Friday, April 25, 2014

Has it really been THIS long since I updated here?

I am the most INCONSISTENT blogger EVER!!!!!

I have not lost ONE pound since I last updated this blog. I won't even TRY to make any excuses. Just plain old WAY to much cheating!! I HAVE eaten tons of healthy foods and stuck to THM for the MOST part, but I cheated to often to lose.

Then I got TOTALLY discouraged and did something TOTALLY ridiculous.

I stopped THM and counted calories for 5 weeks.

Didn't lose one pound.

Again, way to much cheating.

Then my sense returned and I realized where I had been failing at THM. Atleast I *THINK* I realize.

I have been back on THM for a couple of weeks (almost) and today I am on my 2nd day of my first EVER Fuel Cycle.

Deep S has been way easy and I am VERY hopeful that I am going to see a brand new low this weekend! We shall see!!

HOPEFULLY I am back for a little while! I have a few delicious recipes to post.

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  1. Oh, yeah!!!! Cheering! Cheering! Cheering!

    You don't know how much I LOVE your posts. Always. :)