Monday, August 26, 2013

ALMOST 37 weeks! (WED)

I can hardly BELIEVE IT!

I am doing excellent with eating and exercising this week! I am determined to end this pregnancy with a bang and just do AWESOME these last few weeks.

Now, dreaming out loud........

If I deliver at 208 I will be at the same weight that I was when I delivered my 3rd child. That isn't as low as I WANTED to end this pregnancy :) but it will do!! :)  It will mean that I gained a total of  21 LBS. OH how I would LOVE to deliver at 207! LOL Or even better yet......206...That would out me at only 19 lbs gained! That sounds SOOOOOOOO good! I am never happy am I? LOL

But let's just say I end this pregnancy at 208.

RIGHT after birth I should easily be down to 195.

2 weeks postpartum should EASILY find me at 190.

That is only 3 LBS away from my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!!!!

So......2 weeks postpartum will be approx Oct 1. (Probaby later than that but I want to make it even.)

If I lose an average of 1.5 LBS a week in October that will put me at 6 weeks postpartum and the start of November at 184.

That is LOWER than my pre-pregnancy weight by 6 weeks postpartum.

And THEN I will be ready to GET AFTER IT!!! :):)

I just don't think that I will lose 2 LB a week consistently so just to be safe I am going to just say that I lose 5 LBS a month. (I would rather lose slower than faster because I am going to REALLY be working on toning and keeping my skin tight. PLUS I will be nursing a baby.)

Dec 1- 179
New Years day ? 174
Feb 1- 169 !!!!!!!!!!
March 1- 164
April 1- 159
May 1 (My birthday is the 3rd) 154 !!!!!!!
June 1 - 149
July 1 - 144
August 1 (Our 18th anniversary will be on the 20th) 130's????????????!!!!!

I say it is VERY POSSIBLE to be at or NEAR my goal by our anniversary next year!!!!!! That just makes me GIDDY ! And that is losing at a nice and slow rate.

I just had to dream a little tonight!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Good night!

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  1. You are doing so great, Angie. Just think of what a different focus you have in this pregnancy than ever before. The weight you've gained is healthier weight than ever before. That baby is going to be so strong and healthy because of your great choices these past months. You should celebrate every pound gained because they are making you and that baby strong for the years ahead. :)