Monday, December 30, 2013

I feel ridiculous posting.........

Because when it comes right down to it? I have NOT been serious since Gracie was born.

Well, I have been serious, but I didn't STAY serious.

So to come here now and say "I am SERIOUS this time!" feels sort of like crying wolf! I really HATE when people don't stick to their commitments and these last 3 months? That has been me.

I have had soooooooooooo many good days of eating excellent. In fact, I bet I have eaten FULLY on plan 75% of the days. But that is NOT enough for me apparently because I have not lost ONE pound. Well, I HAVE......But I gain lose gain lose gain lose.

So I do not blame you ONE BIT if you read this and think "yeah whatever". :) I totally understand!

But right now, in my mind? I am d.o.n.e.

I hope you will come back in 2 weeks and see that I have been blogging consistently and have stuck with my goals of :

Exercising 6 days a week
Staying FULLY on plan unless my dh wants me to cheat
4 quarts of healthy fluids a day

I hope that by FEB 1 I will be able to update my weight in the side bar and say that I have lost ten lbs. That is my January goal for weight.

That will put me at 198.

Unless the Lord has other plans, I will never EVER see 2 ANYTHING again.

That is all I have to say for today but I hope I will be back around often now that I am starting fresh!!

And just because it feels good and I am a TOTAL resolution maker?

I would LOVE for 2014 to look something like this.......

198 by Feb 1

190 by March 1

PRE-PREGNANCY (187) by Mid march

and 178 by my birthday!!!!! (May 3)

That is 30 Lbs in 4 months. I would be so EXTREMELY happy with that! I know I will have to work hard to do it though! But if I do!!!!? That will be..........

Ezekiel's AND
Tobias' weight GONE!!!!!!!!!

After that it will be:

165 Patience's weight GONE!
152 Vashti's weight GONE!
140 Silas's weight GONE!!

Our anniversary is Aug 20. If I am at 178 by May 3, that leaves me *almost* 4 months to lose the rest, which is 38 Lbs. I don't know if it will be possible or not but even if I were in the 160's by our anniversary I would be THRILLED. We shall see! For now I will just work hard and DREAM!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving menu

We are baking up a storm today! Here is what is on the menu!

Mashed potatoes
Sweet potato casserole
Cauliflower/bacon/cheese/mushroom casserole

Pecan pies
Pumpkin pies
Apple pies
Maple cinnamon bars
Cinnamon roll cookies
Turkey cupcakes

THM pecan pie cheesecake
THM cream cheese filled pumpkin cookies
THM pumpkin pie
THM Apple Crisp
THM peppermint bark chocolate
THM Cheesecake balls
THM Brownie batter balls

And we are off!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Diving In

A change of attitude. This is actually a huge thing. Even throughout the entire time I lost my weight before I got pregnant I did not have this attitude.

Basically there are two ways I can do this weight loss thing.

Mess around and lose slowly OR
Be serious and lose faster.

I realized that I was date nights and special occasions were starting to be something I sort of dreaded. Because they always consisted of eating WAY too many sweets (because cheat time only lasts so long you know) and the entire time I would be thinking (while feeling FAT) that I couldn't wait until I was back to eating RIGHT again and feeling like I was getting thinner. The scales would be UP the next day and sometimes take a few days to get back down again. I start feeling like I am on a roll and BAM, another date night! (Or some other special occasion!) Repeat, repeat, repeat!

But the thought of giving up my cheat times was horrible.

But guess what? I am two month postpartum and down how much weight (after the initial baby loss) ?

NONE........Well ok, I can't quite say that.........I am down 3-4 more LBS but pretty much NONE.

I have wasted 2 months!!!!!! The sad thing is that I have done EXCELLENT 75% of the time. Then you have all of the cheat times! They are enough to keep me from losing. I am SICK of that! I am SICK of the way I feel when I am not eating right. I HATE feeling fat and that is exactly what I feel like when I am eating badly.

So I was dreading Thanksgiving. Eating ON plan for Thanksgiving seemed ridiculous and HORRIBLE! That wonderful Thanksgiving dinner? Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh rolls with lots of butter, desserts desserts and more desserts! This is something that is not ever going to change around our house. And we don't even WANT it to. We aren't a family who will ever cut out white flour and sugar completely.

BUT, it hit me. For NOW I need to get serious. This isn't a forever thing. Once I am at my goal weight I can enjoy more crossovers/sugar treats. But for now? I can't afford it. Not to say that I plan on getting to goal weight and going back to the way I used to eat. Not at all. I don't EVER plan on quitting the THM concepts. This is for life for me. But right now, I am undoing damage that I have done and it is going to take being EXTRA strict if I don't want it to take 10 years. When I am at goal weight, I can be more liberal, but that doesn't mean I plan on STOPPING. No way! This is all about being healthy for me.

I am not saying that I won't have ANY Thanksgiving sugary treats because I am going to . But instead of looking at it as a day to cheat all day. I am going to stick on plan as much as possible. Not cheat as much as I can just because I can. I am making LOTS of THM treats and will be eating very few off plan things.

I am so excited and relieved to know that I am not going to be going backwards here in a few days but instead, I can end Thanksgiving atLEAST staying where I am at, if not going forward just a little.

I am sick of going forward forward forward BACKWARDS BACKWARDS forward forward forward forward forward BACKWARDS BACKWARDS BACKWARDS forward forward BACKWARDS BACKWARDS forward forward forward BACKWARDS BACKWARDS.

See my pattern? I would love it to look something like this........

forward forward forward forward forward forward forward STANDSTILL forward forward forward BACKWARDS forward forward forward forward forward STAND STILL STAND STILL forward  forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward forward BACKWARDS.

I don't mind treats now and then as they come up in life. But there is a BIG difference in going to visit my dh at work and being offered a doughnut, eating it, and then getting right back on plan OR literally eating as much junk as I can all day every Saturday.

I DO still plan on using small amounts of sugar (as I described before in another post) as long as the carbs are within the limits. I have no problems with that. I am just going to quit the planned cheats. (Except for real chocolate.........We always have real chocolate on date nights. But THAT is not my problem. It is the eating sweets ALLLLLL day and night that causes me a problem.)

I am going to continue my breakfast-lunch-afternoon snack- supper- dessert  pattern. That has been plenty of food for me. If I do need something more to eat after my evening dessert, I am going to make it FP.

I want to try and lose 2 lbs a week on average. If I don't, I don't. But I think it is very doable if I stop so much cheating.

The cheats are NOT worth me being 20 LBS down after 5 months instead of 40 ! Not at ALL!

I have SO many THM desserts that I LOVE. Instead of putting so much energy into planning cheat times, I am putting my creativity into making up THM desserts. 

Enjoying your food does not have to be unhealthy or fattening. I can either be full and satisfied, knowing that I didn't go BACKWARDS, or full and satisfied knowing that I went BACKWARDS and have to work it off now. There is no question which direction I am going to go!

I have spent WAY too many days of my life feeling fat and miserable. Feeling depressed because I don't feel good about myself. Wanting to lose weight but failing failing.

Then I made soooooooooo much progress after my 7th baby's birth and did SO welll al throughout my 8th. Better than EVER.

I will NOT stop. I WILL keep this up and get to my goal.

So all that to say? I am so excited about planning my THM menu tonight and I am SO relieved that I don't have days coming up that I have to feel horrible about and feel like I am GROWING instead of SHRINKING!

Horray!!! I can't tell you how wonderful it feels.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Excited today!

203 this morning.

I have already body brushed, exercised (40 minutes of dancing and 10 minute Tiffany Roth ab workout) , showered and I am getting ready to eat!

I saw a picture of myself today and it just disgusted me. I can't wait to feel undisgusted about myself. I am feeling GREAT though that I am OFF of the doing bad wagon! I feel so motivated and just plain wonderful!

A few yummy things........

For breakfast this morning I had a small amount of chicken breast sauteed in butter along with green peppers and 1/2 of  a Joesphs wrap. After that I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies topped with a tiny amount of caramel/almond butter! All carbs totally in the limit! It was SO delicious and amazing that I could be eating something that good and still be doing great!

Another yummy treat is spreading a Joseph's wrap with peanut butter and a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips! Fry in a skillet with butter! Delicious!

Off to shop!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brownie Batter and White Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Balls

I have done GREAT yesterday and today! I am very motivated! I am so.sore today and got very busy this morning so skipped exercise. That's ok though. Will be back at it tomorrow! I did order 4 LB of oat fiber, some more gluccomannan and 2 dancing/workout dvd's! I am very excited about those things!

I was 204 this morning.

Below are two AMAZING recipes that you must try! Substitute any sweeteners you want/need to!

Two DELICIOUS recipes I made up.

Brownie Batter Balls

1 C almond flour
1/3 C cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
4 TB melted butter
3-4 shakes NuNaturals stevia
1 tsp xylitol
2 tsp sugar
2 TB chocolate chips

Just mix everything together and shape into 12 balls!

Experiment with the chocolate chips! We used mint chocolate! SOOOO delicious! We also topped each cookie with a little bit of Redi-Whip.

