Friday, December 7, 2012

Cheating too much.......

I have to tighten up again!!!! I am cheating WAY to much!

My weight last week was..................

187.4 !

I was very happy! :)

I have been snacking here and there and just cheating. It has to STOP. I do NOT want  to get discouraged again or feel like I have gone backwards. I really want to be DOWN again next Thursday.

So,I am remembering/refreshing my PLAN and determining to stick with it!

NO eating outside of the planned eating times!!


I am going to try cutting out snacks so I can have better meals/dessert. We will see how it goes.

I REALLY want to fit in a cardio workout on Saturday but so far,it just isn't happening! Saturdays are so busy here,but I want to keep trying.

I have to do better at water. I just don't get down as much as I should.

I am doing really good at exercising! I am very happy about that. In the last 2 months,out of my goal of exercising 45 min-5 X a week I have only missed 5 times.My goal was to miss no more than 5 X of exercise for 12 weeks.Well,only 8 weeks are up but I am hoping to not miss anymore.

Today I did Billy Blanks "This is TaeBO" and was very hapy to find that the killer arm part that I could not even DO at first? It wasn't even that hard!! I love seeing the strength I have gained!

Now how many times have I talked about wanting to start body brushing? I feel like a fool even SAYING that I am going to start body brushing because I have said it SO many times lol BUT.......

I am GOING to start body brushing! lol

5 X a week is my goal. MON-FRI I just don't see it happening on the weekends so I am not going to even try it.

Here is a WONDERFUL arm workout! 10 minutes. It calls for 3 and 5 lb weights but we use 5lb weights the entire time. This KILLED my arms the first time and it still gets them good,although it IS getting easier! :)

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