Monday, February 27, 2012

Weigh in and more!

Well,it has happened again....I am UP a pound from last week!!

Guess what though? I am not that bummed! I am 222.......Not 230! So it went up a little.....I know it will go back to dropping again!!

The great thing is that I am not discouraged at all! I have a new exercise plan......I was getting bored with the last one.(I have to change things around alot so I don't get bored! lol)

Mon-5 powerful WATP miles
Tue-Peak 8
Wed-Billy Blanks(1 hour)
Thur-Don't know yet
Fri- Peak 8

I am still doing my morning and afternoon 5 minutes ab stuff........

I ate plenty of sugar/junk food over the weekend but not NEARLY as much as I normally would and I ate lots of healthy food too! I didn't write anything down but I hope to keep doing better at that! I got a nice,new,pretty planner :) to keep track of everything so I am excited about that!

I have had a plate full of cream cheese brownies  sitting in front of me all day and it REALLY encourages me when I realize that I am not even tempted to eat any.It is encouraging to realize that normally I would have eaten on them throughout the day......

I AM making changes!!!!

OH! I forgot.......I am stopping the juicing for this week.Titus has been grunting and acting like he has a slight belly ache quite a bit......He doesn't cry and doesn't seem to be in pain,just fussy.At first I thought it was nothing but I decided to make sure.I am going to switch this week to eating small amounts of food often and I am also going to be drinking lots of bone broth/stock.I will see if he stops this thing or not and then add the juice back it if he doesn't.It could be nothing but I just want to make sure iykwim.

I walked my 5 miles today already.I am finding that WATP just isn't very challenging for me anymore so I added arm weights and that made a big difference!

hmmmmmm what else? I'm not sure but I am wondering where the rest of you went?????????? :):):)

We start the biggest loser challenge on MOMYS this week and that is exciting!!

Well,off for now!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Doing great! Keeping at it!!

Yesterdays food

Breakfast-Nothing.....No juice,just water until noon.
Lunch-1 egg with 1/2 cup rice and a little cheese.
Supper-1 open faced beef strogy melt with cheese.
Snack-Coffee with 2 truffles
Dessert-hm chocolate cake with caramel topping(big piece)

Exercise-Great! 1/2 hr upper body strengthening 10 min dancing
Morning and afternoon ab work-Morning no/afternoon yes

I am getting ready to exercise now so I don't have long........A mini date night tonight is in the plans and I am excited to have that time with my man!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I was happy to see the scales drop ALOT this morning again! :):) We will see what they say Monday though! lol I am SOOOOO close to reaching my first goal of 217! When I reach it,that will be Titus' weight G.O.N.E!!! Then just 6 more children's weight to lose lol......

Yesterdays food
Lunch-Cabbage/sausage/rice (2 cups)
Snack-1/2 of a nutterbutter sandwich
Supper-2 eggs and 1 piece toast

Exercise-NOTHING The roads were to bad to run hard for Peak 8 so I just skipped it.(Bad girl)
Tea-NONE lol
Morning and afternoon ab workout? NONE

I don't feel too bad about not getting the ab work in because it is not from laziness.It is from forgetfulness! lol I am giving myself a little mercy......Making a new habit is hard and I am not beating myself up about it because it is NOT from me telling myself "I just don't feel like doing that."

How I am feeling lately

GREAT! I am just feeling so wonderful and confident.I am much more *ok* with my body the way it is RIGHT NOW. Don't get me wrong.I am NOT ok with it the way it is right now for KEEPS lol. I am ok with it because I KNOW that barring a health problem or some crazy scenario,it will never be like this again.I am ok with it because I KNOW I am on my way to being in great shape.I am ok with it because I need to be content with what I have RIGHT NOW while at the same time,doing what I can to remedy the situation.Same body but I don't feel NEARLY as disgusted with it now that I KNOW I am NOT turning back.(With the Lord's help) I KNOW that I am getting thinner and well,it is what it is right now and I am content.I am doing what I can do and I know that I will keep cutting back/changing things.....WHATEVER IT TAKES, to get this weight off.

