Monday, August 26, 2013

ALMOST 37 weeks! (WED)

I can hardly BELIEVE IT!

I am doing excellent with eating and exercising this week! I am determined to end this pregnancy with a bang and just do AWESOME these last few weeks.

Now, dreaming out loud........

If I deliver at 208 I will be at the same weight that I was when I delivered my 3rd child. That isn't as low as I WANTED to end this pregnancy :) but it will do!! :)  It will mean that I gained a total of  21 LBS. OH how I would LOVE to deliver at 207! LOL Or even better yet......206...That would out me at only 19 lbs gained! That sounds SOOOOOOOO good! I am never happy am I? LOL

But let's just say I end this pregnancy at 208.

RIGHT after birth I should easily be down to 195.

2 weeks postpartum should EASILY find me at 190.

That is only 3 LBS away from my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!!!!

So......2 weeks postpartum will be approx Oct 1. (Probaby later than that but I want to make it even.)

If I lose an average of 1.5 LBS a week in October that will put me at 6 weeks postpartum and the start of November at 184.

That is LOWER than my pre-pregnancy weight by 6 weeks postpartum.

And THEN I will be ready to GET AFTER IT!!! :):)

I just don't think that I will lose 2 LB a week consistently so just to be safe I am going to just say that I lose 5 LBS a month. (I would rather lose slower than faster because I am going to REALLY be working on toning and keeping my skin tight. PLUS I will be nursing a baby.)

Dec 1- 179
New Years day ? 174
Feb 1- 169 !!!!!!!!!!
March 1- 164
April 1- 159
May 1 (My birthday is the 3rd) 154 !!!!!!!
June 1 - 149
July 1 - 144
August 1 (Our 18th anniversary will be on the 20th) 130's????????????!!!!!

I say it is VERY POSSIBLE to be at or NEAR my goal by our anniversary next year!!!!!! That just makes me GIDDY ! And that is losing at a nice and slow rate.

I just had to dream a little tonight!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Good night!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

34 weeks!

Only 6 weeks left until my due date!!! Amazing!!

I am still at 20 lbs gained!!!

I was not exercising there for a few weeks due to being so busy.......Well,I exercised now and then but not very much. Well,I am back at it again and so happy with myself! I did have to tone it down some. Really fast exercises make me get round ligament pain and other pains. So I have decided to finish out this pregnancy with Baby Bells,Long and Lean and just plain old Walk Away The Pounds.

Mon- Long and Lean floor work + 3 miles WATP
Tue-Baby Bells + 3 miles WATP
Wed-Long and Leab standing + 3 miles WATP
Thur- Babby Bellse + 3 miles WATP
Fri- 3 miles WATP

That is 15 miles a week.  That is 90 miles in 6 weeks. I want to try to get 100 mile in before baby comes. I fully expect to go past my due date so I am planning to try and get 100 miles in before baby comes! When I DO reach it I am giving myself permission to stop exercising and start my REST period.That will last until whenever I feel comfortable to start exercising again, AFTER baby comes! :) It all just sounds SO exciting! A NEW baby and it APPEARS that I am going to be able to NOT gain too much more!! If I can keep it at this weight (or hopefully even get it down a few more lbs because it IS going down now that I started exercising again and I am being REALLY EXTRA careful to stay on plan),I will not have lost any ground in my weight loss journey!!!!! 10-15 lbs of  that 20 lb gain will be gone right at birth!!!! The next 5-10 will easily come off in the few weeks following birth! I am just GIDDY at that thought! I won't have 40 extra lbs to lose all over again! WOW! I just can't believe it!

I am going to FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.........Drink RRL/Nettle tea *consistently* for these last 6 weeks. I always say that I will do this in EVERY pregnancy and I NEVER do. (Not consistently) It is my goal to drink 1 quart every day of a strong RRL/Nettle infusion for the next 6 weeks (or until baby comes).

I have noticed an amazing difference in how I feel when I CHEAT. Every.single.time I have went off plan for a few days it is followed by a couple days of fighting heart burn. Can you believe that? I feel absolutely fantastic when I am on plan........Even with a few cheats now and then. Eating sugar in moderation does not make me feel bad. It is when I am just totally off plan for a couple days in a row or even ALL DAY for one day that I can REALLY notice a difference on. PROOF that eating this way makes such a huge difference!

Sometime next week I am going to start sewing newborn diapers......Maybe even this weekend :). I am also going to order baby a few new diaper covers. I am so excited!!

Well,I guess that's all for now!