Monday, January 28, 2013


And we are having a wonderful day! I LOVE Mondays! A BRAND new week. A fresh start!

My meals for today and tomorrow.I did great on Saturday and REALLY great on Sunday!


B-Cookie Bowl Oatmeal
S-Skinny Chocolate w/ a swirl of pbutter and sprinkling of pecans.
L- 2 low carb tortillas stuffed with chicken,lettuce,cheese,ranch,braggs etc.Fat blasting Frappa
S-THM Pancakes topped with yogurt and peaches
D-Mouth watering meringues


B-Muffin in a mug (but in the oven lol) and Fat blasting Frappa
L-Cajun cottage cheese + Chunk Cream Pops
S-Choco pudding w/ a spray of Redi-Whip
S-Baked chicken,cheesy cauliflower/brocolli and Oopsie Roll garlic toast
D-Greek yogurt w/1 tsp all fruit

Today I exercised and it felt great!

I did a 15 minute power workout + minute Tiffany Roth ab workout followed by a 10 minute WONDERFUL arm workout. It feels so good to be kicking the exericse into high gear again!

I ordered two pregnancy workout dvd's.Both were recommended in the THM book and I can't WAIT to get them! They sound JUST my style. I am REALLY going to work at building muscle in this pregnancy.I am so excited to get these!

Morning sickness is starting to show it's sweet little head a little bit. I am hoping thaat with my new way of eating and the fact that I can so easily get extra protein in my shakes/smoothies that maybe I might be able to keep myself feeling pretty good! We shall see!

This pregnancy is like a big adventure to me. I have 7 other pregnancies to compare it to. SEVEN pregnancies that I ate pretty much the same in and gained 50-60 lbs each time. Now I am eating SO very different and exercising more than I ever have in my life. I can't WAIT to see all of the differences! I have ALWAYS felt wonderful in pregnancy but I am thinking that I am going to feel even BETTER in this one!

I am going to post a pregnancy update every month that includes my measurements,my weight,my symptoms,my thoughts on the way I feel this pregnancy vs other pregnancies etc. etc. I want to really document the differences that I just KNOW I am going to have. I want it for my own records and also to encourage others. I BELIEVE in this way of living and even though I have no PROOF to show yet,I just know it IS going to happen.

I have realized lately that I think I AM eating too much fat. I am trying to fit in more FUEL PULLS,not too many though. I will always make sure that I get enough calories for a healthy pregnancy.

I am NOT getting enough water! I love water but I am having the hardest time remembering to drink it!

HMMMMMM what else? I don't know. I am going to post another post either tonight or tomorrow with my month 1 pregnancy stats. It is a bit late but oh well. I will be ready to post month 2 here in a week!

I have refrained myself from weighing!!!!! We will see what the scales say Thursday!!! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amazing milk shakes!!!!!

We are AMAZED at the milk shakes we have been drinking!

Almond milk
Cream cheese
Protein powder

I blend everything together REALLY well and then slowly add enough ice (while the blender is running) to make it thicker and frozen but not so much that it makes it ICY instead of creamy.

Last night we added peanut butter.

These are really unbelievable!!!!! They are *S* of course and they make such a delicious dessert!

Todays food log

Breakfast- Brussel sprouts,mushrooms,onions sauteed in butter along with eggs and 1/2 piece sprouted toast
Lunch-FP smoothie and a lemon cheesecake dessert that Abigail made up
Supper- Sausage sandwiches with oopsie rolls.(The rest of the family will have sausage stir fry w/ rice)
Dessert-Skinny chocolate with peanuts or maybe the nut slab? Not sure yet

I did not step on the scales this morning! lol

I am sore from exercise yesterday which actually feels GREAT!

I am also motivated to exercise again! That was quick! I was UNmotivated yesterday but it only took actually DOING it and then listening to some good music to get me rolling again! lol

We WERE going to do 30 DAY SHRED but changed our minds because we love dancing too much. SOOOO we are going to dance today WITH weights lol. That will help make it intense!

Hmmmmmm what else?

I am almost CERTAIN I had my first experience with nausea yesterday. I am not even 6 weeks but I was emptying scraps and I felt that sick feeling that I ONLY get in pregnancy.

I am very excited about being able to use protein powder in this pregnancy. I always crave juicy fruit.....Like CRAZY. It is very hard for me to get enough protein because I just get so sick at the thought of it. Then I feel WORSE.