2 carbs each cookie (But that is not counting the carbs in the almond flour......I don't ever count the carbs in the nuts)

White Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Balls

1 1/2 C almond flour
8 oz cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla
5 shakes stevia
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 C chopped pecans
3 TB white chocolate chips
2 tsp xylitol
2 tsp sugar
Sprinkle or 2 of salt

Mix the above all together and shape into 30 balls.

Make a mixture of :

1 TB sugar
1/4 C almond flour
1 tsp vanilla

Roll balls in mixture


2 carbs each and 3 grams of protein each!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grrrrrrrr I am so mad at myself!

But I am not looking back and letting it depress me anymore! Gracie is 7 weeks old. At my last post (1 week postpartum) I was 202. Guess what I am today?

205 !


Because I keep messing around. Do great (even PERFECT!) for a few days, cheat for a few days, do great, cheat...........It just disgusts me that I have wasted this time.

BUT I am back now and ready!! I really have eaten sooooo much healthy food in the last weeks and my milk supply is great, Gracie is growing wonderfully and I FEEL great.

But I have not been eating to LOSE. SO here I go! I have not reached the goals that I wanted to by this point so my CURRENT goal is to be under 200 by the time Gracie is 2 months old! (Next Tuesday!) To give my body a jump start, I am going on a mild cleanse for the rest of this week. I did this after my last baby and felt great, he did great and it gave my weight loss a nice jump!

I am having my deep S morning coffee at 5:30 with dh (no sweetener and with coconut oil in it.....only 1/2 cup coffee) and then eating nothing but a green smoothie until lunch. I did juice last time but I am leaving the fiber in this time and just doing it in the blender.

Greens, coconut oil, protein powder, tea, celtic salt and some other goodies. It is actually THM's "Earth milk" but I just don't feel like posting the recipe.

I am back to working out full throttle! It isn't that I haven't made *any* progress during this postpartum period. I have been slowly doing more and more exercise. Today I did a 20 minute kettle bell workout with my 15 LB kettle bell! (And then did almost 3 miles of WATP) It was killer but I did it! (The Kettle Bell workout that is.) I am still sore from the day before yesterdays Billy Blanks "This is Tae Bo" ! :) It feels great! So I *am* happy with myself as far as exercise goes.

A DELICIOUS recipe that I invented yesterday!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

1 C almond flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup chopped pecans
2 tsp brown sugar
2 tsp xylitol
2 TB butter
1 tsp vanilla
2 Tb semi-sweet chocolate chips

Just mix it all together and then make it into 12 balls. You can eat 3 of them and only be at 6 carbs. They are 2 carbs each. Yes, they have a small amount of sugar but that is fine with me. You could replace the sweeteners I used here with all stevia if you wanted to and use skinnny chocolate chunks or something.

But for me? These are just amazing and I so don't mind that tiny amount of sugar! They taste soooo much more *real* and are still so healthy!

That is the link to the 20 min kettle bell workout we did. It was not our favorite at all. It has no music so it makes it boring to us. It is HARD THOUGH! One of the moves I could not do with my 15 Lb kettle bell. The one that you hold it straight out to the side.

Well, that's all for now!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One week post-partum!!

I have been officially back on plan since Monday. That means that today is only my 3rd day.

I am DOWN 6 more LBS in *just* those few days! Amazing!

Today I am 202. This puts me at the EXACT weight that I was in the first weight loss picture on my side bar! (Actually, one pound less!)

I posted a picture today of me one week post-partum. (Side bar, last picture)

I was pretty happy when I compared the picture of me in NOV 2011 to today's picture! In the NOV picture I was 8 weeks postpartum and weighed 230. Today I am 1 week postpartum and weigh 202!

I could just jump up and down!!!!!

It took me 10 months of SUPER hard work to get to this weight after Titus. Now here I am with NO work!

I am so excited to see how far I can get my weight down before 6 weeks pp.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby GIRL!!!

That is what we had!!!!

I haven't posted in a while but I am DEFINITELY still here!!! :)

I went almost two weeks past my due date before Gracie Lynne was born but she is *finally* here!(And I am SO in love but I won't get into all that right now!)

I managed to do pretty well right up to the end of my pregnancy. Not 100% on plan but very close. I stopped exercising at almost 39 weeks.

My FINAL weight was 219. That was on the very day she was born. Immediately after her birth I was 208. I lost a couple more pounds over the next couple of days and gained them back when my milk came in. Right now I am still at 208. Gracie will be a week old tomorrow!

The birth was AMAZING. My best birth EVER. I have no idea if eating THM style and working out had anything to do with it or not but it was wonderful. I thank the Lord first and foremost  because I prayed to have no fear and just relax and I DID. But I am sure that my working out and eating right helped!

My labor was 2 hours and 30 minutes. I was walking,talking and everything was pretty much painless until the contraction RIGHT before I decided to get into the birth pool. I had Gracie 2 contractions and 8 minutes later. I pushed twice. Once for her head and once for the rest of her body. Recovery has been amazing. I have felt better than ever. I am getting lots of rest and enjoying my baby SO much! She is nursing like a champ and breastfeeding is going great.

I wanted to officially write down the differences that I noticed in this pregnancy.

1. I never got achy inner thighs until the VERY end and then it was just now and then.

2. I never threw up once during morning sickness. I *did* have morning sickness but I never threw up. I think the higher protein diet really helped me.

3. I gained WAY less than I normally do in pregnancy. Usually I gain 50-60 Lbs. I ended my very first pregnancy (15 years ago) at 198 and I ended the pregnancy BEFORE this one (my 7th live birth) at 245. I ended each pregnancy at a higher weight. Until this one! I ended this one 25 Lbs lighter than the last. Even though I did gain more than I wanted to gain, I AM very happy with where I am at and how I did. I am NOT starting from scratch this time! (Or WORSE than scratch!) After my last baby (you can see by looking at my weight chart on my side bar), it took me 8 months to get to the weight  I am RIGHT now. So I am REALLY happy about that! I hope that it won't take me a super long time to get to my pre- pregnancy weight and after that, melting right on down to my goal weight!!!

4. Swelling was SOOOOO little compared to what I normally have. I did have SOME on the really hot days or when I sat for long periods of time............OR when I ate lots of junk food. BUT.........It was still *nothing* compared to what I normally have! My ankles were perfect on delivery day :).

5. After birth, I didn't have NEARLY the "falling out" feeling that I have had with my last couple babies. At my last birth (well, AFTER), my midwife wrapped my belly with some stretchy fabric to hold everything in better. I just felt  so breathless and like everything was hanging out..... A yucky feeling.

I didn't have it this time though! That was REALLY great, and I am really convinced that all of the working out is what did that! My belly also seemed to be smaller immediately after baby was born AND appears to be continuing to shrink at a faster speed.


Those are the biggest differences that I noticed. I felt absolutely great but I have felt that way in ALL of my pregnancies. I DO think I felt EXTRA great this time though!! :)

I am going to stop for today. I will post tomorrow with my weight loss goals!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

38 week picture

I took this picture in the exact same outfit as the pictures in my side bar so I can compare. There is one odd thing though. My shirt would not cover my belly so I had to stretch my hands WAY down to cover the skin and it made my back hunch out! LOL But still........It is a good comparison and I have to say that I am pretty happy with how I look at almost full term! The top picture on my side bar was taken almost 2 months POST- PARTUM with my last baby! I think I look way better NOW than I did then! I can't wait to see what I look like 2 months post- partum with THIS baby. Go THM!!!!!!

38 weeks (tomorrow) !

I had a bad weekend! Cheated ALL weekend for the most part. AND yesterday!

Oh well! I am not going to give up. Back at it today and I am determined to not eat junk food at all until date night. I can do this. I have done it lots and lots of times! Today I have had coffee and I am getting ready to eat sauteed veggies and eggs with cheese.

This is my LAST week of exercise!! I want to plan out EXACTLY what I am going to do and STICK WITH IT!

TODAY- Long and Lean sitting work and walk to the mail box and back. (1 mile but lots of hills)
Wed- Baby Bells
Thur- Long and Lean standing work and walk to the mailbox and back.
Fri- Baby Bells

I will be SO happy to be doing these ^ workouts for the last time this week. I can't really stand either one of them and will be so happy to kiss them good bye until my next pregnancy! They are good workouts but boring as ever. The music stinks and they are not motivating to me at all LOL.

I am giddy just THINKING about being done with exercise and especially these workouts.

I have NOT been drinking my pregnancy tea. I bought fresh herbs to make my own mix that I LIKE and am going to make that up today and just guzzle that stuff in these last couple of weeks. That is my PLAN anyhow. I didn't drink it like I wanted to but I am not going to give up! Even getting a couple of weeks in will do me good!

I am making a mix out of:

Red Raspberry Leaf

I hope I like the taste of it!

I am not going to weigh in until tomorrow. I did not weigh myself today. It is RARE that I don't weigh but I don't want to be discouraged.

Well, I am off to get busy on this beautiful COOL day!

Monday, August 26, 2013

ALMOST 37 weeks! (WED)

I can hardly BELIEVE IT!

I am doing excellent with eating and exercising this week! I am determined to end this pregnancy with a bang and just do AWESOME these last few weeks.

Now, dreaming out loud........

