Saturday, November 23, 2013

Excited today!

203 this morning.

I have already body brushed, exercised (40 minutes of dancing and 10 minute Tiffany Roth ab workout) , showered and I am getting ready to eat!

I saw a picture of myself today and it just disgusted me. I can't wait to feel undisgusted about myself. I am feeling GREAT though that I am OFF of the doing bad wagon! I feel so motivated and just plain wonderful!

A few yummy things........

For breakfast this morning I had a small amount of chicken breast sauteed in butter along with green peppers and 1/2 of  a Joesphs wrap. After that I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies topped with a tiny amount of caramel/almond butter! All carbs totally in the limit! It was SO delicious and amazing that I could be eating something that good and still be doing great!

Another yummy treat is spreading a Joseph's wrap with peanut butter and a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips! Fry in a skillet with butter! Delicious!

Off to shop!


  1. How in the world do you make time for a workout every day?

    I'm so in awe.

    And by the way, you look so toned in your post-birth pictures. I think you are really amazing for keeping up with the exercise! That part of it is so, so, so hard for me.

    Really...can you pass along any tips for making time/how much time/etc. in the workout department?

    (And I'm eager to try this recipe, too. Thank you!)

  2. I don't know Rachel. I just give it priority. It *is* hard cause I DON'T HAVE TIME lol.

    I know you know all about THAT!

    But I just make the time. Let something else slide. It's so worth it!

    It makes such a difference in your body. The hardest thing for me is getting started. Once you have a good week of exercise under your belt you start to notice differences and then it really gets fun! It just gets better and better!