Friday, March 1, 2013


I am having a hard time getting back on plan!

I am eating *pretty* good.I am actually eating REALLY good compared to my OLD habits. It isn't that I am just eating all kinds of junk or anything.But compared to THM ways,I could definitely improve.

My sickness is SO much better but I still have *sick* times and at those times I have a harder time eating what I should.For instance,instead of eating scrambled eggs with cheese,I will put the eggs/cheese on a wrap with Barbeque sauce. A REGULAR wrap,not a low carb wrap lol. So the wrap AND the sauce is off THM plan but it still isn't TERRIBLE.Stuff like that.

Whenever I go *off* my plan for any reason,it is NECESSARY for me to stick with it 100% for a while when I start it again.After I have done excellent for several days I can start to have my cheats here and there and don't feel like I am hurting anything.Last night we had brownies and I wasn't motivated to NOT eat any cause I wasn't really on plan yesterday.This morning I wasn't motivated to NOT eat any because I wasn't on plan yesterday :). See what I mean? lol

So I KNOW that it is NECESSARY for me to at some point say "Ok,I am BACK to my PLAN 100%! Even if I don't always feel good!" I just need to take that step!

I am visiting a friend next week from Mon-Fri. I will be eating what they serve but making it THM style as much as possible. I don't want to go there feeling like I have not *started* yet though or I am MUCH more prone to cheat throughout the day! When I am on plan and have several good days under my belt? I am not even tempted to cheat for the most part.

So I am thinking...........Should I start NOW? As in right NOW? :) Get a few good days in me before leaving on Monday? My weight is back up to the 188-189 range.I expected it to do that.It always does when I lose.I am staying out of the 190's though! That is excellent! I was bouncing between 188-191 and now it is 187-189. I don't want to gain any weight from bad eating though! Why should I put it off? I really don't think I can use sickness for an excuse anymore.It is NOT that bad and I am sure it will get better everyday.

I am just rambling here!!!!!! lol I think I will say "I don't care if I already ate a brownie today.I am going to IGNORE it and start eating on plan NOW."

We are going to a soup/salad bar thing tonight which is a big treat for our family. See,when I am on plan I wouldn't even think twice about not cheating. I can EASILY go to something like that and stay on plan.But when I was off plan? I was already thinking of it as a hassle to stay on plan and already planned on cheating a little with some bread etc. if I wanted to. The mentality is SO huge! When I am motivated,nothing can stop me.When I have been off plan? I have small motivation. The VERY nice thing is that I eat SO SO SO SO SO much less sugar/breads bad foods than I used to! Even when I am off plan! That is just wonderful!

All of this to say.............This is IT! I am officially BACK on plan! I am not waiting until MONDAY or waiting until NEXT Monday. I am bad at that....."I will start Monday" stuff.:)

I am going to log my food here too.Just for a week or so while I get into the groove again.

I will be 12 weeks this coming Wednesday!!!!! Good-Bye and good RIDDANCE morning sickness! I am oh so amazingly thankful that I am not one of those ladies who is sick the entire pregnancy.

My plan for today......

Breakfast-Brownie......A SUPER small brownie though (with Cool-Whip!!!!! GASP).
Snack(restart)- 1 egg with nutritional yeast and some sauteed veggies.
Lunch-Sauteed cauliflower with cheese + some sort of protein shake.
Supper- Soup and salad buffet.
Dessert-Probably none as I am really not craving sweets at all right now.

LOTS of water (with minty chlorophyll in some of it! YUM)
Exercise today will be my Baby Bells workout I think and then some dancing with the girls.

I am already thrilled to be back at it!


  1. Totally understand, Angie!!! You can do this!!!! Posting what I eat is crucial for me initially!! Makes me feel accountable and helps me see how much food I actually eat!!!


  2. Soo know what you mean about sticking completely on plan. When I get off plan its soon a slippery slope": ( one little chest soon excused another one and soon its hard getting back on plan.