Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day TWO of our 10 DAY juice fast!


Milk supply- Great!


I am trying to not let my mind mope and whine. Just ignoring the food smells and trying not to dream about food all of the time. EVERYTHING looks delicious. Even just a plain piece of bread.

Well, ALMOST everything.

Juice most definitely does NOT sound delicious! :)

I chug it down, and it isn't that hard. (Although I do not enjoy it.)

We are doing about 80% non starchy veggies and 20% fruit/carrots.

My stomach feels SO empty.

But I still have plenty of energy! I have no detox symptoms whatsoever. NO dizziness, no headaches, no ACHES, nothing negative whatsoever.

Just plain old hungry!

I am so thankful for my one enjoyment. COFFEE.

I am also thrilled to have a nice drop in weight right away.

I feel SO FAT. It just feels absolutely horrible to feel chubby again because of gaining back that weight. Every time I put my hands on my hips, or see my self in the mirror, I CAN SEE IT/FEEL IT!

Why oh WHY do I undo my efforts like I do?

I will be ecstatic if I am just back down to 184 by the end of this fast.

And over the MOON if I see 183 or less! :)

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