Saturday, January 3, 2015

10 Day Juice Fast


Because I want a nice cleans to start the new year. I have always wanted to do a 10 day juice fast, but because of nursing and pregnancies, never get to it. (I won't mention that I HAVE tried a few times, and quit.:) )

My baby is old enough now to do this! My husband and I and a few of our older children are doing it together!So I hope it will be FUN!


Weight- 199

(I am SO depressed to have GAINED weight over the holidays. I am up 15 LBS from my lowest weight since having Gracie. I can't even describe how that disgusts/depresses me,but I am trying to forget about that and just go forward. I am pretty sure that some is water weight from overdoing it on carbs, but STILL!)

I am doing fine. I have gotten hungry several times and had a slight depression that it would be SO long before I ate again! :) But I am NOT going to quit this, so I just try to put it out of my head.

My energy is perfectly fine/normal.

I am drinking about 50-70 oz juice, plus gobs of water.

I should also say that we agreed ahead of time that we are still having our coffee. 1-3 cups a day. We are all having coffee our REGULAR way. My husband is NOT willing to give that up and I am just thankful we are juicing at ALL, even though the coffee is a "cheat" because of the sugar/redi-whip/cream.

I don't have sugar in mine, but I do have a small amount of Red-Whip and coconut oil.
My dh has sugar in his. Oh well! :)

Here we go! :)

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