I am eating SO MUCH LESS sweets than I usually do.I actually feel like I have maybe changed a habit! I KNOW that I could fall back into old habits very quickly so I continue to be very careful.

My appetite is much less too........AND I am being SOOOO faithful with exercise.I am doing GREAT with doing what I OUGHT To do rather than having no self control.I thank the Lord so much for that.

I FEEL so much BETTER about myself!!!!

I am feeling pretty LONELY lately though ! lol (HINT HINT)

Is anyone still here besides Tanya?????? :):):):)

I have been chugging down gross (IMO lol) vegetable/fruit juice every day but TOMORROW I am going to juice Scott and I FRESH/STRAIGHT orange juice!!! Vegetable juice just isn't normal It is not right to be drinking celery/beet/kale/apple juice lol. Give me some orange,apple,pineapple or grape juice lol.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Breakfast-Juice :)
Lunch-2 eggs.1/3 cup fried potatoes and 1 SMALL hm/ww tortilla
Supper-Lots of cabbage with butter/1/2 cup rice/sm amount of sausage
Dessert-3 handfuls cheetos/1 bite of twix/1/2 c ice cream/2-3 bites of pb with marshmallow cream

Exercise-5 miles
Morning 5 min ab work?YES Afternoon 5? NO (I completely forgot!)

I hope everyone else is doing great!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday! Weigh in day!

I am down.........Not as much as before BUT I am down a WHOLE pound.:)

So 222

I was sort of bummed at first but I am not anymore.A pound is a pound! Atleast the scales did not stay the same or even worse......go UP!

I also ate more chocolate than I had been eating because of Valentines Day so a pound is pretty good!

The weekend was good.......I had my juice on Saturday but forgot on Sunday.....BUT I did still "fast" until well afternoon.I only had water......Dh had me get doughnuts in town and I didn't even have one when everyone else did! I did have one later but ONLY one.Date night supper was Parmesean Chicken with alfredo,angel hair,garlic toast and a large salad.FANTASTIC!!! We had some chocolate for dessert but not much.

Last night we had brownies and ice cream though so that was another reason I was still happy with a whole pound! :):)

Then today I unexpectantly got our chicks!! I did not even get to my juice so.......fasted again until afternoon but only on water.

I got LOTS of exercise in over the weekend walking with my sweetheart in the woods AND mucking out our barn!

My 5 miles for today are done along with my 5 min of my ab work,Today is the day I start my 10 min per day ab work.I am excited about that.

A few aditional changes I am making......

Along with keeping the juicing up I am going to:

Make lunch my largest meal and try to eat lighter at supper.
Part of that is to drink a super healthy smoothie at 4:00 to help decrease my appetite.
I want to try to not eat much past 7:00 on most nights.There will be some exceptions if dh and I stay up etc.
My 10 min ab work.........(5 min 2X daily)
TEA.....I want to get my green tea in!!!

So thats my update!!!! How did everyone else do???????

Friday, February 17, 2012


Yesterday's food
Lunch-Small salad and.........Store bought junk Thai rice noodle mix lol
Supper-Large salad and 1 bowl of hm soup-1 sm piece of bread w/ butter
Dessert-4-5 hm Almond Joys (mostly healthy)
Snack-I was soooo hungry a few hours after supper so I ate a leftover Valentines day Hot Pocket

About the Thai noodles.....I had bought two different kinds the other day.Remember that I mentioned that? This was the other package.Like I said before.......A rarity here so I don't feel bad.

I don't feel bad about the Hot Pocket either.I thought about it before hand and I was fine.We had 6 leftover and planned on eating them whenever we felt like it,We each had one last night.(I didn't finish mine....I shared 1/4 with Isaac)

Exercise-I got TONS of exercise in yesterday.I did that killer workout and THEN Scott decides that he wants me to go walking in the woods with him! We walked ALL the way down to our spring,up a huge hill and a half way around our property! (100 acres) It was QUITE a hike!!!! We have some HUGE hills....I literally had to hold onto roots/trees to pull myself etc. lol It felt great!


