Sunday, October 28, 2012


Ok,I posted the picture. I have only lost 9 lbs since the LAST picture I posted but there is *some* difference. I can see it in my back.

This weight has NOT come off as fast as I thought it would! I am down 36 lbs but it has taken me approx 10 months to lose it. That is not even a lb a week. I would love to lose 2 lbs a week!

I am still happy though. I have worked out a LOT so I know that not only am I losing but I am gaining lots of muscle and toning as I go.

Most importantly? I have not ONCE *quit*. This truly is a life style change and that is how I KNOW that I *will* lose the weight and be in the shape I want to be in. It may take me a while but I am getting closer and closer to my goal every day!

Ok,hopefully I am *REALLY* back!

I had to reformat my computer and then I bought some GOOD virus protection!! After all of that hassle I am SO glad to be back! I have been doing great with eating/exercising and I even took a new picture today to post! (Sidebar) I am loading it now......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Keeping at it! I don't know if I will have a loss tomorrow as I didn't do good this week until Monday.We will see though!

Today I am doing THIS workout.......

I have the dvd.......It is a super excellent workout lol.

I am sore today from doing THIS workout yesterday!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi !

I thought I would post a little bit about the plan I am going to be sticking with during the next 12 weeks. It is pretty much the same as before but with a few new ideas.

1. Aprox 1800 calories a day but I won't be counting. I am pretty good at knowing how many calories are in my food and how to balance everything. I am aiming for 6 meals a day. Breakfast (400),Snack (200),Lunch(400),Snack(200),Supper(400),Snack(200).......I am still nursing AND I will be working out 5x a week for about an hour each time so I think this is a good amount.

2.WATER.....I am REALLY and TRULY going to POUR the water down this time lol. I LOVE water and it is pretty much ALL I drink but I still just don't get enough.

3.I want to stick with the aerobics 3x a week and weight/resistance training 2x a week.About an hour each time. In our challenge I have 5 passes. That means I can skip 5 workouts for any reason I want in the next 12 weeks. That's IT unless something truly comes up that prevents me from exercising.

4. Treats......I am going to drink water,drink chia seed,brush my teeth and wait 5 minutes before I eat ANYTHING that is sweet and not planned. I want to REALLY be careful that I cut back on sweets and really THINK before I eat something.

5.SLEEP....I NEED to do better on sleep.

6. Weigh ONCE a week! Yes......Once a week on Thursday AM. This is going to be hard for me but I want to try it these 12 weeks and see if it makes a difference. I may change my mind on this one though.......:)

I just did an hour or Core Rythms.dancing. It felt GREAT!

Well,that's all for now!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I really hope that I am back to blogging here for a while!!

I am starting a Biggest Loser Challenge with some friends for the 3rd time. I did NOT do as good in the last challenge as I should have/could have. In 12 weeks I only lost 9 lbs and 7 inches. Better than nothing? Yes.I could have done so much better though.

BUT I am thankful!! I am in BETTER shape than I was 12 weeks ago.

I am also happy because I never QUIT during the last 12 weeks or at ALL since I started this in January. It is taking a lot longer than I wanted to but this is a LIFE change and dh also said that he likes it that I am losing it slowly and working out/toning up as I go rather than losing really fast.

So here we go!!!!!

Thursday I weighed in at 194.8. I will be working hard to hopefully be DOWN some by next weigh in!