Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I did it........Or I should say WE did it.My girls and sister exercise with me and it makes it SO much nicer! We make goals and I give everyone rewards.They are very much into health so that helps already but it is fun and motivating to have rewards too. The last one we did I told them that when we reached 100 hours of exercise we would go and get mexican and then go shopping.......We are hopefully doing that next week.We reached 100 hours several weeks ago but have been so busy.

Anyhow,our NEXT goal is to get 10 hours of exercise in a week for the next 10 weeks.If we reach that goal I told them we would go shopping and get a new outfit for everyone. It is fun to have them doing this with me and like I said,it is SO much nicer to have exercise buddies!!!!

SO yesterday we did........

30 Day Shred
Tae BO
Weight lifting

Very little walking though.....Most of the 2 hours was SUPER hard! I was so proud of us!

Today we do 30 Day Shred, boxing (Peak 8) and I don't know what else we will do.

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  1. Great rewards! I wanna be on your team. :)