So Big boy type smoothies w/ protein powder sound SO wonderful!!!!!! Maybe I will be able to NOT be as sick ! I am excited!

Well,I am off!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sick of seeing the same numbers!!!! lol

I have done so ridiculously well for the last 3 weeks and my weight just WILL NOT budge!

I know that I am pregnant and all but with the sugar and other carbs that I have cut out of my diet I can't BELIEVE that I would not lose weight.

I am getting SICK of stepping on the scales and seeing the same number! lol

SO,I have decided to only weigh in once a week. Thursdays. Only for now! I am definitely a "weigh yourself everyday" person and I especially want to watch my weight VERY closely when I hit my weight gaining point in this pregnancy but for now,once a week it is!

Maybe my body just has to adjust,I don't know.Or maybe I AM losing fat but am retaining water. I do feel bloated a lot.I want to measure myself and see.Ok......I measured myself and that was depressing lol. NO inch loss.

I am going to fit more Fuel Pulls in and try to eat more E meals.

Maybe the fact that I am having the HARDEST time jumping back into my exercise routine. I stopped when I got my cycle in December and then there was Christmas,we had company,then I found out I was pregnant etc. etc. I HAVE exercised,but NOT like I should be! I am determined to finish this week like I should! 30 min every day MON-FRI. No,I didn't exercise yesterday. I got caught up in a cleaning spree and could NOT stop lol.

Today's food log

Breakfast-Egg whites w/ parmeasean cheese, 1 piece of sprouted toast w/ 1 tsp butter
Lunch-Bean and  turkey ham wraps (low carb tortillas) I will eat 2. They are really small.
Supper-Some kind of *S* salad.
Dessert-Vanilla yogurt w/ peanut butter granola

If I need it? Big boy smoothie or some GLUC choc pudding. I may also have some coffee w/ dh tonight.We stay up together on Tuesday nights and get a Bible study together for the study that we have with our older children on WED nights. We usually have coffee and some kind of dessert sooooooo.

I have not logged my food here like I wanted to but I promise that I am doing the plan every day (except for SAT) just about 100%! Even on Saturdays I am cheating MUCH  less than I was. I am still sticking to plan in SO many ways.

I guess I will just keep adjusting,adjusting,adjusting my life until I am LOSING. Whatever it takes!! No worries for those of you who are thinking "SHE IS TRYING TO LOSE IN PREGNANCY??????".

Yes........It happens all the time. There is no way it is going to hurt the baby if you lose weight because you are living HEALTHIER than you previously were. I will NOT be cutting calories or doing anything silly. I am planning on losing because I am eating SO much better.

I can't WAIT to get my book back!!!!!!! I have not been trying new recipes because I lent my book to my SIL. I should get it back today or tomorrow! Horray!

Oh,for my exercise today I am going to do 30 min of Billy Blanks "This is Tae BO".

That's all for now!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I think I truly believe it after 4 positive tests!!!!!!! lol

Yes! Baby #8 is on the way! We are so excited!!!!!

Maybe this explains why I have not lost any weight yet even though I have been doing SO well on the THM plan!!!!

I am so VERY excited about a pregnancy the THM way! I am also very happy that I have taken care of myself SO well this last year. I am not at the weight I wanted to be at but I am not terrible either. I have been working out all year so I can EASILY keep that up in this pregnancy! I am super excited to see how fit I can stay. I am REALLY hoping to end this pregnancy at a lower weight than I am right now. NOT by dieting or cutting nutrition,I would NEVER risk the health of my baby! I am hoping to do it by eating extremely healthy and working out my entire pregnancy. NOT just walking but REALLY keeping up the intensity in my exercise. I have been researching and there is NO reason at all that a pregnant Mamma has to quit working out!

So.......A slight change in plans but a very welcome one!!!!! I am listing my goals for this pregnancy below. I want to be able to come back and see them later.

1.Eat minimal sugar/white flour.THM plan all the way except for the occasional special treats on date night and other occasions. I am still going to be very careful though to stick with plan for the most part,even when I cheat.

2.End this pregnancy in the 180's. I ended my very first pregnancy at 198. This will be my 8th pregnancy and considering where I started (187),ending in the 180's would be beyond fantastic!!!!!!

