Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I want the weight loss, but not the hard work.

Isn't that what we want in life?

The great benefits, with as little work as possible, or better yet, FREE?

I have been messing around, cheating, skimping on exercise and just feeling UNmotivated in the last month. I keep stepping on the scale and being disgusted at the numbers staying the same!

DUH. What was I expecting?

Well,what I wanted was for them to magically just keep dropping, while I ate what I wanted to eat.

I have been LAZY.

So I need to suck it up and change that. I shouldn't expect results when I am not willing to do the hard work. Yes, weight loss is HARD WORK. I get REALLY tired of it too. Burnt out. But like anything else in life that you have to work hard for, it is SO worth it!

So here is to me being SERIOUS and MOTIVATED again! Time to drop another 30 LBS!

Who's with me?


  1. I'm with you. I so need to do this. Expecting no. 11 in June. Your pregnancy with Gracie is HUGELY motivational for me! You were such a tremendous encourager for eating/moving in a healthy way even through pregnancy!

    I dropped THM for the first trimester, but I'm ready to pick it back up. I absolutely stink at the "E" part of it, so maybe I should just say I'm low-carbing...:)

    I was doing my usual "eat whatever will go down and hopefully stay there" first trimester diet, which means I have to relearn how to cook and eat healthily. I'm with you!!!

  2. You can DO IT, Rachel! My pregnancy was so much more awesome!!!