I wanted to also say that my little Titus is doing FINE! :):):) He is happy and a whopping 17 lbs! So he is gaining just FINE! :):):) I would post a picture if I could get some downloaded......My computer is having an issue right now and I am hoping Scott will fix it for me soon.I haven't mentioned it to him yet........

Well,it's family night! Off I go!! Be back tomorrow!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am SO



I did a killer workout today!!!!!!

I did the first 30 minutes of this...... (Netflix has it on instant watch)

Then did this 10 minute workout TWICE (Once per side)
(Watch out cause she has a sports bra on.....)

Then I cooled down by dancing for 5 min and stretched........

Every part of me is sore I think but it feels GREAT to have DID it!

Thursday and some excitement!

Good morning!!! I only have 10 min until I exercise so this will have to be quick!!

Yesterday's food

Lunch-Large salad with cottage cheese/cheese/nuts/hm olive oil dressing (oh and one handful of chips)
Supper-Several bites of salad.....One bite of breakfast pizza
Dessert- I ate my leftover Valentines chocolates (6-7)
Snack-Pretzels and a few chips

Exercise-Arm strengthening (1/2 hr) and dancing (1/2 hr)
Tea-none lol

I am SO SORE today.......STILL terribly sore from Tuesday's exercise PLUS yesterday's.......

Amanda.......Before I forget......Scott and I take showers together at night most nights.Hmmmmm I don't think I smell bad.I usually change my clothes before Scott gets home etc. and he says I smell good :).

CHALLENGE!!!! Who wants to join me? I have been thinking for a looooong time that I REALLY need to work a little extra on my abs.We are all having babies and I for one would like to put more effort into keeping that area in better shape.I have heard that the best things for your abs is to do a short workout a couple times a day so thats what I am doing.Something is WRONG if I can't spend 10 min a day to keep my abs in better shape.

5 in the morning and 5 at night..........SIMPLE! I plan on just doing each exercise until I can't do it anymore and then switch to the next one and continue for 5 minutes.It is HARD.Do whatever ab exercise you want but keep your abs working hard for 5 minutes.Anyone want to join me?????I am starting Monday and I plan on doing it every day except for Sunday.

Now for the excitement!!!! :):):)


These were my measurements from before......(The last two times I took them) I have not taken any measurements since my weight started dropping until today. Below in GREEN are my measurements from TODAY.

Left arm -13 1/4 ~13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4~35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49!!!!!!~ 47
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52!!!!!!~ 51
Rear- 49~49
Right upper thigh-28~28
Left calf-16!!!!!!! ~15 3/4
Bust- 42 1/2~42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49~45
Left knee-17 3/4~16 3/4

Left arm -13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)-45

Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-48 1/2Rear- 49~48 1/2Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-16!!!!!!! ~15 3/4
Bust- 42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-45
Left knee-16 3/4

Thats a total of 8 inches I have lost off of my belly/hip area and 5 of those inches are from the last 2 weeks........I am THRILLED! :):):)

Well,I better go for now........Time to exercise and we are doing a really hard kickboxing workout today!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hi ladies!!! :):):)

Did you have a happy day yesterday? We did !!! I am warning you now that I ate alot of chocolate and I don't feel bad at ALL :):).I planned on it!!

Breakfast- Juice
Lunch-1 lg piece of breakfast pizza on a hm crust (sausage/sauce/eggs/cheese)
Supper-1.5 ham and cheese HOT POCKETS lol
Dessert......Turtles,truffles,1/2 glass of wine

Exercise-1 hour......(1/2 hr lower body strengthening 1/2 hr dancing)
Tea- none (I am just NOT getting this in!!!!!)

I got Hot Pockets because Scott and I used to really like them and we just wanted something SIMPLE for supper that we could eat in our bedroom......They were ham and cheese and here I go again.....NASTY.I could not believe the texture of the cheese.Now I have never been a large,store bought Hot Pocket eater.I have only ever eaten them a handful of times in my LIFE but I always liked them before......

