Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I really hope that I am back to blogging here for a while!!

I am starting a Biggest Loser Challenge with some friends for the 3rd time. I did NOT do as good in the last challenge as I should have/could have. In 12 weeks I only lost 9 lbs and 7 inches. Better than nothing? Yes.I could have done so much better though.

BUT I am thankful!! I am in BETTER shape than I was 12 weeks ago.

I am also happy because I never QUIT during the last 12 weeks or at ALL since I started this in January. It is taking a lot longer than I wanted to but this is a LIFE change and dh also said that he likes it that I am losing it slowly and working out/toning up as I go rather than losing really fast.

So here we go!!!!!

Thursday I weighed in at 194.8. I will be working hard to hopefully be DOWN some by next weigh in!

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