Friday, April 13, 2012

I know....It's been a while!


I am happy to report though that I am still doing great! Definitely NOT slowing down/losing motivation or giving up etc.

Brandy and her family were here and that was a blast.I did eat more treats than usual and my weight did go up a few lbs as it usually does after the weekend BUT it was down again by yesterday and today it is down even lower. I am ALMOST to the next number! lol THAT'S exciting! Especially because I have not been exercising! I took the week off last week because of spring cleaning and this week well,I did the Shred on Monday and that's it.AFTER I did it my upper leg started hurting again.I hadn't posted about it but it has been hurting ever since I started the Shred.When I stopped exercising it finally started going away but when I started again,it came back full throttle.That combined with the shin splints that I had from the jumping etc. I decided to stop the Shred until I lose some more weight and don't have such stress on my joints when I do high impact exercises.

I DID do other exercises this week! I loaded and unloaded (moving big piles) LOTS of firewood with the boys and dh.Like 4 BIG manure spreaders, heaping full of wood.GREAT ab exercise!

I have eaten pretty good this week and I know you won't believe it but I REALLY AM going to juice again for the next 2 weeks lol.

After stopping and starting several times I am finally POSITIVE that Titus does his little noise that he makes when he is tired and *because* he is tired.It is just a Titus thing lol.I want to give my weight loss another kick in the rear and juicing does that in several ways.

1.It cuts calories.

2.It gives me an extra boost of nutrients.

3.It causes me to drink more water because I chase every swallow of juice down with lots of water lol.

4.It majorly decreases my appetite when I DO eat.

5.It allows me to have more treats and still lose weight and since Brandy and her family are going to be here for 10 days I want to be able to be more liberal with my eating and STILL LOSE!

So I will start Sunday.I will be shopping on SAT.I will juice like I did before.Nothing but juice until noon.


Back at it! I am going to be doing alot of walking while Brandy is here.We have lots of WATP DVDs between the 2 of us and we have fun doing them together and with the children.

After she goes home I will get back into some dancing/tae bo and alot of strength stuff.

I am REALLY HOPING TO BE DOWN to 210 within the next couple of days!!!! I am 212 right now.

I just walked 5 miles! It felt great!!!!

So that's my update!

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