The chocolate was DELICIOUS though and I ate ALOT of it.....Oh....Probably a dozen turtles(a little larger than quarter size) and 2-3 truffles.

Today my weight was lower than it was yesterday so I was glad about that......

Right now I am eating a HUGE salad and it tastes SO good.I had my morning juice AND I exercised for an HOUR.(1/2 hr upper body strengthening and 1/2 hr dancing)

I hope everyone is feeling ENCOURAGED today!! I am!!! I am very close to reaching my first goal!! :):):) That is SOOOO exciting to me!!!!


I was talking to Scott on the phone today and telling him why I KNOW I will succeed this time......It is because I truly feel that it would be WRONG for me to eat/live like I have been eating/living in the past.I never thought that before.I do now.It is a bad example of a christian,wife AND mother in sooo many ways.

I am asking the Lord to help me.

He is!

Come on ladies!!

Do you want to be the picture of someone who can't control what she puts into her mouth?
Do you want to be so lazy as to not exercise?
Do you want to show other girls that being a mother of many children = being overweight/out of shape?
Do you think it is right towards your husband to let your body go because of lack of self control?

Yes,my husband loves me too just the way I am.He has never complained about my weight.That said,I sure do appreciate HIS body.I wouldn't jump up and down if he gained 50 or 100 lbs.Sure I would still love him but I sure do appreciate him keeping himself fit.

If I had gained this weight from lack of knowledge or from a health problem etc. etc. that would be entirely different.That's not the case with me though! I fully admit that it is because of my total lack of self control!

I am so excited to be living like I KNOW I should live!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I did NOT do good with eating yesterday........My weight was up this morning and it totally gave me a punch of depression that took a good part of the day (and finally talking to my sweet husband) to get over it!

I am officially fine now though......:)


Lunch-SM bowl of oats with nuts,butter and SM amount of sugar
Snack-CHIPS believe it or not.I was STARVING.
Supper-SM amount of rice with lots of cauliflower and butter/cheese/sour cream
Desserts-(all after supper) A few spoons of Nutella...Pretzels (large handful) 1 Snickers bar....Something else too but I can't remember.


Doing great.......Not much time as it's Valentines Day and we have big plans!! :):) (WILL TELL LATER)

I have done GREAT.....PERFECT today.I did 1/2 hr of killer lower body workout and 1/2 hr dancing.


I have to go though..........MUCH to do!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) Have a wonderful night ladies!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I did good with my eating and juicing yesterday!!!!

My weight todday?


So,I did go up a little over the weekend after that nice LOW reading! lol (220.6)

Thats fine though because guess what? That is still a 3.5 lb loss! I am extremely excited!!!!

I am doing great today.......I don't have time to post much right now as I am heading to town but I did just get done walking 5 miles!!!! I had my juice today and a good lunch! :):) I will be back later to talk some more! lol

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A few wonderful things!!!!!!

First wonderful thing......Yesterday I was 222.2 as I posted.I was REALLY hoping for 1/2 lb lost this morning but guess what????

220.6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have lost 5 more lbs this week already and it isn't even Monday yet!!!!!

Second wonderful thing....I stuck with my juicing today but the juice I drank was some kind of "Naked" juice from Wal-Mart.I KNOW that it is NOTHING compared to the juice I make but it is better than pop I am sure!!!!

Third wonderful thing.....I got some cookies for the children and I was going to eat one since it was past noon.I took one bite and instead of feeling my normal "I need to eat 3-4 more of these" do you know what came to my head....."I wonder if I will even be able to eat all of this......" I was TOTALLY and COMPLETELY satisfied with 1 cookie!!!!! ONE COOKIE!!

Fourth wonderful thing.....For the last several months when I run it causes me to have pain in my shins.....It always makes me feel sooooo overweight.Well,today I kind of jogged into the store and the pain is 75% gone!!!!

Fifth wonderful thing.......I have had ZERO negative symptoms of this morning fasting.I feel fantastic.I have plenty of milk and Titus seems to feel perfectly great.

