Saturday, October 31, 2015


I cheated a lot today while out to eat with DH and then to the mall.......Not only did I cheat, but I had a big pity party at the mall seeing all of the fit people.

Date night tonight..........Feeling better now.

Friday, October 30, 2015

I am changing my weigh in day..........

Tracy is weighing in on Friday's.......So I am joining her! It's fun weighing in on the same day with someone else! I KNOW I said Mondays.....But I changed my mind! :)

Goal #1 Not thinking of past mistakes (fitness wise.)

Doing great! I did NOT do so good last night food wise when I ate several NON THM lemon bars. I was tempted to let it get me down and kick myself and dwell on it etc. But I did NOT. I just got back up and kept going. I NEED to be able to do this. It would prevent SO many bad foods from entering my body! I tend to either have good DAYS or bad DAYS. And if a bad day is on a FRIDAY or SATURDAY.....I tend to have bad WEEKENDS! :)

SO, I am happy with myself in SPITE of the lemon bars!

Goal #2 NO SCALES except for FRIDAY weigh ins.

Good! OH! My weight was the SAME as the last time I weighed several days ago. That's really great because it stopped going UP!!!!!! ACH! That was terrible when it kept rising so much! AND it was after the lemon bar binge. SO I was happy!

What can I expect ? A quote that I have written on my wall where I can see it.

" Stop complaining about the results you didn't get because of the work you didn't do!"

Goal #3 Be happy with myself!

I have been doing great with this! I have been thinking about how GOOD my body has been to me. (Of course, GOD is to thank!) I have fantastic pregnancies and even more fantastic births. I have been told by both of my midwives that I am made to have babies. They are always amazed at how my births go. My body may love to grab ahold and store EVERY.SINGLE.CARB that comes it's way in pregnancy, but it sure makes good babies! And breastfeeding.......I've never had a problem one. So that is definitely something to be thankful for!

Goal #4  Priorities

I am extremely happy here! I had some wonderful Bible reading this morning and made a DELICIOUS menu. I got all of my groceries today and stayed in budget. My bootcamp for the family is going to get made this weekend . I am very happy!

Goal #5 Drink, eat, exercise and sleep.

Drink- OK....NOt real good because I was in town a lot of the day again! My wonderful water bottle got broken. I NEED to be more prepared when going to town. PART of it is that I need to NOT go to town as much! DH is the biggest reason I go too much though :). He loves me to bring him coffee/treats at work and VISIT him for a while.

Eat.....Did good. I had several helpings of nuts with some chocolate chips......But NOT many chocolate chips. Mostly nuts. I had more servings than I WANTED to. The problem was that I was getting hungry for lunch and was busy and had nothing FOR lunch. So that could have been prevented.

Supper tonight was not healthy. We had corn dogs. I got some chicken strips for me though and ate those with an avacado and just a LITTLE HM sauce. It was not on plan, but it wasn't frozen pizza either! I also did not eat very much.

Sleep.....Good! I've been getting pretty good sleep!!!! I am happy with that! And tomorrow I can sleep in! Yay!

Exercise.......None.......AGAIN. I am really hoping to be back to a better exercise schedule next week. That's my goal!

Well, good night!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

This is a "I love my babies so much" kind of day.

Don't you just love those moments when you look at your little ones and they are *so so so so so so so so so * CUTE and your heart just bursts? Yeah, it's that kind of day!

And you know what? ALL of this work to keep fit because of having 8 (working on 9) babies is WORTH IT! Not that I ever thought it WASN'T worth it, but you know........Sometimes you can have a pity party with yourself. Like when I think of ALL the weight I have had to lose over the years because of these little guys :). I hope I don't sound ungrateful! It's mostly when I compare myself to girls like Sophie Guidolin. Yeah, you probably don't know who she is, just like I didn't until a few days ago.

She's a body builder.
She has 4 children.
The last two were twins.
She looked like she never had a baby at 6 weeks.

Google her at your own risk because she loves to post pictures of herself in string bikinis. 

Anyway, I know it's STUPID to compare myself to her. We OBVIOUSLY have different priorities in life, and I wouldn't trade my life for hers for ANYTHING. But you know how you can beat yourself up in those personal pity parties. :)

Goal #1 Not thinking of past mistakes.

Doing great! I will tell you a little more about WHY I am so worried about not thinking about mistakes of the past.  What I am prone to doing is getting into the mode of "OK, now I need to make up for lost ground." I make these silly plans like "Nothing but green smoothies until 12:00 everyday , only veggies after that and NO sugar until I am down 10 LBS." or " Drink a green smoothie before EVERY meal and exercise 2 hours every day for 2 week."

