Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh in!!!

I am THRILLED to report that I am down 3 lbs this week!!!

212.8 this morning!!!!!

When I reach 210 that will be 20 lbs GONE!

Heather,I just wanted you to know that I got your message about the possibly eliminating the special meals we have every week.I have been working on keeping them limited.It is hard around here though! lol

Monday night-Children's special night.They take turns staying up with us and we always have a dessert.
Tuesday-NOTHING believe it or not lol.
Wednesday-Older children's Bibe study with us.Dh always wants them to have something special.
Thursday-Mini date night
Friday-Family night
Saturday-Date night
Sunday- Nothing


Most nights we have a dessert.I just try to eat small portions.So far I have still been able to lose but I will cut back if I need to!!!


  1. You are doing great! One thing that has really helped me is to have a calorie counter. It keeps track of everything and really makes me think twice before I grab something to eat lol

  2. Great job on the weight loss Angie. I'm so proud of you. I didn't see Heather's comment, so take it or leave it... LOL! But maybe you can still make special meals and desserts, but make HEALTHIER ones. Maybe find alternatives. Berry crisps (with reduced sugar) instead of brownies, Grilled marinated chicken instead of your ooey gooey yummy chicken enchiladas... etc. KWIM? I'm not saying you need to even eliminate those things... just trying to help brainstorm if you happen to be looking for ideas. Three pounds in one week is great... in any case! :)

  3. Good for you!! keep up the good work!!

    A lovely feeling isn't it, when you see less numbers on the scale... :D

  4. Go Angie!! That's great! I'm so happy and proud of you!!

  5. That's SO inspiring!! I'm still going at it. Hope that someday I'LL be able to say I've actually lost some. LOL

  6. GREAT job, Angie! :) I just beginning here and have a big battle in the beginning with sugar addiction. You're an inspiration!