Sunday, December 14, 2014

Motivation Buttons

I need to have them ready to push when I need them.

There are LOTS of things that motivate me, but I can't always remember them when I am feeling unmotivated. I want to have some memorized! SO I am going to list the TOP things that I need to remember when I am tempted to make horrible decisions!

1. Being lighter than my husband.

 My husband is trim and FIT. If he were over weight, it would be easier to reach this goal! But he isn't :). I want him to be able to easily throw me over his shoulder/carry me. I want to be able to sit on his lap without feeling like I am too heavy. I want to weigh MUCH less than him, not just a tiny bit.

2. I want to see my figure again.

I LIKE my figure! I miss it! It has been covered up for WAY too long! I want my HUSBAND to see it  too! :)

3. I want to be healthy and attractive when I am old!

I don't want to be walking around slow and in pain. I don't want to be carrying around an extra 50 LBS everywhere I go. I don't want to look like I gave up on being an attractive women. I don't want to be frumpy. I want to be able to play with my grandchildren. I want to still have a healthy relationship with my husband! (wink wink) :)

4. THIN and fit pregnancy!

If we are blessed with more children, I would love WITH ALL OF MY HEART to have a couple pregnancies where I felt SMALL. Where I didn't gain way too much weight that was from JUNK food, instead of baby! My last pregnancy was WAY better than my previous ones, BUT, definitely not good enough! I still ate too much junk and gained unnecessarily!

5. I want food to not be so important to me.

My husband is this way and I want to be like him! He is moderate. He eats junk food, but he is moderate with it! He doesn't snack around. He is not afraid to be hungry.


1. Lighter than my man.
2. See my figure.
3. Healthy when I'm old.
4. Thin pregnancy.
5. Care less about food.

I want to memorize these, so they are "THERE" to press when I need them!

What are your motivation buttons?

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  1. That's a good idea, Angie! :) I need to think of some of these as well.