Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost 33 weeks!

I haven't updated in a while! Sorry! I am doing fantastic though!

I will be 33 weeks on Wednesday and I just can't believe that!

My last midwife appt. was last week.

Baby is head down and I measured 34..............My heart rate,blood pressure,urine were all fine.

I am at 20 lbs gained total. I REALLY want to keep it at that!!!

I will update more tomorrow as I am falling asleep! LOL

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I was thinking about ALL of the changes I have made in the last 2 years (approx) BESIDES how much I weigh.

1. It usually doesn't phase me to bake sweets for the family or make a milk shake for dh etc. I am usually NOT tempted to have some.

2. I do not think about sweets NEARLY as much.

3. I about 85% less candy bars when I am in town etc.

4.I have probably doubled (atleast) my protein intake and cut junk carbs out by about 75%.

5. I eat TOTALLY different. Even good carbs.

6.I don't snack nearly as much.

7.I have ALWAYS loved veggies but I eat WAY more now.

8. I eat a lot more calcium because of so much Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

9.I have a totally different mentality about health/fitness. Instead of just accepting that my body would never be as good as it used to be,I am determined to make it BETTER and STRONGER!

10. Instead if making excuses,I am actually LIVING the way I believe is healthy instead of just preaching about it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

29 weeks tomorrow!!!!

Only ONE more week until I start the 30's weeks! :) It is absolutely NUTS to me that I am this far along and I am SO very excited to have another precious newborn and also to GET THE REST OF THIS WEIGHT OFF! I am hitting it HARD after baby is born and I can't wait.

It makes me SUPER DUPER happy though that I won't be starting from scratch but just continuing where I left off before pregnancy!

I did my Baby Bells workout today with my 20 lb kettle bell! It was ROUGH but not too rough! LOL Meaning,I did NOT push myself too hard but it WAS hard! It felt GREAT to finish and I was drenched in sweat. I made another exercise plan to finish this last trimester off! LOL I am so bad.......I won't even read back to see how often I have made new plans and then changed them etc. LOL.

MON-Long and Lean Floor
TUE-Baby Bells
WED- Long and Lean Standing
THUR- Baby Bells
FRI-Whatever I want to do.....About 30 min worth.

That is my AM workout that I am doing alone WITHOUT my sweet daughter workout buddies! It doesn't work OUT for them to exercise with me in the AM and they reallly don't care for those pregnancy workouts anyhow. They will probably do them with me sometimes but not most of the time. We will workout together in the afternoon.....Just for however long we feel like it. Short YouTube workouts or DANCING! We love to dance!

I have eaten wonderfully so far this week! Looking forward to a GREAT rest of the week! :)