THEN the plan is so miserable that I fail and eat a bunch of junk food while I think about how much I hate food and food issues. :)

THAT's what I am NOT letting myself do this time! :)

Goal #2  NO SCALES!

It's rough ladies! ROUGH! :)

Goal #3 Be happy with myself.

I go into my food co-op today to get Scott and I a healthy lunch. I was feeling all good about myself. :) Then I saw her......The gorgeous lady that looks just like January Jones. The one that I think is sooooo pretty and fit and I usually BEAT MYSELF UP and think "That's IT! I am not cheating or touching a DROP of sugar for 2 years and I am exercising 30 minutes after EVERY MEAL!"

But it was even WORSE today.........Why? Because she had a little TODDLER with her! She has a little one and she STILL looks that good! :) 

BUUUUUUUT today I didn't do it! I still think she's super pretty and she does motivate me. But I made myself think about what I am happy with about MYSELF, instead of think of my mistakes and what I don't have.

Goal #4 Priorities

Good.......I don't have anything exciting to say except that I am working on a bootcamp to make better habits for everyone in the house. Even me! :) (NOT my dh! lol) The children are sooooo excited! hahahahaha

Goal #5 Drink, eat, exercise, sleep.

Drink...Not so good because I was away from home unprepared. I am going to keep drinking tonight though and even make myself some tea.

Eat....OK. I did not eat on plan but I ate everything in moderation. I am very happy with the amounts I ate AND I ate mostly good food. VEry little junk. NO gorging at ALL.


Sleep.....Great! 7 HOURS! 

hMMMMM I was supposed to be reporting for yesterday! oops

Yesterday I DID exercise for 20 minutes! I did pilates! 

Well, that's all for now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday !

Good afternoon!

Goal #1 Not concentrating on past mistakes........

Doing fabulous! I am feeling so much better than I was a few days ago. Letting past mistakes drag you down is one of the worse mistakes you can make. It can paralyze you and make you not able to advance at ALL! It holds you right in the same place, making the same mistakes.

Goal #2  No scales until MONDAYS!

Doing great! I resisted the temptation to step on the scales today. I decided on Mondays being my weigh in /measure days because it is also the day I turn the next WEEK in my pregnancy.

Plus it's MONDAY and that just EVEN and it makes me happy:().

Goal #3 Be HAPPY with myself!

The thing I am thankful for today......

I am still shapely. Even though I weigh more than I want to weigh, I am not blobby. I still have muscle and that is what I will concentrate on today

Goal #4 Priorities

I didn't exercise yesterday and I didn't feel terrible about it. I DO plan on exercising today! I cuddled babies for an extra long time today and that makes me happy :).

Goal #5 Eat right, drink right, exercise and sleep.

I ate great yesterday except for a piece of NON THM banana cake that I ate in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT! I NEVER do that. I was hungry and I even had the THM banana cake that I made sitting RIGHT beside it  , but I chose the sugar kind. Oh well! Like I said, I ate wonderful the rest of the day. I ate SO much nutritious food. So I am happy.

I had lots of water but no tea.

I stayed up late, but I DID go back to bed this morning after DH left, so that's good!

No exercise........

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

*Big breath*

I am back for a while! :)

I am making no promises for how long, but I am excited to be back for not. I very much enjoy blogging and talking about health. It's motivating and I REALLY need the motivation right now! :)

Where I am at right now........

I am 22 weeks pregnant with baby #9.

We are thrilled!

But because of my cheating problem, I have gained 24 LBS already.

I am determined to stop the bad habits and begin making much better choices.

My goals:

1. Don't think about the mistakes (junk food) I made. Concentrate on from here on out.

2, Pay little attention to the scales. Weigh and measure ONCE A WEEK.

3. Be HAPPY with myself. Stop thinking about what I DON'T have and be thankful for what I DO.

4. Keep working on my life priorities, making sure that first things come first. DOING WHAT NEEDS DONE and not what the flesh wants to do. If I am doing this, I needn't worry when something does NOT get done, because apparently something ELSE needed done more.

How does this apply to fitness? Well, if I don't get exercise done because I was reading to my little ones, that's OK! But if I don't get it done because I couldn't get my lazy rear off FB, that's NOT ok!

5. Eat right (THM for the MOST part), drink right, exercise and SLEEP!

So, in SHORT terms:

1. Look ahead, not back.

2.Weigh and measure once weekly.

3.Be happy with myself.

4. Prioritize.

5. Food, water, exercise, sleep.

I would love to blog daily, updating in each category!