Friday, April 27, 2012


Hello to whoever is still reading this! lol (Atleast Brandy I know! )

I did great this week.......

On Wednesday I did the cardio kickboxing workout.....The one that used to just about kill me,heart racing and sweating like mad? The one that we only ever did the first 3-10 minute sessions? And on top of that we took a break between each one?

Well.....We breezed right through the entire thing.......ALL 5 sessions without ANY breaks! It even has weight lifting at the end and I did it with 5 lb weights.I was SO surprised and excited to see my strength difference!I guess after the 30 day Shred and Insane Abs most any workout would seem easy roflol.

It WAS still a great workout though.....

Thursday my Grandpa came over and we had a long talk and I missed exercise so today,instead of Zumba,we did Billy Blanks Insane Abs again! We JUST got done and boy does it feel great.I had to take a few breaks and I can't quite do all of the floor stuff but I can DEFINITELY tell a difference in myself!

I juiced all week until noon UNTIL today lol.I am packing the juicer away.No reason.......Just tired of it.Incase you have not figured it out yet.....I get bored quick! lol I think I will go on a 10 day juice fast sometime this summer when I muster up the courage AND there is alot of fresh produce....:)

I am just going to go back to normal eating.....Being super careful of my diet.My birthday is Thursday.....I would LOVE to be at 209-210 by then......I am going to try SO hard!!! It would be SUCH an excellent present for myself! I just NEED to get in the ONE HUNDREDS!!! I can just TASTE it! lol When I get to 199 I will have lost 31 lbs.....That is such a success if you think about it! Even though I have alot more to lose than that it would still be wonderful!!!!!


  1. I would LOVE to see you get to your goal by your birthday! That would be AMAZING! And you are right- a WONDERFUL accomplishment! I didn't think you'd be juicing much longer. LOL! I guess I *DO* know you better than I thought you did! Well, juicing isn't the only thing in the world... and people of old were not juicing... just eating good ol' fruits, veggies, meat, and such! They did great, too! I forgot to ask you when I was at your house if you had any birthday plans? I'm sure it'll be special as it always is! :) Make sure you take lots of photos. :)

  2. LOL! That should say... "I guess I *DO* know you better than I thought *I* did!"

  3. I'm reading! You are doing great. I am starting to gently T-Tapp now. I have never tried any other workout. All the different ones you mention intrigue me. At least I do know that T-Tapp works for me. I've used it to loose all my baby weight after each baby since #3. Have you ever tried T-Tapp?

  4. hooray! i'm inspired, though still struggling to get my routine in order enough after baby to work out again... sorry nak

  5. hooray! i'm inspired, though still struggling to get my routine in order enough after baby to work out again... sorry nak