If I deliver at 208 I will be at the same weight that I was when I delivered my 3rd child. That isn't as low as I WANTED to end this pregnancy :) but it will do!! :)  It will mean that I gained a total of  21 LBS. OH how I would LOVE to deliver at 207! LOL Or even better yet......206...That would out me at only 19 lbs gained! That sounds SOOOOOOOO good! I am never happy am I? LOL

But let's just say I end this pregnancy at 208.

RIGHT after birth I should easily be down to 195.

2 weeks postpartum should EASILY find me at 190.

That is only 3 LBS away from my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!!!!

So......2 weeks postpartum will be approx Oct 1. (Probaby later than that but I want to make it even.)

If I lose an average of 1.5 LBS a week in October that will put me at 6 weeks postpartum and the start of November at 184.

That is LOWER than my pre-pregnancy weight by 6 weeks postpartum.

And THEN I will be ready to GET AFTER IT!!! :):)

I just don't think that I will lose 2 LB a week consistently so just to be safe I am going to just say that I lose 5 LBS a month. (I would rather lose slower than faster because I am going to REALLY be working on toning and keeping my skin tight. PLUS I will be nursing a baby.)

Dec 1- 179
New Years day ? 174
Feb 1- 169 !!!!!!!!!!
March 1- 164
April 1- 159
May 1 (My birthday is the 3rd) 154 !!!!!!!
June 1 - 149
July 1 - 144
August 1 (Our 18th anniversary will be on the 20th) 130's????????????!!!!!

I say it is VERY POSSIBLE to be at or NEAR my goal by our anniversary next year!!!!!! That just makes me GIDDY ! And that is losing at a nice and slow rate.

I just had to dream a little tonight!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Good night!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

34 weeks!

Only 6 weeks left until my due date!!! Amazing!!

I am still at 20 lbs gained!!!

I was not exercising there for a few weeks due to being so busy.......Well,I exercised now and then but not very much. Well,I am back at it again and so happy with myself! I did have to tone it down some. Really fast exercises make me get round ligament pain and other pains. So I have decided to finish out this pregnancy with Baby Bells,Long and Lean and just plain old Walk Away The Pounds.

Mon- Long and Lean floor work + 3 miles WATP
Tue-Baby Bells + 3 miles WATP
Wed-Long and Leab standing + 3 miles WATP
Thur- Babby Bellse + 3 miles WATP
Fri- 3 miles WATP

That is 15 miles a week.  That is 90 miles in 6 weeks. I want to try to get 100 mile in before baby comes. I fully expect to go past my due date so I am planning to try and get 100 miles in before baby comes! When I DO reach it I am giving myself permission to stop exercising and start my REST period.That will last until whenever I feel comfortable to start exercising again, AFTER baby comes! :) It all just sounds SO exciting! A NEW baby and it APPEARS that I am going to be able to NOT gain too much more!! If I can keep it at this weight (or hopefully even get it down a few more lbs because it IS going down now that I started exercising again and I am being REALLY EXTRA careful to stay on plan),I will not have lost any ground in my weight loss journey!!!!! 10-15 lbs of  that 20 lb gain will be gone right at birth!!!! The next 5-10 will easily come off in the few weeks following birth! I am just GIDDY at that thought! I won't have 40 extra lbs to lose all over again! WOW! I just can't believe it!

I am going to FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.........Drink RRL/Nettle tea *consistently* for these last 6 weeks. I always say that I will do this in EVERY pregnancy and I NEVER do. (Not consistently) It is my goal to drink 1 quart every day of a strong RRL/Nettle infusion for the next 6 weeks (or until baby comes).

I have noticed an amazing difference in how I feel when I CHEAT. Every.single.time I have went off plan for a few days it is followed by a couple days of fighting heart burn. Can you believe that? I feel absolutely fantastic when I am on plan........Even with a few cheats now and then. Eating sugar in moderation does not make me feel bad. It is when I am just totally off plan for a couple days in a row or even ALL DAY for one day that I can REALLY notice a difference on. PROOF that eating this way makes such a huge difference!

Sometime next week I am going to start sewing newborn diapers......Maybe even this weekend :). I am also going to order baby a few new diaper covers. I am so excited!!

Well,I guess that's all for now!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost 33 weeks!

I haven't updated in a while! Sorry! I am doing fantastic though!

I will be 33 weeks on Wednesday and I just can't believe that!

My last midwife appt. was last week.

Baby is head down and I measured 34..............My heart rate,blood pressure,urine were all fine.

I am at 20 lbs gained total. I REALLY want to keep it at that!!!

I will update more tomorrow as I am falling asleep! LOL

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I was thinking about ALL of the changes I have made in the last 2 years (approx) BESIDES how much I weigh.

1. It usually doesn't phase me to bake sweets for the family or make a milk shake for dh etc. I am usually NOT tempted to have some.

2. I do not think about sweets NEARLY as much.

3. I about 85% less candy bars when I am in town etc.

4.I have probably doubled (atleast) my protein intake and cut junk carbs out by about 75%.

5. I eat TOTALLY different. Even good carbs.

6.I don't snack nearly as much.

7.I have ALWAYS loved veggies but I eat WAY more now.

8. I eat a lot more calcium because of so much Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

9.I have a totally different mentality about health/fitness. Instead of just accepting that my body would never be as good as it used to be,I am determined to make it BETTER and STRONGER!

10. Instead if making excuses,I am actually LIVING the way I believe is healthy instead of just preaching about it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

29 weeks tomorrow!!!!

Only ONE more week until I start the 30's weeks! :) It is absolutely NUTS to me that I am this far along and I am SO very excited to have another precious newborn and also to GET THE REST OF THIS WEIGHT OFF! I am hitting it HARD after baby is born and I can't wait.

It makes me SUPER DUPER happy though that I won't be starting from scratch but just continuing where I left off before pregnancy!

I did my Baby Bells workout today with my 20 lb kettle bell! It was ROUGH but not too rough! LOL Meaning,I did NOT push myself too hard but it WAS hard! It felt GREAT to finish and I was drenched in sweat. I made another exercise plan to finish this last trimester off! LOL I am so bad.......I won't even read back to see how often I have made new plans and then changed them etc. LOL.

MON-Long and Lean Floor
TUE-Baby Bells
WED- Long and Lean Standing
THUR- Baby Bells
FRI-Whatever I want to do.....About 30 min worth.

That is my AM workout that I am doing alone WITHOUT my sweet daughter workout buddies! It doesn't work OUT for them to exercise with me in the AM and they reallly don't care for those pregnancy workouts anyhow. They will probably do them with me sometimes but not most of the time. We will workout together in the afternoon.....Just for however long we feel like it. Short YouTube workouts or DANCING! We love to dance!

I have eaten wonderfully so far this week! Looking forward to a GREAT rest of the week! :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

THIRD trimester here we come!

I had my first midwife appointment! Everything was great! My blood sugar was 77,my iron was 12.3,my urine was fine,blood pressure fine,I measured 30 (28 weeks) and baby's heartrate was 160! It was GREAT to see my midwife! We talked and talked.......She FINALLY got the Trim Healthy Mama book! I KNOW she will love it. She does not need to lose weight and she is super healthy but I KNOW that she will be passing the info onto her other patients. Maybe we will start a local THM group or something! :)

I have gained 15 lbs total so far. NOT what I wanted to gain by this point,but not terrible either. I have not exercised very much the last two weeks because I hurt my knee and then our tv remote went bad. My favorite pregnancy workouts need the remote to work so I couldn't do them. We have a new remote now though and my knee is great so I can't WAIT to hit it hard again this week!

I really,really REALLY need to stay motivated in these last 12 weeks! The last couple of weeks I have only done SO SO.......That has to stop!

I would really REALLY love to get back down to 197 and stay there. I don't see that happpening but I can hope.......:) I was 204 last weigh in. I SO hate to see that 200 number again. HATE IT. I was hoping to never EVER see it again,even during pregnancy. Oh well though.........NEXT pregnancy will be different! Lord willing,I will be at my GOAL weight before I get pregnant again next time!

I am very motivated that I truly HAVE done great this whole pregnancy and STAYED motivated and determined. This is a first for that! I ended my pregnancy with my 1st child at 198. I would LOVE to end this pregnancy 1 lb lower. That would really make me feel like I did good! :) I know that it probably won't happen but.........:)

My goals for these last 12 weeks of pregnancy!

Body brush/cold shower/oil run down atleast 4 times a week.
1 gallon of water/tea a day.
Good sleep.
Stick with THM very strictly with few cheats.
Exercise ATLEAST 30 minutes a day 5X a week.
Eat lowER calorie for my snacks/desserts after supper MOST of the time.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I am at 199 this morning.........That puts me at 12 lbs gained so far. My weight WAS a little bit higher but I have eaten perfectly ALL week and it is going right down! I had toooooo much cheating going on with 3 birthdays and Fathers day in June.....Plus date nights. It took my weight right up.

Tonight is date night.........Scott and I are going out for pizza ALONE! I am going to enjoy myself and do excellent ALL day today and not worry what the scales say tomorrow. JUST cheating on date night doesn't do me much harm.

I AM going to make these cookies.........

 They are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I used coconut oil,xylitol for the sweetener and added one egg. I also used 60% dark chocolate chips. They taste like a real and gooey chocolate chip cookie! I can eat TWO and still be under the THM carb limit!!!!!!