3.Lose inches! I know I will gain baby weight but I want to be toning and losing excess fat in the rest of my body at the same time! I want to end up in BETTER shape at the end of this pregnancy (inch wise) than when I started!!!

4.Exercise faithfully including LOTS of deep squats. I have been on a mission for the last year to get my entire body toned and fit,there is NO reason that pregnancy has to interupt this.

5.Get excellent sleep. This is a HUGE issue for me that I am determined to change.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick update

Because I just happen to have time today!

My *cheat* day yesterday went GREAT! I only had a few small treats and the rest of the day I was on plan! My weight was NOT up today!!!!

I have to rave on the S granola in the THM book. We added peanut butter to it and  had it over vanilla greek yogurt. It was simply too good to be true! lol Peanut butter granola and vanilla yogurt is on of my favorite foods. I can't believe that I can still eat it and it be healthy!!!! Definitely a keeper and I promise you,the yogurt and granola actually tastes SUGARY!

I am looking very forward to getting back to working out this next week! I only did 3 days last week and then decided to take a break because I was so dead sore!!! Usually I just press through it but this time I didn't! lol I plan on hitting every day this next week!

Hmmmmmmmm what else?

We are making HM Andes mints right now. Skinny chocolate on the bottom + skinny chocolate on the top minus the cocoa and with the addition of mint extract and green food coloring! Hey,the way it looks is half of it!! lol

I am looking very forward to Thursday weigh in. I hope hope HOPE I see 186!!!!!! (185 would send me over the moon).

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sorry I missed a couple of days!

Now I have tooooooooo much to say!! lol

I was not down to the 187's yesterday........

But I was today :)


I am thrilled about that!

I made the "Tummy Tucking Ice Cream".It was DELICIOUS but next time I will use ALL cream.No almond milk. I would havther only eat it in an S setting then have it be icy. The flavor was wonderful (I made chocolate/walnut) but I want it creamier.....And I have PLENTY of cream soooooooo:).

Swansons Vitamins is an excellent place to order from! I got my order sooooooooo fast!

NuNaturals Stevia is..............UNbelievable. No more Truvia buying for me lol .NuNaturals has NO aftertaste. Truvia is good but it has an aftertaste sometimes that I do NOT like. NuNaturals is just amazing and I am so excited about it!!

I got my chlorophyll and cod liver oil........I even got my (nasty) red wine! (But not from Swansons lol.)

I got so sore from the kettle bell that I took a break.I am in love with it though. It is different,fun and boy does it EVER get your core!!!!!! I can't believe it! My abs were SO sore! (Along with my legs,shoulders and just everything! lol)

I did the SPEW all the way through!!!!!! And that was even AFTER I finished a kettle bell workout! I just kept going even though I was on fire. I wanted SO bad to be able to report on my blog that I did it! lol

We made the "Special Occasion Chocolate Cake" (which is actually not a chocolate cake.....It calls for chocolate frosting though.)

It was not a cake IMO lol. I think it would be a great substitution for corn bread and it was OK tasting but it just didn't taste like a cake.

We made lemon AND mint pudding! Very good!

I made HM Almond Joys by layering skinny chocolate in a muffin pan with a coconut/almond/coconut oil/sweetener/vanilla/salt in the middle.FANTASTIC!!!!!! (AND beautiful!)

Food log for today

Breakfast-Egg white omelets
Snack-Gluc pudding
Lunch-Pancakes w/ greek yogurt and strawberries
Supper-Pan bread sandwiches. (Deli meat,laughing cow,veggies)
Dessert- Peanut butter cookies w/ dark espresso chocolate chunks

The dark chocolate is just one of our favorite candy bars from the local co-op. Organic,72% with espresso beans. There won't be a ton of it in the cookies but it is going to be SO good!

We are doing E all day today except for dessert.It is family night tonight. The rest of the family will be having regular peanut butter cookies.

hmmmmmmmm well I really should sign off for now. OH!

Tomorrow's breakfast sounds sooooooooo delicious!! Greek yogurt w/ S granola! I am off to make it now. I can't wait to try it!!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday and the best "S" salad.

I just HAVE to tell you about this salad we have been making.

Lettuce,cauliflower,sun-dried tomatoes (not too many),almonds,cheese,baked dark meat torn into pieces (WITH SKIN),cottage cheese,bacon bits,olive oil,braggs and a little bit of ranch dressing.

