Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We did a crazy challenge yesterday.

My girls/sister and I did:



That is,500 lunges on EACH leg!

I am so sore today.


We did a crazy challenge yesterday.

My girls/sister and I did:



That is,500 lunges on EACH leg!

I am so sore today.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NEW Biggest Loser Challenge!

I am SO excited/motivated. I plan on doing MUCH better in this next 12 week challenge than I did in the last 20 week challenge! I only lost 15 lbs in the last 20 weeks! My goal is to lose 30 lbs in the next 12.

I am kicking it up a notch *again*! lol the more I learn the more I change and the faster I lose. SO I am very excited to see what happens in the next 12 weeks!

Here are my plans! You will notice a lot of the stuff that I have already been doing but also some new stuff!

Lots of water. I want to make SURE that I get plenty of water.I LOVE water and drinking it is not a challenge for me but sometimes I DO get busy and forget.

Green tea. I want to drink a couple of cups a day.

Chia seed. I plan on putting 1 TB in my water bottle every night after supper to help keep those evening CRAVINGS at bay! Chia *really* makes you feel full and is so good for you too!

I am hitting the exercise HARD.My goal is 10 hours per week.It will be a mixture of cardio/weight training etc. Of course I would never keep up that amount of exercise for life but for now, while I am GETTING in shape, it is going to be FUN! The challenge is for 12 weeks but I will be taking 2 different weeks completely off from exercise during that time giving me a total of 100 hours of exercise by the time the challenge is over.I want to do 2 hours a day MON-FRI taking weekends totally off.

Low carb- My goal is to be under 75 carbs a day except for Sundays. Sundays will be lower carb because my FREE day is Saturday and that will kind of make up for it.

High protein- I want my protein to be between 75-100 grams.

Calories- 1500 Per day

Cayenne-I LOVE cayenne and have studied about it for years and years and years. It is one fantastic herb. I like to take capsules/eat it just because of it's health properties BUT I also found that it boosts weight loss! Perfect! lol I will be taking a capsule in the AM and also with supper.Not to mention putting it on my food (which I already do.)

Saturdays are my FREE days. I eat whatever I want and I fully intend to take advatage of that! lol

This is what I am planning......

Snack- High protein/no carbs/50 calories
Breakfast-High carb (30grams) with protein/400 calories
Snack-50 calories/5 carbs
Lunch-Lower carb (20) with veggies/protein/400 calories
Snack-50 calories/5 carb
Supper-Lowest carb (10) with veggies/protein/400 calories
Snack-150 calories/5 carbs

The last snack is where I might have a sweet now and then.

BODY BRUSHING- I really want to try and keep up on this!!!

Hoe-Downs - I want to try to fit in 2 sets of hoe downs each night before bed!

Well........That's IT and I do have to say that I was THRILLED to see my weight this morning but I am NOT telling what it is until THursday at weigh in! I weighed in this last Thursday at 203 sooooooo I am very excited to step on that scale on Thursday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I did it........Or I should say WE did it.My girls and sister exercise with me and it makes it SO much nicer! We make goals and I give everyone rewards.They are very much into health so that helps already but it is fun and motivating to have rewards too. The last one we did I told them that when we reached 100 hours of exercise we would go and get mexican and then go shopping.......We are hopefully doing that next week.We reached 100 hours several weeks ago but have been so busy.

Anyhow,our NEXT goal is to get 10 hours of exercise in a week for the next 10 weeks.If we reach that goal I told them we would go shopping and get a new outfit for everyone. It is fun to have them doing this with me and like I said,it is SO much nicer to have exercise buddies!!!!

SO yesterday we did........

30 Day Shred
Tae BO
Weight lifting

Very little walking though.....Most of the 2 hours was SUPER hard! I was so proud of us!

