Monday, November 9, 2015

Another little update tonight.........

It isn't going quite as planned. My dh got a phone call that could not be put on hold so I ended up starting to fall asleep and get REALLY hungry while my ds and I were waiting for him to get off the phone. SO we ate some Nutella! I had three BIG spoonfulls! Not good, but trust me that I could have eaten a lot more and normally WOULD have!

I ended up having my salad and I am going to SKIP the pizza to sort of make up for the extra Nutella! I am happy with that.

I had 2 squares of chocolate with coffee also.

So, that's all I plan to eat tonight!

Monday......A BRAND new week!

I love Mondays!

And boy did I get a great start.

I will say right away that I am changing my goal of staying off of the scale except for Fridays. I LIKE how I am not always worried about numbers, but I do NOT like that I can be totally surprised by several more pounds without realizing. So back I go to weighing everyday. It is what I ALWAYS go back to every time I decide to try not weighing very often. BUT I am still going to "officially" weigh in every Friday, and record that weight. I am also going to try and not freak out so much at what the scales say.

SO Goal #1- No thinking about the past! I am doing fabulous! I am just not letting myself GO there. It is what it is and I have 16 weeks starting TODAY left in this pregnancy! I can do lots lots in 6 weeks! :)

Goal #2 - Only give so much attention to what the scales say! If I know I have been doing great, ignore those numbers! But if I know that I am not working very hard and giving into extra snacking and unhealthy foods, PAY ATTENTION!

Goal #3- Be happy with myself. I'm doing great. My new clothes help SO much. I can't stress enough that if your clothes are NOT fitting you right, get clothes that DO!  It makes SUCH a difference IN HOW YOU FEEL! I got a manicure and that makes me feel really pretty. When my hands look nice, it gives me such a boost! And it lasts for 3 weeks! You can't beat that!

Goal #4 Priorities! Doing wonderful. We starter our boot camp today. We started last week, but only little parts. Today is the official starting date, but we have sick ones so we will be a little behind. That's ok though! I am calling it the CHARITY bootcamp because I am basing everything off of what 1 Corinthians 13 says about Charity. It makes some great household guidelines!  I have been keeping up my bible reading and that is wonderful too.

Goal #5 Eating, drinking,sleeping and exercising! I have decided that I want to food journal for these 3 weeks too. I really need that accountability with my food.


BREAKFAST today was a kale/blueberry/banana/apple salad and steel cut oats with nuts, lots of butter and a LITTLE brown sugar.

It was a CROSSOVER, but that's ok with me! And yes, I still put brown sugar on my oats. I just can't give that up. I eat SO much less than I used to though. Like 1 -2 TB max. The butter is necessary to make it delicious without all of the sugar. I can't tell you how much I love my oats this way!

LUNCH-  A head of romaine topped with sauteed mushrooms, chicken and green peppers. I also tossed it with a little cottage cheese, 1/2 an avacado, olive oil and Bragggs aminos......Oh and cayenne. I can't tell you how good it was! (S!)

AFTERNOON SNACK- 1/2 protein bar and a cup of organic fresh tomato soup from my local co-op. Oh and the tiny piece of sour dough bread with fresh butter that it comes with. Oh and I had butter in my soup too. That soup is some of the best in the world.

SUPPER will be a big salad with maple vinegarette dressing (HM). The salad will be romaine, mushrooms, peppers, cauliflower, pecans,a sprinkling of cheese and who knows what else. It is Monday night, which means a child's special night. Child __________ tonight chose a pizza from the co-op and chips for their night. I will have a SMALL piece of pizza with my salad and a SMALL piece of whatever dessert we make. And coffee.....But I will just have a shot of Redi-Whip in my coffee.

And that's it for food!

WATER- I had a good amount of water today and a cup of tea with Integral Collagen in it. I am going to go after getting off of here and make some strawberry GGMS.


EXERCISE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I am thrilled to announce that I got it done today! 20 min ab work, 20 min pregnancy Barre (KILLER) and 20 min pregnancy cardio. (You tube video) I am SO tickled!

Well, I better run!

Thursday, November 5, 2015



I hope you are all fabulous!

Tomorrow is weigh in day! Last week I was 208. I am REALLY hoping that I am SAME tomorrow. Being DOWN would be a plus, but just not being UP would be great.

HOWEVER, I am prepared to be UP. Meaning, if my weight is up, I won't be upset or discouraged. This week has not been the greatest.....Tuesday, WED and today have been GREAT, but the weekend and Monday were NOT. SO.....I need to be prepared. It takes more than a few days of eating right to get results! And I have not started my exercise routine yet. I've been busy (as always) and fell into the "Well, it's already WED.....I will start Monday." :) That's ok though! I will be 24 weeks on Monday and READY to get back to exercise! I still have 16 weeks left in this pregnancy and what I do or not do will make a HUGE difference!