This flavor combination is just unbelievably excellent lol. I could eat it and eat it.You have to try it!!!

Today my sour dough starter is ready! I can't wait to make the bread. I have attempted sour dough bread a few times before but never liked it.In fact,it tasted rotten/horrible/nasty lol. I KNOW that sourdough bread does NOT taste like that so I am REALLY hoping that I just did it wrong and that it is going to be delicious! I am determined to like it lol.

Today's FOOD

Breakfast-1 peanut butter cookie lol +2 eggs fried in coconut oil,sauteed cauliflower topped with cheese.
Snack- Fat Blasting Frappa
Lunch-Fuel Pull Salad
Snack-Home made chocolate
Supper-Trim Healthy Pancakes (Gonna try these on dh too!)
Dessert/Snack-Just like Wheat Thins and some kind of yummy smoothie.

I keep not getting to make the "Just Like Wheat Thins" crackers. I hope I get to it tonight!

I am SORE from the Kettle Bell workout.Not TERRIBLY sore but my legs ARE sore! I am happy!
Today I am going to do this one.......(BTW I dot believe that is the same guy in the pics nor do I believe you can get in that kind of shape in 3 months!lol)

Well,I think that is it for now! Have a great day everyone!!!! My ds (7) just brought me my breakfast that he made HIMSELF! :)He is so proud!

Monday, January 7, 2013

SO many things to say!!!!! lol

First of all.........I did great Saturday.You know,I had planned a cheat night for every SAT night.So,Sat night came and I did cheat.I had cheesecake,apple danish and a few other snacks.I had an excellent supper (even pretty much on plan!).

The thing is? The whole night I kept thinking "I can't wait to get back to my THM eating!" lol I mean,I enjoyed the stuff I ate but it was almost like I was just eating it just because I should because it was cheat night. So...........

Drum roll please.............

I am NOT having any more cheat *nights* ! I can't belive I am saying those words! I have been determined to keep my cheat nights.Just NOT willing to let them go.The thing is,there are SO many wonderful foods and sweets that I do NOT feel deprived! I don't feel the need to have an evening to just chow down on whatever I want! Isn't that great????

I AM going to be more liberal on Saturdays but I am not just going to go totally off plan.Liberal,not hog wild.

I am VERY excited about this!!!

I am also announcing that if something comes up,like my dh brings me chocolate (like he did last week) I *will* be eating it. He will NOT be happy if I get so fanatic that I won't eat the chocolate that he brings me :). I figure that just eating a sweet here and there if the situation comes up is a whole lot healthier than totally eating tons of sweets and junk on Sat nights. I would also like to log my food over the weekends and then,if I don't get to posting it (which I probably won't) I can post it on Mondays.

So good bye cheat nights!!!!! I really don't need you anymore! :):)

My weight DID go up a little bit after that cheat night but it is going back down again at a very nice pace and I can't wait to see what Thursday's weigh in brings!

Next........I am FINALLY getting around to making my order from Swansons Vitamins today! I am getting the glucamannon,NuStevia,2 big containers of protein powder,cod liver oil,chlorophyll and maybe a couple of other things.I am so excited!

We are also going to start drinking dry red wine.Amazing stuff! I would love to choke down 4-5 small glasses a week.We will see if I manage it! lol

KETTLE BELLS! lol I got one with my Christmas money. 15 lber and I did this workout..........HA! lol I am SORE! It was fun,fun,fun but I can FEEL it!!! I LOVE IT! I can see myself becoming hooked!

Oopsie rolls.........The look really good! I am getting ready to have one for lunch with some salmon and other S sandwich toppings.Salmon is not my favorite but it is tolerable.The bottom picture is the gluc pudding (choc and vanilla layered) along with some of the rich chocolate fudge and Ready-Whip. It was good but I could not finish it. I am finding that desserts that have to be REALLY sweet? I don't like the taste of the Truvia. There have only been a FEW that I get that real strong Truvia taste in my mouth and I very much dislike it. I had to wash it down with a squirt of straight Redi-Whip lol. Usually it isn't like that but a few things were just tooo much Truvia after taste.

