Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Morning Sickness

It got the best of me. I lost ALL motivation to eat healthy and exercise. I decided to just forget trying to follow THM until after the sickness was done.

After eating way to much JUNK I have had enough.I am DONE with it TODAY. So many times I just eat the food that sounds tolerable (and protein always sounds grose) and I end up feeling SO weak and shaky because of tooooooo much sugar and carbs. Even though I don't eat that much........I am just not getting enough protein along with the carbs.

I am NOT doing this!!!!

Yesterday I walked my dh up to his truck (up our long and steep driveway) in the COLD.

I had started to feel bad already before we left (6:00 AM) and I was worried about how bad I would feel by the time I got back.(He drives truck and I was going to go with him on a short,local run.) I couldn't bare the thought of eating though so I didn't.

I felt FANTASTIC by the time we got to the top and I continued to feel that way until about 9:00-10:00 AM that morning!!!!!

I am feeling bloated and fat from the junk food. I just can't stand it anymore.

I am going to start every weekday AM out with a 20-30 minute prenatal workout and then do a short workout in the afternoon too. (15-20 min) That will put me at around 45 min a day.

It feels so great to have my motivation back again!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am STILL in the midst of my morning sickness but I am determined to stick this out!!!!!!!


  1. Morning sickness can really kick ya in the pants when it comes to being healthy and exercising! I can totally relate! Get in what you can and you will notice a huge difference in the end. I kept up better then ever before this time and I have only gained 9 pounds!

  2. Yay Angie!! So happy to see you blogging here again and so happy you are feeling motivated again!


  3. So, when you walk in the COLD, do you burn more calories? just wondering - maybe that would motivate me to get out there more during the winter?