Sixth wonderful thing.....I have a refrigerator FULL of produce and healthy food.I am so thankful to have such a hard working man.I have never,not in 15 years of marriage,not been able to get my groceries when it is time to shop.

Seventh wonderful thing.......Scott told me today that we have TWO cows getting ready to freshen!!!! One of them will probably be in the next week!! No more buying butter and milk!! Thank you Lord! This will be a huge savings to us and I will be SOOOO happy to have that super healthy dairy again!!!

Eighth wonderful thing......We are getting ready to order TWO HUNDRED chicks!!!! Black Jersey Giants.Scott is going to build a move able chicken pen like on *FRESH* and we are going to start implementing the chickens fertilizing our corn fields etc. At the end of the year we will sell and butcher 150 of them and have our freezer FULL of grass fed CHICKEN and keep 50 of them for laying and hatching out NEXT years chicks.

Ninth wonderful thing.......My rear end feels SERIOUSLY!!!!!! When I put my underwear on I can tell that they go up higher and fit looser lol.

Tenth wonderful thing.......Tonight is DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Beef nachos,chocolate delux bars,a new kind of wine cooler,3 movies (and Clear Play has filters for ALL of them otherwise we could never watch them......They are rated R and we would never watch a rated R movie normally, but with Clear Play,it turns them into rated G if you want!!!! SO neat!! I bought them on discount not knowing if they had filters.....If they would NOT have had filters it would have been a waste of money so I am soooo happy!!)

Yesterdays food log

Breakfast- JUICE
Lunch-2-3 SMALL pieces of pizza
Snack-1 piece of hm pbutter cup
Supper-2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon
Dessert-3-4 SMALL Cowboy cookies

Attitude-GREAT!!!!!!! lol

Friday, February 10, 2012


Food from Thursday......

Lunch-1 cup rice/buttter/vegies
Snack-Couple pieces hm (healthy) fudge
Supper-Pizza....2 pieces
Dessert-2-3 more pieces of fudge


I am really hoping to keep dropping by the weekend!! I am so excited that I only have 5 more pounds before I reach my FIRST goal which is Titus's weight lost....(my first 13 pounds!) I can't BELIEVE that!! I won't make it by Feb 12 but it shouldn't be too long after that! Hopefully I will be on track and still be able to reach my SECOND goal of 13 more lbs lost (putting me at 204) by March 18.We will see though!! :):)

I just got done eating my lunch of 2 small pieces of pizza (hm) and 1 piece of healthy fudge.I am totally stuffed.

What I REALLY love about this "method" is that I pretty much eat whatever I want and still

Well,Titus needs fed......:) I also haev 3 more diapers to make.I got NINE done so far today! Yippee!

FRIDAY!!!!!! I can't wait till my sweetheart is home!!!


I am down a WHOLE pound *again* this morning!!!

I started on Monday at 225 and almost every day it keeps dropping off.......Yesterday I was 223.2 and today.....

222.2  !!!!!!!!!!

My Appetite

I am really *floored* at how little I can eat.I have never been an over-eater (except when it comes to sweets) but NOW I can't eat much at ALL! I KNOW this juice fasting in the am is shrinking my stomach.

Last night I had 2 SMALL pieces of pizza (like 3"x3") and I could not finish them......I was so stuffed.

I will write more later about my food intake yesterday but for now,I HAD to report that loss!!! That is 8 lbs total gone in the last week & a half! Could I POSSIBLY reach 5 lbs gone this week???? I doubt it because the weekend is here but you never know!!! :):) I HOPE that the scales are *atleast* still at 222.2 on Monday.Instea dof going up.......

All of this without exercising since last WED! :):)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me again!! lol

I just wanted to say that I am so excited lol.

Tonight Scott was kissing me and hugging me.....When his hands were on my waist I felt SOOO thin! I can tell such a huge difference!

I got a mile in.......Scott had to stop and talk to a local farmer on the way home from work to discuss what they owed us for feed etc.

Guess what I did?

I KNEW he would be talking for a while so I took off walking and snuck into his big truck without him even knowing!!! lol

It is a mile of hills to this neighbors house and I went up and down them like *nothing*! :):) I felt so good!!