I have recently tried it for the first time and I am in love with it. It tastes JUST like sugar to me!!!!! I love stevia but not in everything. For instance,I can't tolerate it in my coffee. It makes me SICK. Xylitol tastes JUST like sugar! I don't like stevia much in the baked stuff I have tried either. Xylitol in those cookies was amazing. They really taste just like sugar cookies. You MUST try xylitol!!!! It has me so excited!

I am planning on pizza tonight and one small sugar cheat. After that I will have my THM cookies and other on plan snacks. Even if I have more than two of those cookies I will STILL be WAY better off than eating REGULAR cookies.

All throughout the time that I lost my weight I cheated for the entire DAY Saturday. I still lost weight. With pregnancy,I gain WAY too easily in my third trimester so I am NOT doing those cheat days. Just some small cheats on date NIGHT.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doing GREAT!

I don't have long to update but I did want to say that it is truly amazing. I have had ZERO swelling so far UNLESS I EAT SUGAR. I don't swell up over a small amount of sugar but if I really eat junky? I can literally feel my hands and feet swelling a few hours later and it takes ALL the next day to be completely gone. CRAZY!

My weight went up a little after having several birthdays and Father's day too. It is heading back down though. I have eaten perfectly all week and I feel great!

I am making Good Girl Moonshine but with MOSTLY lemon juice and only a little ACV. No stevia. I am surprised how much I like it!

I made my own protein bars and I am super excited about that! I just need to mess around with the recipe a little bit and then I will share it!

I have a drawer with tons of prepared THM foods in it. All sorts of stuff. Yogurt/fruit parfaits,baggies with meat,E sandwiches,plan approved chocolate,cheese sticks,protein bars (individually wrapped and 30 of them!) and more.......It is SO nice! My BIGGEST temptation is when I am hungry and have nothing READILY available to eat that is THM. That is when I tend to grab things that I should NOT grab! I think this will really help.

In the meanwhile it has motivated me to make up healthy and easy to grab snacks for the children too which they LOVE. Veggie and cheese packs,fruit,PB and jelly sands etc.

I am 27 weeks! I will post next week sometime with my weight etc. Maybe after my FIRST midwife appt next Thursday! LOL

I am super movivated lately! I am feeling the baby move ALL THE TIME and SO strong! I just LOVE it! I am so excited that it is getting closer and closer to the time where I am actually going to HAVE a newborn again! It seems unreal!

I am not tired of being pregnant at ALL but it IS exciting to think that I ONLY have 13 more weeks of the fight to keep this weight off! ON one hand that is a while yet but on the other hand it just doesn't seem like that long to me! That THRILLS ME! I am just excited to see how it all goes THM style.

Well,dh is almost home so bye for now!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am back again! After a long time of not being here! LOL Oh well.......Atleast I have pretty much posted every few weeks. That is not tooooooo bad for me! :)

I was 196.0 this morning. Not as low as I would like to be but I am pretty happy. That is only a 9 lb gain total this pregnancy so far. I am 26 weeks today. I looked back at my old posts and I was happy to see that I haven't gained anything for the last 6 weeks! Even longer really because my weight is *up* right now. Just last week it was 190. I think it won't stay up this high for long. Just one of those flucuation things!

I am feeling GREAT and eating GREAT! That makes me very happy! I am also continuing to workout. I bought a 20 lb kettle bell to give a little increase now and then from my 15 lber! I have not used it yet as I have not exercised this week. I hurt my knee (nothing exercise related at all......just one of those weird things) a couple of days ago so have not exercised. It is getting better though so I want to try the new bell out tomorrow or the next day!

I thought this post was GREAT............10 great tips to make Trim Healthy Mama EASY.

I am going to do a post like that here pretty soon with the things that I have found helpful!

I ordered a bunch of maternity clothes that I was SO excited to get...I had to return them all! They were all too big! I ordered LARGE and I was swimming in most of them! I was bummed BUT on the other hand thrilled!

I am continuing with my body brushing (several times a week) and have also begun taking cold showers! I take my regular hot shower and then finish it off with an ICY cold 5 minute shower. (This is where I also rinse the conditioner out of my hair..GREAT for my curls!)

After my shower I rub down from head to toe with olive or coconut oil.

My skin is SO amazing.

Cold showers are rough (although you DO get used to it!) but they make you feel just fantastic when you step out of them! The health benefits are tooooooo many to list! GOOGLE it! You will be convinced to give it a go! (maybe!) LOL

That belly picture was from a few weeks ago.......Maybe even a month? I will try to get a recent one up soon!

Well,I have more to say but not tonight! Hopefully I will be back tomorrow!

Saturday, May 25, 2013



Yeah!!!!! It was wonderful to see it going down today! But tonight is DATE NIGHT LOL. I SO want it to NOT go up again! I am planning to be EXCELLENT today and not cheat too much tonight.I hope it stays down!

That's all!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Another great yesterday AND today!

I am updating my food for yesterday AND today cause today is over and I just got done eating my last thing! LOL Plus,I won't have to fit in updating tomorrow...Except for my weight. I will hop on to post my weight.......And maybe a bellly picture if I have time!

Pre-pregnancy weight-187
Yesterday's weight- 196.4
Today's weight- 196.4

Not down but not up!

Yesterday's food!

Breakfast- (S)Egg wrap with cheese/racnch on a low carb tortilla.
Lunch- (S) Chicken peanut salad
Snack- 1 TB peanutbutter and 1 lemon muffin w/cream cheese frosting
Supper- Mashed cauliflower with butter/cheese/bacon bits and one low carb quesadilla (cheese)
Dessert- Tiny bit of chocolate mousse........It was ok. I ended up having 2 small drinks of dh's milk shake LOL. It was so delicious! LOL

Did a killer 10 minute full body exercise and I am sore today!!! :)

I did NOT repeat the circuit at the end 2-3 times like she said! LOL Not with being pregnant. I definitley will though after this baby is born! (CAN you believe I will be 24 weeks on WED?)

Today's food!
Breakfast- Egg wrap like the day before!
Snack while visiting dh at work and taking him lunch- 1.5 servings of cashews,1/8 of a Glazer doughnut (dh forced me), a couple drinks of cappuccino.1 cheese stick.
Lunch -(3:30) 1.5 recipes of Cottage Berry Whip
Supper-FP meat wrap w/ Laughing Cow Wedge.......1 portobella mushroom stuffed with cream cheese/cheese/bacon bits etc. I did have 2-3 Sun chips and about 1 tsp of regular honey mustard on my wrap.

Dessert- Cottage Berry Fluff! LOL

Cottage Berry Fluff

1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
stevia to taste

Blend all together until fluffy.

That is the recipe out of the THM book but I always add vanilla to mine and top with a little Fat Free Redi-Whip! This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!! AND it is a FUEL PULL!!!!!


My meal plan for the next few days!

Tomorrow (SAT and DATE NIGHT)-

Breakfast- Cottage Berry Whip

Lunch-Loaded Fotato Soup
Snack-Smoothie with lots of coconut oil (not sure what kind yet).
Supper- (NOT THM LOL) Nachos (loaded),Chocolate mousse pie,NORMAL sugar coffee and some other yummy snack....Not sure what yet.


Breakfast-FP Lemon Meringue Greek yogurt
Lunch-Cheesy asparagus (on my timeline) and 3-4 oz grilled chicken
Snack-Peanut butter skinny chocolate with nuts
Supper-FP salad
Dessert- I am leaving this open but it WILL be on plan!


Breakfast- E pancakes with strawberries/greek yogurt/Redi-Whip
Lunch-Cabbage/grilled chicken/teeny bit of p butter and braggs/cayenne

Snack- Leaving it open but ON PLAN
Supper- Ground beef alfredo over broccoli
Dessert- Whatever I am in the mood for this FP!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Excellent day yesterday!

Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight-197.6
Today's weight- 196.4

Food journal from yesterday

Breakfast- (S)Eggs,cheese,bacon bits and ranch bacon mayo on a low carb wrap.
Lunch- (S)Sauteed cauliflower,peppers,grilled chicken,bacon bits and cheese.
Supper-(S) Smoked sausage,saur kraut,cheese and ranch bacon mayo on a low carb wrap.
Snack- 1 TB peanut butter
Dessert- Coffee with cream and Redi-Whip and peanut butter pudding (with Redi-Whip!)

It feels like SUCH an acccomplishment to go to bed at night KNOWING that I had a perfect day!

I am aiming for another one today!

I did not exercise yesterday which wasn't good but I will be doing a GOOD workout today for sure! We tore into our basement yesterday and organized ALL of the clothes! That is SUCH a relief to have that done! Today we will be doing a lot of planting in the garden,that will give me some extra exercise!

Have a great day today!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Slight set back.........

After doing EXCELLENT all day,my dh calls me and tells me that his boss is ordering pizza and having us over for supper!!!!!!

So......The evening was pretty junky. I had 2 pieces of pizza,3-4 barbeque wings,some caramel corn,a few chips,about 1/2 a root beer (can),2 pop tarts and I think that's it.

It could have been MUCH worse but it could have been SO much better! And of course my weight is up today!

