Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello to whoever is still reading this! lol (Atleast Brandy I know! )

I did great this week.......

On Wednesday I did the cardio kickboxing workout.....The one that used to just about kill me,heart racing and sweating like mad? The one that we only ever did the first 3-10 minute sessions? And on top of that we took a break between each one?

Well.....We breezed right through the entire thing.......ALL 5 sessions without ANY breaks! It even has weight lifting at the end and I did it with 5 lb weights.I was SO surprised and excited to see my strength difference!I guess after the 30 day Shred and Insane Abs most any workout would seem easy roflol.

It WAS still a great workout though.....

Thursday my Grandpa came over and we had a long talk and I missed exercise so today,instead of Zumba,we did Billy Blanks Insane Abs again! We JUST got done and boy does it feel great.I had to take a few breaks and I can't quite do all of the floor stuff but I can DEFINITELY tell a difference in myself!

I juiced all week until noon UNTIL today lol.I am packing the juicer away.No reason.......Just tired of it.Incase you have not figured it out yet.....I get bored quick! lol I think I will go on a 10 day juice fast sometime this summer when I muster up the courage AND there is alot of fresh produce....:)

I am just going to go back to normal eating.....Being super careful of my diet.My birthday is Thursday.....I would LOVE to be at 209-210 by then......I am going to try SO hard!!! It would be SUCH an excellent present for myself! I just NEED to get in the ONE HUNDREDS!!! I can just TASTE it! lol When I get to 199 I will have lost 31 lbs.....That is such a success if you think about it! Even though I have alot more to lose than that it would still be wonderful!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday and I am back!

After having friends here for a while I am back in business.I did not lose any weight while they were here but I did not gain any either so thats good! Brandy and I did exercise several times too so that was nice.I juiced and ate pretty good for the most part!

Now though I am ready to put even MORE effort into this! I am kind of stuck at 211 and that needs to end! I am ready to get to my 2nd goal and THEN be beneath 200 once and for ALL!!!! Only 7 more lbs until my 2nd goal is reached......

So.......My game plan for the next few weeks.Not that I am changing my plan.......Just tweaking and giving myself some variety.

I am going to continue juicing until 12:00 every day.Lunch will be whatever we are having but I am going to make it my heaviest meal of the day.Supper I will eat a large salad and a small portion of what everyone else is having.I want to keep it light after 5:00 along with lots of water and hopefully lots of activity now that gardening season is here! :):):)

I will have a small portion of dessert most evenings.

Lots of water.......!

Exercise......I got Billy Blanks INSANE ABS and it is a KILLER! I am looking forward to doing it 2x a week.All of the below workouts are aprox 1 hour each.

Monday-WATP 5 fast miles
Tuesday-Insane Abs
Wednesday-10 Minute Solution-Kick boxing
Thursday-Insane Abs

How is everyone????? I am super excited that being underneath 200 seems SO close to me!!! Whats a measly 11 lbs?????

Friday, April 13, 2012

I know....It's been a while!


I am happy to report though that I am still doing great! Definitely NOT slowing down/losing motivation or giving up etc.

Brandy and her family were here and that was a blast.I did eat more treats than usual and my weight did go up a few lbs as it usually does after the weekend BUT it was down again by yesterday and today it is down even lower. I am ALMOST to the next number! lol THAT'S exciting! Especially because I have not been exercising! I took the week off last week because of spring cleaning and this week well,I did the Shred on Monday and that's it.AFTER I did it my upper leg started hurting again.I hadn't posted about it but it has been hurting ever since I started the Shred.When I stopped exercising it finally started going away but when I started again,it came back full throttle.That combined with the shin splints that I had from the jumping etc. I decided to stop the Shred until I lose some more weight and don't have such stress on my joints when I do high impact exercises.

I DID do other exercises this week! I loaded and unloaded (moving big piles) LOTS of firewood with the boys and dh.Like 4 BIG manure spreaders, heaping full of wood.GREAT ab exercise!

I have eaten pretty good this week and I know you won't believe it but I REALLY AM going to juice again for the next 2 weeks lol.

After stopping and starting several times I am finally POSITIVE that Titus does his little noise that he makes when he is tired and *because* he is tired.It is just a Titus thing lol.I want to give my weight loss another kick in the rear and juicing does that in several ways.

1.It cuts calories.

2.It gives me an extra boost of nutrients.

3.It causes me to drink more water because I chase every swallow of juice down with lots of water lol.

4.It majorly decreases my appetite when I DO eat.

5.It allows me to have more treats and still lose weight and since Brandy and her family are going to be here for 10 days I want to be able to be more liberal with my eating and STILL LOSE!

So I will start Sunday.I will be shopping on SAT.I will juice like I did before.Nothing but juice until noon.


Back at it! I am going to be doing alot of walking while Brandy is here.We have lots of WATP DVDs between the 2 of us and we have fun doing them together and with the children.

After she goes home I will get back into some dancing/tae bo and alot of strength stuff.

I am REALLY HOPING TO BE DOWN to 210 within the next couple of days!!!! I am 212 right now.

I just walked 5 miles! It felt great!!!!

So that's my update!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh in!!!

I am THRILLED to report that I am down 3 lbs this week!!!

212.8 this morning!!!!!

When I reach 210 that will be 20 lbs GONE!

Heather,I just wanted you to know that I got your message about the possibly eliminating the special meals we have every week.I have been working on keeping them limited.It is hard around here though! lol

Monday night-Children's special night.They take turns staying up with us and we always have a dessert.
Tuesday-NOTHING believe it or not lol.
Wednesday-Older children's Bibe study with us.Dh always wants them to have something special.
Thursday-Mini date night
Friday-Family night
Saturday-Date night
Sunday- Nothing


Most nights we have a dessert.I just try to eat small portions.So far I have still been able to lose but I will cut back if I need to!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I don't have long.I just want to say that I am here and doing great! I was still at my all time LOW weight yesterday! EVEN after a weekend!! That NEVER happens! Usually I am up a little and it takes until Tue/Wed to be back down but yesterday I was at 214.4!! I am very excited about that! We will see what the scales say on THUR but I would be SO happy if they were at 212-213!

Well,dh will be home soon and I need to get ready to go help him haul some rocks!!