hopefully I can have things going in the right direction again by NEXT MONDAY instead of REALLY feeling like a failure on Monday.

I am getting really TIRED of not seeing the scales go down.

This morning I am going to have for.....

Breakfast......Green smoothie with cottage cheese (protein)

Lunch-salad (already made)

Supper-Soup/salad/bread (NOT much bread)

Maybe I will have a SMALL treat tonight during our "date" :) bu I am going to have NO sweets all day today.NOTHING more than what I said here except I may have a snack (apple and pbutter) if I get hungry between meals.

I plan on exercising too AND geting all of my water in!

Off for now!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ok........I am ready to go back at it again!

Brandy and her family are GONE lol.I ended up not keeping track of sweets after a few days because I just wasn't eating much and didn't feel the need.I am ready to start again EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT A MONDAY lol.I almost ALWAYS start things on Mondays but I am not looking at this as a START because I never QUIT.I am just going back at what I already started.........I did good over Christmas with my eating,drinking and we even exercised some.I am ready to really crack down now though.

So I am just signing in to say I am "back".I will update soon!