Goal #1 No thinking about the past! Horray! I've been doing GREAT! I am keeping my eyes on what I can STILL accomplish during this pregnancy, rather than how much I have messed up. Another neat way I am thinking about it is:

Our anniversary is AUG 20.  It will be TWENTY years for us! My husband is very close to getting his pilots license and we want to plan a weekend away with just the (new) baby! A first EVER for us! I would LOVE to be in as good of shape as I POSSIBLY can be by then. I will have approx 6 months after my baby is born! But imagine if I just eat junk and don't exercise etc. until I have the baby? In comparison to eating great and getting back to my exercise NOW? It would be an incredible difference! For the baby's health AND my own!

Goal #2 No scales! I've stayed OFF the scales and it feels great! I am looking forward to tomorrow though!

Goal #3 Be happy with myself! ahhhh I didn't do very good with this yesterday. I am really running out of clothes that fit me well and it leaves me feeling very fat and ugly! I was feeling ready to cry and told Scott how I felt....He said " How can the most beautiful woman in the world feel fat and ugly?" He then told me to go shopping and get lots of clothes! I went with my oldest daughter and 3 littlest. It was a blast and I now have new maternity skirts/shirts/cardigans/belly bands and camis!! It feels sooooooooo amazing! Nothing like making you feel terrible when your clothes are all tight!

Goal #4 Priorities - I have not been able to start my little boot camp this week.......MONDAY! lol Life was just too busy for me to get it all organized, but I am getting there! The children were laughing the other night about the "worse punishments EVER" and talking about WHAT they were. My ears perked up....Apparently, they can't stand putting their noses against the wall OR against each other! LOL I thanked them for reminding me of that great consequence! :) They groaned (with smiles!)

But one of the things we will be concentrating on is treating each other with the respect we would treat a new friend. We have become way to grouchy with each other and I don't like it!

Goal #5 My eating and drinking have been WONDERFUL. I had a little bit of soft pretzel with fake cheese dip when out shopping yesterday. I was STARVING and..........oh well. BUT trust me, it was still a success compared to how I NORMALLY cave when I am out and about and starving!

I had started to get a little heart burn at nights for the last week when I was eating bad. That was a red light! I ONLY get that in pregnancy and ONLY when I am eating junk! That is GONE the last few nights! Horray! I am feeling great!

Exercise.......I already talked about that.

Sleep........OK......Spending too much time with hubby! :) (Hey, priorities!)

Overall, feeling FABULOUS! I hope everyone else is doing FABULOUS too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I haven't written for a few days!

I'll just say that the weekend was BAD, but not terrible AFA eating goes........Oh and yesterday too!

But I did NOT weigh myself and I did ok with not beating myself up. Water/fluid was just OK, nothing to brag about. Exercise NONE. Priorities......Good! I have been doing good in that area! I have had my Bible readings, I have been nice, I've spent plenty of time with the family etc.

BUT............After thinking over it to death, I decided that I am cutting out ALL junk food until JAN 1. What I mean by that is no Twinkies/frozen pizzas/processed foods etc. And I DO have some exceptions that I will list later. I am also still doing THM, but with more natural sweeteners added. Scott hates stevia and any other of the THM sweeteners. We have SO much junk food for him and the children, that it makes it really hard for me. PLUS, I need to think about EVERYONES health, not just mine. (Not that I ever thought about just mine, but this just needs to be made as simple as possible for me.)

Scott loves healthy foods/sweets made with sweeteners like honey/ maple syrup/coconut sugar. I want to concentrate on making more of those. Cut out the processed sugars and white flours etc. and STORE BOUGHT JUNK!  In the end, I might be eating dessert now and then with small amount of sweeteners in it, but I would be having WAY less JUNK JUNK food. Definitely a good exchange if you ask me.  SCOTT is not doing  this 100% with me, but he IS on board for eating healthier. So I am excited!

I will still be following THM, but just with the addition of the sweeteners listed above.

The other thing is that we are getting a membership to a local gym. Scott and the boys can play basketball while I workout! It will be a fun change of scenery and the whole family is excited!


This does not count chocolate. I am not giving up my dark chocolate, even though it is sweetened with sugar. I want to try to keep it to above 70% though, and eat it sparingly.

I am going to OK small amounts of sugar if I am out and about. For instance,my local co-op is a fantastic place to eat while out. They have local and organic food.........ALWAYS tons of healthy choices, but sometimes it will have small amounts of sugar, and that's ok. It's NOT McDonalds.

If Scott and I want to go out for dessert for date night, I am going to allow a resturaunt that is like my co-op. They have local /organic WONDERFULLY healthy food. We can go there now and then, instead of going to another of our favorite restaurants and getting the junk sugar pie.......We are NOT going to stop going out for the next 2 months, but this will be a great choice when we do! And we do not go that often anyway.

If we go to someone's house to eat, we eat what they have, PERIOD.

We will be having a few holiday treats too. But I am going to have fun making healthy holiday treats! It does not all need to be trash for the next 2 months!

And I am not positive how we will do date nights.

This is a bunch of rambling........I am not even going to try and organize it.

Bye for now! More tomorrow!