Monday, December 30, 2013

I feel ridiculous posting.........

Because when it comes right down to it? I have NOT been serious since Gracie was born.

Well, I have been serious, but I didn't STAY serious.

So to come here now and say "I am SERIOUS this time!" feels sort of like crying wolf! I really HATE when people don't stick to their commitments and these last 3 months? That has been me.

I have had soooooooooooo many good days of eating excellent. In fact, I bet I have eaten FULLY on plan 75% of the days. But that is NOT enough for me apparently because I have not lost ONE pound. Well, I HAVE......But I gain lose gain lose gain lose.

So I do not blame you ONE BIT if you read this and think "yeah whatever". :) I totally understand!

But right now, in my mind? I am d.o.n.e.

I hope you will come back in 2 weeks and see that I have been blogging consistently and have stuck with my goals of :

Exercising 6 days a week
Staying FULLY on plan unless my dh wants me to cheat
4 quarts of healthy fluids a day

I hope that by FEB 1 I will be able to update my weight in the side bar and say that I have lost ten lbs. That is my January goal for weight.

That will put me at 198.

Unless the Lord has other plans, I will never EVER see 2 ANYTHING again.

That is all I have to say for today but I hope I will be back around often now that I am starting fresh!!

And just because it feels good and I am a TOTAL resolution maker?

I would LOVE for 2014 to look something like this.......

198 by Feb 1

190 by March 1

PRE-PREGNANCY (187) by Mid march

and 178 by my birthday!!!!! (May 3)

That is 30 Lbs in 4 months. I would be so EXTREMELY happy with that! I know I will have to work hard to do it though! But if I do!!!!? That will be..........

Ezekiel's AND
Tobias' weight GONE!!!!!!!!!

After that it will be:

165 Patience's weight GONE!
152 Vashti's weight GONE!
140 Silas's weight GONE!!

Our anniversary is Aug 20. If I am at 178 by May 3, that leaves me *almost* 4 months to lose the rest, which is 38 Lbs. I don't know if it will be possible or not but even if I were in the 160's by our anniversary I would be THRILLED. We shall see! For now I will just work hard and DREAM!


  1. You can do that!! I'll pray for you. :)

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    1. Hi! :D It's great to see you blogging again. (((hugs)))