Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday......A BRAND new week!

I love Mondays!

And boy did I get a great start.

I will say right away that I am changing my goal of staying off of the scale except for Fridays. I LIKE how I am not always worried about numbers, but I do NOT like that I can be totally surprised by several more pounds without realizing. So back I go to weighing everyday. It is what I ALWAYS go back to every time I decide to try not weighing very often. BUT I am still going to "officially" weigh in every Friday, and record that weight. I am also going to try and not freak out so much at what the scales say.

SO Goal #1- No thinking about the past! I am doing fabulous! I am just not letting myself GO there. It is what it is and I have 16 weeks starting TODAY left in this pregnancy! I can do lots lots in 6 weeks! :)

Goal #2 - Only give so much attention to what the scales say! If I know I have been doing great, ignore those numbers! But if I know that I am not working very hard and giving into extra snacking and unhealthy foods, PAY ATTENTION!

Goal #3- Be happy with myself. I'm doing great. My new clothes help SO much. I can't stress enough that if your clothes are NOT fitting you right, get clothes that DO!  It makes SUCH a difference IN HOW YOU FEEL! I got a manicure and that makes me feel really pretty. When my hands look nice, it gives me such a boost! And it lasts for 3 weeks! You can't beat that!

Goal #4 Priorities! Doing wonderful. We starter our boot camp today. We started last week, but only little parts. Today is the official starting date, but we have sick ones so we will be a little behind. That's ok though! I am calling it the CHARITY bootcamp because I am basing everything off of what 1 Corinthians 13 says about Charity. It makes some great household guidelines!  I have been keeping up my bible reading and that is wonderful too.

Goal #5 Eating, drinking,sleeping and exercising! I have decided that I want to food journal for these 3 weeks too. I really need that accountability with my food.


BREAKFAST today was a kale/blueberry/banana/apple salad and steel cut oats with nuts, lots of butter and a LITTLE brown sugar.

It was a CROSSOVER, but that's ok with me! And yes, I still put brown sugar on my oats. I just can't give that up. I eat SO much less than I used to though. Like 1 -2 TB max. The butter is necessary to make it delicious without all of the sugar. I can't tell you how much I love my oats this way!

LUNCH-  A head of romaine topped with sauteed mushrooms, chicken and green peppers. I also tossed it with a little cottage cheese, 1/2 an avacado, olive oil and Bragggs aminos......Oh and cayenne. I can't tell you how good it was! (S!)

AFTERNOON SNACK- 1/2 protein bar and a cup of organic fresh tomato soup from my local co-op. Oh and the tiny piece of sour dough bread with fresh butter that it comes with. Oh and I had butter in my soup too. That soup is some of the best in the world.

SUPPER will be a big salad with maple vinegarette dressing (HM). The salad will be romaine, mushrooms, peppers, cauliflower, pecans,a sprinkling of cheese and who knows what else. It is Monday night, which means a child's special night. Child __________ tonight chose a pizza from the co-op and chips for their night. I will have a SMALL piece of pizza with my salad and a SMALL piece of whatever dessert we make. And coffee.....But I will just have a shot of Redi-Whip in my coffee.

And that's it for food!

WATER- I had a good amount of water today and a cup of tea with Integral Collagen in it. I am going to go after getting off of here and make some strawberry GGMS.


EXERCISE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I am thrilled to announce that I got it done today! 20 min ab work, 20 min pregnancy Barre (KILLER) and 20 min pregnancy cardio. (You tube video) I am SO tickled!

Well, I better run!

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  1. Great day!

    I do the same thing with the scale. I like to see the patterns when weighing daily but having an official day helps me know what to record. Or, at least that's how it's supposed to work. Sometimes I get so excited about a number I write it down. ;)

    Good for you on the exercise. That exercise isn't just about your weight. It's going to strengthen you to carry that baby as he or she grows so you'll feel so much better in those last weeks. Also, being strong will help with position of baby and give you a great labor and delivery. :)