Wednesday, August 7, 2013

34 weeks!

Only 6 weeks left until my due date!!! Amazing!!

I am still at 20 lbs gained!!!

I was not exercising there for a few weeks due to being so busy.......Well,I exercised now and then but not very much. Well,I am back at it again and so happy with myself! I did have to tone it down some. Really fast exercises make me get round ligament pain and other pains. So I have decided to finish out this pregnancy with Baby Bells,Long and Lean and just plain old Walk Away The Pounds.

Mon- Long and Lean floor work + 3 miles WATP
Tue-Baby Bells + 3 miles WATP
Wed-Long and Leab standing + 3 miles WATP
Thur- Babby Bellse + 3 miles WATP
Fri- 3 miles WATP

That is 15 miles a week.  That is 90 miles in 6 weeks. I want to try to get 100 mile in before baby comes. I fully expect to go past my due date so I am planning to try and get 100 miles in before baby comes! When I DO reach it I am giving myself permission to stop exercising and start my REST period.That will last until whenever I feel comfortable to start exercising again, AFTER baby comes! :) It all just sounds SO exciting! A NEW baby and it APPEARS that I am going to be able to NOT gain too much more!! If I can keep it at this weight (or hopefully even get it down a few more lbs because it IS going down now that I started exercising again and I am being REALLY EXTRA careful to stay on plan),I will not have lost any ground in my weight loss journey!!!!! 10-15 lbs of  that 20 lb gain will be gone right at birth!!!! The next 5-10 will easily come off in the few weeks following birth! I am just GIDDY at that thought! I won't have 40 extra lbs to lose all over again! WOW! I just can't believe it!

I am going to FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.........Drink RRL/Nettle tea *consistently* for these last 6 weeks. I always say that I will do this in EVERY pregnancy and I NEVER do. (Not consistently) It is my goal to drink 1 quart every day of a strong RRL/Nettle infusion for the next 6 weeks (or until baby comes).

I have noticed an amazing difference in how I feel when I CHEAT. Every.single.time I have went off plan for a few days it is followed by a couple days of fighting heart burn. Can you believe that? I feel absolutely fantastic when I am on plan........Even with a few cheats now and then. Eating sugar in moderation does not make me feel bad. It is when I am just totally off plan for a couple days in a row or even ALL DAY for one day that I can REALLY notice a difference on. PROOF that eating this way makes such a huge difference!

Sometime next week I am going to start sewing newborn diapers......Maybe even this weekend :). I am also going to order baby a few new diaper covers. I am so excited!!

Well,I guess that's all for now!


  1. Hello,

    I am enjoying your updates! I am 7 months pregnant with #5 and began THM early in my second trimester. It has helped me tremendously with cravings, sleep, mood, energy and reduced weight gain. I normally gain around 45 pounds and right now I'm at about 18 total! I just feel so much better eating this way and am so thankful to have learned about this when I did. I was just curious what type of meals you are typically eating? I am mostly eating S meals with a few S helpers per day so that I am getting some carbs. I have stayed away from eating any FP meals as I feel these could potentially deprive my baby of much needed nutrients and as much as I don't want to gain a whole bunch of weight, my main priority is growing the healthiest baby I possibly can. I'm also not sure what to do about exercise as my midwife recently informed me that I have diastasis recti. I was doing T-tapp and feeling like that was helping keep me fairly toned but she recommended against continuing that. Do you know if the Baby Bells workout is ok to do with DR? Anyway, sorry for the long comment...I've been saving all my questions/comments for a while :) Thanks again for documenting your's been an encouragement to me!

    1. Hi Rachel!

      I generally eat one E meal a day and the rest mostly S. But I do eat FP's often too. I just go by how I feel. If I eat a FP and feel like I need to eat again in an hour,I do.

      I am not sure about the Baby Bells with DR.......I don't really know much about DR as I don't have it so have not researched it much.

      I am so glad to hear that you are doing THM in your pregnancy and having such good results! Keep up the good work!