My food today

Breakfast-1 piece of HM sausage,1 egg, 1/2 avacado S
After workout drink......1 8 oz cup Big boy smoothie
Lunch-Oopsie roll with salmon filling (mayo,seasoning,cheese,onion etc.) S
Supper-Fuel pull salad
Dessert-Yogurt w/protein powder and strawberries TOPPED with the coconut whipped cream
Snack-Just like wheat thins

I may have a FP snack between lunch and supper too.......Not sure what it will be yet. :)

Well,I think that is it!

Friday, January 4, 2013


Food log for today

Breakfast- Leftover cheeseburger pie,2 eggs and one light/white muffin. (S)
Lunch-Big Boy smoothie w/ a slice of frozen cheesecake added in. (S)
Snack-? Some kind of Fuel Pull
Supper-Chicken salad (E)
Dessert-Mouth Watering Meringues (FP)
Snack-Greek pudding (FP)

Yesterday we did not end up having the "Like Wheat Thins".I hope to try them soon.We also had the meringues that have the nuts and coconut added to them instead of the "Mouth Watering Meringues".

I took my meringue cookies and added cheesecake on top of them and put a few crumbles of super dark chocolate on top of that! Delicious!

The avacado pudding? I made that last night.......Dh said it was disgusting. I say it is OK.I am about to find out what my boys think lol. I am HOPING they will want to eat it! lol BRB

DS 7? Nope lol
DS 5? He says YES. We will see if he eats any later lol.My children have a habit of saying "Yes Mamma it is good!" (Because they don't want to hurt my feelings.) Me'"Do you want some more???" Them "No thank you!" lol
DS 3? He is at the table eating it lol.

DS 14?

The Light,White muffins are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

The Cheeseburger pie is DELICIOUS! We had it with a big salad last night. Asbolutely excellent!

I have my sour dough starter going. I have done it before and it didn't work out very well. I am REALLY hoping that it works this time! This is day 3 soooooooo

My dh brought home a Symphone bar last night and said that it was "For us to eat together...." lol. I was fully prepared to eat some if I had to (and enjoy it) but he ended up eating the brownies that I made him instead! lol (REGULAR brownies!)  So I didn't have to cheat! I did NOT want to cheat and I was NOT craving the chocolate BUT if he did want to eat it last night I was going to eat it and enjoy it. He will NOT like my new way of eating if it means that he can't bring me chocolate! :) (He doesn't do it often enough to be a problem.)

It is still sitting up there by the coffee pot lol. We probably WILL eat it tonight. We will see! :)

I am very much looking forward to making a bulk order for a bunch of grains/nuts/coconut oil/protein powder/glucamannan etc. soon as we get the money! I did find some GLUC from my local co-op.It cost an arm and a leg but I had to try it. I am using it very sparingly. I also have protein  powder that I LOVE that I get locally but it is too expensive to use often.

Exercise today will be...........


I already did my morning body brushing/bath/olive oil rub. I am feeling GREAT!

I am sort of nervous though.....IS this REALLY going to work? Will I really be down in weight next THursday?

I was 189.4 yesterday at weigh in. I forgot to post that.

I would be ecstatic if I were 187.4 or actually 187. ANYTHING lol next Thursday!

Well,I guess that is all for now!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yesterday's food

Breakfast- 2 protein muffins

Lunch-Handful of pork rinds and cheese

Snack-Walnuts with peanut-butter/sunflower/coconut oil dip

Supper-Chicken/veggie soup w/cheese,sundried tomatoes and sour cream

Dessert-Coconut divines/peanut butter/chocolate fudge

Evening fuel pull-Cottage berry whip

Delicious day! :) I made real chocolate chip cookies for the men/boys of the house. I took my dh a big bite of cookie dough and he paused for a moment and said.........."Is this REAL cookie dough?" I said "YES" and he said "Thank you so much!!!!" lol He raved about them all evening AND today lol. I reassured him AGAIN that he would still be getting all of his regular desserts and that I was NOT going to try to get him to eat STEVIA desserts unless he LIKED them! lol He samples everything for me and is a really good sport about THAT lol. The other day I just HAD to try to put the Truvia in his coffee without telling him lol. I wanted a TOTALLY unbiased opinion. I had another cup ready and waiting for him lol. He took one sip and immediately I heard him say "Mamma..............." lol  For the most part he hates Truvia so far lol.

