Thursday, August 23, 2012

MONDAY (Menu plan #1)

Wow it has been a couple of weeks since I have written here!

I was doing GREAT and then this last 2 weeks I have been doing a mixture of great and not so great. I am officially done with that and ready to hit it hard again!

I decided to make myself up a 7 day menu. I will KNOW what I am going to eat before the day even starts! I am also going to keep track of what I actually EAT and try to eat LESS than what I have on the menu so I can bank some calories for NIGHT TIME. I am doing really bad at not eating at night. That is when I usually blow it!


Breakfast- 2 eggs-1 toast-1 TB butter
(Calories-384 Carbs-19 Protein-17)

Snack- 1 scoop protein powder- 8 oz whole milk
(Calories- 230 Carbs-14 Protein-23)

Lunch- 3 cups salad-1 TB olive oil-Braggs aminos-4 oz chicken-1 oz cheese
(Calories-446 Carbs-35 Protein-27)

Snack- 7 almonds+1 fun size candybar
(Calories-145 Carbs-12 Protein- 4)

Supper- 2 cups steamed brocolli-1 sausage patty-1 TB butter-1 oz cheese)
(Calories-423 Carbs- 25 Protein- 23)

Evening snack- 100 calories treat


Calories- 1,678
Carbs- 128
Protein- 97

The meals I will serve my family........

Milk+P.butter cookies
Beans and sausage
Baked potato bar with brocolli/sausage/cheese etc.

DH's lunch

Sausage patties and oatmeal cookies
Peaches and cottage cheese
Chicken salad
Cheese curds and cucumbers

I am trying to feed ALL the family Breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/supper/snack.

So in dh's lunch I send him breakfast/snack/lunch/snack.

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