Saturday, June 22, 2013


I am at 199 this morning.........That puts me at 12 lbs gained so far. My weight WAS a little bit higher but I have eaten perfectly ALL week and it is going right down! I had toooooo much cheating going on with 3 birthdays and Fathers day in June.....Plus date nights. It took my weight right up.

Tonight is date night.........Scott and I are going out for pizza ALONE! I am going to enjoy myself and do excellent ALL day today and not worry what the scales say tomorrow. JUST cheating on date night doesn't do me much harm.

I AM going to make these cookies.........

 They are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I used coconut oil,xylitol for the sweetener and added one egg. I also used 60% dark chocolate chips. They taste like a real and gooey chocolate chip cookie! I can eat TWO and still be under the THM carb limit!!!!!!


I have recently tried it for the first time and I am in love with it. It tastes JUST like sugar to me!!!!! I love stevia but not in everything. For instance,I can't tolerate it in my coffee. It makes me SICK. Xylitol tastes JUST like sugar! I don't like stevia much in the baked stuff I have tried either. Xylitol in those cookies was amazing. They really taste just like sugar cookies. You MUST try xylitol!!!! It has me so excited!

I am planning on pizza tonight and one small sugar cheat. After that I will have my THM cookies and other on plan snacks. Even if I have more than two of those cookies I will STILL be WAY better off than eating REGULAR cookies.

All throughout the time that I lost my weight I cheated for the entire DAY Saturday. I still lost weight. With pregnancy,I gain WAY too easily in my third trimester so I am NOT doing those cheat days. Just some small cheats on date NIGHT.

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