But he is in EXCELLENT physical condition so he doesn't need to like it! :) He eats very healthy for the most part. He does love his sugar though! (I don't know if I mentioned that I AM going to continue on with my FREE date nights where we can both enjoy whatever desserts we want. UNLESS I am not losing fast enough,then I might have to change that but we will see!)

Today's food

Breakfast- Healthy and Trim pancakes with skinny belly jelly (and a TAD of Readi-Whip)

Lunch-Loaded fotato soup

Snack-Just like Wheat Thins

Supper-Cheeseburger pie

Dessert-Cheesecake with leftover fudge

Fuel Pull-(If we need it) Mouth Watering Meringues


I skipped the SPEW today because I do not want to come to hate it lol. I get SO bored with the same workouts everyday. I will probably hit the SPEW 2-3 times a week.

Today we did 10 min of a hard BIGGEST LOSER dvd

Then this hard arm workout with weights.

Then finally......

We did each one hard and BACK TO BACK with no resting.

Quite an intense workout!!!!!!

Off to eat lunch now!! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What we have tried.......

My food log from yesterday.......Hmmmm I forgot to write it down lol. I hope I can remember!

Breakfast-Low carb tortilla w/ turkey breast and honey mustard sauce.(E)
Lunch-hmmmmmm I can't REMEMBER!
Snack-Skinny chocolate
Supper- Sauteed cauliflower/broc with cottage cheese/sun dried tomatoes +olive oil (S)
Dessert- Peanut butter squares (S)

DELICIOUS food!!!!!!

Ok.......Some actual recipes we have tried out of the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.

Savory Protein Muffins (221) DELICIOUS!
Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (232) OK
Fat Stripping Frappa (240) DELICIOUS!!!!!
Big Boy Smoothie(242) DELICIOUS!!!
Easy Peazy Cinammon Muffins (262) OK but the girls and I agreed that we wouldn't waste our Truvia on that again!
Fooled Ya Pizza (276) Delicious!!!!!!
Choco Pudding (366) Really good!!!!
Lemon Mousse (367) OK
Skinny Chocolate (371) Absolutely WONDERFUL!
Peanut Squares (377) DELICIOUS! Tastes JUST like Peanutbutter PIE! Even my dh said it was GOOD!
Ricotta Creme (378) OK
Cottage Berry Whip (379) DELICIOUS!
Mini chocolate cakes for Purists (382) DELICIOUS! We topped them with a peanut butter frosting.
Fridge Fudge (402) NOT very good! lol My dh was DISGUSTED at this stuff! lol He said it tasted like DIRT/HORRIBLE! lol Us girls didn't think it was THAT bad! lol
Party Salmon Dip (403) DELICIOUS!
Honey Mustard Dressing (412) Excellent!
Earth Milk- GROSE!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years day!!!!!

Here's to a brand New year!

Last year,on of my resolutions was to get FIT. Well,this NewYears day finds me 40 pounds lighter than last NewYears day and also a lot stronger. I am proud of myself for sticking with it.I have never done that before but as I have said all through this last year,this is a LIFE change for me,not just a "diet".

BUT........I wanted to be down MORE than 40 lbs by now! I am HAPPY with 40 lbs but I wanted to lose a whole lot more.

I am convinced that SUGAR has been the culprit in making me lose SO slowly. I have just been keeping it in my life tooooooooo much. So for now,until I am at my GOAL,bye bye sugar *except* for date nights. I need to have that one day a week that I can eat what I want.

I am devoting this next year to trying the "Trim Healthy Mama" way of eating. I do NOT want to quit after a month or two. I want to give it a REAL go and see what happens.That is what I am planning.

I fully expect to have baby #8 on the way sometime in the next year((IF the Lord should see fit to bless us.) and that is OK because I can continue my plan WHILE pregnant! IF I should become pregnant,I will continue to eat right and workout and hopefully,end the pregnancy in a whole lot better shape than I started.

Only 10 more lbs until I am HALF way done with my weight loss.

I really can't believe that I had to lose 100 lbs at the beginning!!!

60 pounds to lose doesn't seem nearly as long of a road to travel as 100 lbs did.

I am doing GREAT with the body brushing BTW.

I also plan on logging my food here as much as I can.I will start tomorrow.

Bye for now!!!

If you are going to blog with me "Trim and Healthy Mama" style please leave me your blog link so I can add it to my side bar! I would love some buddies!!!!!!!