Today we do 30 Day Shred, boxing (Peak 8) and I don't know what else we will do.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I thought I would give a quick update. Nothing exciting going on but I am plugging away. These next 10 weeks will hopefully see me losing atleast 20 lbs. I am  joining a Biggest Loser challenge with some friends (I think I already said that in a previous post) and it starts Thursday. Well,the one that we are currently doing NOW ends Thursday too.It has been going on for 20 weeks though. I lost almost 20 lbs but not quite. That is NOT fast enough for this weight to come off.

I am going to continue doing everything that I have been doing PLUS cutting calories and a lot more exercise! I hope it does the trick!!

I would love to end this 10 week challenge at 180 ! That will put me at 50 lbs lost which will be HALF way to my goal. Sounds good to me!

Today we will be doing 30 day Shred,Tae BO and I think mayeb some weights. I haven't been doing so swell with weight lifting and that needs to change!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Monday we did one hour of exercise.(Zumba)

Tuesday we did 2 hrs and 45 minutes! (Insane Abs,30 Day Shred-Level 1,walked 4 miles and worked in the gardn for 45 minutes.I am SO sore today.)

Today I did a 10 min Tae Bo express video and worked in my garden for 4 hours pulling weeds,tying up tomatoes,hoeing,watering.....I am exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have done great with eating too.

That's it! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Up And Down

That is my weight lol.......

It was up a few pounds this morning after the weekend.

I was bummed but I snacked WAY more than usual this weekend so I guess it is what I get.I ate more sweets than I have in a while too soooooooo.

I am THRILLED that I am back at it today.I just got done with an hour workout and am feeling back on track again.I know that my weight will go back down easily enough.

I am stepping it up a notch for the next 3 months.......Or actually,a few notches lol. Time to really kick it into high gear.I have done good.....I am almost 30 pounds down,I have lost 25 inches and I am so much stronger.I am very happy BUT........

It needs to come off faster......Baby #8 could come along within the next several months and I want to be in as good of shape as I can possibly be in.I want to go into pregnancy working out hard so I can continue to do that for the rest of the pregnancy.

I am doubling my exercise.2 hours a day.This isn't something I would do for life but for now it fits......:) I am so super busy with gardening and summer stuff but I am just going to MAKE time for this.

I am starting another Biggest Loser challenge with on-line friends on the 19th and I am aiming to WIN this one :):).

Over an hour of exercise done today already and I am feeling great!

Friday, July 6, 2012

It just keeps melting off!

201 today!

I know that it can't continue to come off this fast but this is SOOOOOOO nice for a change!!!!!

MIGHT I see 199 tomorrow or the next day? ATLEAST in the next few days?????

I am very close to having 1/3 of the weight I want  to lose gone....That's pretty nice!!! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weigh In Day

I am down to 202 so that is 4 lbs total loss this week! I am thrilled.......

Just THREE more pounds until I am out of this horrible 200 weight......I have to fight being discouraged at how far I have to go.I have to fight depression that I EVER let myself GAIN this much weight!!!

I am more excited than ever because I KNOW this time that it IS coming off and I KNOW that it is going to stay off.I am excited that I no longer look at people in shape with a sigh while thinking "I wish I could look like that again...." It WILL look like that again.(If I have anything to do with it.) I am on my way and Lord willing........I am gonna look even BETTER than I did before having children! Meaning,not only do I plan on getting to the weight I was but I want to be even more muscular.

Well,that's all.....I hope to hear from some others soon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doing great......

I am down THREE pounds so far since last weigh in on Thursday!!!!!!

203 today! I couldn't be happier! Hopefully it does not go UP for some crazy reason before weigh in on Thursday! lol I am hoping it drops even MORE! It's about time I have a week with 3-4 loss for once instead of 1 lb per week! I HAVE had a few weks where I had a large loss but it is mostly 1 lb MAX a week.That gets old....On the other hand,I don't want to lose too fast so it's all good.

There are so many *little* changes that I have made and it hit me the other day that all of those little changes are adding up and making a huge difference! I am going the opposite direction now! Sure,it isn't going  to happen overnight but it *IS* happening! 3 more lbs until I am 30 lbs down......4 more lbs until I am going to see 199 !!!!