Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday and I am back!

After having friends here for a while I am back in business.I did not lose any weight while they were here but I did not gain any either so thats good! Brandy and I did exercise several times too so that was nice.I juiced and ate pretty good for the most part!

Now though I am ready to put even MORE effort into this! I am kind of stuck at 211 and that needs to end! I am ready to get to my 2nd goal and THEN be beneath 200 once and for ALL!!!! Only 7 more lbs until my 2nd goal is reached......

So.......My game plan for the next few weeks.Not that I am changing my plan.......Just tweaking and giving myself some variety.

I am going to continue juicing until 12:00 every day.Lunch will be whatever we are having but I am going to make it my heaviest meal of the day.Supper I will eat a large salad and a small portion of what everyone else is having.I want to keep it light after 5:00 along with lots of water and hopefully lots of activity now that gardening season is here! :):):)

I will have a small portion of dessert most evenings.

Lots of water.......!

Exercise......I got Billy Blanks INSANE ABS and it is a KILLER! I am looking forward to doing it 2x a week.All of the below workouts are aprox 1 hour each.

Monday-WATP 5 fast miles
Tuesday-Insane Abs
Wednesday-10 Minute Solution-Kick boxing
Thursday-Insane Abs

How is everyone????? I am super excited that being underneath 200 seems SO close to me!!! Whats a measly 11 lbs?????


  1. Doing well here, no big losses, but I'm still walking away!! :)

    My neighbour may start walking with me, so that will be fun! :)

  2. Good to read the update! I forgot to get the DVD on Monday when we went shopping. I kept walking in circles around the fitness aisle trying to figure out what I was forgetting! LOL! Jared went and picked up the DVD yesterday. So... today is my first day. For those reading...Angie is right... the DVD is insane! But, I love the feeling of KNOWING you are getting a workout. (She bought it and we tried it at her house while I was there... what she didn't tell you is that we only did half of it one day and the other half the other day! But I still felt the workout two days later!!! It was THAT hard.)

    Anyway, good to see you "back on" Angie! Looking forward to continued weight loss from you! I started my planting yesterday, and I am excited to get my garden going this year! :)