Tuesday, September 3, 2013

38 weeks (tomorrow) !

I had a bad weekend! Cheated ALL weekend for the most part. AND yesterday!

Oh well! I am not going to give up. Back at it today and I am determined to not eat junk food at all until date night. I can do this. I have done it lots and lots of times! Today I have had coffee and I am getting ready to eat sauteed veggies and eggs with cheese.

This is my LAST week of exercise!! I want to plan out EXACTLY what I am going to do and STICK WITH IT!

TODAY- Long and Lean sitting work and walk to the mail box and back. (1 mile but lots of hills)
Wed- Baby Bells
Thur- Long and Lean standing work and walk to the mailbox and back.
Fri- Baby Bells

I will be SO happy to be doing these ^ workouts for the last time this week. I can't really stand either one of them and will be so happy to kiss them good bye until my next pregnancy! They are good workouts but boring as ever. The music stinks and they are not motivating to me at all LOL.

I am giddy just THINKING about being done with exercise and especially these workouts.

I have NOT been drinking my pregnancy tea. I bought fresh herbs to make my own mix that I LIKE and am going to make that up today and just guzzle that stuff in these last couple of weeks. That is my PLAN anyhow. I didn't drink it like I wanted to but I am not going to give up! Even getting a couple of weeks in will do me good!

I am making a mix out of:

Red Raspberry Leaf

I hope I like the taste of it!

I am not going to weigh in until tomorrow. I did not weigh myself today. It is RARE that I don't weigh but I don't want to be discouraged.

Well, I am off to get busy on this beautiful COOL day!

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