Friday, February 22, 2013

Measurements ! (10 weeks!)

I am 10 weeks and thought it was about time that I get my measurements recorded as that is the main way I will be keeping track of my fat loss throughout this pregnancy! Once I start gaining baby weight,the scales won't be a very good measurement of how much FAT I am losing etc.

First,here are my measurements from the VERY beginning! ( a little over a year ago) It is always fun and motivating to compare!!!!!

Left arm -13 1/4 
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52
Rear- 49
Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-16
Bust- 42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49
Left knee-17 3/4


Left arm- 12 (1 3/4 inches lost!)
Waist (at bra level)- 35
Waist (belly button)- 39 1/2 (9 1/2 inches lost!)
Hips- 43 ( 9 inches lost!)
Rear- 44 (5 inches lost!)
Right upper thigh-25 1/2 (2 1/2 inches lost!)
Left calf-14 3/4 (1 1/4 inches lost!)
Left knee- 15 (1 3/4 inches lost!)
Bust-39 (3 1/2 inches lost!)
Forearms- 10 

That is a total of 34 1/4 inches ! I have no idea if I should double the thigh,arm,knee etc. measurements since I lost that many inches from EACH but in this figure I didn't double it.

I measured a few weeks ago and my measurements were kind of STUCK just like my WEIGHT has been stuck for the last few months. But TODAY I finally say a difference! My THIGHS have been stuck at 26 inches for the last 3 months bu they are DOWN to 25 1/2! My calf is also down to 14 3/4!! I am THRILLED! I KNEW my legs felt smaller!!!!! 

The above picture was at 8 weeks and I never got it posted. I will probably post another one like this at 12 weeks and keep it up once a month. That is what I wanted to do anyhow :).

I am making a meal plan today for this next week! I feel pretty good today and so that motivates me! I can't wait until I start loving food again! I can't stand to cook right now.

I did my kettle bells workout today and I am SO excited about keeping this working out up throughout this pregnancy.


  1. This is really inspiring because my meausrements are close to your beginning measurements. I'm a little bigger but knowing you have done that in a a year has me inspired! I hope I can post similar results next year :)

  2. You can do it!!! I am so happy to have motivated you! I love to feel motivated!!!