Friday, November 9, 2012

I am doing great!

Keeping up with the 1500 calorie thing :).

I am amazed at how many extra calories people eat just by a bite here and there.

I have been working out hard every day. Tomorrow is my break but as much as I like working out,I may just fit an extra one in! lol

YES,I do love to work out. (Most days)  My attitude is totally different than what it used to be.

ONE more pound and I will have reached my next goal!

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) 
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) 
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) 
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) 
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) 
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!)
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!) 

That is going to feel GREAT! :):):)

It is coming off slowly,but it IS coming off. I also have HIGH hopes that it will come off faster now with the lower calories. I am so anxious for next weigh in! lol (Thursday)

Here is a great arm workout!

We do way more than this on our upper body day but this is a REALLY good workout for 10 minutes!

Well, I am off to bed! Good night!

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