The first part of y day WAS great though! I did have an E meal for breakfast and then a snack of pineapple and strawberries later that might have put me  a TINY bit over the carb limit but then again,maybe not. It was only a SMALL amount of pineapple though. I also had a FP lunch so I bet that helped.

Pregnancy starting weight-187
Yesterday's weight- 195.8
Today's weight- 197.6

Oh well! I am GOING to have those times where I pretty much HAVE to go off plan. There is NO way that I could not eat. They don't have use over very often and there were NO other options like salads etc. So I am not too upset.

I bet the scales will be down again tomorrow!! I am doing great today!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I did GREAT!

Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight- 198.4
Today's weight- 195.8

RELIEF!!!!!!!! It is heading in the right direction!

Breakfast- (S) 2 eggs fried in a small amount of butter with 1 TB bacon bits,3 slices turkey/deli meat and 1/4 cup cheese.

Lunch- (FP) 1 cup cottage cheese and 4 large strawberries w/ 1/2 cup Fat-Free Redi Whip.

Snack- (FP) Fat blasting Frappa (after workout drink)

Snack - (FP) 1 cucumber w/ salt and pepper and 1 Swiss Laughing Cow wedge.

Supper- A DELICIOUS (S) salad! Romaine,3 oz grilled chicken,1 TB bacon bits,1/2 cup cheddar cheese,2 TB parmesean,Bragggs,salt/pepper/garlic,vinegar,2 TB olive oil,fresh guacamole,fresh salsa,sauteed peppers/onions/morel mushrooms. (I could NOT eat the whole salad LOL)

Desssert- (FP) Cottage Berry fluff w/ 1/2 cup Fat-Free Redi-Whip.

I did my Baby Bells kettle belll workout.

I drank an ACV drink and tons of water!!!!!! 

I am SO thrilled with my weight going back down! I was HOPING for about 3 poounds.

I got GREAT sleep last night too!

I am very happy with my first day. I am going to have another excellent day today! I felt WONDERFUL all day yesterday and ate so many delicious foods! If you have not tried the cottage berry fluff yet,you HAVE TO! It is so delicious! My husband had almost a whole QUART of a cookies and cream milk shake that I made him (OH! I did have the last bite out of the blender of THAT! I always do! LOL) and I had my berry fluff. I did not feel deprived at ALL!

I have a lot of outside work to do today so I will be getting even MORE exercise than my workout.

Off to eat breakfast now and start drinking!! I am super excited about the day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

We have had company!

Our friends were here visiting for two weeks. I did really good until the last few days and then did way too much snacking etc. My weight was 193 before those last couple days but this morning??????AFTER those last couple of days?????? Well,I was not going to post what it is but if I want to be completely REAL that wouldn't be right!

Today's weight???????

198 !!

That CAN'T be real weight gain!!!!!!!

I am more determined than ever to quit messing around. I will be

23 weeks

on Wednesday!!!!

I am getting WAY too close to 200 and I never EVER want to see that number again! I am officially (and SERIOUSLY THIS TIME! LOL) going to be super strict and healthy with my eating and see if I can get my weight back down to my starting weight of 187. Maybe I won't. As I have said many times before,I won't starve myself to reach that goal. But I REALLY hope to reach it by exercising/drinking and eating HEALTHY!

I have a midwife appt in a couple of weeks.......I haven't actually MADE the appt yet but it will be ATLEAST 2 weeks. My goal is to be back down to 187 by then! I also want to track everything I eat EVERYDAY until that appointment. That is going to be very hard for me as I am just not good at it LOL but I am going to DO IT! *JUST* until that appointment! It really helps me to watch what is put in my mouth.

I am going to be doing a pregnancy/modified version of their FP 2 week cycle. I am going to be cutting back the calories/fat and adding some more FP's into my diet. Not eating late at night,drinking lots of fluids,getting good sleep and exercising!!

I am going to go by how I FEEL. If I feel fantastic,I am going to assume that I am getting enough nutrition. IIf I am feeling weak at all or not good in any way I will up things.

That is the plan! I am EXCITED!

I REALLY hope that tomorrow shows a big drop in that 198 number!!!!!! That is HORRIBLE! That HAS to be water retention from all of the sugar I ate etc. We will see tomorrow!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thrilled !

After reading about proper squatting for the last 30 minutes I did a squat to see if my squatting was proper,if I COULD do a proper one etc.

It was perfect! My shins are vertical and my heels flat on the ground and I can easily do it! A small thing to be happy about but I am! :)


I am looking forward to a very fun weekend with my family and also friends that we have visiting!

Pregnancy starting weight....187

I cheated last night! I had a Hershey's bar,a cup of cappuccino and 2 cups of Fruit Loops. It was delicious and I was happy to not only see that my weight didn't go UP,but it actually went down! :)

I have been doing great with exericise. There has been one day this week that I only did HALF of my planned exercise but other than that,I have done it all!

Yesterday we did "Core Rythmys". It is a very fun dance workout. About 40 minutes. It is NOT modest. Another one that I don't do with my boys around! :) It is a good workout though! Not SUPER intense but good and FUN too!

We are having a cookout tonight with the children for family night. Hot dogs,baked beans,chips and roasted marshmallows. I won't be cheating though! :)

I WILL be cheating on date night though! (Tomorrow night) Actually,you know what? I am not going to call it cheating. Cheating implies that I am going against the "rules" and I am not! :) My "rules" are NOT to have NO sugar etc. but to eat it in moderation. So I am not going to call planned indulging CHEATING :).

I am feeling GREAT! I have absolutely no complaints at this point about anything pregnancy related! I just feel wonderful and it feels great to be eating so healthy and still keeping up with my workouts!

I have really been working hard on squatting MORE in the last year. I do tons of all different kinds of squats in my workouts but I have also been working squatting into my regular everyday life. It really gets me in the garden!!!!!! I get a GREAT workout when I squat to do everything! WOW!

Something I recently read bout squatting is that your heels should be on the ground.

Somehow I had missed that! I can tell that I HAD been getting on my toes when squatting down in regular,everyday life! I am not doing that now and there is quite a bit of difference!

Well,that's all for now!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hi! 21 weeks!

I am still here!

Starting weight 187

My weight this morning?
194.6 !!!!!! ahhhhhhhh LOL

Hoping that it IS baby weight and nothing bad. I have NOT been cheating though so that makes me happy!

I do not want to become obsessive about this weight thing. I don't want to spend the rest of my pregnancy being extremely worried about how much I gain. I mean,I want to worry about it,eat healthy and exercise but beyond that,I want to just let it go.

I am not overeating either and feel good about the amount of E/S meals that I am eating. I have approx 1 E meal a day. The rest are S. I don't at all feel that I am eating too many snacks or THM desserts either. I am drinking plenty of water and getting great exercise. I could use some more sleep! :)

I have been craving sweets much less and craving savory food much more. DON'T get me wrong! I still love my sweets!!!!!!!! LOL But I do crave them less. Last night I had cheese curds and a few strawberries (With a lil bit of Redi-Whip) for a snack instead of eating Lucky Charms like I wanted to! LOL It was delicious and it feels so good to know that I fed my body (and baby!) something HEALTHY instead of JUNK that just satisfied my mouth!

Speaking of baby........I am laying here on my bed,on my belly and the baby is moving all over! The movement is REALLY picking up now and that is so exciting!!!!!

I am going to try and get a belly picture loaded later. It is getting nice and round! :) I love this stage in pregnancy!

Well,off I go. I am hungry!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


My weight is STILL the same today........

Starting pregnancy weight 187
Weight today 193.4

Grrrrrrrr It is my fault though. It is UP because of cheating! If I was doing GREAT and it went up,that would be a different story but that wasn't what happened! Oh well,it is what I get! Here's hoping that tomorrow it will be down!

I changed my exercise since yesterday! I am getting tired of doing one hour at once. It is starting to bore me and when I start to get bored,I need a change! It is SO important for *ME* that I don't get bored!

It isn't so much the exercise that bothers me either,it is taking the whole HOUR when there is so much to do. I put it off and put it off!

Not to mention that I think short and intense is the way to go! Soooooo

Eat breakfast (Either an E or an S with coconut oil for energy) and then 1 hour later I will choose from my list of workouts. 10-20 min intense workout. I will drink a protein drink right afterwards (doing that now).

Lunch will be the same routine except I probably won't be eating E, but the S with coconut oil.

Then in the evenings I will do some warm-up ,stretching and deep squats.

I just started yesterday but it was SO nice and I really put my ALL into it KNOWING that instead of working out for an hour,I only have 10-20 minutes.

On the days that I do my Baby Bells workout I will skip the lunch workout because Baby Bells is 35 min long.

I am SORE from yesterday so the amount of exercise I did must have been GOOD! :)

Today I did:

Later today I will be doing:
(This one is not very modest and I don't do it in front of the boys.)


I don't feel like remembering what I ate yesterday but I did EXCELLENT all day except for the 1/2 cup milk shake that I had when I made them for everyone else last night.

I am going to start writing everything down on PAPER from now on so I can just copy it onto here. I am starting that today! It will make the food journal thing much easier!

I think I will go back to posting TODAY'S food TODAY before it is eaten. Then if something changes,I will update that the next day. I like having a plan for the day so writing everything down ahead of time will help!

