Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doing GREAT!

I don't have long to update but I did want to say that it is truly amazing. I have had ZERO swelling so far UNLESS I EAT SUGAR. I don't swell up over a small amount of sugar but if I really eat junky? I can literally feel my hands and feet swelling a few hours later and it takes ALL the next day to be completely gone. CRAZY!

My weight went up a little after having several birthdays and Father's day too. It is heading back down though. I have eaten perfectly all week and I feel great!

I am making Good Girl Moonshine but with MOSTLY lemon juice and only a little ACV. No stevia. I am surprised how much I like it!

I made my own protein bars and I am super excited about that! I just need to mess around with the recipe a little bit and then I will share it!

I have a drawer with tons of prepared THM foods in it. All sorts of stuff. Yogurt/fruit parfaits,baggies with meat,E sandwiches,plan approved chocolate,cheese sticks,protein bars (individually wrapped and 30 of them!) and more.......It is SO nice! My BIGGEST temptation is when I am hungry and have nothing READILY available to eat that is THM. That is when I tend to grab things that I should NOT grab! I think this will really help.

In the meanwhile it has motivated me to make up healthy and easy to grab snacks for the children too which they LOVE. Veggie and cheese packs,fruit,PB and jelly sands etc.

I am 27 weeks! I will post next week sometime with my weight etc. Maybe after my FIRST midwife appt next Thursday! LOL

I am super movivated lately! I am feeling the baby move ALL THE TIME and SO strong! I just LOVE it! I am so excited that it is getting closer and closer to the time where I am actually going to HAVE a newborn again! It seems unreal!

I am not tired of being pregnant at ALL but it IS exciting to think that I ONLY have 13 more weeks of the fight to keep this weight off! ON one hand that is a while yet but on the other hand it just doesn't seem like that long to me! That THRILLS ME! I am just excited to see how it all goes THM style.

Well,dh is almost home so bye for now!

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