Thursday, November 29, 2012

189.8 !

It was close but I *did* see it!!!!!! lol

I am so thrilled! :):)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Will I see the 180's this Thursday or not?

I am very excited and hopeful!

Last Monday (after the weekend) I weighed in at 193.6. I was thrilled. That was the lowest I had ever ended a weekend.It ended up that I was 2 lbs down on Thursday.

This week (today) I was at 91.6! So I KNOW I will be down again on Thursday! I SO hope it is a total of 2 lbs for the week. That will put me at 188.2.

I ordered some new skirts and received them this weekend. I am THRILLED to be wearing 12's! They feel SO good.To have waist bands that fit? I just can't get over it! lol I feel like a new woman! I can't imagine how I am going to feel when I have lost all of my weight. I still have 60-65 lbs to lose. WOW. If  I carry my 40 lb child on my back when I exercise for a little bit (How much I have lost) I am shocked at how hard it is on my joints and just everything.60-65 more pounds off of my frame?????????? I am going to feel SO good. I am so excited!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

40 lbs GONE!

The scales said 190.2  this morning. I am FINALLY down 40 lbs. ALMOST in the 180's and I can't wait!

It feels SO good.

I ordered new skirts. They will be here tomorrow. They are size 12's! Still a long way from the size I want to be but I am still excited! My other skirts are all hanging off of me.

I am not complaining one bit!!!

In the last 6 weeks I have only missed exercise 3 times.

A few tips that have made a HUGE difference it my weight loss lately (I think).

1.I do not eat out of the designated times. (Breakfast/Lunch/Snack/Supper/Dessert) PERIOD! No BLT's (Bites/licks/tastes)

2. I have been eating VERY light during the day and saving about 800 of my calories for the evening. That allows me to have a nice supper and a small dessert.

3.When I eat,I get my portion,sit down and eat slowly.

Well,time to run! Thanksgiving dinner is waiting!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have reached my next goal!!!!

I was thrilled to step on the scales this morning and see 191 ! Horray!!! I can't WAIT to be in the 180's !!!!!!

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) 
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) 
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) 
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) 
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) 
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!) 

Friday, November 9, 2012

I am doing great!

Keeping up with the 1500 calorie thing :).

I am amazed at how many extra calories people eat just by a bite here and there.

I have been working out hard every day. Tomorrow is my break but as much as I like working out,I may just fit an extra one in! lol

YES,I do love to work out. (Most days)  My attitude is totally different than what it used to be.

ONE more pound and I will have reached my next goal!

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) 
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) 
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) 
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) 
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) 
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!) 

That is going to feel GREAT! :):):)

It is coming off slowly,but it IS coming off. I also have HIGH hopes that it will come off faster now with the lower calories. I am so anxious for next weigh in! lol (Thursday)

Here is a great arm workout!

We do way more than this on our upper body day but this is a REALLY good workout for 10 minutes!

Well, I am off to bed! Good night!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Down 1.6 lbs this morning !!!!!!

It has been rough to eat only 1,500 calories per day but I love the results! I am definitely sticking with it!!!

Hopefully next week will have me at an even bigger loss!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I am here!

And really kicking it into high gear! I have finally decided to FOR SURE count calories for a while and be strict about it. 1500 a day and one cheat day (Saturday). I am not eating the extra calories that I burn working out either. I am using those to "bank" so that my cheat day doesn't take much away from my weekly deficit.

I am drinking 3 quarts of water +1 quart of green tea a day.

Exercise is still pretty much the same as always. Cardio 3x a week and resistant training 2x a week.

I have never eaten this few of calories and kept it up for very long. I am doing it this time though because this weight needs to come off faster! I am excited for Thursday!

Is a new site I found! I am loving it! Lots of good info and from a Mom of 3 who had 3 sections. Check it out! She has some really tough workouts. I want to order some of her dvd's. She has some on you tube.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weigh in day!

I had a WEE loss lol. Not enough to record but hey.....I am going DOWN again! I am really hoping for a bigger loss next week!!!! I am determined to work really hard this week!

I did my upper body workout today. Biggest Loser "Last Chance" and then her upper body kickboxing.After that we did a dance workout for 30 min! It was great! It feels soooooooo good to do a hard workout!!!