Breakfast-Yogurt/pineapple/granola/protein powder. (Protein drink after workout)
Lunch- Tuna/green peppers/cottage cheese (Protein drink after lunch)
Snack-1/2 cup gluc pudding with Redi-Whip
Supper- Cheese quesadilla/large salad with ranch dressing (NOT a ton)
Dessert- Skinny chocolate sprinkled with walnuts and stevia sweetened coffee topped with Redi-Whip

We are having a date night tonight so the chocolate and coffee will be perfect! :)

My family will be having lentils for lunch w/ various toppings and Scott will be having quesadillas and salad with my with the addition of some HM garlic cheese french bread that I am going to make today.

I will probably make him some frosted brownies for dessert.

Well,that's all! I am going to have a GREAT day today!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

20 weeks ! Time to crack down!

20 weeks already! I can hardly believe it!

I am very excited........and SCARED too! Scared because I am starting to get into the time in my pregnancy where I GAIN. I have been able to do quite a bit of cheating in these first 20 weeks.Mostly in my morning sickness stage. But now I am getting to the point where I am going to have to be REALLY careful with my cheating or else I KNOW I will gain what I don't want to gain!


Instead planning the rest of my PREGNANCY out I am just going to plan the month of MAY. One month at a time! :)

1.Start taking my cod liver oil,chlorophyll and herb tea more faithfully! I really want to keep this an everyday thing for the rest of this pregnancy. THE MAIN thing with this is to take the cod liver oil in the AM and make my tea right away so it is READY. The chlorophyll won't be so hard because it is easy to pour in a jar with my water and I LIKE it.

2. WATER-I have been doing good with water but I want to keep it up!

3. EXERCISE- 1 hour a day 5X a week. I tried to do it on weekends because it helps to counter SAT night cheating but it is SUCH a pain in the neck to try to fit in with everything else. Plus,I get burnt out. A weekend break helps me to stay motivated during the week. I want to do about 1/2 strength training and half cardio. The other part of this goal is to get it done in the MORNING whenever possible! Putting off exercise is one thing I am really good at and then it doesn't get done.

4. EATING- I want to not cheat PERIOD except for SAT nights or special occasions. Then,to recover from those times I want to do a whole day of FP's the next day. I eat PLENTY of fat and carbs and I am NOT worried at ALL about some FP's now and then in pregnancy so no scolding please! :):) 

So that is it for May..............

I will hopefully be 187 on June 1st! :) Right now my weight is still up but hopefully that will change in the next several days. Today and tomorrow there will be NO cheating but then Fri and Sat there WILL be because it is my birthday and then date night. I am going to do REALLY well during the day though so it hopefully won't do much damage!

I honestly forget what I ate yesterday but it was ALL THM.No cheating. I did not exercise though.

I AM exercising today! It has officially been a WEEK off of exercsie. Time to jump back in!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick update!

I just wanted to say that I am STILL here and I have not quit ALREADY!!!!! LOL

My weekend was not good and my weight is still up but I am not discouraged! I have had a great day so far and I am hoping to see a drop tomorrow!

I also had a few random things to say.......

I made choco/coconut pudding and choco/peanut butter pudding. They are both EXCELLENT! They are not AS FPish as the original recipes but still pretty much!

For the coconut I added a scoop of coconut cream and a spoonful of coconut oil to the mix..Oh and a scoop of protein powder!

To the peanut butter I just added a small amount of peanut butter.....


For a few months now my children have been drinking stevia sweetened lemonade. I haven't really tried it much because sweet drinks are not my thing (until it gets HOT outside!) for the most part. Well,the other day it was hot and it sounded good....Let me tell you that this stuff is WAY better than the LIfe/zero water you can get and it is JUST as good as Fair lemonade! LOL Fair lemonade is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite! It does not have the delicious sugar crystals that I love but the flavor is JUST as good! It is one of those things that stevia truly does taste just like sugar with!!!! You have to try it! (Lemon juice,water,stevia.....Make it to your own taste.....Don't ask me for a recipe!!!! LOL)

Well,that is all for now. I hope to have a regular update tomorrow!

Friday, April 26, 2013

VERY irritated!

19 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight -190
Today's weight- 192!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday's food journal

Breakfast- (E)My regular oats but with Lucky Charms instead of oats.
Lunch-Tuna,veggies and cottage cheese (FP)
SNACK- (CHEAT) A bowlful of jello/Cool-Whip/cottage cheese salad
Supper-Out to eat and NOT THM! Deep fried mushrooms,fish,fries...A burger,you get the idea. I even had a ROOT BEER!
Snack- When I got home I had a few drinks of my dh's milkshake and 2 spoonfulls of PB w/ chocolate chips on them.

So yes,I did cheat yesterday but 2 pounds worth!!!!!!!!???????

Not to mention the fact that I was hoping that the 2 lbs jump from the day before would be gone! But not only was it NOT gone,the scales were up two MORE pounds!

I am REALLY hoping that this is not true weight gain. I mean,it really CAN'T be. 4 lbs in 2 days?

I didn't exercise yesterday. I am taking an exercise break until Monday. A PLANNED break,so I don't feel bad.

I didn't get all of my water down yesterday either. So yesterday wasn't really that great of a day.

NOR did I do my body brushing. I am going to just shoot for doing that 3-4 times a week instead of 7.

I am not UNmotivated. The going out to eat last night was planned. That is why I ate a FP lunch. The Jello dessert was NOT planned.

I am making myself some THM puddings today for the weekend and other than date night,I am going to do REALLY great this weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back again!

I am impressed with myself :). Three days in a row!

19 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy starting weight 187
Yesterday's weight 188
Today's weight 190 !

Yesterday's food

Breakfast- (E)Small amount of shredded wheat with yogurt/protein powder etc.
Lunch-  (S)SMALL quesadilla made with low carb tortilla. A bunch of sauteed veggies (peppers/tomatoes/squash) with a sprinkling of pepperoni and some cheese. 1/3 cup cottage cheese. A few bites of peanut butter with a few pieces of DARK chocolate in it.(60%) THis meal was FANTASTIC.
Supper- Sauteed cabbage with lots of coconut oil/butter,almonds,peanut butter,sesame seed.I had a THM style SMALL amount of a peanut butter/cream cheese mixture that tastes JUST like peanut butter pie, right after supper.

I drank my tea and water.

I did my body brushing routine.

Yesterday's exercise

10 minute arm workout with weights
10 minute ab workout
10 minute whole body workout.

(All youtube videos)

Then I did WATP (Walk away the pounds) for an hour. I jogged for part of the time. About 15 min.

My calves are KILLING me today! My abs and back are also sore from the ab workout.

I have NO idea why my weight is up!!! The only think I can think of is maybe muscle gain? Or water retention from sore muscles? I sure hope that is what it is!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good morning!

I decided that I would update what I ate the day AFTER because sometimes plans DO change!

19 weeks pregnant TODAY
Pregnancy starting weight 187
Today's weight was 188

Food journal from yesterday

Breakfast- (S) Salad and leftover cheeseburger pie. A few pieces of HM Reeses (THM STYLE!)
Lunch-(E) Banana oats (Chia,oats,protein powder,vanilla,salt and 1/2 banana)
Supper- (S) Chicken fajita salad
Dessert- 1 1/2 inch piece of a frozen Hersheys pie. It was my ds's and he wanted me to have a piece so I did! :)

I got my 2 quarts of water in but not my tea........I need to start drinking my tea FIRST in the day. It is brewing now. I am usually trying to get it brewed and drank at the end of the day.

Yesterday's exercise was:

Long and Lean floor work (30 min)
Has Fit pregnancy workout (15 min)
WATP 45 min. I jogged the first 15 minutes.

I did my body brushing/bath and oil rub down. I alternate everyday between coconut oil and olive oil. I know that this is going to be great for my skin!!

Well I think that is all for today!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello everyone!

It has been another LONG break again! Sorry! Maybe one of these days I will be a consistent blogger!

I REALLY want to do a better job in this second half of my pregnancy. I want to document CLOSELY what I eat as this is like an experiment for me. I can't wait to see how much I can actually control my weight gain by eating right and exercising!

I have FINALLY been doing GREAT again. I have had nearly 2 perfect weeks and really feel like I am on a roll now. Sooooooooo I say this very hesitantly...........I want to start blogging everyday (or most days) what I eat and how much I exercise. I know,I know........None of you believe me and that is understandable!!! LOL I am atleast going to TRY though! :)

Food journal for today!

Breakfast- (S) Salad and cheeseburger pie (Leftover from last night)
Lunch- (E) Strawberry oats (Chia,oats,yogurt,protein powder,vanilla,salt and a FEW nuts)
Supper- (S) Chicken fajita salad

My weight this morning was 188. (It is up one pound from my pre-pregnancy weight of 187 but I don't think it is true gain. We will see what the scales say this week!)

I will be drinking my 2 quarts of water and 1 quart of herb tea.

I will be exercising 1.5 hours. Today will be 30 minutes WATP (fast),30 minutes Billy Blanks  and 30 minutes of my Long and Lean pregnancy workout.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It has been way to long!