Anyhow,it was really fun.....He was shocked when he climbed up into his truck and there I was! :):) I left a few hints too that I had been there......and a few notes for him to find tomorrow....(*wink*) lol

Anyhow.....I was thinking today that by our anniversary in August(16 years!!!!) I could be (am GOING TO BE) in such EXCELLENT shape!! That is going ot be one of my anniversary presents to him....:)

Well,off for now......Tonight is a date night! :)


Good morning ladies!!

Guess what?

223.2 this morning!!!!!! Thats 2 lbs down so far this week.....Not as fast as it came off last week *but* I have not exercised at ALL since last Wednesday!!! I am having a REAL hard time starting to exercise again in the middle of the week and since I have had ALOT of diapers to sew,I just decided to take off until next Monday.

(BTW Brandy,my one order is sent out and I bought new fabric for your diapers and they are ALL cut out! I am sewing today!! They are sooooooooo beautiful!!!)

Anyhow........I am SO loving that the scales keep going DOWN.I have my juice every day and don't touch a bite of anything until noon.It is SO EASY.I make the juice at 6:00.I make it for both Scott and I.I drink around a pint,sometimes less.I do NOT like the taste at ALL so I just sit my juice and a big glass of water on the counter.I take a big swig of juice and then chase it down with several gulps of water.Easy!I stretch it out to last through the whole morning.

3 more lbs until I have lost 10 lbs!!

I definitely feel thinner already.Amazing how 7 lbs lost can make you feel so much thinner.


Breakfast-Juice :)
Lunch-Couple bites of ham/cheese and less than a cup of buttered beans
Snack-Green smothie with cranberries/hm yogurt/kale/bananas
Supper-1 egg/small amount of sausage and 1 piece of toast
Dessert-3 Dove chocolate squares and 1/2 a Whatchamacallit


Back to the juice again..........

I LOVE how much nutrition we are getting by drinking this juice.This morning it was loaded with Swiss Chard,kale,apples,carrots and celery.Yesterday it was all that PLUS brocolli.Imagine how GOOD it is for you!!!!

Sometimes I get pretty hungry before lunch.TRULY hungry......Not just feeling like eating food but I can tell my body is hungry.I just KNOW I burn alot of fat during this time!Ihave no intentions of stopping this for atleast a few months.We will see if I still keep feeling good and see how the baby keeps doing too but I really hope to be able to continue!

Is anyone feeling discouraged????? Don't give up!!! Keep pressing on and the weight will come off!! You just have to find out what works! Look how long it took for me to start dropping! Come on ladies!! You have to do this!

Do you want to be an example to young ladies all around that being a mother has to mean being overweight and out of shape?

Do you want to keep your body in shape for your husband?

Do you want to be able to run,jump,move and just LIVE while feeling GREAT?

Do you want to be healthy in your old age?

Come on! Don't let food have control over you.........If *I* can do it........YOU can do it!!! (Don't worry......I am not so confident that I don't pray every day for the Lord to give me the STRENGTH to keep this up.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am behind!

So sorry ladies!!!!!


Breakfast-Juice :)
Lunch-sm amount of sesame chicken
Snack-3 mini doughnuts
Snack-1 Lindt truffle
Supper-1 ham/swiss/lettuce/saurkraut sandwich
Snack-1/2 of a King size Watchamacallit


I was busy sewing diapers yesterday and decided to take *one* more day off of exercise! I am back at it today though.......


Breakfast-Juice :)
Lunch-Couple bites of ham/swiss and 1 cup of buttered, navy beans
Supper-Eggs/sausage/toast etc.
Dessert-I plan on having a candy bar tonight with dh during study

How I have been feeling


I have had plenty of energy and feel perfectly *normal*.I have had zero detox symptoms.(shrug) Tighty (or Titus lol) is perfectly fine too.....:)

Doing the juice thing is *so* easy.I simply don't even get tempted to eat before noon.Just my juice and water.I have also found that when I do eat,I can't eat much at ALL before I am stuffed.I really think my stomach has shrunk.

