Monday, July 9, 2012

Up And Down

That is my weight lol.......

It was up a few pounds this morning after the weekend.

I was bummed but I snacked WAY more than usual this weekend so I guess it is what I get.I ate more sweets than I have in a while too soooooooo.

I am THRILLED that I am back at it today.I just got done with an hour workout and am feeling back on track again.I know that my weight will go back down easily enough.

I am stepping it up a notch for the next 3 months.......Or actually,a few notches lol. Time to really kick it into high gear.I have done good.....I am almost 30 pounds down,I have lost 25 inches and I am so much stronger.I am very happy BUT........

It needs to come off faster......Baby #8 could come along within the next several months and I want to be in as good of shape as I can possibly be in.I want to go into pregnancy working out hard so I can continue to do that for the rest of the pregnancy.

I am doubling my exercise.2 hours a day.This isn't something I would do for life but for now it fits......:) I am so super busy with gardening and summer stuff but I am just going to MAKE time for this.

I am starting another Biggest Loser challenge with on-line friends on the 19th and I am aiming to WIN this one :):).

Over an hour of exercise done today already and I am feeling great!