I went to a friend's house for a week and then my ENTIRE family got sick!!! Tummy virus! YUCK! Last night was the first night in a week that I didn't have SOMEONE throwing up! Horray!

I did NOT stick to THM while at my friends! Oh well though........My weight didn't suffer and I am back at it now!!!!! (For a few days now....I got home Friday night and was *pretty much* back at it by SAT evening.)

I am 13 weeks tomorrow! I have heard the baby's heartbeat and that is sooooo exciting! I am looking so forward to being less tired,working out more,eating RIGHT (with no ms to hinder me!) and seeing how well I can keep the weight off! The most non exciting part of my pregnancy is over! Yippee! Now is time to hear the heartbeat,feel baby move,start showing..........I am so excited!!!!!!

I am pretty much 1/3 of the way done!!!!!! Crazy!!!

Watch out extra fat! I am ready to hit this hard now that my MS is *pretty much* gone! I just can't wait to see what I am able to do with this pregnancy by eating right and exercising.

I have never had a pregnancy where I didn't eat LOTS of sugar/white flour/carbs!!!!!

I have never had a pregnancy where I did strength training. I did lots of aerobic stuff and just general working but never what I am doing now! I KNOW it will make a huge difference!

Well,that is about it for now. I am off to deep clean! Hopefully my posts will be more regular now!

Friday, March 1, 2013


I am having a hard time getting back on plan!

I am eating *pretty* good.I am actually eating REALLY good compared to my OLD habits. It isn't that I am just eating all kinds of junk or anything.But compared to THM ways,I could definitely improve.

My sickness is SO much better but I still have *sick* times and at those times I have a harder time eating what I should.For instance,instead of eating scrambled eggs with cheese,I will put the eggs/cheese on a wrap with Barbeque sauce. A REGULAR wrap,not a low carb wrap lol. So the wrap AND the sauce is off THM plan but it still isn't TERRIBLE.Stuff like that.

Whenever I go *off* my plan for any reason,it is NECESSARY for me to stick with it 100% for a while when I start it again.After I have done excellent for several days I can start to have my cheats here and there and don't feel like I am hurting anything.Last night we had brownies and I wasn't motivated to NOT eat any cause I wasn't really on plan yesterday.This morning I wasn't motivated to NOT eat any because I wasn't on plan yesterday :). See what I mean? lol

So I KNOW that it is NECESSARY for me to at some point say "Ok,I am BACK to my PLAN 100%! Even if I don't always feel good!" I just need to take that step!

I am visiting a friend next week from Mon-Fri. I will be eating what they serve but making it THM style as much as possible. I don't want to go there feeling like I have not *started* yet though or I am MUCH more prone to cheat throughout the day! When I am on plan and have several good days under my belt? I am not even tempted to cheat for the most part.

So I am thinking...........Should I start NOW? As in right NOW? :) Get a few good days in me before leaving on Monday? My weight is back up to the 188-189 range.I expected it to do that.It always does when I lose.I am staying out of the 190's though! That is excellent! I was bouncing between 188-191 and now it is 187-189. I don't want to gain any weight from bad eating though! Why should I put it off? I really don't think I can use sickness for an excuse anymore.It is NOT that bad and I am sure it will get better everyday.

I am just rambling here!!!!!! lol I think I will say "I don't care if I already ate a brownie today.I am going to IGNORE it and start eating on plan NOW."

We are going to a soup/salad bar thing tonight which is a big treat for our family. See,when I am on plan I wouldn't even think twice about not cheating. I can EASILY go to something like that and stay on plan.But when I was off plan? I was already thinking of it as a hassle to stay on plan and already planned on cheating a little with some bread etc. if I wanted to. The mentality is SO huge! When I am motivated,nothing can stop me.When I have been off plan? I have small motivation. The VERY nice thing is that I eat SO SO SO SO SO much less sugar/breads bad foods than I used to! Even when I am off plan! That is just wonderful!

All of this to say.............This is IT! I am officially BACK on plan! I am not waiting until MONDAY or waiting until NEXT Monday. I am bad at that....."I will start Monday" stuff.:)

I am going to log my food here too.Just for a week or so while I get into the groove again.

I will be 12 weeks this coming Wednesday!!!!! Good-Bye and good RIDDANCE morning sickness! I am oh so amazingly thankful that I am not one of those ladies who is sick the entire pregnancy.

My plan for today......

Breakfast-Brownie......A SUPER small brownie though (with Cool-Whip!!!!! GASP).
Snack(restart)- 1 egg with nutritional yeast and some sauteed veggies.
Lunch-Sauteed cauliflower with cheese + some sort of protein shake.
Supper- Soup and salad buffet.
Dessert-Probably none as I am really not craving sweets at all right now.

LOTS of water (with minty chlorophyll in some of it! YUM)
Exercise today will be my Baby Bells workout I think and then some dancing with the girls.

I am already thrilled to be back at it!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


It is nice,quiet and RELAXING here right now so I thought I would write some!

I am feeling LOTS of motivation and excitement about really cracking down on eating and working out. I have been doing REALLY good but I am still fighting sickness so that makes it hard at times.

I have a brand new supply of groceries after going shopping yesterday, AND my house was cleaned SPOTLESS from top to bottom by my amazing dh and boys when I got home!

So I am just feeling VERY motivated to get myself back into gear in all areas! Keeping my house clean,keeping on our schedule,school,exercise and just LIFE. Being sick sure has a way of sucking the life out of you! LOL

I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday!!!! It won't be long until Lord willing,we can hear this sweet baby's heartbeat!!!!!!

So along with my motivation, my love of PLANNING is coming back LOL. I am getting my plan fresh in my head again!

Body brushing- I have slacked off with this since I have been sick but I am starting up again! 3-4 times a weeks is my goal,followed by an olive oil rubdown.

Water/tea- I am finding that I can get lots of water down without feeling sick if it is ICE water and ESPECIALLY if it has fresh lemon squirted in! I really want to start drinking my nettle/raspberry/mint/green tea and I want to add my chlorophyll into it,making a nice green and minty drink.Over ice? I don't think it will be bad at all! 1 qt a day of the tea/chlorophyll + 3 quarts of water. I am still nursing so I need to drink lots.

Exercise- Wonderful exercise!!!!! :):)

MON- AM-Long and Lean standing work plus stretching.(30 min) PM-  15 min dance/cardio.
TUE- AM- Baby Bells pregnancy workout (40 min) PM- 15 min dance/cardio.
WED- AM-Long and Lean floor work plus stretching.(30 min) PM- 15 min dance/cardio.
THUR- 45 min to 1 hour of  whatever the girls and I decided to do.
FRI- 45 min-1 hour of whatever the girls and I decide to do.

Food- Trim Healthy Mama style!!

Sleep-Always trying to get more!!!!! LOL

I want to take another picture tomorrow for my sidebar and I am excited to see if I can tell a difference! :) The last picture I took I was 36 lbs down and now I am 45.

Well I guess that's it! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Measurements ! (10 weeks!)

I am 10 weeks and thought it was about time that I get my measurements recorded as that is the main way I will be keeping track of my fat loss throughout this pregnancy! Once I start gaining baby weight,the scales won't be a very good measurement of how much FAT I am losing etc.

First,here are my measurements from the VERY beginning! ( a little over a year ago) It is always fun and motivating to compare!!!!!

Left arm -13 1/4 
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52
Rear- 49
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-16
Bust- 42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49
Left knee-17 3/4


Left arm- 12 (1 3/4 inches lost!)
Waist (at bra level)- 35
Waist (belly button)- 39 1/2 (9 1/2 inches lost!)
Hips- 43 ( 9 inches lost!)
Rear- 44 (5 inches lost!)
Right upper thigh-25 1/2 (2 1/2 inches lost!)
Left calf-14 3/4 (1 1/4 inches lost!)
Left knee- 15 (1 3/4 inches lost!)
Bust-39 (3 1/2 inches lost!)
Forearms- 10 

That is a total of 34 1/4 inches ! I have no idea if I should double the thigh,arm,knee etc. measurements since I lost that many inches from EACH but in this figure I didn't double it.

I measured a few weeks ago and my measurements were kind of STUCK just like my WEIGHT has been stuck for the last few months. But TODAY I finally say a difference! My THIGHS have been stuck at 26 inches for the last 3 months bu they are DOWN to 25 1/2! My calf is also down to 14 3/4!! I am THRILLED! I KNEW my legs felt smaller!!!!! 

The above picture was at 8 weeks and I never got it posted. I will probably post another one like this at 12 weeks and keep it up once a month. That is what I wanted to do anyhow :).

I am making a meal plan today for this next week! I feel pretty good today and so that motivates me! I can't wait until I start loving food again! I can't stand to cook right now.

I did my kettle bells workout today and I am SO excited about keeping this working out up throughout this pregnancy.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nevermind!!!!!!! LOL

In my last post I said that I was down to 186.......This morning I saw 185!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO shocked!

Anyhow,that's all! I just had to come and post that!

45 pounds GONE!

10 weeks

I know I haven't been around much! I still have MS and while I am doing MUCH better,I still don't have a whole lot of motivation to blog! I am getting my exercise in about 2-3 times a week.Not as much as I should be but I know that will change when I feel better!

