Sunday, February 24, 2013


It is nice,quiet and RELAXING here right now so I thought I would write some!

I am feeling LOTS of motivation and excitement about really cracking down on eating and working out. I have been doing REALLY good but I am still fighting sickness so that makes it hard at times.

I have a brand new supply of groceries after going shopping yesterday, AND my house was cleaned SPOTLESS from top to bottom by my amazing dh and boys when I got home!

So I am just feeling VERY motivated to get myself back into gear in all areas! Keeping my house clean,keeping on our schedule,school,exercise and just LIFE. Being sick sure has a way of sucking the life out of you! LOL

I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday!!!! It won't be long until Lord willing,we can hear this sweet baby's heartbeat!!!!!!

So along with my motivation, my love of PLANNING is coming back LOL. I am getting my plan fresh in my head again!

Body brushing- I have slacked off with this since I have been sick but I am starting up again! 3-4 times a weeks is my goal,followed by an olive oil rubdown.

Water/tea- I am finding that I can get lots of water down without feeling sick if it is ICE water and ESPECIALLY if it has fresh lemon squirted in! I really want to start drinking my nettle/raspberry/mint/green tea and I want to add my chlorophyll into it,making a nice green and minty drink.Over ice? I don't think it will be bad at all! 1 qt a day of the tea/chlorophyll + 3 quarts of water. I am still nursing so I need to drink lots.

Exercise- Wonderful exercise!!!!! :):)

MON- AM-Long and Lean standing work plus stretching.(30 min) PM-  15 min dance/cardio.
TUE- AM- Baby Bells pregnancy workout (40 min) PM- 15 min dance/cardio.
WED- AM-Long and Lean floor work plus stretching.(30 min) PM- 15 min dance/cardio.
THUR- 45 min to 1 hour of  whatever the girls and I decided to do.
FRI- 45 min-1 hour of whatever the girls and I decide to do.

Food- Trim Healthy Mama style!!

Sleep-Always trying to get more!!!!! LOL

I want to take another picture tomorrow for my sidebar and I am excited to see if I can tell a difference! :) The last picture I took I was 36 lbs down and now I am 45.

Well I guess that's it! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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