Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weigh In Day

I am down to 202 so that is 4 lbs total loss this week! I am thrilled.......

Just THREE more pounds until I am out of this horrible 200 weight......I have to fight being discouraged at how far I have to go.I have to fight depression that I EVER let myself GAIN this much weight!!!

I am more excited than ever because I KNOW this time that it IS coming off and I KNOW that it is going to stay off.I am excited that I no longer look at people in shape with a sigh while thinking "I wish I could look like that again...." It WILL look like that again.(If I have anything to do with it.) I am on my way and Lord willing........I am gonna look even BETTER than I did before having children! Meaning,not only do I plan on getting to the weight I was but I want to be even more muscular.

Well,that's all.....I hope to hear from some others soon!


  1. Rooting for you, Angie! So exciting!!

  2. You're SOOOOOOOO close!! I am so thrilled for you. :) I have been BUSY!! But I feel guilty for dropping the ball on blogging. LOL. I'll try to make it back soon and update :)