Monday, November 5, 2012

I am here!

And really kicking it into high gear! I have finally decided to FOR SURE count calories for a while and be strict about it. 1500 a day and one cheat day (Saturday). I am not eating the extra calories that I burn working out either. I am using those to "bank" so that my cheat day doesn't take much away from my weekly deficit.

I am drinking 3 quarts of water +1 quart of green tea a day.

Exercise is still pretty much the same as always. Cardio 3x a week and resistant training 2x a week.

I have never eaten this few of calories and kept it up for very long. I am doing it this time though because this weight needs to come off faster! I am excited for Thursday!

Is a new site I found! I am loving it! Lots of good info and from a Mom of 3 who had 3 sections. Check it out! She has some really tough workouts. I want to order some of her dvd's. She has some on you tube.

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