Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am back again! After a long time of not being here! LOL Oh well.......Atleast I have pretty much posted every few weeks. That is not tooooooo bad for me! :)

I was 196.0 this morning. Not as low as I would like to be but I am pretty happy. That is only a 9 lb gain total this pregnancy so far. I am 26 weeks today. I looked back at my old posts and I was happy to see that I haven't gained anything for the last 6 weeks! Even longer really because my weight is *up* right now. Just last week it was 190. I think it won't stay up this high for long. Just one of those flucuation things!

I am feeling GREAT and eating GREAT! That makes me very happy! I am also continuing to workout. I bought a 20 lb kettle bell to give a little increase now and then from my 15 lber! I have not used it yet as I have not exercised this week. I hurt my knee (nothing exercise related at all......just one of those weird things) a couple of days ago so have not exercised. It is getting better though so I want to try the new bell out tomorrow or the next day!

I thought this post was GREAT............10 great tips to make Trim Healthy Mama EASY.

I am going to do a post like that here pretty soon with the things that I have found helpful!

I ordered a bunch of maternity clothes that I was SO excited to get...I had to return them all! They were all too big! I ordered LARGE and I was swimming in most of them! I was bummed BUT on the other hand thrilled!

I am continuing with my body brushing (several times a week) and have also begun taking cold showers! I take my regular hot shower and then finish it off with an ICY cold 5 minute shower. (This is where I also rinse the conditioner out of my hair..GREAT for my curls!)

After my shower I rub down from head to toe with olive or coconut oil.

My skin is SO amazing.

Cold showers are rough (although you DO get used to it!) but they make you feel just fantastic when you step out of them! The health benefits are tooooooo many to list! GOOGLE it! You will be convinced to give it a go! (maybe!) LOL

That belly picture was from a few weeks ago.......Maybe even a month? I will try to get a recent one up soon!

Well,I have more to say but not tonight! Hopefully I will be back tomorrow!


  1. I was just thinking earlier today that I wanted to see a belly shot and here it is! You are looking amazing, Angie! So inspiring!

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