For now I am happy and guess what????? The scales went down!!!!!!! After 3 months of being stuck at 187,I was at 186!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I got off and on the scale 3 times and it stayed the same! So that thrills me to be 1/4 way done with my pregnancy and I am down a pound! Granted,I NEVER gain this early but It makes me feel good!!!! :)

I am no sticking with THM at this point 100%. I am just trying to eat healthy.I AM still eating THM sometimes (Like this morning,I am going to have Muffin In A Mug for breakfast with Redi-Whip) BUT I am not so worried about sticking to the S and E plan perfectly. I am eating a lot of crossovers basically.

I weigh everyday and definitely plan to keep that up throughout this entire pregnancy! I don't want to fall into the habit of ignoring the scales because I don't WANT to see what I weigh. I am going to FACE it lol and make sure that my weight gain stays under control.(I am really hoping to gain VERY little but we shall see!)

Well,that's all for now. I am off to take a hot bath and weigh........:) Then breakfast! Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Morning Sickness

It got the best of me. I lost ALL motivation to eat healthy and exercise. I decided to just forget trying to follow THM until after the sickness was done.

After eating way to much JUNK I have had enough.I am DONE with it TODAY. So many times I just eat the food that sounds tolerable (and protein always sounds grose) and I end up feeling SO weak and shaky because of tooooooo much sugar and carbs. Even though I don't eat that much........I am just not getting enough protein along with the carbs.

I am NOT doing this!!!!

Yesterday I walked my dh up to his truck (up our long and steep driveway) in the COLD.

I had started to feel bad already before we left (6:00 AM) and I was worried about how bad I would feel by the time I got back.(He drives truck and I was going to go with him on a short,local run.) I couldn't bare the thought of eating though so I didn't.

I felt FANTASTIC by the time we got to the top and I continued to feel that way until about 9:00-10:00 AM that morning!!!!!

I am feeling bloated and fat from the junk food. I just can't stand it anymore.

I am going to start every weekday AM out with a 20-30 minute prenatal workout and then do a short workout in the afternoon too. (15-20 min) That will put me at around 45 min a day.

It feels so great to have my motivation back again!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am STILL in the midst of my morning sickness but I am determined to stick this out!!!!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013


And we are having a wonderful day! I LOVE Mondays! A BRAND new week. A fresh start!

My meals for today and tomorrow.I did great on Saturday and REALLY great on Sunday!


B-Cookie Bowl Oatmeal
S-Skinny Chocolate w/ a swirl of pbutter and sprinkling of pecans.
L- 2 low carb tortillas stuffed with chicken,lettuce,cheese,ranch,braggs etc.Fat blasting Frappa
S-THM Pancakes topped with yogurt and peaches
D-Mouth watering meringues


B-Muffin in a mug (but in the oven lol) and Fat blasting Frappa
L-Cajun cottage cheese + Chunk Cream Pops
S-Choco pudding w/ a spray of Redi-Whip
S-Baked chicken,cheesy cauliflower/brocolli and Oopsie Roll garlic toast
D-Greek yogurt w/1 tsp all fruit

Today I exercised and it felt great!

I did a 15 minute power workout + minute Tiffany Roth ab workout followed by a 10 minute WONDERFUL arm workout. It feels so good to be kicking the exericse into high gear again!

I ordered two pregnancy workout dvd's.Both were recommended in the THM book and I can't WAIT to get them! They sound JUST my style. I am REALLY going to work at building muscle in this pregnancy.I am so excited to get these!

Morning sickness is starting to show it's sweet little head a little bit. I am hoping thaat with my new way of eating and the fact that I can so easily get extra protein in my shakes/smoothies that maybe I might be able to keep myself feeling pretty good! We shall see!

This pregnancy is like a big adventure to me. I have 7 other pregnancies to compare it to. SEVEN pregnancies that I ate pretty much the same in and gained 50-60 lbs each time. Now I am eating SO very different and exercising more than I ever have in my life. I can't WAIT to see all of the differences! I have ALWAYS felt wonderful in pregnancy but I am thinking that I am going to feel even BETTER in this one!

I am going to post a pregnancy update every month that includes my measurements,my weight,my symptoms,my thoughts on the way I feel this pregnancy vs other pregnancies etc. etc. I want to really document the differences that I just KNOW I am going to have. I want it for my own records and also to encourage others. I BELIEVE in this way of living and even though I have no PROOF to show yet,I just know it IS going to happen.

I have realized lately that I think I AM eating too much fat. I am trying to fit in more FUEL PULLS,not too many though. I will always make sure that I get enough calories for a healthy pregnancy.

I am NOT getting enough water! I love water but I am having the hardest time remembering to drink it!

HMMMMMM what else? I don't know. I am going to post another post either tonight or tomorrow with my month 1 pregnancy stats. It is a bit late but oh well. I will be ready to post month 2 here in a week!

I have refrained myself from weighing!!!!! We will see what the scales say Thursday!!! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amazing milk shakes!!!!!

We are AMAZED at the milk shakes we have been drinking!

Almond milk
Cream cheese
Protein powder

I blend everything together REALLY well and then slowly add enough ice (while the blender is running) to make it thicker and frozen but not so much that it makes it ICY instead of creamy.

Last night we added peanut butter.

These are really unbelievable!!!!! They are *S* of course and they make such a delicious dessert!

Todays food log

Breakfast- Brussel sprouts,mushrooms,onions sauteed in butter along with eggs and 1/2 piece sprouted toast
Lunch-FP smoothie and a lemon cheesecake dessert that Abigail made up
Supper- Sausage sandwiches with oopsie rolls.(The rest of the family will have sausage stir fry w/ rice)
Dessert-Skinny chocolate with peanuts or maybe the nut slab? Not sure yet

I did not step on the scales this morning! lol

I am sore from exercise yesterday which actually feels GREAT!

I am also motivated to exercise again! That was quick! I was UNmotivated yesterday but it only took actually DOING it and then listening to some good music to get me rolling again! lol

We WERE going to do 30 DAY SHRED but changed our minds because we love dancing too much. SOOOO we are going to dance today WITH weights lol. That will help make it intense!

Hmmmmmm what else?

I am almost CERTAIN I had my first experience with nausea yesterday. I am not even 6 weeks but I was emptying scraps and I felt that sick feeling that I ONLY get in pregnancy.

I am very excited about being able to use protein powder in this pregnancy. I always crave juicy fruit.....Like CRAZY. It is very hard for me to get enough protein because I just get so sick at the thought of it. Then I feel WORSE.

So Big boy type smoothies w/ protein powder sound SO wonderful!!!!!! Maybe I will be able to NOT be as sick ! I am excited!

Well,I am off!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sick of seeing the same numbers!!!! lol

I have done so ridiculously well for the last 3 weeks and my weight just WILL NOT budge!

I know that I am pregnant and all but with the sugar and other carbs that I have cut out of my diet I can't BELIEVE that I would not lose weight.

I am getting SICK of stepping on the scales and seeing the same number! lol

SO,I have decided to only weigh in once a week. Thursdays. Only for now! I am definitely a "weigh yourself everyday" person and I especially want to watch my weight VERY closely when I hit my weight gaining point in this pregnancy but for now,once a week it is!

Maybe my body just has to adjust,I don't know.Or maybe I AM losing fat but am retaining water. I do feel bloated a lot.I want to measure myself and see.Ok......I measured myself and that was depressing lol. NO inch loss.

I am going to fit more Fuel Pulls in and try to eat more E meals.

Maybe the fact that I am having the HARDEST time jumping back into my exercise routine. I stopped when I got my cycle in December and then there was Christmas,we had company,then I found out I was pregnant etc. etc. I HAVE exercised,but NOT like I should be! I am determined to finish this week like I should! 30 min every day MON-FRI. No,I didn't exercise yesterday. I got caught up in a cleaning spree and could NOT stop lol.

Today's food log

Breakfast-Egg whites w/ parmeasean cheese, 1 piece of sprouted toast w/ 1 tsp butter
Lunch-Bean and  turkey ham wraps (low carb tortillas) I will eat 2. They are really small.
Supper-Some kind of *S* salad.
Dessert-Vanilla yogurt w/ peanut butter granola

If I need it? Big boy smoothie or some GLUC choc pudding. I may also have some coffee w/ dh tonight.We stay up together on Tuesday nights and get a Bible study together for the study that we have with our older children on WED nights. We usually have coffee and some kind of dessert sooooooo.

I have not logged my food here like I wanted to but I promise that I am doing the plan every day (except for SAT) just about 100%! Even on Saturdays I am cheating MUCH  less than I was. I am still sticking to plan in SO many ways.

I guess I will just keep adjusting,adjusting,adjusting my life until I am LOSING. Whatever it takes!! No worries for those of you who are thinking "SHE IS TRYING TO LOSE IN PREGNANCY??????".

Yes........It happens all the time. There is no way it is going to hurt the baby if you lose weight because you are living HEALTHIER than you previously were. I will NOT be cutting calories or doing anything silly. I am planning on losing because I am eating SO much better.

I can't WAIT to get my book back!!!!!!! I have not been trying new recipes because I lent my book to my SIL. I should get it back today or tomorrow! Horray!

Oh,for my exercise today I am going to do 30 min of Billy Blanks "This is Tae BO".

That's all for now!