Sunday, June 30, 2013

THIRD trimester here we come!

I had my first midwife appointment! Everything was great! My blood sugar was 77,my iron was 12.3,my urine was fine,blood pressure fine,I measured 30 (28 weeks) and baby's heartrate was 160! It was GREAT to see my midwife! We talked and talked.......She FINALLY got the Trim Healthy Mama book! I KNOW she will love it. She does not need to lose weight and she is super healthy but I KNOW that she will be passing the info onto her other patients. Maybe we will start a local THM group or something! :)

I have gained 15 lbs total so far. NOT what I wanted to gain by this point,but not terrible either. I have not exercised very much the last two weeks because I hurt my knee and then our tv remote went bad. My favorite pregnancy workouts need the remote to work so I couldn't do them. We have a new remote now though and my knee is great so I can't WAIT to hit it hard again this week!

I really,really REALLY need to stay motivated in these last 12 weeks! The last couple of weeks I have only done SO SO.......That has to stop!

I would really REALLY love to get back down to 197 and stay there. I don't see that happpening but I can hope.......:) I was 204 last weigh in. I SO hate to see that 200 number again. HATE IT. I was hoping to never EVER see it again,even during pregnancy. Oh well though.........NEXT pregnancy will be different! Lord willing,I will be at my GOAL weight before I get pregnant again next time!

I am very motivated that I truly HAVE done great this whole pregnancy and STAYED motivated and determined. This is a first for that! I ended my pregnancy with my 1st child at 198. I would LOVE to end this pregnancy 1 lb lower. That would really make me feel like I did good! :) I know that it probably won't happen but.........:)

My goals for these last 12 weeks of pregnancy!

Body brush/cold shower/oil run down atleast 4 times a week.
1 gallon of water/tea a day.
Good sleep.
Stick with THM very strictly with few cheats.
Exercise ATLEAST 30 minutes a day 5X a week.
Eat lowER calorie for my snacks/desserts after supper MOST of the time.

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