Really hoping for another great loss this week!!!!! :):):)

Monday, February 6, 2012

I also forgot to add one more thing......


Scott told me that I am looking much thinner lately! He said he doesn't know if it is the inches,pounds, or what but that I am definitley looking alot thinner! Yippee!!

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!! :):):)

How are you all on this fabulous day!!!!??????

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life and although I can't say *why*,just thank the Lord with me! He truly is an AWESOME God!!!!!! The things that I was struggling with are pretty much *resolved* and I am SO thankful.

Weigh in day!!!!

I am THRILLED to admit that even after no exercise since WED, and eating a fair amount of junk food over the weekend,I am STILL......


The weight that I lost stayed OFF! The scales did go up a little bit but thats it!!!! This is the FIRST time that I have lost weight and the scales actually stayed down after a weekend!!!!!! FIVE pounds especially!!!!! Thank you LORD!!!!!! I am so excited......

Another wonderful thing? My husband actually and finally believes me that I am going to do it this time!!! He sees how serious I am and he believes me! That is so wonderful for me to have him believe in me like that kwim?

I was planning on doing my juicing yesterday but didn't as we went to look at a truck a couple of hours away and took snacks and stuff.We don't get to travel much and I LOVE LOVE to travel so I just ate and enjoyed myself.I did not pig out or anything......I even took my juice BUT I didn't drink it.(shame)

I did juice Saturday though!!!!!

Scott surprised everyone and took us to Hardees while we were out Sunday......For the first time EVER it made me sick to eat the food at a fast food joint.I took one bite of a chicken strip and just sat there and looked at Scott waiting for him to take a bite.DISGUSTING.It was stringy,juicy in a BAD way and had the texture of rubber.It squirted like an orange when I bit into it.All I could think about was the "Fresh" movie lol and I was literally sick to my stomach....So was Scott......

Well,I need to run.I will catch up with everyone else soon!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hi all.......

I just wanted to update and tell you that I am *OK* and I will be ok.Thank you for all of the sweet emails with offers to talk etc. I appreciate them *so* much.It is not something that I can talk about though as it is about other people/friends iykwim.Some things just need to not be talked about.You all know how hard it is to see your loved ones hurting I am sure.I would still very much appreciate your prayers.

I am drinking my juice this morning.I am also very excited that Scott is into the juicing too!!!!!! He tolerates green smoothies and alot of other things I give him but he actually really likes the juice!! He is talking about drinking alot more when garden season comes,building me a green house so we can have fresh greens all winter etc. etc. :):):):) I love that man!!!!

Today we are going to look at a truck and I am excited because it is a couple of hours away which means lots of talking with my man!!!!! I love that!!!

I am looking very forward to weigh in on Monday and very excited about this juicing period!

I love you all and am so thankful to have you for my friends!

Friday, February 3, 2012


I have had some major things going on here so I have not updated.I will say that I could really use your prayers and I don't ever say that lightly.

I have been doing great although I did not exercise yesterday.I am not exercising today either,or for the rest of the wekeend.

I have been eating great and I am losing weight.I have continued my juice fasting for the first part of the day.It is super easy.....Not even a challenge whatsoever, and the weight is literally falling off.I started Monday at 230 and this morning I was down to 224.4.

I am eating PLENTY.I am even having desserts in moderation.I am eating loads of fruits and vegies and plenty of protein.Drinking plenty of water.

Last night we even had Pizza Hut ,Dorrittos and pop.I had 1 piece of pizza,a handful of chips and a few sips of pop.Later though,I ate almost a FULL large Symphony bar(I haven't done that for a long time.....) and I was STILL down another 1/2 a lb this morning.

Titus is fine......I feel great physically.Absolutely zero signs of detox.Plenty of milk........

I am going to go for now.I won't be updating my food journal again until Monday although it is *not* because I plan eating bad or anything.I am even going to continue the juice on SAT.

I am sorry I am not my usual peppy self.I have alot to deal with right now.I am just praying for the Lord to get me get through these trials.